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7/12 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=113

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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948pm bbt: kathy, hayden and kristen on lounge in BY. being silly and just general chit chat. Enzo on couch in BY

Annie and Monet still talking in cabana room (cant hear as my feed is not on that one)

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958pm bbt:

annie still going on about how much she gave up to be in the house. Saying how if she couldnt have won at least she wanted to get to the jury house. All the stupid little things like being able to go into the diary room and say "i vote to evict....".

Shes saying that when Hayden was telling them who he was putting up as the replacement she almost went and sat in the chair. monet saying she was ready to cry as she thought it was going to be her. (repeat of earlier convos it seems)

950: they both leave the cabana room to go outside

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952pm bbt: Annie joins Enzo and Lane on BY couches.

Annie: ive been trying to talk to people. alot of people are saying they will do what hayden wants. They want to be grateful for hayden not putting them up. hayden is afraid of brenden.

Annie: i just thinks is smarter for everybody. two people playing this game for one (brenden and rachel)

Lane: even is she is a weak or strong player...

Annie: i can work with people.

Lane: its still not out the door by a long shot

annie: i just think people other than me need to talk to hayden. I can do whatever you guys wanted, i dont give a @#@#$.

lane: you want as many people as you can to go talk to hayden.

(missing part of convo trying to type and keep up)

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1007 pm bbt: Enzo, lane and annie still in BY on couches talking about the "2 person alliance" of brenden and rachel.

Annie saying rachel is just as strong as her. lane thinks annie would be able to do more damage than rachel would. if annie got HOH she would be able to get rid of people. rachel wouldnt. they need someone like annie to knock people out. Annie says to give her the opportunity and she will take his ass (?) out.

She thought that the first couple of weeks you get to know people and not form alliances. She talked to brendan alot.

BB just announced "rachel i said its time to get up for the day".

Enzo: ohh somebody just got pimped!

sorry im out for the night ...cant stay awake much longer....can someone else take over please

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10:18 BBT

In the sunset bedroom Rachel has mounted Brendon and giviving him a massage on his back..they are talking about "working out as Brenden says "I'd lve to work you out" as they discuss what type pf execises they are going to do tomorrow..

Outside on the couch Annie is working both Lane and Enzo for a vote. lane is telling her she really needs to make her case to Hayden and Annie just keeps repeating her convo with them. Basically telling them she wasn't in an alliance with Brenden..accusing Brendon and rachel of being this season Jeff and Jordan and telling them basically that the rest of the girls will vote only the way Hayden wants them to vote as a show of gratitude for not being nominated..

10:22 BBT Now they are talking what happen at POV and what words Enzo should have used...seems game talk has slowed as they joke about other HGs getting BB warning..

10:26 BBT Just talking about the have nots being able to eat...Annie not telling Lane Hayden is "scared to death of Brenden" as Lane seems to just to be giving Annie false hope that all she needs to do is just talkt to him..Enzo throws it out that if she thinks Brenden told Hayden to put her up against Rachel...she "hope not' that he didn't because they are close...

Enzo was saying Britney was scared this morning....Booze is flowing but want to wait for midnight...as Anrew came out and announced there were two bottles of red wine and 12 beers..

10:30 BBT Now Annie is giving her Jeff and Jordan speech to Andrew but Andrew "the 6 votes" are going to be "very very hard" and tells her "britney hates you"...she promises she will not put him up and he asks who she would put up and talks about putting up Brendon and Rachel because they are threats...

Andrew says he's "on board" if she has 5 other votes... she thanks him and promises him she will keep him safe as long as she can..

10:33 BBT Hayden and Kristin talking in BY

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10:36 BBT

In SR Monet, Kathy and Britney talking about Annie as Kathy says she hasn't come up to her as Monet warns Annie is going "to apologize" and Britney says "she can't get enough" votes...Monet agrees she can't get enought votes...and Monet says " Brendon will vote her off" and Monet says they have "4 solid votes" and britney "she has to go" as they will be "in trouble" as Kathy put it..

