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8/26 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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930 BBt

Hay, Bren and Enzo in Cabana room talking game. Talking about tomorrow and who they'll put up if they win HOH. Brit and Ragan.

Bren feels like it's going to be a normal day tomorrow, that there won't be a double eviction.

Brit, Rag and Matt in BY practicing for HOH. (It's the game where they put a ball that's filled with water on the end of a board let the ball roll down and then it shoots into the air when they bring the board down. They played this game last year and Jesse won it against Jeff. )

Lane in the shower.

Now boys in Cabana are talking about last year, "the honey comb competition" that they're now practicing for.

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937 BBT

Enzo is very paranoid. Worrying over who is matt talking to.

E, Bren, and H still in Cabana eating slop now.

"this is going to be funny tomorrow." says Enzo (??)

Enzo says this is his worst week this far.

Really not much going on tonight.

Lane, Rag, Matt, and Britt in by practicing and making up a game for when they're practicing.

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10:01 BBT

Lane talks about his uncle not being able to have kids and we get WBRB

10:02 and we're back

Talking about making babies with fertility clinics (in the kitchen.)

Ragan talking about using a surrogate to have a child. It would have to be someone he doesn't know. Ragan doesn't care what gender.

Lane wants 2 boys and a girl, and Matt wants a boy and a girl.. Brit wants either 2 or 3 boys and a girl. They all agree boys first. Matt thinks he'll be a bad dad to a girl. He's afraid of any questions she'd ask him. Britney assures him she won't.

Matt and Lane are talking about hypothetical daughters... "they're not doing anything"... being the protective fathers.

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10:12 BBT

Lane, Matt, Brit and Ragan in kitchen

Lane and Matt are trying to get Brit to say when she lost her virginity. she won't say.

She says she was a good girl, sh e's never smoked anything or done anything bad. When she was 20 she was at frat parties doing shots.

She says girls that hang around football players at Arkansas she'd be considered a slut. So she doesn't.

WBRB (Hay, Enzo, Bren in BY still, Hay on elliptical. Others are practicing.)

In kitchen talking about people they know... a lot of going back and forth with WBRB

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10:37 BBT

Football talk around the kitchen table with Matt, Britney, Enzo and Lane. Asking Lane about being on the line and on the team. Playing in the Cotton Bowl, being on ESPN.

In the BY we have Hay and Bren still practicing. Brendon is pretty good, getting it in specific squares when asked to by Hayden. (not sure where Ragan is)

No game talk right now.

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10:59pm BBT

Brit asking Penguin about where he went to school etc ... in the kitchen. Lane and Hayden are out in the backyard practicing with the gadget bb provided. Lane asks Hayden about how Brendon did in his practice; not good.

11:02pm BBT:

Lane commented that Brendon was coaching Hayden because he thinks he wont' go up. According to both guys, Brendon is def being nominated. Each say they want to win hoh, but Hayden tells Lane that this one is his.

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11:11 BBT

Enzo in Kitchen wondering if he can have "chocolate milk" and someone says "i don't think so" saying "i'm on the block" he's "all fucked up" and no matter what happens tomorrow"i'm having a burger" tomorrow talking to Matt playing off to Matt its in their hands...

hayden Enzo wondering where Ragan is as Matt says "i don't know where he's at"

11:13 BBT Outside Britney is practicing on the apparatus with Lane "what are you doing" as Brit says "i suck".....as a frustrated Lane tries to coach..."is neddle dick any good" and a confident Lane sasy "no!"

Britney doing bad wonder what "this ill made contraption" is...

11:15 BBT enzo comes out "you gettin it down" and Brit says "i'm horrible"...Enzo giving pointers to Brit..Brit complaining for Lane to "shag some balls"

11:17 BBT Matt walking around aimlessly..heads to bathroom..

Outside Britney still sucking at the apparatus...

11:19 BBT Lane washing his plate from the nachos Matt gave him to finish..looking in the fridge for more food before deciding to munch on chips..and head back outdoors..Matt follows right behind..

