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7/19 - Live Feed Updates


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9:00PM BBT: Not much has been going on. Ragan has been talking about doing poetry readings. His audience in the Cabana Room includes Monet, Britney, and Matt. Ragan explains that the little bar-type place in Austin is where he was first able to openly talk about being gay.

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Where are my updaters tonight?

9:15PM BBT: Regan, Matt, Britney and Monet are in the cabana room talking about production and having BB warned them, "You are not allowed to talk about production!" Matt wonders if all the messages BB plays are on "carts" (pre-recorded, the expression comes from tape cartridges they used to use in broadcasting), or whether they can record new messages to play immediately. (The voice is Don Wollman, an executive producer) Britney wonders whether they're the worst cast in terms of talking about production a lot. (Not at all, Dr. Will was the all-time worst.) Ragan wonders whether the live feed viewers are hearing this conversation and Matt says no, they've probably been on fish the whole time. (We had a few WBRBs )

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10:09 BBT In HOH Kristen and Ragan are trying to make bredonon to realize putting up Andrew could be a dangerous mood...Kristen is trying to plant an Enzo seed that he and Britney conspired to help her win POV..

Brendon doesn't seem to be buying it. He doesn't think he's that smart...Brendon says "they" will know where any vote for Andrew "they" will know where its coming from..

Kathy "i'm not hangin anyone out to dry" so she will vote monet out no matter who the replacement will be "i'm voting like we discussed period"

10:13 BBT More vote discussion going on... "if you didn't put up Andrew" monet will be voted out Kristan says and Ragan agrees..

Kristin says if Andrew wins HOH "he'll put you up" and Rachs says "yeah" as she says she wants to see who campaigns for whom since its 3rd week saying if the don't know who's "with us" then they are "against us"

10:15 BBT Kristin working to keep Andrew off the block even though she says she'll agree but Rachel asks Kristin to go down and be discreet and get Hayden...

Rachel believes "its a huge advantage" to see how people "play their cards" but Ragan says "this is Big Brother" and people flip....

10:17 BBT Now they are discussing putting up Matt

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10:17 BBT

Rachel says if Matt's playing "both sides" then next week he'll "put me up" and says if she put him up "i'll tell the house what he said"

Rachel says "i can't discuss" telling people they are going up..only that they are safe..

Kristin returns without Hayden....Rach asks If Matt goes up and Monet goes up then they have a chance to keep Andrew as a person to touch..Brendon says he has no choice to stay with them because he dislike britney and Enzo and would never goes to "the other side"

rach asks "where does lane stand?".."nobody knows" and all agree.....They are discussing Lane...as Rach says "none of us are stupid here" and Rachel says "everyone is a potential threat" then they are "against us"...

Bren says he's worried that Matt will go back and forth....

10:23 BBT Ragan 'who to put up" and "how to " tell em how they will go up..

Kristin says she told Andrew "she wants to put up" someone everyone likes and "will stay" know he may posiibly "go up"

Rachel thinks putting Andrew will expose everyones cards and will be a big advantage...Brendon sees no advantage putting up Matt but Ragan counters with it will be a huge advantage if the other side takes Andrew out..

10:26 BBT Brendon thinks everyone will vote out Monet if Matt goes up becaus ehe has insdie info...and know how the votes will go because he's playing both sides..

Rgan if I was a viewer I'd says "don not do this"

10:28 BBT Ragan says if someone is playing both sides calling them out isn't bad game play...

they keep discussing Matt or Andrew..

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10:29 BBT

Back in HOH they discussing week three and Rachel says if its Enzo as HOh one of them will go...

Rachel says putting up Andrew will make them look like "douchebags" for going against HOH and they will know "where Lane stands" and expose their loyalties...

Ragan working hard to say that the line is "already there" since they don't "talk game' and since he doesn't "i'm one of you traget" because he and them don't discuss game

Bren says if anyone discusses game with them and all says no..and so Lane remains an enigma...

10:32 BBT Brendona asks Kristin if Hayden talks game with the other side and Kristin admits he talks to Lane but no one else..

They are talking Monet will go...

Rachel "we need to bring Hayden up here"....as Rachel goes down to try and get him "to lock in Hayden..and know where Hayden lies"

10:34 BBT Rach gets Hayden quickly but Matt ask is "anyone up there" and says "Kathy's napping" and tells him Hayden is unclogging the toilet..