10:38 BBT Their convo in the SR continues..and worry the house may change but will stick to voting Annie out and warn Brit to just accept her apology and "walk off and be done with it" Kathy warns Brit... "luckily everyone in the house she knows she lies...and is desperate" Brit says about Annie and they continue to talk about how hard Annie played the game and too many sides...

10:41 BBT The Storage Room continues and Katy says "she's gone" and Brit she "has to be gone" for "us" the "house" about Annie and Kathy adds "she makes my head hurt" as their convo turns to small talk...Talking about how much food they have gone through..

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10:44 BBT

Physics talk going on in the susset room..."gamma radiation" and "alpha radiation" as he explains what it is to Rachel..and telling her how Smoke detetecors work by absorbing alpha particles causing it to go off..Rache: "very interesting"

As their radiation talks goes on Rachel Rubs his chest...Rachel says she doesn't understand it that much and Brendon gladly goes on about it..

Rachel tells him "i don't think anyone thinks your stupid" as their physics talk continues as they talk about electrons now..

Kathy bust up the talk with what she found to eat....Brendon says he'll start cooking at 11 so it will be ready for midnight..and Kathy told him that they will wait for midnight to drink booze...Kathy wants "tacos" to eat and brendon says he has no problem whipping them up with the left over meat in the fridge...

10:50 BBT In the Kitchen Monet and Lane talk how to make shakes...Lane makes it with ice cream Back in the Sunset Room more talk about food .."french Fries" as Kathy "oh God yes' she'd eat em..

10:53 BBT Brendon continues going over the midnight menu...and finally get up to head into the kitchen...

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10:55 BBT

Lane trying to get Brit taste his shake at the pool table as Brit is iffended by lane's "agressive approach" to get her to taste it...she does and says "delicious" as lane laughs off her insanity..

Monet joins Brit lane Enzo and Matt and the pool table as Enzo tells Matt he gets Britney..

10:57 BBT Andrew is in HOH straightning out Haydens bed and cleaning up..talking to himslef "ooh snickers bar...you kiddin me" as he starightens out hayden's snacks..

In the SR Brendon takes inventory with rachel and Kathy

11:00 BBT Upstairs Andrew continues with the snacks

"matt wants a hamburger" as kathy goes through the food..Hayden comes in and tells Rachel that the booze will be on hold until midnight as they talk about being worried being on slop longer....

11:02 BBT Food talk continues....

Outside Annie is talking to Ragan about her Day.."theres no way to describe it" as ragan tells her everyone will experience it...as Annie talks about BB being a crap shoot...

11:03 BBT they talk about Ragan getting off slop as Ragan tells her he feels fine because he has been eating slop regularly..so he's not that hungry...he goes on about how the slop makes him fart...Slop talk...Ragan says the hardest part was when people were cooking and it would "smell" amazing...

Annie talks about her dislike seafood...

11:05 BBt "I don't think its going to happen" Hayden tells Andrew about changing up the vote as Andrew tells him he will do anything he wants and Hayden says We'll talk later as he leaves the dining area..

11:07 BBT Rachel working on kathy's vote in the SR...she campaigns the usual "i really wanna stay" and says her peace and then talk turns back to food...

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11:08 BBT

Andrew is trying to convince Annie to drink but she turns the whipsered convo to her chances...But the convo breaks up quickly..

11:10 BBT The kitchen is starting to bustle with the midnight countdown.. Rachel heads out side to make sure her menu is OK..The Brigade with Bit and Monet are playing or around te pool table..Hayden and Lane watch from the grass.

11:13 BBT Pool game continues as only small talk ensues..Enzo jokes he'll sleep in the slip-n-slide tonight..11:15 BBT the guys are now trying to level the pool table..their paper towel fix made it "better than it was"..Hayden says "they're cooking everything in the fridge"

11:17 BBT In the Kitchen Rachel prepping as she talks twitter..Facebook with Ragan Annie. 11:19 Ragan heads outside and Annie follows close behind...

