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Week Two


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Zoran didn't end up because Emma removed herself but then she had to choose someone to replace her. She could have chosen anyone except Andrew/Hayley and Billy. It was just pure coincidence that she chose Jamie. The points didn't matter at that point.

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Sorry about those two bads guys, it has been a long day. First day back at work after taking all of last week off. As for Bodie, I printed out the origional photo montage from BBBa and somehow labeled him as Brodie. Shows how much I have been paying attention him this last week. Spent too much time watching the others.

Hank :ninja:

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The Task That Never Was...

We now know more about the task that was quickly canceled yesterday. After the first couple left the group on the lounge, KAte and Thomas were called to enter the diary room to receive their instructions and babydoll. Upon entering the diary room, Kate broke down and starting sobing uncontrollably. homas tried to console her and finally she was ablt to answer BBs questions about why she was crying.

Eighteen months ago, Kate was pregnant and lost the baby in the final stages of her pregnancy.

Since then she has not been able to fully reconsile herself to not being pregnant or having the lost baby. When she was faced with the facts of the task she found that she could not handle the psycological trama which it represented.

She told BB that she was ready to leave the game rather than try to face this!

BB was able to convince her to stay and canceled the task immediately. Kate is relieved.

BB announced to the house that the task had been cancled and that they could talk to Kate if she felt comfortable talking ablout it.

For complete coverage of the talk and it's aftermath, go to the following link:

Big Brother Website - NEWS Article

Hank :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja:

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Day 14 - Is this a house or a mob?

08:00am and Rebecca and Billy are at the well watching for fish. She tells him that she is still surprised that she was able to beat Thomas last night in the dart throwing contest. She continues to talk about the games and says that she is impressed with the level of props that had to be built and the amount of thought that had to be put forward to make the games such a fun thing to do and watch.

Take turns to the task that Andrew and Hayley had the first week. Billy thought that since the HMs could not guess their relationship, that they would fail the weekly task.

At 09:00, Aleshia and Joel take over the task. Rebecca and Billy stay and keep them company. They wonder what time it is and the consensus is that it is only 07:30, an hour and a half off. Aleshia wonders who will get what chore when Hayley hands them out today. She says that she wants Janitor. "It is the easiest, especially since I can't cook".

Not all things are talk. Two fish jump out in quick succession and they both get one.

At 09:45, Thomas and Kate take over. Kate came out wearing her white fur lined coat. But it is quite warm this morning and both take as much clothing off as they can because they have to wear the rain slicker jacket as part of the task. It is made of heavy cloth with a rubberized coating and it is like a sauna. They also talk about the games. Both are embarrassed that they loast out so early. Thomas says, "I got beat by a girl". "But she is some kind of superhuman girl", says Kate.

At 10:15 BB turns the lights on and tells the HMs that the hot water is on. This seems to have little effect on the sleepyheads in the bedroom. Outside, Kate and Thomas wonder if anyone is up to come relieve them. Finally Kate is fed up and gets up to go wake their relief up. She doesn't get far before BB announces that HMs must always fish in pairs. She runs back and sits down. "Maybe that woke someone up", she says.

Aleshia, who is lying on the lounge, hears the tired twosome yelling for relief and goes and wakes Travis and TJ. But they also are dressed for a colder morning. TJ has to go back and change outfits. Thomas tells Travis that his jacket is all sweaty since her was no wearing a shirt under the clicker. Travis takes a towel and runs it over the inside before he puts it on.

Thomas quizzes TJ on how she and Bodie are getting on after their separation last night. Speaking of Bodie, he is asleep alone in the chill-out room. TJ says that they have kissed and made up but she is still pissed off at him.

11am and BB serves breakfast to the two lovers in the rewards room. The get toast, eggs, sausages and coffee. Outside Travis misses a fish as they talk about the catch that TJ just made.

They watch as Bodie comes out in his speedo swim trunks. He jumps into the pool to cool off before he relieves Travis. Suddenly another fish jumps and Travis catches it to redeem himself.

