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BB7 Reloader Morty's Alerts


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I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has subscribed to the BB7 Reloader Morty's Alert. Our 213 members is the second largest alert membership, second to only to RealityBBQ, and our 85 alerts sent out are the most of any Reloader Alert service. Over 70% of BB Reloader subscribers also subscribed to Morty's TV Alerts! I look forward to seeing all of you throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring and we'll be back for sure for BB8 in 2007.

Just in case you are not aware, Survivor Chat begins this Thursday and Amazing Race Chat begins on Sunday with the season premiers of both contests. But Morty's is for more than just reality TV, so please explore the site. And if you are a fan of the Fox action drama 24, be sure to check out my discussion forum and join me in January for 24 Chat as we tackle Day 6, Jack Bauer's next worst day.

Finally, one more reminder that if you would like to show your support, please visit my Walk To Cure Diabetes web site and consider sponsoring Team Fuskie. Almost everyone knows someone who has diabetes, and every little bit helps us move closer towards a cure. Thank you again for making BB7 All Stars a season to remember.


Who hopes you will also pop into chat sometimes just to say Hi...

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