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April 12 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=82

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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10:06PM - Ry and Adam and Nat talking sex again. *sigh* Sharon in HoH crankin' on the tunes. (*feeds extremely bad for me today...can't see all video and audio cuts out but I'm trying*) Sheila comes in and they tell her she looks "busty" in that top. Adam gets called to the DR and they call to the BB voice "Hi Hank!"

General chit chat. Apparently the HGs have been boozin' it tonight. Nat and Ry say the chairs are comfy.

Natalie says that when she sees Matty she will tell him to kiss her ass because he's a liar. She says she doesn't want him anywhere near her because he made everyone think Nat was chasing him. She says Matt is mad because she is the girl who wouldn't hook up with him except for kissing.

On another feed, Sheila says to Sharon she doesn't want Nat coming up to the HoH. She says she's pissed at Nat and will talk with Adam tonight. Sharon says she doesn't think Adam wants to keep Nat. Sheila says she hopes not and if Adam makes her break a tie, they are going to have a big problem and she will send Sharon after his ass and she will put Ryan up because they're bros. Sharon says Adam is pissed because Nat was talking shit about him. Sheila says she's been talking shit about everyone since day 1. Sheila tells Adam to come in to the HoH and she needs to talk to him...I think she was talking to the monitor in the HoH.

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(*going on mostly audio only here, guys*)

Adam and Ry chatting and laughing. Adam screams out "What up?!!" for no apparent reason. Adam says he gets bored.

Nat, Ry and Adam are in LR by chess board. Ry and Adam are playing I think. Nat is trying to make her body contort somehow and can't so Adam gives her instructions. Ryan contorting also. It seems to be an arm thing. (*this is weird*)

Talk goes to Sheila dating Scott Baio. Ry says Scott Fricken Charles in Charge Baio!

Meanwhile Sheila and Sharon are Nat bashing in the HoH. Sheila says she's a talented painter and don't know why she uses her body for a living. (*Sheila Ms Penthouse Pet, pot meet kettle*)

Sharon agrees and says she thrives on attention. They agree that no man will take her home to meet mommy. Sheila says Adam loves it because he's a typical guy. Sharon says Adam said Nat wasn't that cute.

Adam says his hair is falling the fuck out because of this house. Nat says he's not balding. Ry says he's getting a little thin in the back. Adam freakin' at all the hair he's losing..pulling it out. Says it's stressing him out and maybe it's the shampoo.

Sheila saying in HoH that Nat sounds so fake when she talks to boys or Julie Chen. Says it's a whole different persona. (*Sheila, pot kettle again. - I can't do this guys. Can only get full sound on quad cam and no video plus Sheila is pissin me off. *)More Nat bashing.

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10:40pm BBT

Sheila and Sharon are in the HOH room bashing Natalie to pieces about things she has said and done in this house. Wondering if Matty will see her true colors. Sharon says that James will be letting Matty know everything in sequester house about what Natalie is truely like.

Sheila spills red win on the duvet and it goes through to the filling as well. She is wondering what will take win out of the duvel cover. Sheila is asking others in the house. Adam says sprite, and alkeseler, Tide. Sheila wants to put it in the wash machine so she can try to get this stain of hers out.

Ryan goes up to the HOH room to look around and after awhile he leaves with a pillow.

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10:46pm BBT

Sheila is going to put Tide on it to see if she can get the stain out. Sheila says do I need to worry about Adam. Ryan says she doesn't need to worry about it. Sheila is worried he will fuck her over.

Sheila is worried about not getting this stain out. She has placed hot water in the tub with the Tide. She is wondering does she wash it in cold or hot water. She hopes BB can fix it. Sharon says that she should soak it for a few days and we will wash it. Sharon says as long as you have the tide sitting on it, it should take care of it.

Ryan has left the HOH room.

Sharons says those boy will vote together. Sheila leavs the HOH room to return stuff back downstairs. Sharon is still in the HOH room eating chips or cookies.

Sheila goes back to her old room to get a pillowcase for her pillow in her HOH room. She is giving it to Ryan to use because of his bad neck problem.