11:20 BBT Ragan is practicing on the apparatus..as Matt shags for him..

Enzo in HT with Hayden "this is the whole house" one of the says..Enzo saying "taj talk" later and hayden says "just me and you" and Enzo nods..

11:23 BBT Everyone outside..as Enzo asks if Hayden has a "ggod shot" as they speculate what the real one will be like.."have fun with it"

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11:24 BBT

hayden Enzo talking in HT hard to hear since neither wearing mics..Enzo saying "one of us three"is gonna win tomorrow..as Hayden says he has a "monster pimple"..

They are all looking at the huge cockroach..

Enzo specultes to Ragan and Matt as to what the apparatus will be..Matt says "it is easier in the competition" than the practice..

Lane and Brit playing pool..bickering over "illegal" shots...

11:30 Enzo wish for "hot shower"....

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11:35 BBT

At HT Matt has come over saying he asked for an "accoustic guitar"..as Enzo says "I've never learned an instrument" as they talk what they get in JH...

Enzo talking about with a "track" in the JH as Matt says "i hope that doesn't happen" about his Bros getting evicted..

11:37 BBT..Talking about what current events have happen..line "world cup" and if they will find out in JH..

More pool talk banter with Lane and Brit..play teasing...

11:41 BBT at HT Hayden and Lane talking about his shoe..that takes heart rate..as Hayden talks about all his shit "the best of the best" he got free when he played baseball ot Arizona ST ......Hayden talking all "the apparel" he got..."any glove you want" saying they are "4-500 bucks"..."wilson gives us anything we want"... "easily " Hayden says when matt asks if he got "10's of thousands dollars of merchandise"..Matt "incredible"

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11:48 BBT

Ragan is still practicing..everone else is at the HT talking about different things...Brendon is finishing up on the elipitical...

Brit talking about her blog..thanking fans...shoutouts....wrote about everyone in house..talked very little about game {fitting since she has none}....talked about being away from families how hard..and Go Hogs..

11:52 BBT Brendon now at HT as Matt says "no no" about "double eviction" they discuss what BB told them the week of the 24th of Sept as Brit says "if we went that long" they would be the first ever to go that long..

11:53 Ragan putting some water on to boil before heading back outside..

Ant talk...as they can't figure out..Brit says they need "raid" as it worked the best..talking about the crappy deoderant and toothpaste BB provides..

Ragan says he was "devated" when he found out it ws a single eviction..because of the "contraption" but Matt says "who knows" as they speculate the size of the real apparatus..

12:00 BBT More talk about HOH...Ragan says "they are not going to do two quiz HOH"...as they try to figure out two HOH setups...as Ragan says they can't do "three competitions" in an our...Ragan says "if we are not on lockdown now" there will not be three comps....

Brit says "we never have the backyard" on Thurs morning no matter what size HOH..

12:03 BBT Enzo practcing on the apparatus..

Brit mentions "michael" from production.. and FOTH...

12:04 BBT FOTH..

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12:06 BBT Enzo says if he wins HOH "i'm putting up Brendon and Ragan" and Lane says he's doing the same..as Enzo says The brigade wins "HOH tomorrow as Enzo practices..

Bren comes over to practice...

12:07 BBT at HT Brit is going to HOH to "fold clothes" as Hayden asks "you need help" as she wants Hayden to come up and talk..

Brit warns Lane "smashed up the Bathroom".."enjoy the smell"

Brit says "its a single elimination" as Brit says "brendon is really the worst" and that the guys have a good chance..."i don't think Ragan is putting up Brendon" as Brit says he's paranoid as Hayden says "i think" he puts up Hayden/Enzo..Hayden/Lane..as she says "win HOH"....Hayden hopes its him and Enzo and not Lane as Brit says they will keep him against Enzo..as he thinks he would go against Lane as Brit says "i don't know"

Hayden "i need to win tomorrow" and "next week" will be a "quiz"

Hayden saying he is having faith she will win the quiz and they will win in the final 4...talking "we can't have Enzo win" at final 4

Hayden "i wanna win" this week "if I can" talking about who's really good seems Matt is but doesn't maatter as Hayden says "i feel" he should tell him.."be honest with him".."if he asks"..he'll tell him...Lane enters..HOH..Hayden wants Lane to feel his "dreadlocks" forming in his ratty hair...Hayden talking about being asked to be on survivore...he'd do it...

