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7/12 - Live Feed Updates


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5:41 pm BBT (bathroom) Monet and Kathy in bubble bath talking some game play. Kathy said that Annie told her after noms "see I told you that you did not have to worry) They both agree that she did not really know. They are saying that Annie is telling her story to eveyone and that if you arealone she sits next to you. they are saying that annie is telling how much she gave up to come here and Kathy says we all gave up a lot to come here so that does not even come into play with her vote.

They just keep saying how the house is so crazy and then not talking at all. They were saying they wanted bath toys. They are saying they have a SAB playing and how they have people who are life long friends. Again they say this is crazy. (all feeds on them so not too much to report will be back later on)

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6 pm BBT: Enzo is having a good laugh at Annie's expense. He's talking with Britney and talking about Hayden being so clever to put the person he's back door'ing as the host for the PoV.

6:26 pm BBT: Britney and Lane on the BY couches talking about their ex's and what kind of people they're attracted to. Lane says he's an asshole to girlfriend's if they let him be. The one girl he was engaged to wouldn't let him get away with that kind of shit and that's what attracted him to her so much.

6:30 pm BBT: Lane says that frat boys are fa$%ots.

6:40 pm BBT: Andrew just finished a run around the BY. He heads in to shower. Kristen and Kathy are in the Bathroom getting ready. Andrew shaving his chest.

6:45 pm BBT: Lane is telling everyone what an asshole he is. He wants a woman that will fight with him... literally, throw some punches. (Hmmm, only one kind of guy would say that. ~CeCiMom) He continues on about how he made a girl friend sleep in the floor because they had a fight and she was crying in bed so, he kicked her out.

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809pm BBT: gonna do a quick recap of the last 1/2 hour or so from when i jumped online

annie walked up to rachel near the picture wall and said something about rachel hurting her feelings earlier. rachel said "are you sure youre not being over sensetive" Annie walked away at this point to go outside, rachel walked back to the cabana room and was laughing with ragan and whoever else was in there.

Annie held open the sliding door and was saying something like "are you f'n kidding me"

the others came in from outside and annie proceeds to tell them her version of what happened and how she cant wait for them to see the tapes of what rachel just did to her. Annie also saying how she needs to go the diary room before she gets kicked out tonight but cant as brenden is in there.

Annie proceeds to go the room (not sure which room) lane is in and talks to him about what happened and how she was going to tell brenden about what rachel did. Brenden comes in and they (annie and brenden) go into the next room so she can tattle on rachel. She proceeds to tell Brenden another version of what happened with her and rachel and he tells her that he is not going to get involved in the middle of them.

814pm: lane, matt, enzo and brit on bathroom couch talking about how annie is gonna loose it and shes basically digging her own hole. Brit tells them that the situation with the "jen" that annie keeps talking to via the cameras is prob a sympathy card and that she knows who "jen" is but cant tell them. the guys try to guess but brit wont tell.

(sorry i dont have more but i came into it rather fast)

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821pm bbt: annie and brenden still talking

brenden telling annie that if what she says really happened that way she says it did that he applauds her for not stooping to her (rachels) level. he told her that he is going to talk to her and annie said that she didnt want it to come to that. he replies that he doesnt care what she wants and he is going to talk to her. She says she is going to talk to hayden

Brenden: i dont do fake

Annie: then why are you with fake?

Brenden: i thought she was being real with me.

Brenden: i think you are doing a good job. if someone pushes your button....walk away.

Annnie: i know....i have temper and i dont want to unleash it.

824pm: Annie just got called to the diary room

Annie: theyre afraid im gonna lose it

(whew alot to keep up with....trying my best here folks)

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826pm bbt: rachel, brenden, kristen, matt and hayden in cabana room

rachel explaining her side of what happened (per rachel: annie came into the room and asked to talk to rachel and rachel said fine. annie asked why everyone hated her and rachel said i dont know)

brenden telling rachel to stay away from annie. matt and hayden agree. kristen just sitting there and listening.

brenden: we have enough drama in the house we dont need anymore. i know its gonna be tough.

(apparently i missed an argument with the guys and andrew. not sure what it was about but the cabana crew are talking about i)

brenden talking aobut how annie keeps going back to the same thing and hes sorry she feels like that. he does want rachel to stay and hes not going to like about that.

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8:15 BBT

Lane, Brit, Matt, Enzo are in bathroom (discussing Annie/Rachel fight) and Andrew comes in to brush his teeth. lane says (to no one in particular) that Andrew thinks he(Lane) started the drama b/w Annie and Rachel. Andrew got really defensive and said don't say that...he doesn't appreciate Lane's sarcasm. lane says he was just joking...a little back and forth and then it was over. [Andrew obviously does not know how to interact with humans]

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8:44 BBT: Britney goes upstairs to the HoH room to tell Kathy and Monet (who are in the HoH bed) what's happening downstairs. Seems Andrew stared for several seconds at Britney when she was in the kitchen and he was going into the cabana room. She doesn't know what that was all about and Enzo said that was creepy.

As for the drama, I didn't see the conversation between Rachel and Annie, but I did see Annie and Lane talking in the open bedroom. Brendon comes around the corner and Annie and Brendon go into Annie's bedroom (not sure what that's called). Yesterday when Annie was crying, he sat on the bed and comforted her. Today he's sitting on a different bed talking. She says she has a temper and doesn't want to unleash it. He does a great job of telling her that she's on her own now. Soon she is called to the DR.

8:50 PM BBT: Upstairs in the HoH room, Britney just told Hayden what happened downstairs before Andrew stared at her. She says Andrew was eating dinner at the table and Lane came by and asked what he was eating. Andrew thought Lane was being sarcastic and said something to that effect. Lane was surprised at his reaction and according to Britney, Lane was not trying to be sarcastic. Britney tells Hayden to be careful of the landmines as he heads downstairs to make a sandwich. He says he can handle them.

A few minutes after Annie was called to the DR, Rachel goes crying into the have-not room. Brendon goes in to comfort her and apologizes for what he said (I missed that conversation, but it looks like that's what might have made her start crying). I'm still listening to Kathy, Britney and Monet in the HoH room while typing, but glanced over and now see Brendon and Rachel kissing. She is not crying any more.

(Lots of drama tonight, so hard to capture without being able to rewind. Sorry for complaining!)

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