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September 5, Live Feed Updates


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Boogie in the gym.

Erika on some bed, with her pillow -- maybe the red room? Brown wood behind her -- don't recognize it.

Will and Janelle in the bug room, having what MIGHT be their last flirtation.

If she's hiding her intentions, she certainly is still showing real feelings for him.

<I'm working on uploading the video>

4:50 Erika and Will trying to snooze. Jani doing her hair in the BR. Boogie joins her and starts using the hair thinning sheers on himself. Mostly silence, but pleasant side comments. Jani leaves -- heads to the kitchen to unclog the sink drain and do dishes.

Definite lockdown -- the windows/door look black as night.

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Cute. Will and Boogie come into the kitchen (from separate places or we didn't see it) yelling "Reality show spinoff. Get Dr. Zachary in here now."

They're teasing Janelle about seeing her doing dishes -- a first they say.

Boogie getting the vacuum cleaner.

Will calls out, "Hey Boogie, I taught my Barbie Robot how to do dishes." Jani tells him to shut up, and that she hates him.

Will went to the gym but he's back and forth, all over.

Boogie can't figure out how to start the vacuum cleaner. Jani shows him. Now nothing but noise. On Feed 4, Erika looks like she has the past few days. Flat on her back, sunglasses on, cheeks sucked in, hands crossed over her chest.

Will wants the internet to check out these two -- dishes and vacuuming. Says he has a strong team in here today.

The day's big whisper from Janie seems to be "Uh huh... that's not it."

Together they tease about the way Janelle says no whenever she's amazed that the question was even asked of her.

Erika joins, sits at counter. Will's going to make a turkey burger; Janelle is making shells and pasta sauce.

[Ed. comment: If you didn't see/read feeds from last night you would NEVER know that anything is different. Everyone playing the exact same roles. The boys are playing their game, as always. The girls are earning Oscars for their seemingly ignorant personas.]

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Janelle, Will, Boogie, and sometimes Erika in kitchen and around table.

General discussion and joking about George, Howie, Marcellas.


All feeds on Jani and Will in red room big bed, resting for "just a bit."

Will just asked Janelle if she thought the show was going to end early. She says it has to, while he answers "Unless there's a twist."

In the kitchen thay had been discussing the return of a houseguest. Seems they still don't have a clue.

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BB just announced "one hour before live show begins"

Erika left the gym, where the girls were conspiring again.

Possibe that Will saw that.

She buzzed and went into Diary Room.

Boogie for sure saw that.

ETA: The boys now in the bathroom. Discussing what to wear for the endurance comp.

4:10 Everyone in the bathroom now.

Funny... Erika left and is sitting on a bed in the green room, smirking to herself. You can just see the attitude growing. Will walks in, asks how she's doing. "Just sad," she says.

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BB: You have one hour before the live show

Erika and Jani in the WR doing make up

Will finished showering

Boogie just got up out of bed in the ant room

It sounds like the girls have stuck to their agreement and Will is going to be sent to sequester tonight

He told Boogie earlier that "things are cool everything is okay (ed. little does he know...he should have stayed up and charmed Jani last night) :P

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ooohhh, the foreshadowig ...

Janelle just asked which T-shirt she should wear, Blue-eyed bombshell or (forget).

Will said "Baby make it nice. That's one of my favorites actually."

hhmmmm, you think he knows?

<Certainly we wouldn't get any hints out of Boogie. He doesn't care one way or the other. Oh, except that later he'll tell us that he saw it coming way back when ...>

Will tells Boogie they were warned to pee before the show.

ETA: Janelle is wearing the T-shirt. Guess she's gonna make it nice.

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BB- HG this is a lockdown, please goinside through the sliding glass door.

J&E were in BY talking

Boogie was in the bathroom

I see E, J and B in house, J sitting at kitchen table, erika standing in kitchen, Boogie walked by after getting a glass of water and looks hella pissed.

One of the girls asks BB if they can have Beer or wine, FLAMEAGE!

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Boogie is in the DR, and Janie and Erika are SO HAPPY! They are saying that the guys were so confident, and they swallowed it hook, line and sinker and thank God they found out in time!!!

Janie says that Will was always saying that he was the fox and she was the bunny.

