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9/10 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:05 BBT

Feeds come back. Nat and Kevin still playing pool and Jordan is eating in the kitchen.

Nat decides she wants to practice again and Kevin says it'll be boring b/c he doesn't need to practice. He says he needs a sweater and heads inside, as Nat tells Kevin he better not be complaining b/c he'll be out there with her all night.

Nat is practicing and Kevin is on the high steps, retreiving her balls.

(I'm out for tonight.. Very :sleep1: )

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9:07 BBt Nta/Kev playing pool in BY. Kevin wondering if they should stop with the trash talking about Jeff. Nat agrees saying she slipped and called him dumb in front of Jord. Kevin assuring Nat that she will have Jeff's vote as he is still "butt hurt" about the eviction. Nat disagrees saying he will vote strategically. Kevin wonders if the voice they heard last night saying "hang in there Jordan" was Michele, NAt thinks so. Kevin gets paranoid asking how Michele could know what the competition is and Nat actually uses common sense and tells him that this is just an expression and was not specific to the comp.

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9:28 BBt Boss Natalie has instructed Kevin that it is time for him to go make them some sandwiches for dinner while she continues to practice. * I hope this is just for game and that in real life Kevin would not let someone treat him the way Nat does* Nat comes in from practice to wash her hands* a first!* and then go check on her laundry.

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9:37 BBT Nat and Kev in Kt. K making dinner for them while Nat complains about the game and how BB won;t have part 2 be a mental comp bc they know she would win. She manages to say this with a straight face. Kev thinks they might just be being paranoid but admits there is not much else to do in the house but overthink things. He feels they should have kept their plans to themselves and not discussed them in the DR. He goes on to say they love to make America think things are going one way and then...

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9:50 BBT Nat to the DR Jord and Kev in Kt. K eating J doing dishes. J wondering about whether she will have time to change into something nice after the comp tomorrow as she does not want to get evicted in her grubby clothes. Kev tells her the only way she is leaving is if Nat wins. Both speculating on what the comp will be and if it will be live or taped sometime tomorrow. Kevin called to Dr. Now Nat and Jord in BY J telling Nat good luck and whatever happens, happens. They are practicing together, Jord still clearly believing she can trust Nat. Kev back out in By with them. More chit chat about the comp.

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10:04 BBT All 3 outside when a bug swoops down causing the lovely sound of Nat shrieking and running into the house. Kevin says it is a bird, Jord says a firefly. When we get a closeup it seems to be a moth. Jord goes after it with the pool net while Kev freaks out. Kev called to DR and the game talk between J/N begins. Jord believes every word Nat says and is trying to reassure N that she has her word, a pinky swear and a kiss that she will take her to the final 2. Both comparing notes on Kev and how he has told them both that they are final 2. Nat discloses to Jordan that the DR was trying to convince Kev to keeo Mich saying that he would lose the half million if he didn't. Tells her not to listen to DR if they try to change her mind, prompting the you are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions warning. Now just boring talk about what will happen tomorrow. Mentioning that DR has told them they have a 2:00 curfew. More chit chat as it is very apparent that Jord is completely drunk on the Nat Kool Aid.

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10:30 BBT

All are in the BY. N is folding clothes, J just stopped practicing on the ball thing they gave them. K was outside helping J. J goes inside, and K goes over to N to ask what where N/J talking about the first time he went to the DR tonight. N says that J was just wishing her luck on the comp tomorrow. N says J is paranoid and scared, and she also says she is too. K says good. N ask K to help her take in her clothes and he does. While they are going into the RR to drop off N clothes, J is coming back outside. J goes to dip her feet in the jacuzzi, and N is practicing on the ball thing now. K is helping her by knocking the balls back down. K is now counting how balls N is making in.

J seems to be either really sad or deep in thought (or both).

N has made 7 out of 21 the first time and 8 out of 21 the second time (So out of 42 tries, she only made 15). K tells her she is being too forceful, and now she is just trying to make them in without K counting.

