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Saturday, August 22nd


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I love Jeff and Jordan but DAMN why in God's name would they trust Gnat? I so do not want Gnat to win! At this point I wouldn't be upset if anyone but Gnat wins. Every damn year the houseguests do this ..make a plan and then change it..just stick to the plan for once..it ALWAYS comes back to bite them in the ass :brood:

It doesn't matter who they get out this week... The whole house is gunning for J/J ... It is no ones best interests to keep those two in the house ... They are a pair and everyone knows pairs need to be broken up ...

If they keep Russ and get rid of Nat and the competition is physical Russ may win and he will come after Jeff ...

No matter what it is in no ones best interest to keep those two and everyone is lying to them at this point ... People think Michelle is trust worthy because she isnt an open book like the rest ... But that chick knows what the best thing to do is and I guarantee she will put up J/J in a heart beat!

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