Right after Bodie and Demet take over, BB tells the house that the task is over. The task was worth a total of $50,000. Three fish were dropped and they loose $5,000 for each uncaught fish. In addition, Bodie failed to kiss two fish that he caught and they loose an additional $5,000 for that. So they now have an additional $30,000 added to the total prize money for a new total of $80,000.

TJ and Bodie get together to talk about their disagreement last night. Bodie says that he is still concerned about what his friends and relatives outside think of him. TJ doesn't have the same concerns but realizes that he has them. Probably since she has not lived with her relatives for so long. Bodie says her wants to retain his grandparents respect when he leaves the house. TJ wants to know where the line is so she doesn't breach it again. Bodie says he doesn't want to change her. She replies that arguments are part of growing together. Don't sweep issued under the rug where they just get bigger.

At 13:00 BB has everyone move to the bedroom so the crew can remove the fishing tank from the backyard. Hayley and Susannah talk about their sumo task last night and how heavy the suits were. Hayley says that she never wants to get fat.

It's the start of another lazy afternoon in the back yard. Emma is getting hungry so she fixes lunch. She makes a pot of beans with tomatoes.

At 13:30 BB calls Hayley into the diary room to assign the chores. When she comes out she hands out the instruction sheets.

Chef - Emma

Baker - Thomas

Kitchenhand - Joel

Environmental Watchdog - Susannah

Farmhand - Hayley

Housekeeper - Travis

Janitor - Bodie

Laundry - TJ

Bodie seems to have expected his job. He tells the boys to keep their pubes to themselves. He doesn't want to find anything on the toilet seats or the floor. He quickly starts getting ready to do his job. He gets a pair of rubber gloves from the kitchen. He also puts a set of suspenders on and attaches them to the speedo trunks that is the only other thing that he is wearing. He walk around the house getting his cleaning implements chanting, "Disinfectant, Disinfectant!" in a deep voice like BB. He suddenly asks one of the girls where the disinfectant is. They tell him probably under the kitchen sink. He gets a bottle from the sink, the bucket and mop from the yard and a stiff broom and heads to the bathroom still chanting "Disinfectant!" He doesn't seem at all unhappy about the job, he seems to be having a ball.

At 14:00 Hayley has to do the farmhand task and she takes Jamie. He is excited to finally meet the farm animals since this is his first trip. They both head in and greet the babies, and Rosie.

Back inside, Bodie is talking to Emma, Joel, Aleshia and Billy. He is worried about his budding relationship with TJ and if he has mucked it up or not. They tell him that he must be honest with TJ if he wants to keep their relationship going.

Now Bodie goes to talk with TJ. He tells her that he has talking with the others and says he wants to be hones with her and she should be honest with him. He asks her what her intentions are towards him? She is just going with the flow and has no plans in the house. If it happens, it happens. She kills the relationship talk by telling him that he should help her lift the bucket of clothes that she has been washing. She walk off to get some more water and under her breath calls him a "d***head". Bodie doesn't know what is happening and follows her to continue the talk that she plainly ignores. TJ finally tells him they should just let it happen and don't take on what others have to say. They kiss and he goes back to the bathroom to continue his cleaning.

OK, Aleshia has talked Bodie into taking her on a date.., maybe. It is almost 4pm and they start getting ready in the bedroom. Emma comes in a asks what is going on. Aleshia tells her that it is a date but not really one because it may piss TJ off. Emma asks Bodie why he has left all of his cleaning tools lying in the bathroom. He says he will clean them up now and as he heads into the bathroom, Aleshia says she is over it and starts taking her good clothes back off. "I got bored too quick," Aleisha says, taking off her belt and taking out her hair. "He hasn't even picked me up yet." She walks out to the lounge and Bodie comes back in and looks confused.

At 4pm, Rebecca, Emma, Demet, Hayley and Aleisha all put on long skirts and then head to the back yard. Demet leads the other four in some belly dancing moves. They are getting quite good at it. Most of it is just foot position and a lot of hip movement. Now she has added hand movements and they are trying to copy it.

Aleshia and Emma get tired and drop out of the class by Rebecca and Hayley are just getting into it. Demet gets more animated and they follow. Rebecca asks Demet if she has 'it' and Demet tells her to put more sway into her hips. She has the girls hold her hips as she demonstrates. Hayley wants to practice every day.