10:45 BBT

N: Michele said that we have to be in bed by 2 today (I think she meant Jordan)

K: really? what time is it now?

N: Like 10:30 or 11

N says she is going to go check the time because K is the ball grabber. She says he should like doing that. K says not really.


N goes to check on her clothes in the dryer, and tells J she can practice now if she wants because she doesn't want to be a ball hog. N tells K she will take over for him, and she is now fishing out the balls for J.

K is dripping his feet in the jacuzzi.

j comments that she hopes BB will give them a little time to practice before the comp tomorrow.

10:55 BBT

K goes inside

N: thanks for telling me that you told K that you weren't scheming against him, because he asked me what we were talking about.

J: He telling us totally different things.

They are now talking about K possibilities in the final round.

They are now talking about their final speeches, and acting like N/J weren't talking about his deals all this time and they just figured it out that day.

Both say they want an all girl final

Now they both agree that they (N/J) will act like the only thing they talk about is possible comps, not taking each other to the end.

K comes back in, and N/J talk pretty loudly about possible ways the comp will be tomorrow.

N tells K to take over ball fishing for her so that she can take out her clothes.

K to N: I feel like you're a slave driver

N washes her hands, then gets out her clothes.

K/J talking about possibilities for the comp tomorrow.

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11:15 BBT

N finishes folding her clothes, and puts J shirt in a dryer. N tells J she put the shirt in and says she will come back and practice when she puts her clothes away. J is wondering if she should let the shirt go in the dryer r take it out because it might mess it up.

J stop practicing and goes inside to wash her hands

K still ball fishing, and N is now practicing. She says after 5 minutes of this, they will take an hour brake and then go back to practicing. (I just noticed that K is using a pool stick to fish the balls out)

J decides to take her shirt out of the dryer and just lay it out.

k keeps telling N to hit them up straight, because their will probably be 10 holes instead of two.

J in SS, looks like she is repacking everything.

N/K talking about possible set ups for the HOH comp tomorrow.. They are also wondering if they will use dates in one of the comps.

11:22 BBT

J takes ball fishing duty over to relieve K, and he goes to dip his feet in the jacuzzi.

11:25 BBT

J/N still wondering what the comp will be like tomorrow. Nat says she is going to stop speculating because it will just freak her out more.

11:28 BBT

N and J switch off and now J is practicing while N ball fishes.

K now laying down on the ground with his feet still in the jacuzzi.

N: before the night is over I want to play one more round of pool

K: okay

N: Plus it's six to two right now


N says she is glad that they told K that he doesn't need to practice, because that would just take away practice time from N/J

11:38 BBT

Both N/J take a break from practicing.

J goes over to jacuzzi, dips feet in.

K ask J if she remember all the nominations and the replacement nominees.

11:41 BBT

J goes to take shower

J says after BB is done, she is going to have a "Jordan Day" and get her hair done, eyebrows done, and a mani/pedi.

N starts bothering K about the hoodie again

K jokes that she will have to name her first born boy after him.

N/K start taking about baby names

K says he is tired and might go in soon, also he urges N to study tonight.

they then start talking about comp possibilities again, K says BB is probably laughing at them trying to guess.

N wants to play pool, says she needs to be "entertained"

K takes a minute to get up and go over to the pool table but finally does.

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12:00 BBT

Since 11:45, J has been taking a shower then doing the ADLs with that come along with it, and N/K have been playing pool, talking crap to each other, and occasionally mentioning things such as whether someone is leaving tomorrow. N also said that she won't be able to sleep tonight, even though they gave them a 2:00 curfew and told them that getting rest is important. She also comments that she usually has a hard time sleeping on Tuesdays.


J is done with ADLs and goes to the BY to check on her clothes. N says she put her hoodie in the dryer. Then J goes back inside for a minute, then come back out and goes to practice. K/N are still playing pool. Its 7 games Nat, 3 games Kev (the first couple of games where from earlier in the day I believe, but since they have started playing tonight it's been 1-1).