Kathy and Brenden come into the Kkitchen as Andrew watches...they debate the cookie because of Andrews kosher eating..Andrew insists its OK but Kathy says they shouldn't open em...

11:22 BBY Cooking in the Kitchen and Pool playing outside..

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11:26 BBT

Finally Annie has run out of gas and informs Brendon "i'm gonna lay down"...

Matt eneters the kitchen..."what'da you guys makin" as Rachel informs of him of the midnight menu...Enzo joined them in the kitchen and just stares while Brendon wishes BB would provide them with Lawry's seasoning.... Qiuck shot of Annie recharging in bed...looking quite defeated..

11:29 BBT Rachel asks Enzo to make his "spaghetti sauce" later this week..

11:31 BBT In bedroom Heavy sighs from Annie as she pounds her feet on the mattress.."ahh shit" as she brews in the bed...looking quite agitated now..

11:32 BBT Food prep continues..

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11:34 BBT

quick shots of Annie in the bedroom lying down. {maybe a meltdown in her near future}

the BBAD cameras show the kitchen crew of Ragan Matt, Enzo Rach,Kathy Bren, cookin with intermittent shots of a now slightly tearing up Annie in bed talking to herself...

11:38 BBT All talk is Food...in the kitchen..

Annie looks a lot more calm now...Rachel talking about BBAS and Chicken George's season long slop and how Kaysar was willing shave his head but not go on slop.

11:42 BBT

Annie is up and joins the crew in the kitchen..

Outside Brit and monet playing pool with Lane and hayden while Kathy talks with Enzo on the couch while she smokes..Enzo talks about smoking a "pack and a half" a day smoking habit in HS but stopped when he left..Kathy stopped when she was pregnant but since has resume..

11:47 BBT Hayden heads up to his HOH while Ragan begs to go to DR now so he doesn't miss the midnight feast..

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11:51 BBT

Enzo says he'll probably have a glass of wine and call it a night as kathy talks about homesickness while Annie mopes while they talk on the BY couch...

Inside cooking continues for the midnight countdown

Reagan pops out the door to give Enzo and kathy and lane and Hayden the 6 minutes warning for alcohol...Rachel says it feels like "new years eve" and feels the need for a "countdown"

11:56 BBT Uncorking of the wine starts

Kristen who was asleep outside gets a BB warning...and another

11:58 BBT "kathy toast in three minutes" as the midnight hour approaches..Wine being poured.....

12:00 BBT The cooking continues and the toasts begins.."oh my God its 12:00" Rachel warns as everyone is enetering the kitchen...

12:02 BBT "being a have notty" "to having" "cheers" drinking ensues...while cooking continues..for post midnight feast...

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12:07 BBT

Face stuffing has commenced a lot of mmm "so good"

12:08 BBT

feeds getting screwy.....

Looping, FOTH and old feeds...

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12:17 BBT

I'm getting NO feeds now...I'll stick it it out for awhile but as of now the feeds are down at least for me.

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12:20 Feeds have returned and most HG are eating and or drinking in the kitchen area. A lot of over lapping conversations.

Lane is talking Beer...with Hayden...while everyone else is talking food..

12:25 BBT Same Enzo has threaten our eyes with a "streeking" as Rachel encourages him "we should have a streeking party"

Britney is discussing breakfast and what she'll eat..Rachel ghas informed ragan "we have been eating for 26 minutes"

12:27 eating continues..

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12:34 BBT

Eating still goin on as the HG discuss the Cliques from last summers BB and what they would be.."obvious" Enzo says "I would be popular' though he says he played 3 years of soccer in HS..

Lane says he would have been part of the "brains" Annie saying Lanes reminds me of my Uncle as he says why would she say that because it sounds "so unattractive"....

12:37 BBT Annie looking buzzed as she plays around and goes in for a fake kiss and Enzo "thats the most excitement I've seen in months"..jockingly...

They are laughing at how drunk Andrew is because he ran into the wall..and Enzo says he's so drunk and Horny that "he wants to get his pickle koshered"

Enzo says its because he doesn't drink but jokes "ragan should wake up next to him with his shirt off"...everyone laughs..

