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London Terror Attacks - how will it affect BBUK?

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Well, in light of today's events in London obviously the question is whether the HMs would be told. Half of those remaining live in London.

Obviously the precident is 9/11, when the three remaining in BBUSA were told a major incident had occured, but not given the details. In this case one HM was directly affected.

The general feeling is that producers will take time to estabhlish if any of the HMs friends or family have been caught up in today's events before deciding what to do.

It is highly likely that tomorrow night's planned eviction will be affected in someway by today's events - either being postponed or being done low-key without a crowd. The BB house isn't in London.

The only previous time events led to contact from producers was in 2003 when a bomb scare at the Big Brother complex forced the evacuation of the house and studio.

Tonight's BBLB and Big Brother will go ahead as planned. It's the unofficial role of broadcaster Channel 4 to provide an alternative to the rolling news coverage of the BBC and ITV when events such as this occur.

After the euphoria of yesterday's success at winning the right to host the 2012 Olympic Games, I think today's events have shocked the city - and country - even more, going from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows.

Big Brother even gave the HMs a subtle hint at our 2012 Olympic success by waking the HMs up to the theme of "Chariots of Fire".

P.S. I'm going away for the next few days so won't be on hand with the updates, though I'll bring you up to date when I return.

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Guest ranster627

Have a safe few days Brekkie and we look forward to your reports on your return ...

On behalf of all the posters and the "team" here at Morty's our thoughts are with all of our UK friends!

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Brekkie... I thought of you immediately upon hearing the news this morning. I'm glad that you're ok.

You and you're fellow UK'ians have my prayers and thoughts during this horrible display of cowardice.

Thank you also for the updates on BBUK and although I (we) certainly don't expect this to be your priority, it's much appreciated when you can let us know.

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Thanks for the messages.

Re: How BBUK was affected

On Thursday producers contacted the friends and relatives of the family and estabhlished they were all safe. The decision was then made not to tell them unless circumstances changed.

The BB schedule was unaffected, though Thursday's BBLB (a daily fanzine show) had a much more downbeat mood than usual, beginning by informing us of how Thursday's events would affect the show.

The Thursday night show aired as usual - and actually won it's 10pm slot against the main news bulletins on BBC and ITV. I think by 10pm it provided a much welcome alternative for many viewers.

Friday's eviction also went ahead as planned - complete with eviction crowd. My personal feeling was the crowd should have been scaled back, but on the other hand this would have made the HMs suspicious - and in situations like this I don't think it's appropriate to allow HMs to speculate on what might be going on.

And so the show goes on - as indeed it should - and my commentaries will continue in the BBUK thread with an update on what's happened while I've been away being posted shortly.

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I actually think with events on this scale the housemates should be told, at the end of the day it's a game show, and what happened in london is a reality.

At the end of the day though there is absolutely nothing the housemates can do about it. They've agreed to no contact from the outside world, and I imagine for at least some of them like to be away from news like this.

Also, the bigger picture is that Big Brother has provided a welcome alternative for viewers and the press.

There is a new terror alert in London now with a reported nail-bomb on the Underground and an explosion on a bus.

Many underground stations have been closed and a hospital has been cordoned off, but at the moment not to much detail. Prime Minister to make a speech in just over half an hour.

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