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July 16th TV Show Coverage

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Think you can't help us out because you don't get the Live Feeds?

Then you would be wrong ...

We are trying something new out this year ...

We need people to write what they see on the televised show, preferrably as you are watching it, but even within the hour later ... then Ranster (me) will swoop in and gather it all up for a neat upload for the BB page.

Wanna Help? Volunteer here!

Watching the show? Post what you see here in as much detail as you can!

This is all a part of Morty's Team Coverage ...

Any takers?

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Guest ranster627

Okay, you have seen it done, and you have seen the BB Page by now!

Willing to volunteer?

This is done way differently than the old Survivor recaps, because it is done Morty style! All the recappers posts were important, some for verification, and others for neat phrases ... we all watch TV very differently. The two styles, after-show recappers and the type-as-you-go people, all blended to make a great first show coverage!

Bravo to everyone thanked on the BB Page!

Join us, volunteer here for Tuesday!

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Guest ranster627

25 minutes till we start this thread for the show

Expected tonight,

The Food Competition

The Nomination Ceremony

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Guest ranster627

Welcome Coffee!

Writer's do not be stressed about getting the Food Comp as we got it the other day live ... just get what we may not have seen ...

This thread will be open until 10:30 PM est! :wink: for those who submit blocks as their summaries!

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What happened on the last show -

Ashlea and Kaysar nominated, landslide 9 - 2 Ashlea evicted first.

HOH comp. - Janelle vs. Eric with Eric winning

With the pairs beginning to figure out the twists, will they continue to keep their secrets? Find out tonight on BB6

Janelle - my partner just got evicted. I feel mad and want revenge.

Ivette - was excited Ashlea went, she was exhausting

Sarah - it was just kind of sad to see the first person go

Eric - as far as I'm concerned, see ya - dont let the door hit ya on the way out.

Kaysar - I know some people were relieved.

Janelle - Howie hugged me way too much when Ashlea left, showing him going so overboard Janelle falls backward.

Eric - You have to be kidding me. Out of everybody in the house, I am up against Janelle who I have absolutely no use for!

Kaysar - Eric is so in bed with Ivette and Beau it sickens me.

Kaysar says he knows Eric is up to something, it kills me

Janelle - I wasnt excited at all when Eric won, felt like throwing up in the pool

Kaysar - Eric is afraid of Janelle, very afraid of her

Janelle - wants to find out who chose to evict Kaysar except her

Kaysar to Maggie - do you know? Maggie - I dont know people can lie.

Eric says he and James devised a plan to throw a vote out there just to stir the pot.

Eric - there are some people walking around very nervous right now, Janelle, Kaysar and Michael and they should be!

Eric showing his HOH room

Ivette - my cappy got a float

Eric got his low carb beer and energy drinks

People are looking at his pictures, Eric is an emotional guy

Ivette - Cappys kids are beautiful, when you start to think people and families dont exsist like that, you meet Eric

Janelle - swears Eric is an actor, he crys alot!

Maggie - I'm sure I will go to the HOH room and Eric and I will have a really good cry with him.

James - finds it strange that maggie is crying with Eric. Maybe shes in here with him???

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Guest ranster627

The pre-tape televised show: Saturday. July 16 2005

Previously, review of events to date

Who will be nominated?

We start with eviction

Janelle: I feel upset mad and I feel like getting revenge

Kaysar: It really hit home


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Showing the backyard, putting together a slip and slide!

Janelle says Ivettes slip and slide was made of trashbags.

Jennifer went and ran, went to her gut and stopped dead. Everyones laughing.

Janelle - I do like slip in slides but I'm not going to participate in any getto thing that Ivette makes up.

Showing Michael with the girls. April with her annoying whispering about Michael. Keep your paws off the girls!! Eric is telling Michael the girls are feeling uncomfortable with you. Back off from the girls.

Showing Michael Jennifer and Eric in the gold room - Face off. Eric tells Michael that what hes been doing is sexual harrassment. Trying to tell Michael to listen to him. Michael doesnt listen and walks out.

Janelle and James playing chess. Janelle lets James win because she doesnt want her to know shes smart. She plays the guys to find out who the smartest is in the house. Janelle plays Kaysar, beats him. Michael makes slow and calculated moves. She feels the way the guys play chess is how they will play in the house.

James - Eric and kaysar get into a political, heated debate over the war on terriorism and Iraqi war. James says it was based on bad intellegence. Eric doesnt think for a second that Iraq is one bit better off now. They ask Kaysar. --------------Kaysar gets upset with James, I thought you were an intellegual, hes walking out and away from the conversation

James - its so weird to hear the stories from Kaysar about Iraq. Kaysar wanted to bring the human touch to the war by being on tv.

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Showing Kaysar and Beau on the couch

Kaysar - Beau gets into these moods where he wants to get affectionate

Lately he doesnt want to get away from me.

Food competition. (You got this story so I will just watch) :D

Eric calls a meeting into the kitchen

Tells everyone I want to make something perfectly clear. Every competition there will be stronger people than others. When we are a team, we win as a team, we lose as a team. Do not hold it against anyone for not completing their task. Hes playing big boss man.

They get their food and Eric calls another meeting. Tells everyone to not eat all the food in two days. Ration it out. Hes once again playing big boss man.

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Showing Michael and Janelle in the pool

Michael - Janelle is very attractive, we have harmless flirting

Janelle - I've known michael since day one

Eric being the boss man again. Telling Ivette April, Sarah his plan to nominate Michael and Janelle. Sarah doesnt like the plan because Eric wants to deceive Michael and say hes using him as a pawn.

Maggie goes to Eric and tells him to be honest about his reasoning for his nominations. Maggie is blown away that Sarah trust Maggie enough to go to her about her concerns of having to lie to Michael.

Living room screen says nominations today - Eric opens his room to speak to everyone before his nominations. He makes a one week deal with each and every houseguest. These meetings were thoroughly descibed on the live feed updates.

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Eric - one of my duties as HOH is to nominate two HG for eviction

Michael says he doesnt think Eric will nominate him

Janelle doesnt want Michael to go before her

Jennifer - I think everyones a little nervous until they see their key

Sarah - will feel better after seeing her key

Eric the house will know exactly why they are nominated

Calls the meeting

I have hopefully showed what kind of leader I am since becoming HOH, goes through the rules...




James is safe



Sarah is safe




Eric says - Janelle Michael I nominated you both - Janelle I have underestimated your strength in this game - that is why you have been nominated. Dito for Michael. Period. (Eric wimped out!) (so much for telling everyone the real deal)

Janelle is not going to kiss Erics butt

Eric - I will take Eric and all his sheep out with him

Come back Tuesday at 9pm est

Thats all folks, have a wonderful night and weekend!!!

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Sorry I missed it tonight friends , had to work during it . Of course watching the tape now. I will be here for tues and thursdays show to help ya'll report it . Till then have a good night everyone.

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Guest ranster627

The pre-taped televised show: Saturday, July 16, 2005.

This was the standard Saturday night format we have come to expect from Big Brother. We had a review of events to date and a quick clip of the Ashlea eviction. Janelle

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