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BBUK: Betting Update - THE FINALISTS: Who will win?

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Ranster627 wanted some idea of popularity, so here are the latest odds:


Kemal 4/1

Makosi 4/1

Anthony 15/2

Derek 8/1

Science 8/1

Maxwell 9/1

Craig 10/1

*Orlaith 12/1

*Eugene 14/1

Saskia 20/1

*Kinga 22/1

Vanessa 40/1

* Currently in the Secret Garden. Only two of these three will become HMs.


Saskia 7/4

Maxwell 3/1

Science 9/2

Vanessa 5/1

Derek 10/1

Kemal has the longest odds at 50/1

One person from the Secret Garden will certainly leave the house this week, but it's unclear whether this will replace or be in addition to the weekly eviction - or how it will be determined.

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Some quite interesting odds:

Maxwell to win: 10/1

Anthony and Craig to snog: 10/1

Orlaith to win: 16/1

Anthony to come out: 16/1

Vanessa to win: 33/1

Anthony and Craig to buy a house together and live happily ever after in Brighton: 25/1

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We're half way through BB6 now - these are the latest odds on who'll win (from Paddy Power, official BB bookmaker) and despite being up for eviction, Maxwell has jumped into poll position, alongside Derek. Newcomers Eugene and Orlaith have slipped in the race, with surprisingly Orlaith being behidn Eugene. Kemal has also been one of the biggest fallers of the last week, slipping from favourite to fifth! Not surprising, I for one have really gone off him in the last seven days.

3/1 Maxwell

3/1 Derek

7/2 Makosi

5/1 Anthony

6/1 Kemal

12/1 Craig

20/1 Science

22/1 Eugene

25/1 Orlaith

33/1 Vanessa

Science is favourite to be evicted this week at 1/6, with Maxwell looking relatively safe at 7/2.

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Well, the last line of my above post shows the bookies sometimes get it wrong.

However, the betting latest on Day 47:


11/4 Anthony

3/1 Makosi

9/2 Derek

6/1 Science

13/2 Eugene

13/2 Kemal

10/1 Craig

25/1 Orlaith

40/1 Vanessa


Not only having to second guess the public vote, but also who the HMs will vote to evict from the two HMs with the most votes

6/4 Vanessa

11/4 Science

9/2 Orlaith

5/1 Makosi

13/2 Derek

16/1 Eugene

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Well, it's been shook up a bit since my last post - Makosi has lost alot of support:


Vanessa 11/10

Makosi 13/8

Orlaith 5/1

Science 12/1

Eugene 16/1

Derek 20/1

That suggests Vanessa and Makosi will face the HMs, who this week decide who is evicted. It's a close call over who they'd vote out - it'll probably be Vanessa, though if they have any brains (and that's a very big if) they'll give Makosi the boot.


Anthony 9/4

Derek 5/1

Science 5/1

Makosi 6/1

Eugene 7/1

Kemal 7/1

Craig 9/1

Orlaith 28/1

Vanessa 40/1

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Come on Makosi! survive!

i think she will be fine and go on to win it!

Well, not that likely at the moment. Anthony is now the strongest favourite of the series at evens:


Anthony 1/1

Science 5/1

Derek 13/2

Eugene 8/1

Craig 10/1

Kemal 10/1

Makosi 11/1

Orlaith 40/1

He seems pretty safe this week as well according to the bookies:


Orlaith 5/4

Science 5/2

Makosi 11/4

Derek 7/1

Kemal 12/1

Craig 22/1

Eugene 25/1

Anthony 66/1

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Typical, they always get rid of the intruders!!

Well, the odds have now changed considerably due to Science getting into arguments with, well everyone.

Makosi is also back up near the top in the winning stakes, while Derek has dropped to 10/1


Anthony 8/11

Makosi 13/2

Eugene 8/1

Science 8/1

Derek 10/1

Craig 12/1

Kemal 12/1

Orlaith 40/1

Any Other 125/1

Next Eviction

Friday 22 July 2005 - 21:00 BST

Science 4/9

Orlaith 7/4

Official bookies Paddy Power will offer money back on Science if Davina feels Orlaith's breasts during the eviction interview.

I'll get round to updating the main BBUK thread by the end of the week. No big twists this week, but alot of ranting by Science!

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Anthony is still the clear favourite, while new HM Kinga enters the market in fourth place with just ten days to go.


Anthony 4/9

Craig 16/1

Derek 11/1

Eugene 5/1

Kinga OR Any Other 10/1

Makosi 7/1

Derek and Eugene face eviction this week, with the Dark Deceiver odds on to go (at the moment!). It's worth noting though that this year more than any other the odds on who will be evicted have changed numerous times throughout the week - and the bookies have been wrong on a number of occassions!


Derek 4/11

Eugene 15/8

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It's the final week and viewers are now voting for the winner. Here are the odds:

Anthony 4/9

Eugene 7/4

Makosi 14/1

Kinga 25/1

Craig 40/1

Anthony is the clear favourite, but Eugene has closed in on him from 6/1. Makosi also began the week at 6/1, but now drifted to 14/1.

Craig is the clear outsider - it's just a shame we'll have to put up with him until Wednesday when the HM in fifth place will be evicted - probably in some hideously evil way!

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