Emma is the new Shopper/Chef and she comes out of the diary room at 5:30pm with a letter. Everyone gathers on the lounge and she reads it out loud.

The letter explains it is time to go shopping and as this week's chef, Emma is the only HM allowed to do the shopping. BB has allowed a shopping budget of $3 per HM per day, but has deducted a $1 fine per breach of House rules. This week, there were 5 fines for breaches of House rules. HMs responsible for these fines are Thomas, Emma, Bill, Jamie and Bodie.

Emma reads the total HM budget for shopping stands at $274. The HMs cheer.

The letter also explains the rules for shopping. The shop will only be open for 5 minutes. All items must be scanned individually and once an item is scanned it is considered purchased. Any unspent money at the end of the 5 minutes will be forfeited.

HMs quickly contemplate which shopping items are most important. Toilet paper, sausages, chocolate, cheese, butter and biscuits are all popular suggestions.


Emma is told to go to the shop door (the new one in the back yard) and get ready to enter. Everyone follows to cheer her on. Emma goes in and does the shopping in only 3 minutes. When she comes out they carry the bags into the kitchen and start unpacking.

Thomas is holding each item up and announcing them like prizes. Apples, BUTTER, cordial, milk, fruit, coffee, vegetables, biscuits and sauces. Emma suddenly realizes that she forgot TOILET PAPER!

Emma starts preparing tuna with tomato sause for dinner. She asks if she should add some beans to the dish and gets a resounding NO!! from the HMs.

In the bedroom, Demet, Rebecca, TJ and Kate are dressing up like 80's disco girls for the evening. Hot pants, head bands, leg warmers and fingerless gloves seem to be the theme. They all say that they look HOT! When they enter the lounge Emma laughs and complements them. They start dancing around the room.

In the rewards room Hayley and Andrew are enjoying a dinner of lasagna. They follow up with a movie on the plasma screen as they sit together on the couch.

Outside at 8pm, the other HMs have gathered on the favorite spot behind the pool. Jamie is sitting next to TJ and tries to start up a conversation. She answers direct questions but it is plain that she is not interested. Jamie finally gives up. Emma wants to set up house in Sydney with TJ and Aleshia after they get out of the house.

At 8:40pm, Billy gets up and goes into the house. TJ quickly follows him. She asks him if he told Bodie that she was pissed off. He says no but he thinks Bodie overheard Kate saying that "she was getting you a drink because you were pissed off". She starts grumbling about all of the gossip in the house. It is stirring her up a lot. She says that she is a house full of Barbie dolls and people with IQs of 30. Billy quickly apologizes and says he does not want any conflict. TJ calms down, smiles and says sweetly: "No, that's okay. I thought it was you, but now I know it wasn't. So that's okay."

At 8:15pm TJ tried to have a serious conversation with Bodie...

TJ and Bodie are in the kitchen talking. She's trying to have a serious conversation with him. She's not having much luck.

TJ: "You and I have something together. Don't we?"

Bodie: "We do have something."

TJ: "Made up of two people? So why are you letting everyone else's opinion count?"

When Bodie shrugs and smiles, TJ gets angry: "Whatever. I'm over it. I'm an independent grown woman with brains. I've had a s*** day. I'm sick of other people."

Bodie giggles and whispers: "So are you breaking up with me?" He then falls about laughing.

TJ: "I'm trying to be serious here." Bodie: "I'm not in a serious mood."

TJ rants again: "I'm having a bad day. And I'm having a bad time with you. You need to live your own life, make your own decisions and stop listening to other people."

Joel comes into the kitchen and asks TJ and Bodie if they're having a "relationship" discussion. TJ says: "No."

When Joel leaves them alone again, TJ says to Bodie: "I'm just going with it. Nothing else matters."

Bodie replies: "I'm going with it too. Actually, I don't know what I'm doing. But I do know I need to go to the toilet. I'll come back, I promise."

TJ lets him go - eventually. After a few seconds she follows him into the bathroom. She sits down on a chair to wait for him, and then changes her mind, shouting: "I'm not waiting for you."

