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Best and worst 1st week

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I'll give mine;



Good start. Didn't make any enemies and didn't play too hard. Didn't exactly make a lot of friends either but that's not a bad thing at this juncture of the game either. Only downside is that she may be a safe pick for next weeks HOH to put on the block that doesn't want to make a lot of waves.

Worst case; She may very well be this seasons biggest floater but there's a ways to go.


Some probably will dissagree with this but that cool. Smart move to isolate himself from his clique. The second week is when others start really playing and there's a blow back from the first week. Jeffs "clique" made the mistake of letting the rest of the house now they are making decisions and on board with playing together. Jeff doesn't have to worry about any blowback from the previous week as his clique can't nominate him (if you're going to make enemies do it within your own clique. They can't put you up).

Worst first week;

Jesse, Natalie and Russell.

One thing to be put in the "clique" groups by the rules of the game. Another thing to actually play by those rules and take what's given to you. Even worse is to let everyone else know exactly how you are playing. I think Jesse wanted to play this under the cuff and not make it look like he was behind all the decision making. That worked and didn't work. Russell and Natalie threw it out there and everyone is on to it. If he thinks any alliance he made this week his grounded in stone he didin't learn squat from his first time out. Then again, he slept threw most of it anyways.


I don't like putting him here but I have to. Again, playing to hard but lucky for him the guys he's play too hard against are dumb enough to nominate Braden. Not to mention can't quite figure out exactly that Ronnie sold them out big time. Lucky Russell is playing even harder and over the top in the early going or this guy is gone in the next two weeks.

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Jeff - he's actually lucky for his team to be turning on him... he gets the best of both worlds.. all worlds actually. His teammates hate him but they can't do anything about it since he's in their clique while everyone else who can actually nominate him won't be putting him on the block since they probably feel sorry for him and thinking they can recruit him onto their side. Plus he's getting lucky with some showmance starting with Jordan.


Ronnie - thinking he's too smart for his own good... time to lay low dude

Russ - he's gotta be going on the block next week for sure if the athletes don't win HOH...at least i hope he does

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