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The LOVE Tent


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If the HG's COULD be ALONE for 1 night not on cam...

WHAT would they do?Feel free to allow them to invite one other person or take something special in with them.

Dani - 3 bottles of wine and she'd trash the place floor to ceiling!

George - 5 loaded pizza's!

Erika - (Well it wouldn't be food) Probably call her 2 pooches via speakerphone and chat with them for a few hours.

Boogie - He'd trade Erika in for a night with Diane.

Janelle - She'd leave burnout skidmarks on the carpet grabbing Will by the hand & dragging him in for a night of loveeeeeeeee!

Will - He might just request a cam to explain endless reasons why he CAN'T spend the night with Janelle.

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