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Tuesday Live Show


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Are you on the West Coast (or Mountain Time) and have to wait hours after the show airs in the Eastern to see it?

Do you want to know who was voted out and who got HOH before your friends do?

Do you want to have the inside track on the Big Brother discussion boards at Morty's?

Well your wait is over! Experience the Live Show live and in Chat! Only at Mortys!

Fuskie will be doing the Real Time Live Show Play-By-Play in chat on Thursday, September 5th. Just go to Live Chat and then to the Thursday_Night_With_Fuskie Room after 7:45 Eastern for a minute by minute simulchat of the Eviction show.

What: Real Time Live Show Play-By-Play

Where: Live Chat, (must be registered member of Mortys to enter) then go to the Thursday_Night_With_Fuskie Room

When: 7:45 Eastern, 6:45 Central, 5:45 Mountain, 4:45 Pacific

If you have an emergency and can not be there, the transcript will be posted in the Updates Thread shortly after the show.


Who hopes to see you there...

Click Here to learn more about Fuskie's Walk To Cure Diabetes

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Places Everyone!

Cue Previous.

Cue Open.

Roll Previous.

Previously on Big Brother All Stars, a surprise double eviction quickly brought the house from six to four leaving Chill Town as the only remaining alliance. While Boogie romanced Erika into believing she was safe, Will continued to work his magic on Janelle and Operation Double Date turned out to be a success. At the Head of Household competition, Chill Town moved one step closer to the half million dollar prize, leaving both girls vulnerable. Who will win the final Power of Veto and can Chill Town romance their way to the final 3?

Roll Open.

Cue Julie.

And we're live in 5





Julie Chen: Good evening I'm Julie Chen and welcome to Big Brother All Stars. Its day 65 and only one week until the winner of Big Brother All Stars will be crowned. Chill Town has been playing Erika and Janelle for weeks, but with the game coming down to the wire,

will Boogie and Will be able to manipulate their way into the final two? Tonight, as Head of Household, Boogie is the only one who can not be evicted. The only way Will, Janelle or Erika can make sure they stay in the game is to win the Power of Veto. Who will win Veto? We will find out later on. But first, for the members of the jury, the drama did not end when they were evicted. Marcellas, Howie and James, sequestered in a house in Mexico, were forced to evacuate due to Hurricane John. Now, housed safely in another location, they have been joined by last week's evictees, Danielle and Chicken George. And the drama was far from over.

Clips of Hurricane John approaching in Cabo.

James: We are in the direct path of a hurricane and have only a few hours to pack up and head for a new jury house.

It's raining and winds are gusting as they get into the car. They arrive at the new sequester house.

Marcellas: We leave paradise because of a hurricane and here we are at the new jury house. So now, it's just Hurricane Howie. Great.

Marcellas and James are reading by the pool. Howie puts on swim goggles and jumps backwards into the water.

Marcellas: We need more chlorine in the pool.

Howie: Because I'm dirtying it?

Marcellas: Something in there needs to die.

James laughs.

Howie: Are you negative 24x7?

Marcellas: I'm only negative around you.

Howie: You didn't get voted out because you were a strong player. You were voted out because they hated your guts.

Marcellas: You think people actually liked you?

Howie: People hated you just for you.

Marcellas: Idiot.

James is trying to be invisible.

Marcellas: You are a big fat oversized fingerless f$cking idiot.

Howie to Camera: Marcellas, can't really say anything good about the guy, because he's annoying, he's relentless, he's a baby. He's probably the worst HouseGuests in BB history.

Marcellas: All you do is sit around talking about how good looking you think you are.

Marcellas calls Howie Jabba the hut. James is trying to read a paperback.

James to Camera: I would love for George or Erika to come walking through that door. It means Howie will be stuck on them for the next week. Howie will leave Marcellas alone.

Howie splashes Marcellas and gets James wet. Later, the former HouseGuests wait for the next evictee.

James to camera: It would break my heart to see Danielle walk through that door.

Danielle walks in: Boys, were you expecting me?

Marcellas runs up to her: Noo!!!!

Danielle: Close your mouth, Howie. Give me some love!

She runs up and hugs him. She goes up to James and gives him a hug.

Danielle: I got scum bagged.

Danielle to Camera: When I walked through the door, the look of shock was unbelievable. These guys were really pulling for me and I felt honored.

Later in the kitchen with wine, James makes a toast.

James: Here's to losing.

Danielle: Been there, done that.

Chicken George rounds the corner wearing a boxing helmet he took from the Big Brother house.

Howie: Here's to seeing fat a$$ George next.

George hears him, takes a deep breath, and then walks in.

George: Did you say my name?

Danielle almost chokes on her wine, Marcellas has a look of disbelief.

Howie: You fat a$$ little chicken!

Howie: Everyone knows I am a Jedi. I had the Chicken George voodoo doll hanging around my neck and I felt a disturbance in the force. I sensed Chicken George was coming.

Howie: The Jedi alliance has been swept away by Sith George.

George (goodnaturedly): Guess who went out before me, Howie! Guess what I have?

George has the DVDs.

They start with the Erika's Head of Household win.

Howie: And she's ugly too.

Nominations as Erika and George are nominated.

Howie: Your alliance put you up there. They're coming after you.

George: Shut up, Howie. I don't need to listen to you.

Howie: Didn't I make it very clear this season...

George: Shut up.

Howie: What part did you not understand?

Danielle tries to shut Howie up

James is not saying a word as Marcellas just grimaces and bites his tongue.

George: Be a 10 year old, Howie

Howie: You suck!

George gets up and walks out of the living room.

Howie: You're a waste of a Head of Household.

George: I don't gotta listen to this. You're a 10 year old.

Howie: Yes you do. You

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