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  1. I'm pretty sure they'll be eliminated here. I really don't see either one pole vaulting across that creek. Plus, they just don't have any HUSTLE. If I had seen the teams boarding the bus I would've ran out in the middle of the street to make sure that bus didn't depart! This is a friggin' race!
  2. Whoa yeah, he is a jerk. He claims to be all about optimism?? Hardly. Poor Christina.
  3. I may have missed something...but I haven't heard them mention their faith outside of the interviews yet at all. Sure, they'll mention being ministers & such in the interviews, because that is their occupation. I don't really see that as being repetitive. Also...just because someone is a minister or any other person of faith...doesn't make them perfect. I have an interest in seeing how well Kate & Pat do this season, just because I'm a Christian lesbian, myself. However, I really haven't seen enough of them to form an opinion on them yet.
  4. I've only been watching BB since season 5...but her behavior when she saw her HOH room for the first time was un-friggin'-believable. I sat there looking @ my TV with the same disgusted look on my face that I had when Jen had the breakdown about her pic on the wall. Is this chick SERIOUSLY for real??? I loved the scene tonight where the guys were playing the drinking game every time she said "I". That cracked me up. They were being so obvious & she was so absorbed in herself she was absolutely clueless! If she's freaking out about how her pictures look, just imagine what she's going to do when she sees the tapes of her in the house! You KNOW she's going to want to watch those!
  5. After seeing tonight's show...you have to wonder...if it had been the other way around & James had snatched the doll from Janelle, would there have been a big stink thrown & the competition redone, or at least disqualify James?
  6. That's even if our "legit" vote counts in the first place. I still think CBS might have picked the HG's ahead of time. Also remember that the polls on the cybonica ONLY SHOW THE VOTES MADE FROM THEIR WEBSITE!!! It isn't the "official" poll. Of course I still am autovoting Nakomis, just to be on the safe side
  7. I think the thing I'm looking forward to the most is seeing how everyone will interact w/ each other. They all have passing knowledge at least of each other. The whole alliance thing will be interesting, too. In a way, it's kind of like last season where everyone knew someone in the house.
  8. Lovely, I'm glad someone remembers how much of a contender she was! She did win several HOH comps, so regardless of who actually came up w/ the 6 finger plan, or how "dumb" she is, something needs to be said about her competitiveness.
  9. I agree, I would've liked to have seen Marvin on that list.
  10. I voted for Dani, Diane, Jase, Jannelle, Marcellas, Cowboy, Will, and DUH Nakomis I didn't necessarily vote on who I liked, but who I thought would make for a dynamic season.
  11. She was one of my absolute favorites, hence the name. I really REALLY hope she gets to come back!!!
  12. Can you imagine Janelle & Diane in the house together?!?!?!?!!?!?
  13. Don't worry....there's NO WAY people are going to vote for Ivette. She was way too annoying, lol. Do you think t here's any chance that the 12 are picked ahead of time, & the "vote" is just a ruse?
  14. You freaks are nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE 4 NAKOMIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just about sh*t my pants when I saw she was a nominee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And vote for Diane too
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