12:40 BBt Annie having her family talk with lane ''"you're my bacon wrapped around my hot dog' as says she trusts him most and consider him most "like family"

12:42 BBT Eating Drinking and Talking..

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12;45 BBT

Andrew drunk complaining of a headache...{from running into the wall}

Kath talking to an obvious enibriated Andrew in sunset room..Andrew wants to get up and go back in the kitchen because "they'll make fun of me" but Kathy wants him to lay back down..

Andrew kinda just rolling aroound the bed as Kathy keeps trying to get him to lay down..Andrew finally listens and gets into bed..he mumbles to himself so i'm gonna assum he's playing "Goodnight Andrew...sweet dream...don't get up" as Kathy makes her way out of the room..Turns out the lights and looks like Andrew is done for the evening..FOTH

12:50 Feeds switch as Kathy goes back to the party as Rachel doesn't want to drink the boys beers..but the guys say its ok...Rachel gets up for more beer..

They talk what they are going to do the next 4 days...Brit telling ragan "my gays drink hard" and talks about her alcohol tolerence..shots ...sick...because her intake goes down so does her tolerance...Monet asking if she meets his "potential BF" from bars as Ragan tells her that its the worst way to mmet a BF...and explains to Monet what difference in dating from gay guys and straight people...as Monet asks a lot of questions about friends...Ragan says In Austin he has predominately staright friends...somewhere else ..lesbian friends and in West Hollywood gay male friends...

12:55 BBT Rachel Kristin and Annie talking at the bar...drinking...seems everyone having a good time as Annie tells them how she used to call "grill cheese" "girl cheese"....and was corrected in a restaurant...the politely listen and laugh...

12:58 BBT Talking drinking continues...

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1:03 BBT Ragan says to Annie he wants to have a massage train tomorrow and she's willing as he gives Kristin a back rub ..

Annie says as a bartender she's "used to drinking" a lot more than what bb provides..

1:06 BBT its looking like most of the booze is gone and the cleanup process begins

At the table Enzo joking about his "open call" meeting to get on the show..he says he told em 'I'm a part time partime real estate agent" when then asked what that was "i got cards" everyone laughs....

1:08 BBT

(im out I'll be back tomorrow night}

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3 am BBT: Annie up in HOH room pleading her case in front of Hayden, Brit,Lane and Matt. Going on about how tight Brenden and Rachel are. Brit jokes that if Annie stays then there's no way she'll get to see a BB baby ( Brenden/Rach).

Outside Brenden and Rach cuddling and chatting. She tells him that in 5 yrs she'll be his age.

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7:25 am BBT

Andrew has been up for about a hour. Did his daily prayer routine and then went down to have a bowl of cereal. After dumping ALOT of sugar on the cereal, he sits down at the counter to eat it. Here's the funny part- He picks up the placemates, lines them up and pretends they are the newspaper and starts reading it as he is eating his cereal! Guess it wasn't that interesting because he didn't read for long.

7:35 BBT after going into the DR and a brief WBRB Andrew back in bed

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4:04 am BBT: Hayden confides in Annie his leariness of Enzo. He wants to trust him but, he just isn't sure. He tells her he doesn't know what Enzo would do next week if he is HoH. The both agree that Enzo can't manipulated. Hayden says he doesn't know if he could make a deal with Enzo to the end.

They then discuss if it's better to keep strong or weak players in the game. (Of course, Annie is pushing that it's best to get rid of the weak, floater types.)

4:12 am BBT: Annie tells Hayden that even if Hayden goes agains Brendon's wishes and let's the house evict Rachel instead of Annie... she doesn't think Brendon will go after Hayden.

4:22 am BBT: Talk turns to the show Survivor and Hayden asks her whom she would compare herself to of the Heroes vs. Villians season. Annie says, a blend of Parvati and Jenna. (Ding, Ding, Ding... there's a big clue Hayden! ~CeCiMom)

4:30 am BBT: Their conversation ends. Both go to their own beds.

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