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April 18th - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=82

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:05 pm BBT- Adam and Sheila still in bathroom. They have come to the agreement that Sharon can't win POV. If Ryan wins, Adam is to convince him not to use it so Adam can vote to keep Sheila. "Anyone can win but Sharon, that's the bottom line, or one of us is done". They are discussing that if Sharon doesn't win POV that they have a good chance of making it to the final 2 together.

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9:15 pm BBT- Adam and Sheila are now in the kitchen. Adam is telling Sheila that he is glad Sharon won luxury. He says that Sharon was due for a win and this was her win, so she won't win tomorrow.

Sheila is doing dishes while Adam keeps trying to sneak a peek out the sliding glass door to the back yard. BB: "Adam STOP THAT".

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9:08 bbt

Ryan and Sharon are outside watching the movie...

Adam and Shelia are in the house talking and Shelia are is saying that Sharon needs to go next and not win the POV and if POV is won by Sharon that Adam is going home. Shelia is saying over and over that Ryan or Adam will win POV for sure (Shelia again needing other ppl to win for her b/c she cant win)

Adam has his head againist the sliding glass doors trying to hear the movie and Shelia says STop your going to get into trouble and BB tells him to stop that.

Shelia is talking like she has this whole game going on...(I just threw up some)

Adam is telling Shelia that he is going to tell Ryan anything he wants to hear to keep the noms the same if Ryan wins POV.

Shelia is freaking out that she is on block again and is now wanting Tylenol PM (again)

Just some general Chit chat going on ..Shelia saying the same thing over and over ...

IF anything good goes on I will try to update.

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9:55 pm BBT: Sharon/Adam still watching movie in BY. Sheila in the DR. Adam reading the bible in RR.

10:02PM BBT: The movie is over. They have a classic Mustang in the BY. Sharon says the movie has a car in it. Sheila is out of DR & says they were brutal to her but she can't talk about it. Sheila says she thinks the DR is going to make them put their chains back on soon.

Sharon & Ryan come in with lots of candy for everyone. They say the movie was really good & funny.

Adam gets called to DR. Ryan asks if they have been out of their chains for the whole time. Sheila says yeah because they haven't shown it yet (as in the TV audience I assume). Sheila says they aren't allowed to talk about it. Sharon says she doesn't understand who they don't want to see it. The viewers? Sheila says yes. Sharon doesn't understand because they already did for like 30 minutes. Then it dawns on Sharon that the TV viewing audience hadn't seen Adam & Sharon chained together yet.

Sheila asks if she would have liked the movie. Ryan says yes. Sheila says she wants one of those Mustangs.

They keep talking about how BB will probably make Sheila & Adam be chained together on a later day for the TV audience & wondering about the timeline of other things. They are confused as to why BB wouldn't want to show Sheila & Adam chained together but they will show it on the live feeds.

Adam comes out of DR & says they are gonna call somebody in the DR & then when they come out they are going to chain him & Sheila back together.

10:25PM BBT: Ryan asks Adam if he is ready to get shackled back up to Sheila. Adam goes to the bathroom. Sharon starts whispering things to Ryan but I can't hear. Ryan is making burgers.

Sharon says it's crazy that they are going to get to meet the people that were in the movie. Ryan woofs his hamburger down in 5 bites. Adam is back & bitching about Sheila to Ryan & Sharon (I believe it's for show).

Ryan is not through eating yet. He is making more burgers.

10:31PM BBT: Sheila comes into the kitchen & tells Adam it's time for them to go to the DR get shackled back together.

While they are along Sharon is trying to convince Ryan that Sheila & Adam are really playing together & that their hate for each other isn't real. Sharon says as long as she wins POV tomorrow everything will be fine.

11:06 pm BBT: Sheila and Adam get shackled back up together and begin getting ready for bed. It's pretty comical he follows her around the house brushing teeth, washing her face, going to bathroom. They both change clothes and are now in bed. Adam is clearly not sleepy, and asks Sheila to talk him to sleep. He says she is his Tylenol PM. They are really getting along well. Rehashing the comp where they had to dress up.

Sharon comes in briefly to ask Sheila about clothes that are in the dryer.

Ryan is in the DR.

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11:57 -

Ryan and Sharon in HoH room talking about Sheila. They discuss how mean she was to Adam when she was on the block. They start hashing over previous evictions trying to figure out who the last relationship in the house is. They think it may be Sheila and Adam. Sharon says things will be crazy. Ryan says he doesn't know who to trust. Sharon says what makes her nervous about Adam is that he says something and at the last minute do something else - he flips on a dime.

Sharon says that Adam had been called into the DR.

Sharon says everything will be determined tomorrow obviously. Ryan says tomorrow will be a BIG day.

Ryan wonders if Adam won PoV if he'd keep Sheila. Sharon says yes she thinks so.

She worries that Sheila may pull off an endurance competition. Ryan says he's not too worried about it. He says he would have outlasted Sheila in the glass box. Sharon says Natalie is a real trooper. Ryan says yes, when it comes to that shit.

Sharon says bye and goes to leave. Ryan says they'll talk again tomorrow. Sharon says things are more clear now than ever before. Sharon says if Ryan wins PoV, Adam will pressure him to keep things the same. She leaves the room.

