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BB Acronyms - EG. FotH

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While we're on the subject of ADLs and HGs behavior, does anyone know why every year they stay up so late and get up so late? I mean, every year it seems like the hampster's average day is from about 10-11AM and goes till 3-4AM or later. The HGs are always complaining about how boring it is, why not go to be early?

I think because they are constantly worried about POV and would rather sit in the BY bs'ing. They also worry about being TUTB by some phantom vote that is really AC. They talk alot of DOR too, but no one has the nerve to actually do it. So, they go to bed late E.S.T. (for me anyways) therefore they are pretty groggy when BB calls them and most will skip ADL's in the morning. The BO in that house must be overwhelming at times. They just start bs'ing early morning and are usually called to the DR or sometimes the HG's sing songs and the cameramen go FOTH.

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