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August 24, Live Feed Updates

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Dick: this a very good idea

Jamkea and Dani thank BB

Dick thanks Rich for asking them what they want

Dick goes out back to tell ERic and Amber that when Zach gets out of the diary room the food will be gone so they better come in

Eric says he knows he'll just be a minute

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They are talking about Jen and how much attention she loves, good or bad

someone asked if Zack was going to eat and Dick said thats why i said eat before he gets out... he could probably eat 3 or 4 burgers

Jess says hi to Showtime

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Zack comes out, jameka tells him foods here... he says i heard and he sits down and starts to eat.

Jameka is very happy, she is stuffing her face and making alot of "hmmm" sounds and smiling, with her mouth closed of course... then she says, and then there were five, i think talking about how many burgers were left because she took another one (they gave them 12 burgers for 7 people)

Amber and Eric still outside, last time i checked he was talking about his girlfriend outside of the house

Every one just eating... zach asked why everyone is so quiet and dick says cuz we are eating

dick is freaking out how quick zach is eating his food

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checking in with ERic and Amber... sounds like he is asking Amber how he should handle his relationship with Jess and how he is worried that it, their relationship is being protrayed wrong, he doesn't want to be miscontrued

Amber is telling him what to say to Jess, that him and his girlfriend are taking time off from each other that Jess shouldn't believe Jen that Eric is cheating, that him and his girlfriend had made this decision a month before BB... she tells him he doesn't have to worry that they both have feeling for each other and she, Jess, will understand

Amber thinks Jess has more feeling for him then he does for her

He is saying how he has never said a bad word about Jess, but there is also the fact that there is someone at home

Amber asks him if he wants to go eat

he says yes and they head inside

He is worried that jess is upset about something the Jen told her and he wanted to know from Amber if Jess was pissed at him

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Everyone in the house eating now... Jameka tells Eric there are alot of onions on the burgers and Dick offers to get him a new bun from the kitchen

Not much talking going on, alot of "hmmmm, Hmmmms" from Jameka

Dick: that was a nice change of pace (talking about dinner)

everyone says "yes"

Someone slurping their shake

Eric: how is your burger

Amber gives the thumbs up

Dick asks Zach if he waiting around to see if anyone has another so he can have a third, zack says no

Danielle called to DR

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Jamkea got up from table and said she overdid it.

Zach tells Amber if she's off slop after tonight that they are back on their workout regiment starting tomorrow

Jess in her HOH putting all her stuff up in her room and bathroom

Amber, Zach, Eric and Jameka at table and kitchen, Jess setting up her room, Dani in DR and Dick nowhere to be found. (probably out smoking) Drinking should begin shortley, they got beer and wine

im out for night...

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Jameka is doing dishes. They having another ant infestations, Jameka says, "We're being violated in our own home!"

Amber still eating at the table and Zach is watching. Eric putting stuff away in the fridge while Dick is helping clean up after dinner.

(I'm off to bed too.)

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Jameka doing dishes Dick helping clean up. Amber still eating. General chit chat. Amber is full and Zach telling her to eat the two remaining burgers.

Dick outside BY smoking.

Jess still getting ready in hoh to shower.

Dick still smoking.

Amber and Jameka in the kitchen, Jam doing dishes. Amber just said she is pregnant, pulls up her shirt and Jameka says Amber. She ate too much.

Dick outside talking to himself, saying it was good. I'm sure he is referring to the food. He just said HOH doesn't matter this week. As long as Zach doesn't get it he will be okay. I'm assuming he is talking about POV.

Nothing much else going on ............Jameka still doing dishes. Dick smoking. Now Amber says she is going to throw up. Dick says awesome to himself.

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I am new to this posting so hope I am doing okay.

Dick doing dishes with Jameka, on feed one and two.

Feed 3 and 4 is Eric and Zack now Dani just walked in saying how tired she is.

Dani is thinking food comp will be like days of the week. Eric says he is up for anything.

Now their talking about Jen again. Zack is leaving the room and Jameka just came in.

Eric saying how he has watched his mouth for 55 days and Jen put him over the edge, her actions got to him he couldn't contain it. He knew everyone agreed and well everyone is thinking it so mise well.

Amber still laying on the couch. Just a note she hasn't cried today.

Eric and Dani again talking about Jen. Eric says thanks for having my back dani she then said thanks for all the lies. Dani said I should of just said thanks and laughed. Making fun of Jen.

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Jess out of the shower, brushing her teeth. Feed on and two hoh bathroom.

Feed 3 &4 Dani and Zach in the small bedroom. Trying to talk but to hard. Dani thinks she is going on the block. Zach is no good at signing. He is trying to tell her something about Amber. Dani laying down goes under the covers. Zack telling her she still has a cupcake. Jess in hoh bathroom. Dani talking about when Jen's voice came over the speaker and she said Yuk. Things Jen could hear her. Zack just said thank god she is gone. Jess reading her letter again. Zack said his happiest moments with her (Jen) was getting facials. Dani's happiest moment was when Nick said to her no one likes you everyone hates you. Zack said she had the mohawk then.