As she walks out the bathroom door she mutters: "This House is full of six year olds."

A few minutes later they're alone in the bedroom. TJ kisses Bodie prompting him to say: "I don't get you. One minute you're having a go at me, and the next you're kissing me."

It is 10:30pm and in the lounge they are talking about the games on one side and on the other, the guys are playing Texas Hold-Em with the made up cards and using bottle tops as chips.

TJ jumps up and heads to the bedroom again after getting in a tiff at Billy having insecurities in the house. Emma and Bodie follow and Emma tells Bodie that he needs to have a talk with TJ. He says he already has and Emma reiterates that he needs to have another one.

TJ tells Bodie that she doesn't like that groups are forming in the house and he is part of one. He is always sitting with the same people. He says that they should get badges and form a club. She is still not happy and he goes back to the lounge.

Aleshia comes in to check on her. TJ says the problem is that they are in here with each other 24/7 and can't get away to think. On the outside you don't spend 24/7 with someone new that you meet. Bodie comes back in and they start talking again. Bodie tells TJ that he is "not in here to argue with her, I am here to have fun". She asks him if he is afraid of being evicted on Sunday night? He says yes he is and reiterates that he is just here to have fun. She says "Go have fun then!" He gives a huff and storms out of the bedroom. TJ just sits there with her head shaking and says "CHILD, he is such a child!"

In the lounge, Andrew is talking to Kate and Jamie about life in the house. He is treating this as a totally separate experience that is completely divorced from his real life. He does not do this or experience things like this in real life and he is going to treat each development as a new thing and not talk it to heart. He is here to learn new things and not to make it part of his life outside the house where he would react differently.

At 11:25, in the lounge, BB suddenly says all HMs to the diary room, and bring all bottle caps. Emma calls out, "BUSTED!" When they come back out they are saying that BB wants them to do different things and not get caught up in the same small game all of the time. That would not make for good TV.

Back in the bathroom again, and TJ is sitting alone mumbling to herself. She says she has really done well, "Mistaking a boy for a man!"

TJ and Bodie are back hugging and acting like nothing has happed again by 1am. They are back in the bath again and start yet another D&M conversation that leads absolutely NOWHERE!!

TJ is brushing her teeth, when Bodie enters the bathroom and asks her how she is. Within minutes they're sitting close to each other on the chair in front of the mirror, having another D&M.

Bodie tells her she needs to relax and enjoy her time in the House. TJ tells him if things get too much for her she'll "pull the plug". He asks her if that means she'll leave. She tells him yes: "I'd leave this circus rather than let it affect me".

They're interrupted when Joel enters the room to prepare for bed. TJ asks him if he's finished his Kitchenhand duties. Joel rolls his eyes and complains about his assigned chore.

TJ laughs: "Everyone thinks Janitor is a bad job, but Kitchenhand is the worst. I just look at the state of it, and all those dishes and I have to keep walking. That really is the worst job." Joel looks pained, and mutters that he is going to bed.

TJ and Bodie return to discussing their relationship. They talk in circles, repeating things over and over again.

Bodie: "I just want you to be happy, but I don't want another day like today. It's getting to the point where it's silly. I am trying, but I could put it in the too-hard basket, and say no more kisses or cuddles."

TJ: "That's too negative. Too pessimistic. The 'too-hard basket'." Bodie: "It's not. It's realistic."

TJ gets frustrated: "I think we're over-analysing things." She groans and puts her head in her hands.

Bodie manages to lighten the mood and defuse the situation, by making TJ laugh. They both look very tired.

When they leave the lights are out and they get ready for bed.

Hayley and Kate are on the lounge talking about the other HMs. Kate is unhappy about her position in the house hierarchy. She is intimidated by Rebecca's perfect model looks and Emma's perfect body. She is even intimidated by TJ and her sweet poppet looks.

Finally Hayley says she is going back to the rewards room. Kate says she is going to stay up for her "last night in the house".

In the diary room, Hayley complains to Andrew about Kate's actions and insecurities in the house. Andrew deflects the conversation and tries to set up a movie watching session as they settle into the bed.

And the saga continues...

Hank :ninja::ninja::ninja::ninja:

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