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July 12th TV Coverage

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Think you can't help us out because you don't get the Live Feeds?

Then you would be wrong ...

We are trying something new out this year ...

We need people to write what they see on the televised show, preferrably as you are watching it, but even within the hour later ... then Ranster (me) will swoop in and gather it all up for a neat upload for the BB page.

Wanna Help? Volunteer here!

Watching the show? Post what you see here in as much detail as you can!

This is all a part of Morty's Team Coverage ...

Any takers?

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Guest ranster627

Okay, you have seen it done, and you have seen the BB Page by now!

Willing to volunteer?

This is done way differently than the old Survivor recaps, because it is done Morty style! All the recappers posts were important, some for verification, and others for neat phrases ... we all watch TV very differently. The two styles, after-show recappers and the type-as-you-go people, all blended to make a great first show coverage!

Bravo to everyone thanked on the BB Page!

Join us, volunteer here for Tuesday!

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Guest ranster627

they are showing previously stuff ...

they explain the twist again ...

and review where we are up to now!

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Guest ranster627

all the opening head shots ....

and flashback to nominations

Day 3

ashlea wanted to cry when nominated

Kaysar felt out of the process

Eric confident a female will leave

pact with Mike james and Kaysar (eric)

Kaysar says to Rachel he respects her nom decision ... ":No hard feelings or anything"

Eric reassured Ashlea ... (blech)

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They reshowed nominations of Ashlea and Kaser....

Ashlea was very upset and said Rachel was a threat to her from the beginning.

Eric told Kaser it isnt over yet....Eric made pact with mike james and kaser to be final four.

Kaser told Rachel he respected her decision.

Ashlea said she think she would stay if voting was today.

Buea says he wants Kaser to stay.

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Guest ranster627

Beau says he would hang out with Kaysar "on a cultural level"

Kaysar feels he is hard to approach ...

Beau called him an introvert

Kaysar ... Beau said put myself out there more

Howie time:

April: Howie is in Howieland

howie howie ... in his underwear ...

"things that come out of his mouth are unbelievable"

Howie: in this house I am pretty free to talk about anything!

Howie checks out beau

Beau: Howie is bi curious

Howie is in Ashleas bra ... didn't waNT TO TAKE IT OFF


giving most of the HG's a great laugh (right now"

Rachel found remote control ... sees view screen ... can see different rooms in house

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Rachel found the tv spy cam of house in her HOH.

She found a video of the secret room.

SHe looked in books b/c it showed books on the screen. It is the first secret to the first room. SHe kept it to her self.....North South East West you cant find it without direction......was the clue

She went downstairs to think about it.....

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{This is NOT a live event - this episode is pre-recorded} BB 7/12/05

Here we go - Recaps of the last show

Eric, Kaysar, James and Michael join forces and promise to evict the girls

Who will win the pov and will they use it? How long will the 7 pairs be able to keep their secret?

Showing the nomination ceremony - pulling keys. Rachel explains she hasn't had enough time to get to know Kaysar and Ashlea and thats why they are nominated

Ashlea said when she found out she was nominated she immediated felt sick!

Eric tells Kaysar your safe, dont worry about it. Eric explains he made a pact to get them to the final 4 (see above)

Rachel said the two nominees never really warmed up to her

Kaysar goes to the HOH and tells Rachel he respects her decision, gets a hug from April

Eric came into the room with Ashlea and told her - it isn't over yet, try not to worry

Beau asks Kaysar do you want to stay - Kaysar says of course!

Kaysar knows hes hard to approach but says hes a nice guy and thought people would see that. Beau suggests to Kaysar that he put himself out there and open up to people

Howie - showing his crazy ways, the body building contest pose, standing in his underwear showing the girls. April says the things that come out of howies mouth are unbelievable. Howie says hes free to talk about anything. Howie is checking out Beau - they are talking. Howie dresses in drag for the house guest. April says the scarest part is that Howie didn't want to take it off. Beau says Howie has never gone all the way with a guy and I couldn't because my mother would kill me. He sporting the eyeshadow, lipstick the whole nine yards.

Rachel is in the hoh - finds a remote comtrol on her bed, finds the spyscreen!!!! She is looking on, checking out all the views and see the secret bedroom!! She said - what is that - ooooh I want that room! The spyscreen kept zooming into the books on the shelf of the secret room. She put one and one together and looked at the books in the HOH room - congratulations you have just found the first clue to the secret room. Talks about east, west blah blah blah. The hoh room DOES have a computer! The clue told her to keep it to herself!

Commercial break

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Guest ranster627

sees Gold Room ...

frustrated because she couldn't see it ... saw books ... same as in her room ...

looked in her book

found first clue ... could keep it to herself or share it

she kept it to herself

"North south east west ..."

looking for directions clue ...

was puzzling it out

she had this giant secret and couldn't figure it out ...


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Guest ranster627

ad for live feeds ...

Eric talks about being a fireman as a calling ...