Janie: Well, who's the bunny now, Bitch?

Erika says that this is America's Choice, right there! She says that Survivor Sucks is loving Janie right now, and she asks if she can be cool by association, just a little bit? Erika says she knows they hate her, but can she be cool by association with Janie?

Erika says that the producers are loving this, because it is good versus evil, and good prevails every time!!

Janie says that Will asked her if they could sleep in the red room tonight and if he could hold her hand!

Erika; Those fuckers!

Erika sarcastically says, "Oh, that endurance challenge took everything out of me!"

Earlier, they said that they can't believe that Mike jumped off like that, and they can't believe he didn't know they were working together! Janie said that he was so shocked! Erika said she did a good job of acting sad that she was going home today, and after the comp, Mike told her that she was a good actress. She said, "I try."

Janie said that she still isn't sure Mike knows they are working together. She said Mike will try to get them to take him to the final two, and Erika said no way--She will take second place instead of that.

Erika said that Mike was actually telling her to massage the jury for him. Janie said that Will already said that he would work the jury for Mike. Erika said that is why they HAVE to take each other to the finals. Janie agreed and said that Will said he would offer money to jury members for votes for Mike.

Erika says she really liked them, too--it's a shame.

Erika says this is just like when two girls get together, and they realize they are dating the same guy, and they compare stories and they are like, Mother Fucker!

Erika says their families are so excited right now.

Erika: Well, we took a little bit of the chill out of THIS town.

Janie: And it's only gonna get hotter and hotter!

Janie and Erika agree that Mike is going to stay in the DR as he is pissed because he got played.

Janie: Today he said, I got Erika's vote on the jury! What a cocky asshole!

Erika can't believe what Boogie said about it "depending on the way she votes" as to their relationship outside the house.

Janie: I'll bet Alison is like, Girl Power! Even though she hates us, she's like Girl Power! Yeah!!

Mike comes out of the DR and he's crying.

Erika: You ok, Boogie?

Boogie: Not really. I've never been in here without him. (sniffle)

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Erika goes in to get liquor.

Janie asks if Boogie is okay. He says it's just hard, but he's okay. He says it was a smart play.

He tells Janie that he thinks "more was there than she thought" and that Will had the "perfect opportunity" to say something to Erin, but he passed it up, and that says something. He says that he knows it was a good game play, though, and she has a better chance with them than with Will in the finals.

Janie asks if he really thinks Will has feelings for her? She thought he was playing her, maybe.

Mike says that he knows Erika was saying things to her to make her doubt Will. But Will knows how to work things and he could have said something to Erin, but he didn't.

Boogie; That's okay. You had to do what you had to do . We're all here for ourselves, you know. It took a lot of guts.

Mike tells Janie that she stood up and did what took guts today, and he hopes she will stand up and do what is best for her in a couple of days. Janie says she will. Mike says Erika is good.

Janie says they are all good, and she hopes they will be friends, and he says they will.

Mike says that Erika will do what she needs to do to get the money. He says that after Will was evicted, she looked at him and said, "Check Mate."

Mike says that he has to give Erika credit--she's good. He says that she was playing him as much as he played her.

Mike says that Will won't hold this against her, and it was a ballsy move that not many people would have done. Now that he thinks about it, he couldn't win against Will, and Will had positioned him as the "bad guy" of Chilltown while he relaxed and enjoyed himself. He says that his chances are better with Will gone, now that he calms down and thinks of it.

Boogie: If she says "Take me. I just want second place--" (He snickers)

Boogie says everyone says that and Janie should not trust her when she says that. He says that he doesn't want second place, either.

Boogie says he would have rather played against Erika in the finals thing. He asks if she took one hand off?

Janie says she was positioning herself and thought she was still getting ready, and she was turning her body.

Janie says "Whatever."

Janie: That was the shortest endurance I've ever seen in my life!

Janie: I feel horrible for Will. God.

Boogie: It was a tough decision.

(Boogie is sitting in the LR with Janie, and he is sitting in the nominee chair.)

Boogie: What a fucking actress. Man. It was like, spooky. I literally got chills down my spine when she did that.

Boogie tells again how he was sitting there and Will was getting ready to leave, and Erika looked at him and smiled and said "Check. Mate."