Dick and Eric in BY. talking about how much water was in the tanks. Dick just said this is fu** ing awesome. Eric is mad at himself for blowing a question. He feels he isn't feeling as happy as he should be. Jens gone. Eric said he over thinks things. Going over the hoh questions.

Now Eric, Zack and Dick in BY.

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Dick got called to DR. Zack and Eric in BY.

Jameka and Amber in the bedroom. Lights are out. Amber asks Jameka if she is going up to see Jess. Jameka says yes. Lights out in the small bedroom, Dani in bed. Jameka is heading up stairs to see Jess.

Jameka knocking on the door, Jess opens up and say hey. Jam asks where is Eric she says I don't know haven't seen him in a long time. Jess is happy she has the hoh room again. Jameka is reading Jessica's letter.

Eric and Zack talking about Jen again and what she said when she left. Eric saying how he never had a secret alliance with Jen. Zack thought maybe her and Dustin had one. Alot of talk about what Jenn said and did wrong in the game. Not much going on there.

In the hoh room Jameka is still reading the letter ummm hummm. Not much going on up there either. Just talking about the letter.

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In HOH room Jess and Jameka talking about how quiet it is now. Glad Jen is gone they both agree. Jameka asks Jessica what she is most excited about. Jessica says she has to make some decisions. Jameka says well its not like you don't know what you want to do. Jameka said she didn't' feel like Zack tried very hard. Now Jameka said Eric threw ssome comps. Jess says did Amber and Eric have a good talk. Jameka says she doesn't know she was in bed. Jameka says it probably about the other stuff or the boyfriend stuff. Eric has your back Jessica. Jessica agrees. Still just talking about everyone in general. Now there talking about Dani and Nick. But they feel bad for her boyfriend. Talking about the birthday card she got. Whatever Jameka says. Jessica says that would be horrible. Jessica says Jameka you only have two more left. Jameka talking about the group and if Amber wins next week. But if Amber is not here Jameka says then I am going to have some problems. She is trying to figure it all out. Talking about comp's and how Eric didn't do well. Thinking he gets nervous. Jessica agrees. Jessica says she doesn't know. Now on Amber vision about putting up Dani and Dick then when Ambers wins pov Dick is mad, this is Ambers vision. Now talking about putting up either Dick or Dani. Jameka says I can't believe they didn't offer you a deal. Well maybe Eric and Dick have one. Jameka says everyone wants to keep him cause people want to sit besides him at the end.

Zack just walked up to the hoh room and dropped something infront of the door. Thinks its her sweat shirt.

Jameka is saying how the group has her back and the only shady two are D&D. Jameka asks do you feel that Dani is still a bigger threat then Dick. Jessica say yeah. Going over if Dick is good at comps they say no. Wondering if Dick would save Dani again in the POV. Jessica says she is wondering how that would work. There is always back dooring seems to work this year.

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Jessica is not going to put up Jameka. Talking about putting D&D but not sure. Now Jameka is saying how it never works out the way you think.

Jessica says it sucks that she can't play hoh next week. Jameka still talking about Dick and Dani. Saying how they all have her back. (I hope she doens't go back on there word to keep Dick and Dani).

Ask if she has talked to Eric yet, she said Eric said lets enjoy tonight and talk tomorrow.

Jameka is talking about POV and how only one person would be out. Jameka is trying to figure out everything.

Jessica looking at the hoh camera. The boys are all hanging out. 4 - 3 they say. Jessica says she wants pov.

Jameka is still talking about Eric and Jen. Says somethings don't line up. Jameka says Zack and Dick are shady.

(Im out for the night)

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10:47 BBT

Jameka in HOH talking to Jess about putting up Dani and Dick..Jess says she would rather she Danilel go over Dick

Jameka "you're going havre to put up both or neither" Jess says that "I'm not going to put you up" to Jameka..

Jess saying if she only puts 1 up and one wins POV both will be off and coming after her...worried "if one or both " stay...

Jameka saying she still has Zach and Amber and it's "3 against one" and Jess "that's true"

Jameka asking if she's talked to Eric and she says no and that Eric wanted to talk tomorrow but Jess wants to talk tonight.

Jameka saying that this is a week that someone still can sit out on POV....."what are the odds of not getting pulled especially since there HG choice" Jess "it happened to Jen"

looking at spyscreen and Jameka see "the boys" talking downstairs and saying isn't "this interesting"

Jameka telling Jess that Eric and Jen were in an allinace since week one saying "she swears" "more so than ED" that Eric "is a snake" according to Jen.

Jameka "he definitely adores you" and Eric said to Jameka according to jameka that he's looking out for her...

