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  1. Are you sure that final link works? I click and click and nothing happens, it brings nothing up in real player....
  2. What about the flashback feature? There is no where to access it Also, I am having trouble trying to view the feeds in Real Player SP instead of the web version... I click the super pass tab and it brings up the web tab with a search for "http://superpass.real.com/playerredirect"
  3. So far she is one of the only ones I want to root for.
  4. Seems like a typical bimbo ala April BB10....
  5. The one I hate the most out of the bunch....
  6. When do they usually release the cast info and pictures? Is there anywhere I can watch the past seasons online?
  7. AHHHHHHHHHH! Can't wait for the new season to start, Big Brother, such an indulgence in the summer.
  8. Casey, you better be on an allstars season! The first 3 weeks of BB11 were the worst. Braden, then Laura, then you..... I seriously screamed at the television when Ronnie voted out Braden.... That vote defined the whole game....
  9. No, they should just have a quick comp ready for the 2 to face off, like survivor.... if not then HOH should get the other vote.
  10. Those are some really good ideas that would have added a lot of cool factor to the theme.
  11. She sounds like she has a sore throat.
  12. The way Jordan is talking, J/J wont last outside of the house. She likes him as a friend, and hes absolutely infatuated with her.
  13. They need more age diversity. Casey was the oldest at what, 40? I mean, the whole house doesnt have to be young.... We need more Rennys! Mary, St. Joseph, its locked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. As long as the twist affects the game as little as possible. The forced alliances this season were fail.....
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