Hayden agrees to vote "monet out"..and asks wher he's going to be voting and hes it depends who's "up and how I feel about em" and keeps saying "people I'm close with ' will sway him and votes "what's best for me" and Rachel and Kristin tell him the house will split...

10:37 BBT Rachel tells Hayden that she wants to put up Andrew and tells him that it will call everyone out and tells him if the other side will be at an disadvantage if they vote Andrew out...

So they ERachel Kristin Brendon and Kathy all continue to tell the head of the competeing Alliance all their intentions not knowing what their doing....

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10:40 BBT

Rachel continues to shhot herself in the foot as she tells Hayden her intentions..She's talking about to "call out Matt" and says if she does "he will target" her and Brendon and losing one of then would be a huge hit "for our side"..and goes on about too many of them in the jury..

Rachel talks about not knowing where Enzo and Lane are..Hayden slighty throwss Enzo under the tires of the bus by saying he's close to Britney..

10:43 BBT Kristin throws out her Enzo helping her in POV theory

Matt tries to go in put rachel hold him outside and says give her "10 minutes" and Matt says "some crazy shit" is going on..

Matt runs downstairs to tell Enzo and Monet..and says she called "hayden up"....Lane says its no big deal Matt says he couldn't even see in.."there is some suspicious shit" going down Matt says...calling them sneaky

10:45 BBT Back in HOH Ragan talking that a vote is never a sure thing..as he talks about Chima and Russel how they went from friends to enemies in a blink...

So they discuss how the vote will go if Andrew goes up and Rachel says she has no idea how Lane will vote..

10:47 BBT Hayden "have you talked to Andrew about it" and Brendon says he did and he "trusts us" and "for sure he's ok with that" but Hayden doesn't think he would in attempt to keep his sub alliance safe..and warns he may "flip"...

10:49 BBT Now Rachel says she calls out Matt and even if they pull in Matt on the other side "they'll come after me"..and "what then" and puts her in a "shitty situation"...

Ragan trying to make Rachel understand that votes are not a sure thing witha Matt nomination and Monet will go..and Rach says Britney will be after her ass Kristen tells her "she's already after your ass" and discuss she's better at BB they they think..

10:52 BBT they discuss Brit faked an injury at first HOH butBrendon says she treww to look like a "weak competitor"..but says "she can't be trusted" and Rach says Enzo "hid a tooth for her" in a food comp he was on the same team as her...

Rach warns she knows more about "this game" except Ragan and as much "as production" and Ragan says its not "game knowledge" but "what you do with it"

Rgan cites Laura and Ronnie from last season who knew a lot.. "they were out 3 and 4"

10:55 Back to discussing how to handle Matt as possible nominee

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10:59 BBT

Andrew tried to get into HOH and was told to come back and now Matt even more worried that someting is goin on...Andrew one of us 4" are going up..."they wouldn't put one of " their side up... as Andrew says one of us definitelt going up "please ring the bell" Andrew says..

11:01 BBT Back in HOH Brendon saying Britney isn't as strong as they think...But Rach says certain endurances small is better...But Ragan says some endurance like on a peg "a small girl " will have an advanatage and BB likes power shifts...

Rachel says Brit is comming after me and "backdoor brendon" and Kris says Britney is going after her anyway and Ragan agrees..

11:04 BBT outside at the pool table Matt is saying nervous and Enzo says he "doesn't give a fuck" what's going on up there...Monet and Brit go in for Pickles while Lane wants the bell to ring to "break it up"...

11:06 BBT Rach talking about Brit and what could happen...as she tells Kathy "you won't be a main target" her and Kristin will be

At the pool table Enzo talk sots Matt sitting there nervous....

In HOH Hayden taking it all in as Hayden says Brendon see him as both Physical and mental threat...Brendon says 'britney can't win HOH" and they discuss who Enzo will put up...and says he may put up Britney and they all believe Lane won't put up Britney...noe Rach worried where Lane is..Hayden says "i think he's in the middle" and Hayden "i like Lane a lot" and Brendon says if he becomes HOH and create "enemies"...

11:10 BBT Rachel speculating what Monet would do if stays and gets HOH..her and Brendon would go..."we're at a huge disadvatage...they will keep trying to break us up" while Ragan sasys because of their Showmance makes them a target..."you have to take the good with the bad"

Ragan reiterates that Andrew has to Stay..

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11:13 BBT

In Caban room Enzo and Matt discuss they can't believe the Brigade is not on anyones radar.... and says they need to talk to hayden when he comes down but have to be careful they aren't watching...