12:15 BBT Brit saying she would not want to be on BBAS or Survivor..

Matt enters HOH...

12:16 BBT "pasta related dish" when Brit asks what ragan is making..

Hayden asks Matt "to do abs" as they leave Bit and Lane in HOH..

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12:18 BBT Lane listening to music in HOH while Brit tidy's up for her exit from HOH room tomorrow..


12:20 BBT Hayden doing abs with Enzo and Matt as Brendon is practicing..

That's all that's going on...right now..

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12:28 BBT

"this house is not sanitary" Matt says as he spots another cockroach..

Abs class done while Brendoes his own.....Hayden practicing on the contraption...

12:29 FOTH..

Feeds return..Matt doing the shagging while Hayden shoots..

Ragan and Brit talking in HOH as Brit says "as longs as doesn't brendon" win...Ragan says "its two bullets"they have to dodge with Bren in HOH and Veto..

12:31 BBT Brit says Lane swore he didn't take the prizes other than thephone call as Brit isn't 100% positive Matt or Hayden didn't take the prizes..

Ragan "i feel like I'm going to be "very alone" .."i'm isolated" as he says she has Lane....and the "boys have each other and brendon"

12:34 BBT "if bredon wins its the two of us going up" as she agrees"there's no way around it"...Ragan saying "i'm not going to win that thing"..brit trying to give him hope saying she was the worst at bowling and pinball and she won both...

Ragan "im just sad"..as Brit says if Brendon wants to make an alliance...with her and him..as Brit says "act" like he does and not put Brendon up....and Ragan says he doesn't want to go "down that road"..as Ragan says he wouldn't nominate Brit.....as Ragan cuts her off "i don't want to jinx it" as he tries reverse psychology and say he will lose..

12:38 BBT Ragan feeling bad Matt is leaving and being "stabbed in the back" saying he doesn't want to know the details as Brit says it will be hard "to watch"

12:40 "not one single person mentioned your name" but everyone was trying to get Matt nominated..evene people "threw pov"...as Brit says saying people might have told Matt they told him they told her they wanted Ragan nominated...but brit says "they didn't say it to me"

Brit says Bren getting an alliance with them is just "trying to get in good with us"...Brit says she hasn't told the guys about his alliance but they know..as Brit says they guys want him out "hard core" but they could be "playing me"

12:43 Brit says no told her to put him up.....and Ragan says "i need to practice this thing more"

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12:45 BBT

Ragan saying he has nobody...as she says she is annoyed with him.....and "everyone else is fine" and says "i want to argue with him" but doesn't...as Ragan says he is "like a dog whistle"

Brit annoyed brendon is a "bruin fan" and he's a grad student and should be loyal to his undergrad...saying "i'm at that point" with Bren .."my nerves are raw"

Ragan says he needs tp practice.."i'm going to go down" as she asks ragan what he thinks of her live show outfit..

12:48 BBT Enzo and Hayden practicing while Matt asks about the roach and spraying it.would iy "scamper away"

Matt and Ragan decide to do abs...Lane laying on the hammock as Brit joins him...swinging...Lane stick his feet in Brits face "smell my feet"..she says no.."they stink" telling her "look I'm not waring underwear" as he asks if she can see "up my shorts"

Lane asks if Ragan is agrivated as Brit says yes...as Brit obsesses over Brendon saying The opposite of horny" what she feels..

Lane calling Ragan "a big baby" because he was complaning about the contraption as Lane says "if it was a quiz" he wouldn't..

12:54 BBT Ragan practicing...