Ryan/Adam/Nat are laying on the couch. Nat says that Adam is horny for Sheila. Adam is like he is not horny at all.

Sharon came out of the HOH room. She said she is going to bed.

Adam is bugging Natalie on the sofa. Natalie is also drinking wine. Adam is teasing Natalie. Natalie said that Baller's jizz is all over it, James and Chelsia secretion is all over that duvet as well.

Sheila is going to leave it in the storage room so it can be cleaned as now one will be using it. (duvet)

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Natalie and Adam are on the LR sofa. Adam is shooting spit out from under his tongue and hitting her in the face. Natalie calls this "gleeking."

10:54PM BBT: Sheila, Ryan, Adam and Natalie are in the LR talking about the duvet cover. Sheila says BB hasn't washed it the whole time.


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12:00PM BBT: Sharon, Adam and Ryan are in the pool. Sheila is outside and says, "Wow, it's friggen hot!" Natalie tanning and Sheila joins her.

1:10PM BBT: Everyone still laying out by or in the pool. Just general chitchat going on. Natalie and Adam are going to start a business together selling, sexy lingerie, sexy swimsuits, hot pants, hip-hugger sweats, coffee, mermaids, etc (most of the items had the word "sexy" in them).

They talk about how different styles go out and then come back. Natalie sees bell-bottoms coming back. Sheila says,

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(*First time poster... bear with me*)

2:48PM BBT - Sharon and Sheila in the HOH. Sheila just dyed her hair and took a shower. Other HG's are in the BY where they have decorated for a surprise party for Sheila. Sharon told Sheila that BB told her there's a LD and she needs to hurry and get dressed to go to the BY.

Sheila and Sharon came down and everyone yelled "surprise!" and sang "For She's A Jolly Good Fellow." Sheila seems happy (*not sure how surprised she was*). She's admiring her cake all lit up with candles. Adam puts on a clown nose. Sheila blows out her candles. She has gifts to open. Sheila's gift is from her son. She reads it and starts crying. (*I couldn't catch the letter, my feeds reset when I hit the rewind button--stupid RP!*) :angry:

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(Feeds froze for a second)

3:03PM BBT -- Sheila opened a gift and it's coffee with a picture of Mick, Sheila's dog (Kitty), and Sheila's ex and some body lotion. She's holding up the letter she got and says it's the best present ever. I guess GG told her in the letter to remember that the asparagus hat [from the asparagus comp] added 5 pounds. We get Trivia and then FotH for a second.

Sheila's sister mentions Nat's "old timers" mix-up. Says "finally you got to hear from your family especially Mick, and I know how important that is to you. Even if you ever developed Alzheimer's, not old timers, you will never forget this one. My family and our family wishes you a happy birthday." Everyone eating cake.

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3:11PM BBT -- Nat is obsessing about the "old timers" thing. She denies saying it like that. Ryan is admiring the coffee cup Sheila got. The coffee cup has the pictures in it like what you can buy at Starbucks. Ryan points out that Mick has his ear pierced. Sheila says he doesn't. Sharon points it out to her and Sheila says "when did he do that?" and laughs.

3:18PM BBT -- Party's over already. Nat and Sharon go back to lounging in the BY. Ryan and Adam in SR getting stuff to make BLTs. Nat still obsessing over Sheila's letter... "that means they're watching eeeeeverything." No real interesting convos going on.

3:30PM BBT -- Sheila has joined the guys in the kitchen. Ryan asks her "what's Natalie's deal?" Sheila tells him that Sharon told her that Nat thinks Sheila is turning on the girls and how she dropped to give Sheila HOH and now she's turning on them and that's why she's so pissy with her (Sheila). She's telling Ryan how Nat also said that Ryan needs to go up not one of the girls. She says she's telling him so he knows where his vote should go. Ryan said he didn't even need to hear that to know how he is voting.

3:50PM BBT -- Sharon's talking about her car accident and Jacob. Adam and Ryan playing chess. Adam won. Ryan goes to the BR. Adam starts singing. FotH.

(*off for a little while to make dinner--probably be back later*)

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