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September 7, Live Feed Updates


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before the 2nd HOH (and the feeds going out) boogie brought up the fact that will had an opportunity to say something to erin on live tv but he didn't. he told janie

"deep down will doesn't want to get back together with his girlfriend. he got himself involved in something very intense with you, janelle."

B:i think he had something inside of him for you. a day in here is like a week of dating someone outside, so it's like you guys dated for a month or something you guys can figure it out after. he has a life outside of here. what was cool about all of us is that we can be friends out of here.

J: i feel bad

B: everyone can't make it as far as we did without feeling bad. i felt horrible for what i did to james

J: he was a huge threat

B: at the end of the day we just have to hope people understand. will had a good perspective. he did it to a bunch of people last time and this time

Boogie also mentioned how he talked to Dr. Zachary last night after Will was evicted because he was very upset, and it made him realize Will leaving was for the best.

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Boogie Won the 2nd part

He won by 2 minutes, it had something to do with arm strength

J thinks that "BB wants him to win this whole thing"

E and J now trying to figure out what they are going to do

J: what are we gonna do

E: well I guess im just going to have to win it

J: sucks

Now shes stuffing her face

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B: _______ I dont know if you are watching right now, but I just won the second part of the HOH and I won a car.

(Sorry didn't grab the name he said)

J is wandering around the house trying to figure out what she can eat now, but she doesnt want anything that is there. B is making some kind of ground beef that he doesnt really know what he is going to do with. I'm guessing its taco meat. He told E that he was going to make a taco salad, and then J asked if he wanted pizza and he said that they could make a taco pizza.

J is still complaining about food, their bored I think.

J: It's been like 30 hours since they said they were going to go to the store for us

B: did you check the SR?

J: Yes I just checked and there's like nothing

J: I want cheese! (then went down a list of all the kinds she wants... did J switch bodys with Amy?)

***As active as they are right now, it's all boring stuff. I'm going to bed***

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Janie in the bathroom combing out her wet hair...

janie walks out of BR and stands at kitchen for a few, gets a drink of water and then heads back to bathroom, looks in mirror and then walks into weight room to have a look in the full size mirrors. says "No" Walks out of gym and back to bathroom, starts combing hair again. Then starts popping zits on chin. Then starts using a q-tip to take off existing eye makeup. Then gets into shower.

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5:06AM BBT Janie still in bathroom after deep conditioning her hair, moisturizing etc, Erika is seen in bed tossing and turning. Boogie out like a light and hasn't moved on floor by the bed.

Erika looks like she is thinking,..keeps putting her hand on her head.

Erika out of bed heading into bathroom. Scared Janie on her way in!

Janie: You scared the BEEJESUS out of me

J: What's wrong?

E: I hate him even more!


E:can't hear her

J: I think he thinks you are taking him!

J: he's been talking to me like I am already gone!

Do you think there is any chance he will throw it?

E: No,.he says he wants to win it straight up

J: Dammit

E: Why does this f-ing pressure have to go on me

J: I wonder what teh jury members are thinking

E: I am good at these I am good at these

Girls discussing who hates who and such who boogie likes and doesn't like,.basically drilling for final HOH

5:16AM BBT

Girls in kitchen talking about final comp

Janelle tells Erika she has to say what she said she would when she evicts Boogie

J: imitating erika winning "I am sorry Janelle, but you are going to have to wear the RED dress because I am wearing the black,..Boogie I vote to evict you!"

E: Did Boogie really call me a snake?

J: Yep

E: Oh my God

J: What are you going to say to him?

E: I dont' know

E: I am soooo nervous

J: Don't be nervous

E: my stomach is in knots!

J: You can beat him,..I know you can

E: I will try my best

J:Oh my God if you win this and evict Boogie

if you win it you have a great shot at winning the whole thing cuz they will be like "She took boogie out!"

Erika keeps saying she really wanted Janelle to win that one

janelle says she knows she needed to

Just basically rehashing their seasons final 4 etc.

They are worried because Boogie is so good at math

they figure if it is a tie breaker it will be a math question.