12:20 BBT

Since the last update, nothing much has change. J was practicing for the comp, and N/K were playing pool.

J just stopped practicing, tells N she doesn't think she needs anymore practice.

J now in KT, getting something to drink. then goes to SS to change into shorts. looks like J is staying indoors for the rest of the night. She is now quietly sitting on her bed playing cards. (ETA: I just discovered from a later convo that this is how she remembers dates.)

The pool score is now 8 Nat-4 Kev (2-2 for the night)


K/N stopped playing pool (didn't see who won the last round)

Kev in KT, looks like he's cleaning up a little

N went to the BR

N/K go back outside so N can practice for one last time tonight.

N told K to help her put the cover on the pool table.

K: I just do whatever you want me to, don't I.

Kev covers the pool table

N: This could be the last night in the BB house, cause you have a F2 deal with Jordan

K: No you have a F2 deal with Jordan

N: I told her I would take her, but she hasn't said it to me. I can't be mad at her for not taking me, but I can be mad at you for not taking me.

J still inside. She stop playing cards, now she is laying down scratching her head.

N/K still wondering if someone will be evicted, especially since it is live.

12:50 BBT

N/K still outside, N is practicing. She says she sucks, especially in comparison to J. K says she needs to be more constant and not let the ball bounce. K is now playing, trying to figure out a good technique for Nat to use. He is not having that much luck either. N goes back to practicing

J back to playing cards. (It looks like she might also be reviewing dates/events in her head.)


K/N start talking about possible set up for the comp tomorrow, thinking it might also be related with names or dates.

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1:00 BBT

N still practicing, she thinks giving the ball a little bounce it the best way for her to get it in the holes.

K says she is getting better.


N: has it been a half hour yet?

K: I think so

She says she put away her laundry then come back to practice, but she still hasn't stop practicing.


J gets out of her bed, goes to BY to get her clothes out of washer and dryer. She then goes to SS room fold and put stuff away.

J goes back to her bed in the RR and starts playing cards again. Now she is counting on her finger 9looks like she is recalling dates in her head.


N takes a break from practice. N/K go inside

K: You've been practicing for 45 minutes straight (just about)

K now looking at memory wall, N getting a drink.

N goes in RR, ask J if she is playing cards. She says she is reviewing dates with them because it helps her. J says she wants to do well if t is dates because she wants to do good, not bad like she did in the veto. She says she doesn't want to look like a goof live.

K is now laying on his bed, N is putting her clothes in drawers.

N got her calendar out and is now reviewing too.


K getting into sleeping clothes and now in his bed, looking ready to go to sleep.

J/N reviewing separately and quietly

K looking up at the ceiling ( I guess the girls aren't going to have the courtesy to leave the room and go to another area of the house so Kevin can turn the light off and sleep)


J now laying down while reviewing, she looks like she is about to fall asleep.


All was quiet in house, a BB just went to a random FOTH. It was pretty quick, and when feeds come back nothing has changed. N/J still reviewing separately, K still laying in his bed silent.


Nat ask J how she studies dates using cards, She says she use the cards as the number of the days. like for day 46 she uses a 4 and a 6 card. For day fifty, she uses a 5 and something like a queen to represent the zero


All of then get into a convo about what the comp might include tomorrow. Time and question are brought up as possibilities to accompany the balls

J turns the lights out

N:I remember when Russell would say that he knew all the dates, then he say something and it was wrong. He was such an idiot.

J: I know and he said Ronnie taught him all of them.

Now it is silent and they are all trying to fall asleep

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Feeds are back. Natalie and Kevin talking in red room. UGH!We now have foth. I am not sure why, it was something Natalie started to say but I didnt hear it.

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Before Natalie opened her big mouth again about 'why there is a big pot in the backyard' and we got FOTH, we saw jordan in the splash room putting on makeup

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