12:03 Adam and Sheila chained together in bed talking in the dark. Sheila says now she feels bad since she knows the truth. She says she's so sorry Allison because she didn't know. Sheila says it's so amazing what Amanda and Natalie did. Adam says Nat is clueless most of the time. Sheila asks why he was nice to her then? Adam says she can't defend herself. Sheila says Oh Please! She says behind closed doors Nat was feisty. They discuss that Natalie had a voice change when Julie talked to her. They make fun of Nat's vocal changes and say it was a different persona. Adam said he knew all the Nattys -the sleepy, the chatty...all of them.

They go on to make fun of Nat by mocking the "talk to Julie" voice.

They talk about Sharon going to HoH. Sheila says Ryan and Sharon can't win PoV. Sheila tells Adam not to throw the PoV. Adam says he's not gonna throw shit. Sheila says whatever happens tomorrow will be God's will. (OMG! Really Sheila?) Adam says he wants to do things on his own in comps so he doesn't owe anyone anything. Sheila says "What would happen if he won? That would suck!" Sheila says she's going to sleep. Adam says OK Good Luck. Then he says "You're about to go to sleep and I want to party!" Sheila thinks they'll get up early tomorrow. She asks Adam if he's comfortable. He says he's good.

Sheila says it could be worse - they could be on slop and shackled for a week! Adam says it could be his last week in the house. Sheila says don't say that you don't want to jinx it. Adam says he wants to say that. Sheila says it would suck if they left...all that work for a unitard and a motorcycle. She says that would suck and be the ultimate screw you. She laughs and Sharon calls what from the other room. Sharon says everything is in the dryer now. Sheila says you gotta have a sense of humor when you're shackled together.

Adam calls goodnight to Sharon and Sheila echoes same. Sheila asks if Sharon will check the storage room for meds for Sheila and Adam's headaches. Sharon says there isn't any. Sheila says "Dammit. That's what I figured."

They talk about how weird it will be to do whatever they want again. Adam says being shackled isn't so bad. Sheila agrees. Adam suggests moving shackles to their ankles. Sheila says no and Adam says he could shackle her to the bed post. Sheila says slaves were shackled at the feet and she won't even do that because it's disgusting and it's one of the worst things that ever happened in history. Adam says the slaves were treated like shit. Sheila says it already bothers her to be shackled and this is just a game. Adam says "How did you end up back in bed with me?" Sheila says "it's a cruel joke."

Talk turns to Sheila's ex George snoring worse than Adam and Ryan. She says he needs surgery but won't do it because he's a singer.

Adam asks what Sheila's son does all day? Sheila says he's very talented and he makes money and he's going to a continuation school and will get a tutor when she gets out of the house so he can go to art college.

Adam jokes about the lifestyle of the band promoter and Sheila says don't joke about that and don't go there.

Sheila asks if Adam knows the band Peaches? Adam says no, they aren't that famous.

They start name dropping....(*and I'm outtie.*)

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12:25 am BBT: Sheila and Adam are talking about Natalie. She asks him if was going to go into business with her. He says, no... I don't know. Sheila starts naming off all the stuff Natalie had her heart on selling; t-shirts, flip-flops, bandanas, coffee mugs, etc. Adam is laughing at all the things Sheila is naming off.

12:40 am BBT: Ryan is in the HoH room alone, talking to himself. He keeps going over the HoH question about "relationship currently in the house." He thinks it's Sheila and somebody... can't figure out who, maybe Matty. He's very restless and keeps repeating himself.

1:24 am BBT: Sheila and Adam still awake. They're talking about James now and what happened to him in the house. They both feel really bad about it and blame it all on Natalie and that she is the one that was obsessed with the James hating.

2:12 am BBT: Adam and Sheila still up. General chit chat; their experience in the house, Madonna, Brittany, dating people from other countries and races, etc.

2:34 am BBT: All the house guests seem to have fallen asleep.

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4:46 am BBT - HG's in bed asleep... Cam 1 - Sharon in couch/bed room... Cam 2 - Ryan in Hoh... Cam 3 - Sheila and Adam (chained together) in pink room... Cam 4 - Sheila and Adam in pink room...

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The Ball and Chain are up and around. They head to the SR to change their microphone etc. Ryan is in the SR with them and Sheila complains about having 4 hours sleep, being chained to Adam who farts in his sleep. They head to the bathroom and Sheila used the WC and the brush their teeth. Sharon comes in and they say morning etc.

Sheila and Adam are in the kitchen. She got him a cushion form the bathroom and he

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1:06PM to 2:47PM BBT: I went to the store and there IS LIFE out there!!

Here's a collection of video's by Quirkydude to wrap up the afternoon. Sheila and Adam are actually funny to watch together. Click here

3:44PM BBT: You're not missing anything. Total silence!

Sheila and Adam are napping (spooning in the sauna room). Ryan napping in the HoH and Sharon isn't on the feeds. Oh, a small piece of information. Sharon finally finished reading the bible today.

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4:30PM BBT: The only sounds I can hear are from Sheila. She's playing around with her shackle and it's bumping her mic. She looks to be ready to get up but Adam is still trying to nap.

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4:40PM BBT: Sheila and Adam moved from the sauna room. She said he smacked her in the stomach while he was sleeping. They went to the WC and I think both went potty and retired to the bathroom couch.

She tells him she is nervous about the PoV and that she thinks Adam is going to win and she

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