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9:20 BBT (morning), all still sleeping. Looks like Boogie is on the floor next to Will's bed. All seem calm, no tossing and turning so far.

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10:15 BBT

Erica and Jenelle up, in bathroom

Boogie up, in kitchen/bathroom

On indoor lockdown and they HAVE to be up for some reason. Janelle, now sitting on spiral stairs, is crabby about this, asking BB if they can go upstairs. (No answer)

Not much conversation so far

Boogie wandering around with a bowl of cereal (vs sitting at the table!)

Janelle gets a blanket and goes up to sleep on balcony floor.

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10:25 Inside LD over, time to switch to outside lockdown.

Boogie, waiting as the curtains raise, gets outside and says it's going to be a while since they have a porta-potty.

They each have their blankets and pillows. Janelle and Boogie already down on the couches. Erika, still standing while Boogie plops, would get the short end of the couch -- her usual corner. She takes a drink and cigarette to the hammock instead.

10:45 ETA -- They're all trying to snooze.

Boogie gets up, walks over to Erika and starts whispering. All I could catch was "They love you, they love you."

After he left Erika mutters, "I hate this game." Then she wanders over and gets on the couch with Janelle.

11:00 Some chat begins and FOTH.

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Janelle trying on dresses to decide what to wear to the finale. They are trying to decide which dress isn't too tight. She says she was mad at Alison's comment that Jan would gain the most weight of any HG on the show. Jan says Alison is just jealous because Alison gained more wieght than her.

Boogie telling some story (that I don't get) & Erika laughing.

Jan comes in eating something. Jan tells Erika that she will easily win the HoH.

Jan & Boogie are packing their bags in the bugroom.

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Missed a bit (here at work) but came back to see Erika and Janelle chatting in green room. Boogie is in DR.

A few tidbits:

E: I still can't believe he called me a snake.

J: I left him a new good-bye message today. I was like "Look, um, Erika had to get rid of you because we talked and, um" ---- FOTH

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Janelle packing, complaining that she has to do this. Boogie getting something to eat, he just let Janelle cut his hair for him. Erika sitting at the table picking at some food, seems very down or deep in thought. Boogie is singing and appears very confident and happy.

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2:17PM BBT

All 3 are outside on the red couches just laying there not talking much,..

Janelle: do you guys have any funny stories?"

Boogie: ha ha,..no,..

Janelle: this sucks!

Exciting stuff here!

Janelle just asked Boogie very innocently and sweetly,..

Janelle: Boogie? How come you and Krista broke up?

*bats eyelashes*

he he

boogie is telling about krista and how she wanted to do more and see more and wanted to go hog wild etc,..


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3:58 PM BBT

Janelle and Erika in WR together

J: Why are you so stressed?

E: Cuz I am nervous!

J: I know but why so stressed?

E: cuz I need to win this!

E:SO I can get him out!

Janelle is asking her if she has talked to boogie

Erika says he was just being nice to her

Janelle asks if she thinks Boogie will evict Erika if he wins it and Erika says yes her gut tells her he will

Janelle says she hopes he doesn't

They are discussing how they don't know what he will do

Janelle:god Erika,.PLEASE win it!

Erika saying she knows,..she knows,..the pressure is on!

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Erika and Boogie are in the LR talking about how their friends and family are watching and how stressed they are. Janelle came out to have Erika tie her dress, and ask if it is to much is showing because her boobs have gotten bigger in the house (along with her hips, butt, waist........but I digress)

Janelles dress really looks like a waitress dress and she is taking her bag to the storage room. Boogie and Erika are reenacting Wills eviction and Boogie screams OMG and Janelle yells WHAT???????????

Erika really is enjoying having Boogie go over AGAIN how shocked he was with the girls move. Boogie is playing along. Janelle is going all through the house getting her stuff packed (the house really looks cleaner now that her stuff is off the floor :lol: ..........once again I digress. )

Erika did go over and give Boogie a kiss on the top of the head earlier when he was talking about his family watching and how nervous he was. BB said something and they all said OH GOD and we get fire.

I guess it is time for live show.

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