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12:55 BBT

Matt asks Hayden "what's going on".."if the vote is held tonight Enzo would say" as Matt says with his "jury vote" he asks Hayden to be honest he can smell "bullshit"

Hayden says he would be "hard to beat"...saying "you're going to be harder to beat than Enzo" as Matt says "nothing else is going on" as Hayden says if he would stay with Ragan he would advance to final two..as Matt says "i would" put up Ragan .."ive already" stabbed Ragan in the back..as Hayden says he wants to win "bad".."financial issues" is Hayden..reason...

Matt says so its because he and Ragan are too close as Hayden admits that is "part" of the concern....and "despite" throwing him "under the bus" ..but "me trying to win the game"..and Enzo and Lane......but "the plan" "they didn't want to tell you"....

1:00 BBT Matt says he wants to ifo "reasoning" so it will help him "make a decision" ..as Hayden says him flipping or planed on flipping with Ragan is what "help fuel the fire" as the part matt "is gonna be very very hard to beat"

Matt saying being a big threat is a "good reason" to leave the house..

1:02 BBT...Matt saying..Brit has been "wierd around me" since her and Bren handcuffed..together...Hayden says Matt was throwing him "under the bus" and doesn't know for sure as Hayden says Bren thinks he has him and Enzo..

Matt saying "i think something personal was said" from Bren but Hayden doesn't know but calls him a "big threat" but wants to play against "enzo" than him for the money...

1:04 BBT hayden says "its been mentioned" from Lane and Enzo he was taking "ragan's side" and admits "i questioned a little bit"

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1:06 BBT "how long" has Enzo known about him staying..Hayden lies and says "monday night" "3or 4 in the morning"

1:07 BBT FOTH...

Hayden says "if I win" its Brendon and Ragan saying Ragan "is a bigger threat" as Matt says "you and Enzo better watch out" about Ragan..."if Ragan wins HOH..yoou'll be getting that guitar lesson" sooner in JH..

1:09 BBT Hayden said Ragan lied to him that he's going after Brendon but he knows since Matt told him otherwise..as Hayden asks "me and Enzo" if that's the plan..as Matts ays "don't mention it" to Ragan and its it gets out "he will know it was me"

Mayy wishes him "best of luck" saying hopes it will be final three brigade members Hayden asks it he'll be pissed if Ragan follows..and says no since he'll be there with Rachel..

Talking about "meet up" after the game and hanging out...

1:12 BBT Matt asks who his ideal person and Hayden says "probably lane" and Enzo will get the "25 grand"...Hayden says "enzo would beat me"..as Matt says "you have a better chance against Enzo" Matt tells him..as Matt says he told Brendon would vote for him for final two...as Matt says people are going to vote on how people compete and there's "no fucking way" people would give him the money....and AV is "polar opposite" vote of who wins BB

Matt says Brendon is at "the top of my list" to win.."he deserves" it.."britney too"...as hayden says he needs to "get out Ragan" because he's gunning for me"..Matt tells him his best bet is Enzo...Lane..Ragan britney.....Brendon who he would win against..

1:19 BBT Matt telling Hayden to take Enzo to the "final two" to win......Hayden says he doesn't think he'll lose to Enzo next week if he's on the block next week...as says "people can beat Enzo" Matt says "people are not beating you"....Matt disagrees Brenchel wouldn't vote brit to win..as Matt says Brendon told Matt he would vote who played the best and will not take personal feelings into account..

1:22 FOTH..

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1:26 BBT Feeds back with Matt saying despite Ragan being "best friend in the house" his head has always been with the Brigade and pleads to Hayden everything he mentioned to him about Ragan not to tell him..hayden agrees...

Matt says he can't wait to watch the episode with Bren and Brit.."i need to know what went on..." FOTH..

1:28 BBT

1:30 BBT Bubbles still..

Matt and hayden's convo ends..as Matt thanks him...Matt walks to Bathroom "what's going on buddy" as he tells Ragan "oh well I tried"..he was cool ..and staight up..

Matt heads to bathroom saying its "over"...he owned up..that he had the discussion "monday night" to ragan who's on the couch...Ragan says nothing...

