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Week Four

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Day 28 - Saturday - New chores for everyone

Everyone is sleeping in a little late today. The lights don't even come on until 10am. Susannah and Nick get up when the 'Hot Water Is Now On' announcement come on though. Aleisha and Emma lie in bed and she tells Emma about the conversation with Nick, Jamie and Rebecca last night where she told Rebecca that She and Emma have just not clicked since day one but that Nick and Jamie have a chance but they have to try if they want to get to know Emma. She said that she told them that Emma has been up every week that they have been here and that she was feeling a bit rejected by the group. Emma asks how long this went on and Aleisha says about 10 minutes.

When Emma is making the morning porridge later, Nick approaches and talks with her about his difficulties getting to know her. Emma tells him that there are some in the house that she just doesn't get along with and when other hang with them she just doesn't get to know them because she is avoiding the ones that she doesn't like she also by default avoids them. Nick says he understands now and sees her point of view.

At 11:00 BB serves breakfast for Demet and Joel in the rewards room. Demet has slept by herself since she won't share a bed with a guys in respect for her fianc

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