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  1. This is wild! Once upon a time, sixteen famous toys were selected to partake in a savage game of survival and cunning deep in the jungle! As the competitors began to congregate, they were confronted by smarmy reality TV host Max Steel. "As of this moment politeness and fair play are out the window," he explained "You can be the winner, or, you can be one of what will eventually become fifteen sorry-assed losers!".... http://gosurvive.blogspot.com/
  2. I would have been happy to see them win but then to see them lose was kinda cool too, the only reason I watched 'Race' this year was due to the Romber element, I just wanted to see if they could pull off two reality show wins, they didn't deserve another million though, greed much!!
  3. The thing is, with the kind of life their accustomed to now, 2.6 million in the bank won't last long!!
  4. yogo75

    Who have you met?

    I met Christian Slater on a trip to London, outside the backstage door after he'd done a show of One Flew Over The Cuckoos nest in the West End. Was so exciting! My hands were trembling as I took a photo!
  5. Drew Barrymore, she seems so fun and easy going, I reckon she'd be a blast!
  6. I actually think with events on this scale the housemates should be told, at the end of the day it's a game show, and what happened in london is a reality.
  7. I agree, I would have been happy with either outcome, would have been awesome if Romber won (just cool to have this reality power couple burning up shows collecting cheques here there and everywhere) but then it could have been annoying if they won ANOTHER million dollars!
  8. Are they going to put any former reality stars like Romber in the eighth one? How about Steph and Rupert from Survivor as a team, that would rock!!!
  9. D'oh!! I'm in Australia so I can't audtion, I'm so jealous! We had Survivor Australia for one season but it sucked and got bad ratings (though a girl who made the final 3 threatening to kill the other two was kind of amusing! Especially when they had the reunion and she was like "Yes it's always fun to have a nervous breakdown on tv" which made everyone laugh. Aside from that it was so dull.
  10. I hope Rita and Christie get evicted!!! I know Rita is only new and I hoped she'd last longer being an intruder but gah!! She won't stop talking!! And she is soooooo condescending.
  11. I haven't gotten to see much of it but that Ivette has gotten on my goat already from what little I've seen of her
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