1:33 BBT "fine" when he asks how he's doing outside.."i'm not going to do do better" than "lane or Hayden" as Matt tries to pep him up for HOH..."idon't do with anything with balls...ever" as Matt laughs "you know what I mean" as Ragan "i have nobody in this house" as Matt says "don't give up"..as Ragan "its so fucked up" they would do an HOH like that "for the final 6"...."they have every single advantage"...its over..."give the football player and the baseball player" a ball to shoot into a box..as Ragan says he's discussed in DR..."they haven't fought for anything".."they have been a have not once" and "this is the HOH com" and says it "drives me insane"

1:37 BBT Raga says he doesn't want to wait "another week" being "iced out and by myself" wha wah wah...

Lane enters "what are you doing" as they both decide to shower...Ragan leaves without saying a word...and flops into bed in Jamanji..

1:41 BBT Matt comes in to undress and Ragan says nothing as Matt leaves back to shower..

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1:42 Outside Brit going over her convo with Ragan to the guys...minus Brendon...

Enzo "i'm winning HOH" as Brit says Ragan "is taking out Brendon" calling them "paranoid" as Brit saying "POV" only matters and they don't believe Ragan doesn't want to send Brendon home...

1:44 BBT Enzo "i want Brendon to go"

they are saying Ragan isn't telling her the trut as she tries to make the point he wants Brendon gone....

1:46 BBT Brit going on about POV...

she says brendon will go up with a pawn"...as Brit says going up doesn't matter its POV.."I'm putting up Ragan and Brendon" Enzo says...

Matt finishes his shower..and continues to get ready for bed...

1:48 BBT Outside Brit trying to convince them Ragan wants Brendon gone as Lane says Ragan isn't telling her "the truth" because she put up Matt...

Brit accusing them at not looking at the "Big Picture"

Lane says "we let him" Bren win as Brit says "no Lane Brendon is a better competitor"

Enzo going over what he beat Brendon in....Hayden "I hope " it isn't double eviction so they have time to talk about it

1:51 BBT More game talk outside..

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Brit trying to convince them that putting up Brendon makes him fight for his life..and would better not to put him up..

1:53 BBT...If its double eviction put him up but if its not Brit thinks not putting Brendon up is a good idea...

Brit says once people find out that they are the target they play differntly...

Enzo says Brendon gets upset when they talk to people and was saying he doesn't rust anyone...

1:56 BBT Brit "when people think" they're safe...it throws them off their game..as Hayden hopes Ragan "cries his off ass"

Matt enter Jamanji as Ragan says "i practiced along time tonight"

1:58 BBT Matt heads outside..and joins the Brigade and Britney practicing..

{i'm out be back tomorrow}

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2AM BBT Flashback Update

Feed 3&4 show Enzo, Matt, Hayden and Brit on contraption in backyard. Hayden is trying his best to hit the ground board, while Brit is throwing the ball back to him. Matt sitting on weight bench. Enzo sitting in corner.

Feed 1&2 show Lane in WC. Taking shower.

Enzo talking about Arizona state color, do you care Hayden it is their color. "Hayden, oh shit, that sun devil color" "hayden is that the sun devil color" (Hayden not answering Enzo).

Hayden says he in zone, busting the pitch fork out tomorrow. Matt "Ragan looks like he has crashed, got out of shower, he was in bed, back to me, but either he bumming or sound asleep." Enzo "talking to me? I don't know" Hayden "talking to Matt".

Brit keeps saying "good, very good, first row, not good" "bout time". Hayden "going to make 4 in a row, dead center". (general chat about the game, Hayden telling Brit where ball will land)"

Brit "what time is it Matty?" Matt "I don't know Brit, maybe around 1 or so", Brit "no clue, go look".

Brit now on contraption. hayden returning balls to her.

Matt "play Thresh Unreal (sp) for me tomorrow morning, only request I make".

Giggling at Brit's attempts to get the balls to the ground board.

