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September 7, Live Feed Updates


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Boogie and Erika talking about how surprised they are about being in the final two. Boogie is really shocked at how many times Erika has escaped eviction. Now just rehashing the past evictions.

BB just announced that it is an outdoor lockdown. Just alot of OMG's, I can't believe we did this. Boogies leaves the house screaming and walking around in excitement. Boogie is explaining that last time he was worried about being an entertainer, this year he took the game serious and really wanted to prove that he could do this. He said Boston Rob was someone he looked up to and wanted to prove he was another Boston Rob.

Now Boogie is talking about how he wanted to out play Will, he couldn't just throw him under the bus, but he has always lived under the stigma that Will won and he didn't. He said that for five years he has lived with this and he really wanted to exercise those demons and prove Will wasn't the only smart one.

now talk about how funny Howie and George looked in the clips. Erika is telling Boogie what questions she missed. Boogie said he knew Wills answer because Will wasn't affected by the fast forward, but he knows Will good enough to know Will will answer the other way when asked a question.

(sorry for the misspellings, I am just a happy camper right now. :) ..........)

Erika is claiming this is her last cigarette. Boogie is talking about how much the jury loved seeing Will. Erika says that is how she got Janelle to vote out Will and she is telling Boogie that Janelle's speech was her speech, Janelle couldn't come up with such a great speech on her own. She tells Boogie he had to know her finger prints were all over the speech. She tells him how she coached Janelle to say it just right.

Boogie says he is surprised that Erika is acting like him, he felt she knew she would be there in the end. Erika says no she knew she would get to the final four but not the final two. Says she didn't know how to get past the final four so she was freaking out. Erika says Janelle was very easy to manage.

Boogie just discovered that he forgot to mention his best friends name and he is really regretting saying any names now. He is asking BB if they can do the final show tomorrow because this is going to be the longest five days in his life.

He is really mad at himself for not mentioning his best friend's name. Erika just screamed, OH MY GOD WE ARE FINAL TWO..........OMG, OMG, OMG, I am tripping out, I am tripping out, all my friends are freaking out, my boss if freaking out.....OMG (sorry folks, she only has a few lines of speech, so she just repeats it over and over. Out of kindness I spared you a few OMG's and I am freaking out's and I can't believe it's)

Boogie just remembered that he forgot another friend. Erika is wondering what they are putting in the house for them (could it be that small table with money? ) :rolleyes:

Erika says she owes Mike alot, he talked her into it, he brought her there..........(in her baby voice of course)

Boogie mentions Arnold's name and we get fire..............now back to the show..............

Now Erika has figured out that she doesn't have any clothes for the final show (guess she remembered Janelle took her wardrobe)

Boogie didn't take kindly to Marci's Chilltown love affair comment.

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Now they are just going over the jury members answers. Erika says they were easy except for the two she got wrong........(really?) :rolleyes:

Boogie is saying there is a good group of people in the jury and he is really excited to see them all, it amazes him how after all they have been through, there is a bond there. They are getting ready to go back in, they see fruit and sparkling cider........Boogie wants to know if Kaysar is here........Erika wants to know who is going to clean up after them now.

Boogie is making a toast, he says two months ago, they met for drinks, had a few laughs and dreamed about being on the show, now they are here in the final two and is another dream and he is happy to be there with her.

He apologizes for not being a romantic but he is just mentally fried. I guess they did get the good stuff after all and not sparkling cider. They are in the LR eatting fruit and drinking and trying to relax.

Erika wants the HOH room so they can sleep together again. Then she says she is going to keep repeating OMG and WOW, I can't believe it.........he says okay because he will follow up with repeating the same thing and this is the craziest thing that has ever happen to him in his life. Boogie says that Janelle was really free with the stories today........Erika says it is because the music was on and the internet couldn't hear her stories. Boogie wants to know if the internet is on now and she says sure and he says OMG and we get fire.

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Boogie wants BB to let their friends bring BB some of their better clothes for the final show because Erika wants to look cute.

Boogie says he feels bad for Janelle, being third two years in a row. He says he loves the girl but that is a big send from here to the jury house. Boogie thinks the jury really believes Janelle will be in the final two. They are trying to figure out who Dani is most mad at........Erika says that when she said to Dani that she was here to win the game, Dani respected that. Boogie says Dani will gain perspective fastest. Boogie says that Howie is really bugging Will about how his buddy Boogie will be here next and in comes Jani. Erika says the last of the season six is out, Boogie says OH YEAH, thanks for reminding me of that. Now talk about how Erika and Boogie was so sick at the beginning of the show because Season Six had all the power, now they are all gone. :lol:

June 20, Boogie wants us internet people to go back to that date and reread our "scriptures" "polls" "predictions" and how they didn't want "Booger" to get in, they knew he wouldn't win and how Cowboy was going to be in there and just reread this stuff. Boogie thinks internet is blacked out for two hours so the west coast will be surprised by the outcome so he might as well stop talking to us internet people. He says he is pretty smart.

Now talk about how this is going to be the longest five days ever.

long silence.

Erika says now she doesn't look stupid for saying two weeks ago that Boogie and her were the Rob and Amber of BB All stars. Boogie says that it really seemed to be the Janelle and Will show. He was glad that it went fast and she acted so cool but that was probably why she was so agitated last night about her gloves and stuff and she knew she was gone.

Boogie telling Erika about seeing the guys in the house setting up stuff and how nervous they acted.......we get fire.

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So tonight Erika is talking about how proud her family is, as is Boogie's family. (gee last night her family was so ashamed of her......now proud) Erika is telling Boogie he is on a lucky streak now. Boogie just told Erika that he won the five grand and other prizes. Erika wants to know what else he won......he said that Will took the money and he took the plasma and the trip.