Janie: Your expression was priceless, Boogie. I'm sorry.

Boogie: I was shocked. I was shocked.

Boogie says that he was shocked because Erika was saying she was leaving.

Boogie asks, "Did you tell her everything??"

Janie says no! She didn't tell her anything--she just knew she had a better chance against them and not Will.

Boogie seems relieved.

He says he needs to get out of this house--it's too stressful for any human being.

Janie says she hated that she had to lie to Will.

Boogie; It was good. Nice speech. It was really good. Cause you're gonna look like the fucking badass who served up the cocky doctor.

Janie says the sequester house will love it.

Boogie agrees. They will love it when he comes around the corner.

Janie agrees, they will lose it!!

Boogie: They're gonna edit the shit outta that. They're gonna edit you guys and then you're gonna drop the hammer. (He seems to think it wasn't a live show--ed).

Long silence.

Boogie starts to laugh.

Boogie: You're a bad ass bitch Janelle. That was truly awesome. I will enjoy watching this on t.v. My God. That was one for the ages.

(It's not like she cured cancer--Catnip)

(Earlier, when Erika and Janie were alone, Janie asked Erika if she will confront Boogie with the things Janie told her. Erika asked if she thought she should confront him, and Janie said probably not. They thought it over and decided that it probably doesn't benefit them to let him know that Erika knows everything.)

Talk of the schedule, and how they will probably be leaving soon. Boogie says that it's great to get it over with.

Boogie: I don't want to be here anymore.

Janelle leaves to change her shirt.

Erika sits down on the couch and Boogie looks at her out of the corner of his eye, smiles and says "Hi." Erika says, "Hi." He says, "Congratulations." She congratulates him, and says, "Final three."

And BB gives us FOTH to hide this convo.

They come back, and Boogie gets up and says that he was just shocked.

Erika: I understand. But aren't you glad I'm here??

Boogie says sure, it's great, he just needs a little time to adjust!

He leaves and Janie and Erika whisper. Janie tells her that Boogie wanted to know if she told Erika everything. Janie says she told him no. Erika says that he thinks she and Janie don't talk, and they can't believe he doesn't know they are working together.

Erika says that when they were alone, he said she seemed so resigned to leaving.

He brought up her saying "Checkmate," and Erika told him that she said that to Will.

They quickly tell each other about their convos with Mike, and Erika says that they need to keep him in the dark, and this is great!

Janie tells her about Mike saying that he thought Will had genuine feelings for Janie, and that he didn't take the opportunity to talk to Erin on the air.

Erika says that he's stupid, and she just played him before he could play HER.

Janie says that he told her to do what is best for her, and she said she would, and she DOES know what is before for her!!!

Erika starts talking about sending her e-mail to Jonah, and we get FOTH.

Janie says that Will asked her a lot of personal questions about her personal life, and now she thinks he used them against her.

Erika starts naming off questions Will asked her, such as "What do you want out of your life?"

Janie gasps because this is just what he asked her, too!

Erika: I think you would make a great MOM!

Janie says that is the same for her, too, and she feels so STUPID!

Erika says that Mike is being all sweet to her again. Janie says that they should see if he wants to sleep with her tonight. Erika says she doesn't even want to be near him. He makes her skin crawl.

Janie says she is just so embarrassed!

Janie says she told Boogie she didnt' know if Will was playing her or not, and Boogie insisted that Will wasn't.

Erika: I hate them both.

Janie: Maybe Boogie doesn't see it as Will playing me, but I do.

Erika says that Boogie sees it--trust her.

Janie says she didn't feel Will was playing her because he insisted that she take Boogie at the end to the final two.

Erika says that Will told HER that he would step aside at final three and let final two be her and Boogie.

Erika says that it didn't matter to them, because they would have then ganged up on whichever girl was left, and they would have been final two.

Janie mentions the book "Checkmate," which was about a womanizer who put women in a position where they have no moves left.

Erika starts to sing "Soul Sister"

We get a brief FOTH

Janie says that Boogie is feeling like she did after Howie was evicted.

Janie says she felt that way because she trusted CT.

Erika says she was so angry last night, and she tells about her goodbye speech, and how she said the girls got together and had a little talk, and now they are trying to decide what to wear by the pool for the final two.

