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8/26 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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12:00 PM BBT

Lane's major foe was God. "That's a little sacrilegious." says Britney. He was talking about playing sports in University. General chit chat about University and friends and nicknames. Britney and her friends give each other ridiculous nicknames "Snuggles, Toots"

Lane splashes Britney and she yelps and chases him down the hall hitting him with a dish towel "Owww - you're poking my eye!" yells Lane. Enzo also getting all riled up now. Britney fakes a jab at him and he says, "Hey yo - no hooka hooka's" "What's that?" she asks "It's when you hit someone when they aren't looking" Enzo tells her.

Brendon comes into the room and asks "What's this door for - Hobbits?"

Matt is looking sad in the bathroom and Hayden comes in to wash up.

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12:13 PM BBT

Matt trying last minute appeal to Hayden. Britney's not playing the game she's lying to everyone. Hayden and Enzo now in taj. Enzo going for a nap. Hyaden telling Enzo about his conversation with Matt. They are studying again.

Lane and Britney just chatting about nothing in KT with Brendon.

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12:57 PM BBT

They have finally finished and are now in KT "Somethings on back there. Somethings on. Somethings on back there you can hear a generator or something. Somethings on." says Enzo. Obviously the repetition of facts for so long has effected his speech habits.

Everyone else appears to be sleeping.

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1:05 PM BBT

Brendon had a dream one of his friends was in the house with him and he was telling her he can't trust anyone in the house. "Man, my paranoia is even in my dreams." he says. Hayden just says "Wow, Man."

Lane, Brendon and Enzo practising speeches for tonight. "Don't look at the cameras, look into the kitchen" offers Lane. "Just don't bring up the Salem Witches, I already used that one." jokes Brendon about appropriate speech content.

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1:14 PM BBT

Enzo, Brendon and Lane playing craps in the living room. Enzo is the dealer. He tells them they each have a dollar on the table. And then they roll and he takes all the money and pays it back. He's acting out these money exchanges and making the guys 'hand' him the money.

1:17 PM BBT

Britney comes out of DR. Hayden, they want you in DR. Lane tells them to keep the dice on them so they can take them with them if they get stuck on lock down somewhere else.

BB House nap time.

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1:30 PM BBT

Hayden comes out of DR saying they made him say he was the "Lighting something or other..." he was all excited about his session. Now off to nap in HN room.

1:39 PM BBT

If it was night time you'd hear crickets right now, at least it would be a sound. Silence descends as HGs sleep.

1:41 PM BBT

In a classic case of be careful what you wish for.... we now have Ragan up and chomping/smacking his cereal as he beats the bottom of the bowl with his spoon.

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1:51 PM BBT

Ragan now brushing his teeth. And starts in on his own trivia training.

2:10 PM BBT

Now instead of hearing trivia we can read it. Cams have gone to trivia.

2:25 PM BBT

Looks like this is it. Trivia. Enjoy the show!

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3:40 PM BBT

Feeds back and we see Enzo getting dressed into a T-Shirt and Shorts. Lane banging around a mini golf club? Ragan laying around in bed. Matt telling him how proud he is of getting through this season with no balls or ass exposure. Apparently Britney is being allowed to get gussied up for the show tonight.

Ragan mentions a double eviction but is confused as to why Brit is allowed to dress up.

Lane is doing Matt's hair - trim up with razor in back. Brendon is eating in KT.

Britney is stressed out - she's yelling at Lane because he won't stop teasing her.

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3:57 PM BBT

Matt not sure he'll even wear pants today.

Britney upset that people are getting ready to go home right in front of her. She is killing Lane softly today. Starts talking about how Lane was upset when he did the thing for "Rich" upstairs. Brendon now joins the getting ready party.

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4:09 PM BBT

Matt trimming nose hairs with scissors, Ragan in shower, Lane looking for shirts he lost. Matt puts suitcase in SR.

Lots of general chit chat, Matt and Enzo kind of saying good playing with ya sort of stuff.

Trivia now.

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6:10 PM BBT

Enzo dancing in bathroom. No idea why.

All HGs in KT. Talking about their voting experiences. Enzo says it was perfect. Matt wanted him to go, he wanted Matt to go, they both went. Hayden says if Brendon had gotten to F2 he would have one.

An hour and a half, and hour and a half. Says Hayden.

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6:16 PM BBT

Recapping comps and how much they liked Matt. Brendon was really close to Hayden in the competition says Britney. "Hey, it just got real." says Ragan "That was the bestest hour." "And we've still got an HOH to play." reminds Lane.