Hayden "come check for Brit, so I can go shower" Matt walks over to game. Hayden "210, as he checked the time for Brit". Lane,yelps as Hayden surprised him.

Lane asking Hayden if he should throw it, so he don't put out Brit.

Brit "you want to try Enzo" Enzo "where that roach I killed earlier" Matt "there is a live one under the stand" Enzo "why these so big and ugly" Brit "we need the raid to kill them" Matt "poor guy" Enzo "let 'em die" Brit is still spraying the roach, "lucky he has not drowned" Matt "got to be a mutant roach, ant and roach problems need to bug bomb the whole thing".

215AM BBT Brit walks into kitchen, Hayden walking around waiting for Lane to get out of shower.

Matt and Enzo in backyard practicing. Enzo saying he needs to aim for back cause it is hardest. Showing Brit in SR getting all sorts of junk food. Lane and Hayden in WC. Hayden "going to bed" Lane "may or may not, want to practice for a bit". Hayden at mirror (think he has a zit). Lane "brit go to bed" Hayden "no she practicing.

Matt "should have won the HoH" Enzo "I should have gotten Veto" Matt "should have, would have, could have", oh well it is what it is "keep the BG" alive.

Ragan comes out to BY.

Brit has Hayden putting stuff in Freezer for her, told him to try something than stated, sorry you not allowed.

Ragan is practicing on the contraption now, Penguin spotting for him. Matt states his arm is sore. No one talking.

hayden "got the biggest pimple ever had in my whole life" Lane "tis this house" Hayden "it is huge, wide, just don't want to pop" Brit "Ragan got up and is outside now" Hayden "any needles" Brit "those don't need to be popped, it might go away" "quit messing with it" Hayden to Lane "get out of there so I can get in" Lane drying off in shower, "don't want to get out, only place like home, not quite, but water is good". Brit "we hanging out tonight or what" "worse case is Bren wons HoH" Lane "Hayden get over it" Lane "we gonna win money, go to steamboat, there will be snow bunnies" Hayden "I am gonna win it, he will win PoV". Lane "next week I win and take you out" Brit "the fact you jumping is weird, what is happening behind that frosty glass is not good". Enzo comes into WC "stupid HoH" Hayden says he is the most sane person in the house. Enzo "got small willy when it is shriveled up, but when I see my wife, well, that is how the human penis works" Brit giggles. Hayden in shower. Enzo eating bean dip out of a bowl. Lane brushing teeth. "how many ants do I have to kill" Brit "going to bed" "you all come up tomorrow" Enzo "you gotta pack, one shirt in bag, done" Brit says goodnight and walks to BY and says GN out there.

230PM BBT Ragan in BY practicing with Ragan, no talking. Ragan "cannot believe this is HoH comp, this season been filled with some of the shitty games" <WBRB> back to practicing.

Enzo, Lane talking about aim and turning the board. Trying to second guess how the contraption will look and work tomorrow. Hayden in shower. Enzo "why was he sleeping than gets up and heads to BY" Enzo "minute Matt leaves quiz about Sab, it has to come" (they now think it is either Matt or Bren as Sab) "he out there directing us .. maybe he trying to mess us up".

Ragan "Brit has photo memory, it is such BS that this is HoH comp. Every Fg week I am fighting in this house, those that don't fight, they give them this, just pisses me off, I would be pissed if I was them and the comp was 'sucking dick' (giggling).

Enzo "Ragan don't know" "can't risk stuff, MFer no matter what". "just put them on the block and let the chips fall". "Ragan go home before that MFer" "don't trust Ragan" Enzo "Ragan don't like me, let's just make enemies, you never talk to me at all" Lane "not close to Bren, F him" Enzo "dumb dodo head, we are close"

Ragan "thanks for staying up with me, I know I am negative" Matt "no problem, backdoor target 3 weeks in a row" Ragan "I know I a pain" Matt "don't worry bout it" Matt "you nailing these, you hitting good"

245PM BBT Hayden and Enzo in HoH with Brit. Talking production. Lane enters HoH. Talking about contraption in BY. Double Eviction. Hayden "say if it is Brendon, or you win it yourself, if it is Bren and me on block, double evict, I win PoV, I come off block, Bren still goes home. Whoever wins HoH tomorrow is pawn next week" Brit "I don't have to be pawn this week" General discussion and plan is that Bren and Ragan go homes. Everyone agrees that it is double eviction tomorrow. Just more talk about game and what is happening this week. Talk about who Ragan and Bren would put on the block.