11:14 BBT Lane and Brit play around on the couch "don't break my necklace" Lane says and Brit says "don't break my neck" as Lane rough house her..as she jokes "abuse abuse"...BB "stop that" starts kicking the ball around...

Back in HOH Kathy talking about Monet hows she never talks game...as they watch her on the sptscreen as hayden says "i think she knows she going home"..

11:18 BBT Matt and Monet talk in the hall..but I miss what was discussed...Matt Enzo Monet and Brit outside just playing around..

Back upstairs they continue to discuss votes as hayden says Lane is good a physical but not at mental....Brendon says Lane says in endurance "he's way too big" and says "none" amount of challenges that require "brute strength" but Hayden says he can tell he's a good athlete..

Hayden says Enzo is "not that athletic" but despite good "social skills" he won't be a good threat...as Hayden tries to make them believe him and Brendon could be on the block together and all agree "that's true"

Back outside they are still playing the bag game wth the stocks..

11:25 BBT Upstairs rachel says "we can never sell ourselves out" saying we have way more to lose with "our side" as brendon says they need to get "our side" to the "jury"

hayden asks Britnet goes next after Monet but Brendon admits that's too far away...

11:27 BBT rach asks does she call Matt out but Ragan says just assure him that he's going "nowhere" if he's on the block...as brendon says that next week he can see Enzo "distancing himself from Britney"

Rach talks shifts of Power and "something is going to happen" to turn everthing upside down..

11:29 BBT HOH meeting goes on now they talk about Annie/Saboteur..

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11:30 BBT The neverending HOH meeting continues as they have seemed to settle on Matt and will bring him up to tell him..

Rachel obsessing over a britney HOH

Ragan suggesting what to tell Matt and says she talk to a lot of people to "gurantee your safety" and he's staying over Monet..

Rachel wonders if in the next weeks if they can get Lane and Kristin "i don't forsee that happening" as ragan warns you can't think "that far in advance"

11:35 BBT Ragan says Thursday will be big as it would be stupid of BB "to do a quiz" ..They are talking about BB8 final HOH with Dick Daniele and Zach thinking it was week 6 endurance...

11:37 Hayden really "wants Andrew to stay" and Rach worries he will turn to "the other side" and assure her now "enzo called him a child molester" Kathy says aas Brendon says she can't stand Brit or Monet...

Kathy says Andrew is smart "we need him"

11:38 BBT HOH super meeting drones on......

Back outside Lane Matt Monet and Brit playing with the stocks and beanbags as Britney calling out lanes rule saying they "make no sense" Enzo and Andrew playing pool...

11:41 Matt and Monet "won...again" as they start another game and argue the rules..

11:43 BBT Upstairs they are just talking in circles..rach finally makes sense "we put Brendon on the block" but she's only kidding..

Kathy "we need to lock in a desision now..and be done with it" and Brendon says "and get some rest".....

The girls talk about brit and Monet "rattle cages" as ragan says "i overheard" Brit accuses him of being the Saboteur and heard her says "i love Ragan but.." and says he didn't hear but if wasn't "he's the greatest person"..they all laugh...

11:46 BBT still no definite replacement nominee decision..

they are talking how Britney will "yurn the bitch that she is" from being on slop...and says "she's fighting to be nice" Britney Bashing...except hayden and Ragan

11:49 HOH meeting continues....

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11:51 BBT

Outside their game broke upas they joke for Enzo to go ring the doorbell or knock and run off..

Upstairs "making the jury house is keey" Hayden says to "get the whole stipend"

11:53 BBT Enzo and Andrew in kitchen and Enzo sneezes a wet sneeze and Andrew says "ewww" and the Enzo says sorry..

11:54 BBT more numbers talk and sides talk...

it looks like Matt is going up..as Andrew is "too risky" according to Kristin..

11:56 BBT "8 -1 monet's gone" Brendon asks and all agree..Kristen says "7-2" and Enzo will be the second vote...

11:59 BBT rachel going on....about her and Brendon...as Hayden says putting them up helped them...

Rachel says people will never put her brendon and Hayden together and hayden says "they will" sinc ehe's up in HOH

Rachel will call Lane and Enzo together to tell them Matt is going up and see where they vote..

12:01 BBT Rach says they should leave at different times but Kathy says they all know they are up there

She calls lane and enzo up..

