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love that movie !!!

Hey guys, we need your help. Please go to the Fuskie's play-by-play and sign our petition. We need about 22 more signatures to get him to do this for the folks on the west coast and Hawaii/Alaska. Those guys either don't get the show until very very late or not at all... We want to help these guys out by getting Fuskie do to this. Fuskie is a pro... please help.. go and post saying you sign the petition.


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Films: Spiderman films; Coyote Ugly;Broken Bridges

TV Shows:Big Brother, Amazing Race, Survivor, Desperate Housewives, Greys Anatomy, NCIS, CSI, Without A Trace, Deal or No Deal

Actors:Bruce Willis; Dennis Quaid;Brad Pitt

Actresses:Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez;Demi Moore;Jennifer Anniston

Hobbies:Reading, working,walking, swimming, spending time with my family;watching TV

Sports to Play:Football, Tennis

Sports Teams:WVU Mountaineers, Washington Redskins, University of SC;Ohio State

Outdoor Activities:Walking, swimming, riding bikes

Bands/Musicians:Carrie Underwood;Taylor Hicks,

Songs/CDs:Country, rock, all kinds

Foods:Mexican, chinese, pizza

Cereals:Lucky Charms

Cookies:Soft Batch Chocolate Chip cookies

Candy Bars:Reeses

Alcoholic Drinks:

Non-Alcoholic:Sweet Tea, coke, Diet Dr. Pepper

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Films: Its A Wonderful Lfe, Pocketful of Miracles, To Kill a Mockingbird.The Godfather Trilogy, Armageddon, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Shawshank Redemption

TV Shows: Big Brother, Studio 60, Grey's Anatomy,

Actors: Jimmy Stewart ,Bruce Willis, Gregory Peck,

Actresses:Betty Davis, Susan Sarandon,

Hobbies:Besides this, Pogo, cards

Sports to Play:Volleyball

Sports Teams:Mets, Brooklyn Cyclones

Outdoor Activities:Picnic

Bands/Musicians:Rolling Stones, Harry Chapin, Pink Floyd, B52s

Songs/CDs:Start me up,

Foods:any grilled veggie

Cereals:Kashi go lean

Cookies: chocolate chip

Candy Bars:Clark bar

Alcoholic Drinks:Mike's hard lemonade


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Films: Grease, Terms of enderment, beaches, Tommy boy

TV Shows: Big Brother, ghost hunter, deadliest catch, dog the bounty hunter

Actors: Jack Nickolson, Adam Sandler, Robert Deniro

Actresses: Sanda Bullock, Meg Ryan, Jennifer Aniston

Hobbies: Swimming, crafts, cooking

Sports to Play: softball, golf

Sports Teams: Go Steelers!

Outdoor Activities: swimming, walking, anything fun, spending time with the family

Bands/Musicians: Aerosmith

Songs/CDs: Seasons of wither

Foods: chinese

Cereals: frosted flakes

Cookies: chocolate chip

Candy Bars: snickers

Alcoholic Drinks: red wine or beer

Non-Alcoholic:Mountain dew

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