Erika says that if she gets to, she will give a speech saying that she will be wearing the black formal dress and Janie will be wearing the red formal to the final two!

Janie says she feels bad now.

Erika says she can't--they were playing them!!

Janie: I just feel bad for Will.

Erika says that they were being played, and she is so pissed at herself. She says she talked about a baby and how she had a crush on Boogie, and now she is pissed at herself.

Janie: We are such IDIOTS! OMG!!!!

Erika: They just told us what we wanted to hear, that's all.

Janie: OMG. Will totally told me what I wanted to hear.

Janie: Why the hell did I believe Will? Now that he's not here, I can look back and go, OMG, I'm not brainwashed anymore!

Erika says she was asked if there were signs that she was being played. She started thinking about how Boogie got distant after Janie won POV.

Janie says that then Will started sleeping with her in the BED!

Janie says, "Sorry, Mom!!!"

Erika says that her Mom warned her about Will. He said, "Don't let that one get to you!"

Janie says it did all work out for the best, though--they are final three.

Erika says true!

Erika says that Boogie told her that he still has her back, and he's happy she is here.

Janie says that Boogie told her that Erika was playing him this whole time.

Janie: He's totally gonna ask you if we talked.

Erika says she is going to say no, and that Janie just felt Will was a threat to win the game.

Janie says that Erika needs to tell Boogie that she will evict Janie.

Janie sings Moulin Rouge and we get FOTH

We come back to Janie looking in the fridge, singing a little more Moulin Rouge, and then she says sternly to herself: "Stop. Eating!"

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Janie is in the weight room.

Erika comes in and whispers: "If we continue to make him think that we are taking him, he will tank the competitions!"

Janie asks why she thinks that? Erika says that is what CT has done all along. She asks Janie wasn't she right about Boogie throwing this one? Janie says yes.

Erika: Trust me.

Erika grins and whispers to Janie: "I should sleep in his bed tonight!!!"

Janie: Oh, my GOD!


Janie says last night was so hard for her, because she knew what she was going to do, and yet she had to lie in bed with Will and lie to him.

Janie says that Boogie was so shocked.

Janie: His face was worse than when Jase found out there were twins in the house!!!!

Erika says that Boogie took her aside before the ceremony, and told her that "things are going to get a little crazy," but he just wants her to know that he had a great time with her this summer. She just hugged him and thanked him.

Janie says that when Boogie would play Erika, he would say "I'm going to hell!"

Erika: Faster than you think, MF!

Janie says that shows they do have feelings, though.

Erika says that she doesn't think so. It is all "sport" to them.

Janie and Erika are talking about how they should say that the villain thing is "so season four!"

The girls are talking about how they can't believe Mike jumped off the volcano. They can't believe that he isn't onto them working together. They agree Mike completely thinks they are each taking him to the finals. Janie can't figure out why, though. Erika says because he has the "villain" thing with the jury, and he's going to try to make them think that the jury hates him. Janie asks why they would think that, when Will is in the jury house playing everyone, telling them that they controlled the house, and that he and Mike got everyone out and they deserve to win!

Erika says that she IS taking Janie to final two, though. Janie says she is taking Erika. They think it is awesome. Erika tells Janie that she actually wouldn't even mind losing to Janie at this point. She says that she thinks the jury house will be very happy with the present they are sending them. Erika says that Dani will be very happy, and Janie thinks maybe Dani will think they aren't as dumb as they were, after all.

Janie says that Will and Mike would have said that everyone in the jury house is there because of CT. She says she can't say that.

Janie says she can't believe she sent her own friends out! Erika says she did the same thing!!!

Erika: It's okay. We just let them do our dirty work.

Janie is doing a hilarious impression of Mike in his shocked face, walking around after the eviction.

Erika nearly spits out the drink she has in her mouth.

Erika says the two of them have certainly come full circle since the moment they came into the house and Erika told Janie she would do whatever she had to do to keep her safe.

Janie says she knows. Then Janie starts to laugh and says she put up Erika three times--more than anyone else!

Erika says they let the boys get to them!

Janie says she knows, and they were so stupid!

Erika tells Janie that they are one competition away!

Erika is jumping around hugging a big teddy bear.

Janie says she knows, and that Will is now being teased by those two cops.

