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Big Brother 10 Apps


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i know that we just started big brother 9

and big brother 10 is like 5 months away

but, does anyone have a sort of timeline for when

the applications for big brother 10 will be available

i am getting so jealous and stuff watching them in the house

cuz i totally want to be. of course not this season though

with this shitty twist. and the recent crap that has happened

but, i want to be a big brother 10 houseguest

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i actually posted this before i had found the interview with robyn kass from kassting inc.

thanks though.

i am totally going to apply

i just turned 21 on december 22 and kinda missed out on the deadline

well, i could have applied but, i would have had to do everything so fast

i have dying to apply for this show since the show started

i have seen each season not entirely but most parts.

these last couple seasons, i have gotten the live feed and love it

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after seeing the "twists" Allison finds entertaining I don't think I would want to be part of her shows. If you do apply and by chance make it - Please remember the live feeds are on 24/7 and not delayed like these idiots seem to think. at least you watch the shows -

And remember -- your mother is watching!!

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yeah i know, these people in the house

honestly i don't think, think about everything all the way through

-like you said, the feeds aren't delayed, nothing is censored, everything is shown

-the swearing, the fights, the sex (matt & natalie), the moaning (jen & ryan)

-yeah, their parents are probably watching, maybe not the live feeds but still the show

-if they are watching the live feeds, then they are even more screwed

-i enjoy watching the show so much. i will still apply but, i just hope that i don't get stuck with some stupid twist like this season.

-i don't want a tv show setting me up with my soul mate, screw that.

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