Eric comes in

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10:56 BBT

Eric in HOH with Jess and Jameka giving her the sweatshirt Zach left at the door.

Eric saying it so "wierd" Amber and Dani are sleeping and they were up here and there was only "Zach and Dick" to talk to.

Asking if he had a "good convo" with Amber Eric"we did"

Talking about how different she looks in all the pic......Jameka asking "does anyone in Kansas misstake you and your brother for a couple" Jess "I hope not"

Talking about her letter..Jess says "its a good one" Jess saying "I love my Boo Ya Shirt"

Downstairs Dick telling Zach "I couldn't be any happier" asking if its still "Showtime " Dick saying "Fuck the Raiders" talking about when the season starts....

Zach saying "i'm wandering upstairs for 5 " and "I'm out" saying that he keeps burping "In-N-Out"

Zach heads up to HOHasking "what's going on" "this is what it's like for 7 people" talking abot the girls in the pic "that chicks pretty hot" talking about the girls in the pics most are single...just a bunch of small talk

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11:09 BBT

In HOH same people talking about Jen saying how glad she's gone.

Jameka says they need games because they are "going to be bored"

Jameka asking what ED's BB8 tatoo is going to look like and Eric says it will be the same as his but bigger...

Jameka talking about Amber's tatoos on her back saying the words daughter sisiter mother and aunt written in some asian language..

Jess/Amber talking how "Omega Psi Phi" that do the "branding" and Jameka saying an ex got one and Zach "was he in pain" and Jameka "hmm mmm" talkling how he got "pissy drunk" and high and they used a "clothes hangar"..

Zach asks if its permanent and Jameka says yes and people with "keloid skin" have 3d scars

Jameka thanking them for keeping her.

Dick comes in HOH saying where is everyone

Jameka telling Eric "don't get discouraged" for not winning HOH.

Zach saying he would laugh if he doesn't get picked for POV since 6-7 get picked

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11:20 BBT

talking about TV Eric saying he doesn't have Showtime and Dick says he doesn't like Show but HBO is better with the show like "Oz" ..Jameka talking about how her dad stopped watching when they started getting it from the rear..

Jameka and Dick talking about "Oz" and both seem to they were really in the show........talking "Luke Perry" Jameka talking about his "little peepee" when hew as naked on it....Zach "Oz had girls in it" and both Jameka and Dick says yes...their Oz discussion keeps going....

Jameka saying it was "really ground breaking"

Now they are talking about Network shows now..

Other feeds have a shot of Amber sleeping....

Dick says "dennis Franz" "looks a lot like my dad"

Dick asking Jess if his brother is back from Iraq.....and Jess says no...Talking about the letters being recent and Dick saying his was so "generic"

a very odd close up of Zack's underwear from the back...though no butt crack was visible [thank God,,,really bored camerman or camerwoman no doubt]

Talking about the people who protest funerals and says "God hates Fags" [i think its the Westboro Babtist Church] and Jess was saying how the protest funerals of people from Iraq..

A lot of small talk and are talking about Mike during his POV Jameka calling "one of the dumbest moves" of all season and Jameka says that "I think he got lost in the moment" laughing at his "wahh wahh"

Talking about Dustin in the UNitard Eric saying watching it will be so funny...talking about it being "33 hrs" of the show they have to watch and Eric says he'll watch for "24 straight hrs"

jen bashing now [she's gone get over it]

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11:46 BBT

Talking about the Jen cigarette situation Jamek saing :she lost it" and said "I asked for the therapist for her"

Eric "they should've taken her out in a straight jacket"

Jess "i was mad and Big Brother so that's why I ate" saying it was her "favorite quote"

Talking about her weight....Eric talking about her relationship with "boogie" and "drew" Jameka "say what"

Jameka hoping for Margarita maker asking Jess what her favorite dring and Jess says shots of "tequilla" drink discussion ensues......Eric says his first drink was "151" [bacardi] Jess surprised Eric saying "it was just brutal" Eric asking Jess "have you ever drank Everclear" being from Kansas he thought she had......

Dick saying again "Raiders Suck" [oh no I agree]

Zach saying good night and before goes if he would be upset if he's referred to as Ogre and he says no "stick and stones"....

Jess says they have to get up early for food comp....After he leaves talking abot him hitting the beds making noise saying "he needs to move to a bigger bed" says Jess.....Eric says he wouldn't be able to "FSA"....Jameka wonders if he's the Dick says "mole...he's to stupid" and talking about the little person phrases and Dick saying "jen and fish stink after 3 days" and bashing her saying he's had to sleep with that "rank pussy"......

Talking about "jen made it every week with a question" and Jess and Jameka say "no she didn't" Eric says "that's what she said"

Dick wondering how she will do in her interviews..... everyone joining in on the bashing about her speech eric saying "i hope harm comes her way" [your way too buddy]

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