Lane called to DR. "They are going to do DRs right now? Seriously?" snips Britney. "Chicken Parm for dinner tonight dude." says Hayden. "Yeah Man" says Enzo.

Talking about how hard it was to do this live. Getting rid of Brendon during the double eviction was the best way to do it. Not having to listen to the plotting and whatever. It's just done, it's over. says Britney

"I'm in a skirt, my legs are probably spread up over that thing..." explains Britney as she describes watching the HOH comp. "Go Hayden! Go Hayden!"

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6:28 PM BBT

Ragan asks Britney, "What would you have done if "Julie said Britney by a vote of 3-0 you are evicted from the BB House?""

I'd have been like f you all!

Enzo says he's a second place winner because he's there without winning anything.

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Ragan said he could tell them info about Matt now. He is 33 not the 30 he said he was so he thought shaving a few years off his age might help. "He had to have been the saboteur!" says Enzo.

"Do you think that stuff about his wife is real?" asks Enzo

"Oh yeah, that's legit" says Ragan.

6:37 PM BBT

Ragan saying that Matt must have got the DPOV for being the saboteur. The HGs jump on this line of thinking. All the stuff, he never got up out of bed for messages, he made them tell him about the votes, America must have voted for Matt to put the letter under Enzo's pillow.

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6:43 PM BBT

Ragan talking about Matt and his previous BB auditions. Last year at the cafe he saw Ronnie and Natalie. Natalie was playing old school Nintendo. Ragan feels very, very fortunate to have come into this game and made a friend like Matt, even if he threw him under the bus.

Britney said Brendon was making excuses for the HOH comp all the way back in the house.

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6:50 PM BBT

Enzo can eat at 9:00 but he is thinking that once Brendon got out the have nots go with him.

Ragan alone in jumanji, "Oh Matt, I'm going to miss you."

"Who's going to wash dishes now?" asks Enzo "No more vanilla extract stories, no more spices." "No more scurvy stories." says Britney "Hey, where are your dice?" asks Lane.

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6:56 PM BBT

Lane and Enzo packing up bags in HN room.

Lane: Off the block - how do you feel?

Enzo:Better once I win HOH to see my wife and daughter.

Lane:Yeah that will be great but I'm going to win it.

Ragan and Britney in Jumanji.

Ragan: we have to win this. We have to.

Britney: I know we so have to win this.

Ragan: Stay calm, like the bowling.

Britney is looking for a brown hat with a cross on it that kathy left there. None of them have seen it.

Britney heads out to KT where Lane is.

Lane: What are you doing?

Britney: everything is going according to plan. He wants to win this. You have to put him up. Are you going to win this HOH? You are the best one at this. Lane I am so bad at that (the game).

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7:04 PM BBT

Ragan talking to self in jumanji. "This game has high highs and low lows."

In KT Enzo, Lane and Britney talking about seeing the same bald guy in the studio audience a few times. How many people are out there, how bright it is, who Julie thought was funny.

Lane asks Britney if she was scared up on the block. She was because you never know. Lane says, "Well you should worry because sometimes you annoy me. Like today, fighting with me twice after I TOLD you. You always have to be right." "I know I should just learn that I am always wrong in this game."

Enzo "I smell dead.." and we get FOTH.

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7:10 PM BBT

Hayden asked BB if he was going to get a letter or some stuff. They don't have an answer to that.

Britney wondering why they would randomly call Lane and Hayden to DR. "Because they like my feedback." says Lane. "He does good feedback." agrees Enzo.

Hayden asks where Ragan is - in cabana having some alone time.

7:14 PM BBT

Hayden goes in to see Ragan. Talking it out - how much Ragan must miss Matt. And how weird that is since they'll see each other in a little while. Ragan feels really lonely, not because the others don't include him, but he feels that everybody has somebody in the house but him. Hayden says yep, because you and Matt were the closest two people in the house.

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7:16 PM BBT

Storage room opened. The food was stocked up.

Brendon just called to diary room. HG's giggle.

Hayden says the final 5 they have is great. Ragan says the harmony of the house will be intense. They both agree they can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hayden has no idea what the date is. "Britney's birthday was the 23rd which was Monday" offers Lane. Has to have been an exciting episode for their families to watch.

7:23 PM BBT

Lane and Hayden feed the fish. They are concerned that Mufasa is going to die though. He's not looking very good. Lane standing on one of the high kitchen chairs leaning over the tank.

Hayden, Lane and Enzo in HN room. Lane took Kathy's monkey. Hayden put it in her bag to give back to her. Lane took it out to sell it, that monkey is famous! Hayden calls him a punk and says he'll keep it over letting those two have it.

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