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12:02 BBT

rachel has Enzo and Lane upstairs in HOH asks Kathy to leave

Brendon is there.."where are your heads at" as she asks what they think if they should keep Monet...Enzo doesn't care..and Lane asks if she wonders if Monet would be useful..as she says Andrew could go if she puts them up..

and says she wants to see "where your heads are at" as Enzo says he "doesn't give a fuck" and Lane just says he'll do what the HOH will do...

12:05 BBT they talk about Monet's 10k....and going home with it will be good and rachel asks if they won't "put me and Brendon up"

Rachel wants guatantee her and Bren have "longevity" and Rachel says "you are not out targets" as Lane says "i want to make it to jury house" and go "balls out" after that its fine....

12:07 BBT Rachel talking about twoo people need to go...and Monet this week and enzo says he has a "good idea" who the other is..and discuss who should be on the jury...

12:09 Rachel hinting at Matt needing to go and Enzo agreeing that floaters and HG playing both sides need to go..

12:10 rachel says they will all be in the jury and "deserve to be there" and Brendon saying "as males" they will be playing "a cleaner game" and no "drama"

Enzo in kiss ass mode calling rachel "genuine"....as she says "i don't want to play dirty" not "cheat"....

12:12 BBT Racel talking about how great they are doing 'our words" in POV "would have been last season"...and talk about this past POV they should have worked togther as Lane says he should have dropped "right after Britney"....

12:14 BBT Brendon talking about strategizing better for future pOVs and Enzo talking about "floaters" in the house..

Monet and 10 grand and she will "make money than 3rd place" and because of it she should go...brendon "if I would have left last week I would have left with $750" "how shitty is that" and we get FOTH

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12:17 BBT Talking about not putting each other up until JH..Lane says "i love it"

talk about past HG who floated....

rachel says "its me and Brendon" againsts the whole house..as Enzo says here "no alliances" in the house..

as she tries to says anybody "playing boths sides" ne to "go" as Enzo brings Annie back into the equation..

12:20 BBT Lane wants to be in a JH with no drama as rachel tells them she wants to see them in the JH because she "trust you" "love you guys" "same page as a house" and only the competitors stay... and rachels says "jury house game on"

They hug and leave HOH..

Immediately after they leave Rachel and Brendon whisper and start singing their praises and Brendon says they only have "one person to worry about" even though they are "shaky" but still think they won't "put us up" and in walks britney

12:23 BBT "what's going on" Brit asks and tells then things got "crazy" becaus epeople "tried to come up" and says "Andrew is freaking out" and "matt is freaking out" and Kathy is "acting wierd" and Kathy snapped at her "we were talking its pretty obvious we were talking" as Rach says "its week two" and they were just trying to figure things out..

12:26 BBT Lane tells Matt what they told him...Matt asks "what was there or else" and calls them "stupid" say you can't just start "bullying" people..

Lane says Hayden wants to meet tonight but matt says they don't know where to meet as Matt wonders if Hayden can get Kristen to vote with us...and Lane says yes as she closer with hayden than she is with Rachel...Their pool game continues..

12:29 BBT Britnet upstairs snitching on what everyone was talking about when they had their meeting...calling it "crazy" and Britney talking about being excluded from meetings...Andrew may be "paranoid" because he thinks "he's going up" Rach says and Brit says "he's freaking out" but tells them not to tell him she {brit} snitched..

12:31 Brendon wants to call Andrew up..leaves to get him..as Britney says everyone was "dying" and Rachel wants to have "ameeting with the house" as Brit tries to get info..and now says she is have probs with Kathy who "in a split seconded decided to hate us"

12:33 BBT Andrew and Brendon whispering as Andrew said "it was stupid" to "put everyone in the same room" as Andrew said "it was too agressive to early"

Andrew is nervous about "next week" because he knows that everyone is with them but Brendon says they discussed "the risks were too high" to put him up not that he was part of the plan..

they talk about Matt but hard to understand but Andrew says "why don't we get Matt out" and Brendon says no its too early..and Monet and Britney are targeting him..they are whispering about the numbers...brendon leaves and Andrew says "whatever you decide I'm with you" and thanks Bren for coming to talk to him..

12:38 BBT FOTH

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12:40 BBT Matt now in HOH and calling Rach "terrible liars" about the stories to keep people out..toilet..Kathy napping..and asks "am I toast" and Rachel says she doesn't feel comfortable about going up..and says "i offered as a service" but they need to do what they "gotta do"...

Rachel says she doesn't want to "blindside" and Matt says your gonna tell who you will put up and aks "what was this mafia pow wow going on" and the reassure Matt "monet is going home" and that he's staying...