Erika says she loves those two guys, and Janie says she does, too.

Janie: Of course he didn't say anything to his girlfriend on live t.v., Boogie! He was still playing me!

Erika says they have to keep playing Boogie.

They talk about Kaysar, and Janie thinks he will be happy. Erika says "Whattup Kaysar!" She says she really likes Kaysar.

Janie says Kaysar tried to get her to put up Will the second week and she refused.

Janie says if she doesn't win the f--ing comp tomorrow, she is going to kill herself!

Erika says she will win! She has to do it.

Erika says that Mike will keep on thinking that they will take him to the end, and he will tank it.

Erika says that he is not getting to the final two on her watch!

Janie says he said that they couldn't take each other to the finals!

Erika: You just watch us! He thinks he's sitting pretty.

Erika tells how Mike and Will were sure they could beat Janie in an endurance comp. Mike said he would hold onto the key forever. Janie says she told them she was bad at them, so that they would think she couldn't do them. She says of course now, she won't get a chance to prove herself.

Erika says she has officially won the shortest endurance competition of all time!

Erika says it is a very empty house.

Mike comes out of the DR and Erika asks him how it was, and he says "good." He fast walks straight to the bathroom. (Sounds like his nose is a little stuffy there...)

Yep, he is loudly blowing his nose.

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Erika tells him that the Art Department is probably upset right now, because they didn't get to make the volcano erupt on them. Mike says "Oh, well!"

He thought they would just have smoke and lights, but now that she says that, it makes sense that they would have it erupt.

Erika has her big pink teddy on her shoulders, and she is waving its arms all around, saying "Hi, Mom!" and "Yay!!"

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Mike is getting a drink out of the fridge. Erika smirks at his back, then she straightens her face and asks him what his expression was when Janie evicted Will? She says she didn't even see him....

He says "Utter shock."

He says that what Janie did was "very Chilltownesque," and he respects it.

Erika says that "You learn from the best."

Mike says that he thinks she (Erika) already had it.

Erika asks if he is mad at her?

He says no. It has nothing to do with her. He's a little hurt.

Erika asks why he's hurt?

He says that he understands why Will likes this kind of big surprise move, but...

Mike: I don't know. Did you think I would meddle or something?

Erika: No. You said you didn't want to be in it, so...

Mike: Yeah. No, it has nothing to do with like-- it's very complicated for me. Obviously I don't want you to leave. It's not like you're somebody I'm against, so I could like, make it like oh, now I'm gonna do something--Like it's complicated, against anybody in the house, obviously I'd want you to stay. I'd very much, you know, as sad as I would have been to see you go, I had a little fantasy in my head that we were going to be--that Will and I and how crazy that would be. It's just natural feelings. That's what makes this game interesting.

Mike says that the game is flawed, Erika asks what he means, and he says because Will shouldn't have gone home this week, when Mike was HOH. Erika says that is what happened to her on her season. She wasn't nominated, and she left.

Mike: Yeah. I'm sure it's very satisfying for you.

Erika: No, it's not. It's not satisfying to see anyone go, but I'd rather it not be me.

Mike; Of course.

Mike says that if Erika had left and he played final three against Janie and Will, he would have probably lost against Will, but he would have taken him to the final two with him. From a game standpoint, it is easier now, but it is hard to be in the house without Will and "it's a lot of emotions."

Mike says it would have been a tough pill for him to swallow if Will would have won again, and now that is out of his way.

He says from a viewer standpoint it is amazing, great gameplay, but it is tough to swallow and he is emotionally invested. He thinks what both Janie and Erika did was amazing and he wasn't prepared for it mentally or emotionally.

Mike: I hope it is all over soon. I need to go back to my life. It was a little eyeopening for me. I need to get outta here.

Boogie starts to run on the treadmill. Erika looks like she is fighting a smirk and she leaves. She walks up the HOH stairs and lies down on the landing with her teddy bear and positions the bear so that both of them are looking down below them. They look like they are in a cage, behind bars. She makes the bear wave.

Janie comes in the kitchen and Erika says hi to her. Janie asks what she is doing.

Erika: Nothing. We're looking at all of the people. Oh, wait. There aren't any!

They both giggle.

Erika to DR

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