E: after 9/11 he told his friend Jeff to take care of his family ... I will do what I can, but if I'm on the scene with you, you're not gonna die alone

Yvette calls Eric a hero ... she connected to him "good head, good heart"

Eric has second Alliance with Yvette for final two

Yvette calls him her backbone in this game

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the group in the living room , Eric talking how certain people were meant to do things and he was meant to be a fireman.

Eric says life is so precious and can turn on a dime he asked his friend jeff to take care of his family if anything happens to him.

Eric says initialy Michael , james , him and Beau had an alliance to get to final 4 but says he and Ivette promised to take each other to final 2

Ivette says she want Ashlea , janelle , jennifer and then maggie go.

Eric says that , it would work only if they always won.

Rachel looking again at the clue.

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Guest ranster627

Yvette and Eric are show stategizing

Back to Rachels clue hunt "without a sense of direction you can't complete you first quest

sees compass on table ...

had to wait to get at it!

she got it, everything written backwards

used mirror

the whole thing was exciting because Sarah was sleeping there

a panel opens in wall

the wall gave way

she went in!

looked like a royal bedroom "like Donald Trumps bedroom"

3 safes in the room

and a peeking door in wall

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Racheal found compuss on table had to wait for people to leave to look at it , was eating her up. Finaly she picked it up when no one was around and everything was written backwards and she had to use the mirror to read it.

looking for it while sarah sleeps , pushes on wall and finds the hidden part that moved. finds the door and jumps over the little dresser there and says looks like Donald trumps bedroom or money room.

3 safes in the room she could not open and found a little window to peek into the other room. Kaysar hears the sound of the door open a bit.

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{The amazing race is looking for teams of two - apply today 8) }


showing the backyard pool

some houseguest in the living room talking

Eric is telling about his personal life as a firefighter - its his calling. Hes getting emotional telling of his story of 9/11 and his family. Made him realize how important his job and family are. Gets cheers from the HG for doing what he does.

Eric and Ivette are in the hammock. Eric says this week you will see alot of the alliances. Eric tells her he doesnt trust Beau. Ivette tells ERic what her pecking order is of the girls. Eric says thats a best case scenerio - could only do that if they each won HOH everyother week.

Rachel is still re-reading the clue, in the HOH trying to figure out the puzzle to the secret room. She found the compass in the living room, there were people in there so she couldnt pick it up and look just yet. When they leave she gets the compass, pulls a paper off the back - everything is written backwards - she had to put it in front of the mirror to read it. It gives directions to the secret lever for the door of the secret room!!!!!

Rachel finds the door which is behind a dresser - shes cheering for herself - golden room with fur on the beds - there is a big gold key with a little key attached to it. Theres a little door to peek out to spy on the other room. She wants to get out of the room without being noticed!! Kaysar comes by just as she opens the door - closes it, peeks out the window - sarah looked closely at the wall - but not sure if she saw the door or room. What do I do with this info??????????? not sure.


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okay oops posted my first three at wrong place , rest will be here

hopefully can be moved

Ashlea cries on Kaysars shoulder

Ashlea says there is tension between her and rachel from the very beginning.

Eric ask Kaysar " look in my eyes do you truste me "

Eric made a pak with Mike , james and Kaysar to get them to the final 4

Kaysar enters the HoH room with the girls and says , he respects Racheals decision and no hard feelings.

Ashlea with Michael , Janelle and Eric , crying Eric told her its not over yet.

Beau says he can relate more to Kaysar as he does his friends then to Ashlea.

Kaysar tells him he wants to be real , that he is a nice guy. says he is hard to approach when not smiling. Beau tells him put him self out there more.

Howie bragging about his good looks and how he won't leave a bar alone.

Ivette says he is to out there for her.

April says the things that come out of howies mouth is unbleivable.

Howie says he is free to talk about anything there in that house.

Beau tells Howie he is gay , and Howie says that he has a nice physic'

How dresses up in bra and makeup and did not want to take it off. says he looks good in anything , Beau says he is bi curiouse.

Racheal discovered the spy screen in the HoH room.

looking at the screen she found the secret room , noticed the books like hers in the HoH room found a hint in it to find the secret room.

Frustrated cause she could not figure it out , looking for a compuss like thing.

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Eric has an alliance with Mike, James, Kaser to get to final four but also alliance with Ivette to get to final two.

Order Ivette wants girls to go:





Rachel went and read clue again.

Walked around house looking at stuff.

Found compass in living room....didnt look at it b/c people were around

Went and looked when noone around.

Clue was wrote backwards


"West South west from the Subay doors, Forward 10 steps and it will soon be yours. Go southeast 10 steps more will lead your through the secret door."

Followed clues and Sarah was in the room sleeping.

Started pushing on the walls and found the door.

Rachel found the Gold Secret room. Thought it looked like Donald trump room.

Found gold keys. 3 Cases.

Gold door to peek through.

Started to open door and Kaser heard it shut when he came.

Was afraid Sarah was watching her.

She got out with no one seeing her.

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Guest ranster627

she whips them up!

Rachel is a hero ... sheesh ... she played it!

everyone was excited about the hot tub: Rachel

Howie likes hot tub "so chicks can make their moves on me"

now she reveals secret room!

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