12:42 BBT Matt says "i think you guys are cool with me"

Matt sasy "you look so supsicious but I still feel comfortable with you" and "i don't care if you don't tell me you're putting me up...just don't vote me out" telling Rachel she looks "suspicious"

12:44 BBT Matt leaves ....

Rachel concedes "maybe that was really bad lying" and Brendon says "you shouldn't had all those people" up in HOH that long...

12:46 BBT Racel "why are people being douchebags about this" as Brendon scolds her to not lie "and give people a reason" to get them out as Brendon calls her "over here now" as she lays in the bed..and says she lied because "i didn't want "matt and Andrew" up here.....as Rachel is calling Andrew "sneaky" "why would he throw "us under the bus" ans Brendon says "he wants to work with us" but doesn't want to be associated with us as rachel is worried Andrew is going 'to put me up" as Brendo says "i gurantee it" that Andrew will not put him up and has "a long term" trust and doesn't "want people to think he's with us"

Why is Matt "so wierd" as Brendon scolds her for having all those people up there and Rachel says "as HOH I nominate myself" and Brendon "put me up I'll take the risk"

Brendon 'you're flip flopping way too much.."i want to put up Andrew" and Brendon 'so don't sit there and agree with everyone else" and tells her she's "overthinking" "overplaying" and "fucking wild" and "don't do moves' to make a bigger target when you agree with peopel "matt is a better" option...

12:52 BBT Brendon upset with Rachel and says she says "one thing" and wants to do another "what you want to keep britney" and if she does "i can't take it" and say her back and forth is causing stress and make them have "bigger targets"...and keeps scolding her for telling people one thing and behind their backs do another and just "fight harder' for what you believe in..

Rachel "i'm just trying" to talk it out and tells brendon to "go to bed" and let her "think it out" and Brendon goes back to her being a flip flopper as she yells that she can't tell people who she's putting up but Brendon says she let people believe she was putting up Matt..

12:55 BBT Brendon has to calm Rachel down who's crying..for her mistakes of keeping people out of HOH...Rachel seems to have shut down and not talking...

12:57 BBT Brendon is kissing rachel but she's still pouting after her scolding...finally gets her to laugh and "stop talking game" as he lays on top of her and says 'you're gonna get me in trouble with my parents" telling him to "quit" and tells her that he's there for here..

1:00 he tells her "i'm here" to help you listen to you...

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1:09 BBT

Brendon ragging on Britney as rachel seems to be making up reasons for Britney's behavior...as brendon commends Rachel for seeing the good side of people Brendon reminds her of her meanness and how rude she treats people like Andrew..

"you are nothing like her" Brendon tells her despite their commonalities...like being in a sorority and pageants..

rachel is now borderline mess telling Brendon she doesn't "want to talk bad about britney" and an exasperated brendon says "fine" he wont talk about her..

1;12 BBT FOTH and they come back with Rachel defending her..and brendon goes "that is someone I wouldn't want in my life as a friend" "i hope you are not like her" he says....and points out their differences feed cuts out...

1:14 BBT Monet and Brit whispering in bed..outsid Lane talking about smoking K2 and you can "past a drug test" and goes on about smoking an "incent' and you can smoke it "like weed" as he talks about something else he'll never try because its worse than shrooms....

1:16 BBT more recreational drug use talk from Lane enzo and Kristen who's mostly listening

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1:17 BBT

Monet and Britney talking and she tells Monet "we're good"..

In HOH Kathy is there snitching what the backlash was from the meeting...Mstly her and Brits exchange..."i'm sick of the drama" Kathy says and Monet says "they're gunning" after her and says "i just looked at her" without answering her..."why would she even ask" unless "something else is going on" and Brendon thinks they thought they were safe with Andrew on the block...

1:20 BBT Kathy going on about Bri staring at me but she tried to ignore her... and the noise Brit made at her like a heavy sigh and FOTH...

Kathy tattles Brit monet and Enzo went to bed together as Brendon asks if Enzo went to them after they left the HOH..

Kathy repeating now...and says "someone told her differently" she was going home...calling Britney's campaigning for Monet "a nuisance to me"

brendon says if they are excited for Andrew going up then that's more of a reason not to put him up..and Rachel seems to agree..

1:25 BBT Kathy going on...."its obvious" that they were talking....and says she doesn't know what more to tell her...

1:26 BBT Lane at hot tub wants "ragan gone" before JH because "he's after me" and Kristen Enzo Matt there..as Enzo says "Monet is going home".....Lane: "we should have dropped right after Britney" as they talk about POV and counting...