Erika says that she was so mad at him for what he did, she can't stand him but she is more attracted to him. Now she wants him to take her to Aruba. Boogie is telling her about laying in the dirt and his rationale for how he could take the prizes without anyone knowing. In the end, the way they read the question...would you be willing to not play in the power of veto for ten......and he says he was pushing the button.......then they say for ten points. He was trying to figure out how to explain that but Janelle must of been hitting the crap out of the button and he was so thankful.

After the competition, he and Will instantly knew they got the great prizes. Erika says so you have a car, cash, a trip to Aruba and..........Boogie says he would be totally happy to be in second place. Erika wants to know why he didn't trust her enough to tell her this......he says he respected her as a player but he knew when it came benefical for her to slice him she would. He ask Erika not to tell anyone about his, especially Dani. He says he felt horrible for Dani being alone.

Now he is telling Erika about Will and Boogie's "phone calls" Erika says that it is amazing that he didn't tell her any of this and they were together and two days ago she started piecing this together and she was angry. Boogie says that Erika was as protected as much as they could protect her. Erika says it was a great plan and Boogie says it was but things fell in place to.

Boogies tells Erika that he isn't sure how she feels but many contributed to this and things fell in place for them to be sitting here. Erika is telling how she was wondering what was going on and how she would go to Janelle and ask if Will would stay if Erika put him up. She quickly adds that she trusted CT but she went to everyone and asked questions and that is how she started figuring out everyone is with CT. Boogie says Dani figured out and she needed to go........Erika said she knew to but she felt safe till the end. (Erika is really acting like she knew what they were doing for weeks)

Erika is telling about the HOH she won and how Dani and Will threw it for her and she knew then Will had his finger prints on everything. Boogie says Wills biggest thing was the Janelle thing, it was Will's plan to bring Janelle in. Erika is telling how Jani came to her and said I know why you put me up but I am going after CT and Erika says that it was like a child being forced to apologize. Erika knew then that CT made Jani go up and play nice with Erika.

Boogie is talking about when he realized that Dani figured out what was going on. That was the point they had to go after Dani. Boogie says that he never did anything personal for the game it went hand in hand with Boogie, but for Will, he went for the game. Boogie says he really feels Will has feelings for Jani, but he was so deep in here and once he gets out and back with Erin he will realize Erin is the right one and Will and Jani will never work out.

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Erika tells Boogie that she swore to Jani she would take her to the final two.....Boogie asked in a shocked voice if she would of and Erika says of course not. She was just very upset to find out what Boogie and Will did behind her back. Erika tells Boogie that he is a far better player than Jani is but with the jury she didn't want to take a chance.

Boogie says if the final HOH comp was just the endurance he would still be holding on to that key because Jani just can't do endurance comps. Erika says that it worked out for the best but she is still very questioning of him during the last week. Boogie says understandable. Boogie says he knew something was up he felt those two f'ing chicks were coming after him. Erika says she had to make Jani feel that she was so angry she would be willing to get second place to Jani. Erika felt very betrayed by Boogie and she knew he wanted to take Will to the final two so she had to get Will out. Boogie says she was right, he would of been a sucker for thier friendship and Will would of went with him and Will would of won. He says the jersey and stuff was all Boogie's idea and all but it was best that Will left.

Erika says she felt that they threw a comp because they were so confident that Janie would take out Erika for them and Boogie says no that isn't true at all, they were working hard at that comp. Boogie says if Erika would of sent Jani packing it would of been the best for CT. He just didn't want to be sitting by that b*tch in the end. He was worried CG would give Janie the vote and Boogie would of lost by one. Erika is asking Boogie if he really believed Erika would vote out Boogie over CG........Boogie says that he was worried when Erika went off with Janie and Erika says oh you can have secrets and I can't?

now Erika is telling Boogie that she had to use the same techniques with Janie to get Will out that they used in the season. (she is really trying to convince Boogie that she knew what was going on and playing a smart game as well)

She explains what she was going to tell Janie when she kicked her out tonight.

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Okay, there has just been constant talk about the game and what they did. Not even worth typing because Erika is going over and over about how she had this figured out early and Boogie keeps lying telling her that she was protected all the time and she was going to the final with him.

Boogie says Will is going to say I told you so about Erika, she is twisting Janie against him and Boogie says that he will tell Will he told Will so that Will can't trust Janie.

Erika's back should be sore with all the patting her back she is doing. She is really laying it on thick about how she manipulated Janie with the Mr and Mrs Smith stuff and she goes on and on telling Boogie how she was protecting Boogie this whole game.

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I popped in on the middle of...

Erika telling Boogie that she couldn't tell him til now. Boogie says if he had known she might not be sitting beside him tonight. They are laughing about whatever it is.

They are looking at the all B&W pics on the picture wall & reminiscing.

BB gave them a bottle of champagne, which they have finished & they say they have to get more alcohol.

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Erika asked Boogie if Will really was into Janelle. He goes...

It totally started out as a scam but I really think it got to him and he wasn't expecting it. Like he didn't hang out with me for the last two weeks, did you see that? He was gone all the time and then he had his chance when Julie asked him. I couldn't believe he didn't say anything about Erin.

See the type of girl that gets Will isn't the ones that he thinks he can control, cause that's a lot of girls. He likes the ones that he's uncertain he can control and that's her. I totally think they're going to have sex when she gets to sequester.

Then Erika said that Janelle said she was really excited to see Will in sequester if she's the one that leaves.

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