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7/19 - Live Feed Updates


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748pm bbt: Rachel and Monet in the stocks still

playing BB word game: (rachel starts with "A")

alliance, bitchy people, cat fight, dumbasses, elimination, fight, getto, ho's, independent, competitions, joking around, kissing and kissing asses, losers, making frenemeys, nastiness, opposite ends of the house, pool, quite alot of drama, ragan, stocks and stupid people, tiredness, ugly fights, very bitchy mooments, waiting around, x-rated moments, y do we put ourselves through this (my thoughts exactly!)

(sorry Zuzu - didnt see that you posted this as well :)

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8:25 BBT

Rachel and Monet are finally out of the stock things. Monet joins Britney in the HT and starts talking about how Rachel kept asking about her life when they were locked up and how Rachel doesn't give a shit about Monet. Enzo joins the women in the HT.

Enzo talks abotu gaining weight and Britney says you can't gain weight from just eating fish sticks.

Rachel called to DR.

Monet says she wants to stay in the house and will try to get the votes. Britney apologizes for Monet being on the block.

Monet says someone (either Rachel or Kristen) looks like a hoochie with a double chin.

Brit asks Enzo what his wife would be up to today.

8:30 BBT

Lane, Hayden and Matt are lifting weights. Enzo is running around the backyard.

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