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1:30 BBT

In HOH Rachel says "i want to get her out" about Monet as Kathy brings up the most trivial stuff about her snips with Brit and Monet...reminder her to throw away her disposal contacts and Monet told her "that's the least of my worries" and goes on they start stuff "to make me look bad" Kathy says..

Kathy says "they were going to send Andrew home" as Kathy goes in defense of Andrew..and call their rude comments "unacceptable" and "rude"...

1:32 Back at the hot tub they started sex talk and enzo Kristen: "how long ahve you gone without" in a feed malfunction loop.....

{feds messing up so i'll take that as a cue to call it a night..be back tomorrow}

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1:59 AM BBT:

Rachel,Lane and Ragan by hot tub. Idle chat. Bell just rung. Rachel and Brenden come out of rooms.She tells him it's only for an hour. Monet heading out as well.

Matt and Enzo talking about how Rach and Brend have basically promised everyone safety except for Monet. The Brigade has gathered in bathroom. Hayden doesn't seem to have told them anything. Matt saying they have to get those "m..F...A" out!

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2:00 AM BBT; Kathy and Enzo discussing the position they are in with jobs back home. Enzo was allowed a month an a half, but after that his position can be filled. Kathy says her job granted her the 3 month leave, but told her they would talk to her more after she returned.

Rachel and Brendon went to lay down in the have not room about 10 minutes ago.

2:03 AM BBT; Stockades bell just rang at 2:00. Rachel, Brendon, and Money take their places in the stockades.

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2:11 AM BBT; Rachel, Kathy, Brendon, Ragan, and Monet are all out back while R,B,& M, are in the stockades conversing about the people who blog about what they are doing on a basis. Making fun of the stuff they probably post.

Meanwhile.. The "brigade" Enzo,Matt,Lane, and Hayden are talking in the bathroom about who want to get out.

Matt claims that he convince Ragan to do what he wants. They are talking about how neither of them trust Rachel and Brendon an how they need to get them seperated next week. They all are talking about how this next week is very important to get one of them out. Matt is wanting to backdoor Brendon.

2:16 AM BBT; The Brigade leaves the restroom and go outside. Hayden goes to bed. Outside Kathy, Ragan, Rachel, and Brendon were talking about how the teamed taped Britney to the wall so good in only 10 minutes during the PoV challenge.


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Enzo/Matt want to backdoor Rachel and Brendon. Saying Kathy has been so suspicous this week. Matt thinks Hayden can convince Kristen like he can convince Ragan to jump on their side. Enzo doesn't trust Ragan. Sounds like they've decided to vote out Monet. They did throw around the idea of getting rid of Andrew.

Hayden just went to cuddle with Kristen.

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2:20 AM BBT:

Hayden told Kristen she's the only person he'd stick his neck out for. He feels the best place for them is to stay in the middle. Kristen says thats not possible. He's tried to avoid her all day, but that he doesn't want to. He trust her with what's best. She feels that the group that was up in the HOH need them which makes it ideal. Both agree that once Britney and Monet are gone they'll regroup.

Whispering sweet nothings. Hayden says how he's only known her for two weeks but feels like he's known her forever.

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2:33 AM BBT:

Backyard:Enzo playing pool alone, while Kathy and Ragan sit on couches. Matt just went to bed.The three on the stockade playing the letter game. Brendon in better spirits tonight. Everyone now participating... except Monet who is dead silent. Kathy threw out a letter and called Monet trying to get her to play.


Kristen just told Hayden, when he asked about who she'd put up, that she'd nominate Britney and Matt.

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2:40 AM BBT; Hayden and Kristen still cuddling and talking about their "showmance" and how they never would have imagined it happening to them.

Meanwhile outside, Rachel, Brendon, and Monet are talking about how long they did stockades yesterday and guessing what time they will have to do it tomorrow.

2:43 AM BBT; Outside, Rachel and Brendon are trying to get Kathy to tell them an interesting police story.

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3:02 AM BBT; Out back still doing stockades, Brendon and Rachel are talking about the couples season. Kathy is spraying around the doors and washer an dryer because of the ants. Monet joins in the coversation about the couples BB season.

3:04 AM BBT; Stockade bell rings, they are done standing in the stockade for the night.

3:06 AM BBT; Monet goes inside to the bathroom, (going back to bed after I assume). Rachel and Brendon sit on the couch outside and kiss while Rachel rubs his shoulders, and talk about going to bed.

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