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9/2 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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7:05PM BBT: Lane jokes about having to go into the DR and do a commentary on the HoH competition, "...And we went outside and there was snow and Christmas trees." Enzo (shouting): "I don't wanna go in there and describe how I sucked it again!"

Hayden comes out of the DR and looking as happy as a tick on a fat puppy. "Why are you laughing?" Enzo asks, "Were you making fun of me?" Hayden: "No, I'm in the final three."

7:10PM BBT: Enzo: "And what did Ragan mean when he said, 'I know I've been a pill all week.' What does that mean, 'a pill?' Ragan, always with the big words." Britney: "I know what a pill is, but I don't know what he meant." Enzo: "Well I think it had another connotation." [i'm shocked that four people never heard that expression. If it baffling you too, it's a somewhat dated expression for a disagreeable unpleasant person.]

Enzo thinks that tomorrow they'll be a Pandora's box. Enzo: "And Hayden opens it and this time something bad happens to him, and while he's up there money starts coming down from the sky. I'm tellin' ya man, I'm gonna walk around with a garbage bag in my back pocket all day."

7:20PM BBT: They're still chatting about music and the Steamboat Festival [Hayden's nuts about this place, I think he'd rather go there than win the $500,000.] Enzo starts bashing Ragan and making fun of how he dressed, "What kinda shirt was that? He looked like a postal worker or something."

7:30PM BBT: Britney's called to the DR the and the guys start talking about Julie asking about the Brigade. Enzo thinks it's great that people know the alliance by the name he gave it. [Even though he can't spell it.]

Enzo says that if he makes it to final two with Hayden, when the jury asks for his speech, he's just going to say, "Give it to him [Hayden], he deserves it."

7:45PM BBT: Hayden's talking about who to put up with Britney. For some reason Enzo thinks it would be good for Hayden to pretend that Britney's safe and he's not putting her up.

Can someone help with the updates, I need a nap.

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