Ragan and Matt still in BY practicing.

310AM BBT Lane and Enzo in kitchen, strategy talk. Matt and Ragan still in BY practicing, head to kitchen and are joined by Hayden who is wandering around.

315AM BBT Enzo heads to HN room, Lane goes to bed. Hayden walking around house. Matt and Ragan head for BY with Hayden. Hayden practicing. Matt "weird HoH compt to have this late". (dont' see where Ragan went). Enzo in bed. Matt "what time they wake us up for HoH" Ragan "usually early so they all can get ready" Hayden "usually around 10"

Bren tells Enzo turn off light, Enzo gets back out of bed and turns off light.

Matt "I asked Ragan if he was in love with me" before Ragan answers <WBRB>

330AM BBT Matt and Ragan discussing final 6, Ragan being in house alone, popping water filled balloons off titter totter. Hayden and Enzo talking in HN room.

Ragan and Matt discussing game in BY. Matt "try to social yourself" Ragan "this is so ridiculous, I am fighting for my life" "when you told me what the challenge was I did not believe you" "mark my words it is the retarded ?? for the PoV challenge." 'do a DE and if I am going to be gone, I be gone". Ragan "if you put in the work for a quiz, and than someone comes out and can hit four corners". Matt "your hours of study is what caused this" Ragan " I am Fg tired of fighting in this house"

Matt and Ragan say they turning in, not sure Matt will sleep, but they are both headed inside. Ragan "I will fight, gets tiring, when others don't have to fight or practice, but I will fight" Matt "my time is over, don't want you all bleak and dismal." Matt "you still here got it better than me". Ragan goes to contraption, says he is done, he won't win this comp, Matt keeps trying to prop him up. Both are heading into house.

Ragan "tell them not to be upset at the dick sucking comp when I win" They both laugh. Ragan "thank you Matt for everything". Matt throws a kiss to the camera "thank you baby, sorry"

All HGs are in bed :0

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925AM BBT Matt back in his bed, Ragan in bed, shows everyone in HoH room sleeping. Brendon up walking around. Feed 1&2 on HoH room. Feed 3&4 on Kitchen. Brendon boiling water for tea. Looks like a lockdown, gate down over patio door.

956AM BBT all 4 feeds on HoH. Enzo, Lane and Brendon sleeping on floor. Hayden and Brit in bed sleeping. No sound at all. (looks like 3 puppies on floor and 1 puppy in bed guarding the master)


Come back to all 4 Feeds on HoH and there is one of those lime green blankets at the foot of the bed with a body in it. (no idea, but think it might be Ragan) Edit: Lane wrapped in Brown blanket on right side of bed on floor, Hayden in bed, Enzo on left side of bed on floor wrapped in black blanket. Someone at foot of bed wrapped in lime colored blanket. Brendon on floor asleep wrapped in blue color blanket. Brit is in bed on the left side, Hayden right side.

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1143AM BBT <WBRB> Feeds back, showing Lane and Brendon in kitchen. Brit taking her stuff out of HoH. Hayden and Enzo in Taj room talking, looking for clothes for Enzo to wear. Brit locked out of HoH, she is telling BB that her mic is in HoH room. Brit now entering DR to tell them her mic is locked in HoH. Enzo, Brendon, Hayden in Taj checking out Enzo's borrowed clothes. <WBRB> Lane in WC. Bren asking if Enzo needs shirt. Brit has entered HoH room with garbage bag in hand. Bren is going after belt for Enzo. Lane in WC looking for something (?) (the boys have all pitched in so that Enzo is not naked)

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