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August 12 Live Feed Updates

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10:10 BBT

Janelle & Howie hanging in the HoH room by themselves

James & Marcy in redrum. (some strategy talk interupted by FoTH) Marcy saying it's hard to decide between Erika & Dani but there is no point until after the POV. James leaves.

Dani, Will, Boogie, CG, in the BY cutting up.

Howie tries to get Janelle to get out of bed & go work out. Janelle says she doesn't want to get up & tries to convince Howie to go to bed instead. They say they are going after the floatherd, laughing, & saying how the floatherd is feeling the pressure now. Jan asks how he feels about CG. Howie says they need to get rid of Erika, Dani, & Marcy, the strongest players 1st. Then they can play how they want.

Janelle says something about offering Dani her bed tonight (something about owing her but couldn't catch all of it) Howie asks does Jan think CT has an ulterior motive or do they really want to go to final 5 w/them. Jan says she thinks CT really wants to go to final 5 w/them. Jan says CT would not make a big move & turn on them becasue they know the SOV would gun them down (shame she doesn't know it's the SOV 2 at this point :P ). Jan says CT wants to go to the end w/her & Howie becasue they think they would get the votes to win in the end. Howie says if they win they deserve it. At 1st CT was gunning after the SOV & SOV for CT but then someone that was riding their coat tails (aka floaters) betrayed us so we had to get them out of the game 1st.

Howie was so pissed after the 1st HoH when he got ripped off. The 1st one wasn't fair so they changed it (the 2nd was much more fair ;) ). They talk of how the floatherd pissed them off & poor Kaysar getting evicted before sequester again.

Jan goes over her nom speech. She told her she tried unsuccesfully to get me out of this house so I have no choice but to nom you.

They say there is a war going on. They rehash the nerdherd hatred & "bye bye bitches" from season 6 blah blah blah.

Howie says nobody has really yelled at each other this season. He says the fact that everyone knew each other coming in & it kinda takes away from things & people have more respect for each other. Jan wonders where the seq house is becasue she is going there soon. They say if Marcy won POV he would save Erika. They can't wait to see Erika & Dani campaign against each other. Janelle still thinks no one knows she can't compete for POV tomorrow. For the umpteenth time Howie says he believes he would have won the 1st HoH comp last nite.

Feed switches to...

Jan in kitchen asking Dani if she wants to sleep in her bed to get a good nights rest. Dani respectfully declines as does Erika. Jan goes outside & joins CT & CG. Will said the nom ceremony was intense. Will said when Jan told Erika that she despises the way she is playing the game.

(CT starts working Janelle) Talk of how Marcy got worked up earlier when talk went to the fans not voting him in. They tell Jan that Marcy said "why doesn't BB just give Jan the check now so we can all go home" Then he went & cried (literally) on Erika's shoulder. Jan says Marcy is a bitter bitch & if she had known he said that she would have nom him. Boogie said it's still not too late. Jan doesn't know why Marcy started disliking her so much. CT says he is jealous. Jan says Marcy pretended to be her best friend & then backstabbed her. Boogie tells her she should do something about it while she has the chance. They say Marcy's life revolves around BB & he is mad because he can't overshadow Jan & be the star of the show.

Feeds jumps to kitchen for a bit, then Howie & CG in HoH, then back to Will & Janelle alone on BY sofa. Will told one of the former HG judges, Nicole, that she looked like a lesbian wrestler at the food comp today. He starts out saying something the producers did & we go in & out of FoTH til he quits talking about the producers.

Will talks about Marcy crying today. Says Marcy hates you hates you hates you to Jan & was saying the show is fixed in her favor. He says Erika didn't think it was right that Jan & CG got to participate in the 2nd HoH comp. Will says he sees both Erika's & Jan's point of view but he is not going to pick sides becasue this is BB, it is wacked & the producers will do what they want. Jan says Marcy is a jerk. Will says he is a butt kisser. Boogie comes out & they continue to trash Marcy. Boogie says we can't let Marcy go far in this game.

Boogie says Erika thinks she has him wrapped around her little finger & by extension Will too. They said Jun called her out at the food comp & it made Erika cry. Erika comes out & catches them talking & they make a smooth transition into asking Erika what Jun's problem is. Erika says Jun is a bitch. Talk turns to Alison & how mean she was & how she made things personal on BB4. Will said he heard she gave 4 HJ's to guys during her season. Erika goes in. Talk turns to shit talking people in the DR & janelle says she doesn't so it. FoTH.

Talk of how it would be funny if CG makes it to final 5 & then starts winning the comps hands down. Will says CG found a piece of camo in his luggage & thought it was the twist. Will says the twist is that the show sucks.

Will asks Jan what is going on with her end. She says James is cool w/them going to final 5 but he wants Marcellas to go next. The plan is whoever wins POV is not to use it & they will vote Dani out. They keep saying CG swore on his life to Kaysar that he would vote to keep him & he lied (I am sry but I keep hearing this over & over & unless I missed something all I ever heard CG say was that he couldn't tell Kaysar how he was voting because it was against the rules to tell how you were voting)

Will said he hopes it all works out & that the floaters do not get to float til the end. Jan & Will go inside. Will asks if they are getting wine but no one knows.

Will goes back to bugroom & starts whispering to James about his convo w/Janelle. Will says he tried to convince Jan to nom Marcellas but wasn't successful & laughs about how he told her he didn't trust James 100%. Will says Jan thinks CT is w/SOV to final 5 which puts James in a good position since he has Dani & CT on one side & the SOV's on the other. James says CT has the same & Will sasy he knows. They are plotting over how to fool Janelle & get Dani off the block.

Erika & Boogie in the BY. Boogie alone in HT. Erika is laying on the sofa looking like death warmed over. Her eyes are all sunken in w/dark circles. (eat an M&M girl :P )

Now lotsa HG in kitchen making small talk.


(I'm out, nite all)

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Turned on feeds to see if I could update and FotH :angry:

10pm BBT

Ok, Erika and Marcellas are in the red room. All feeds on them. They are talking about Janelle and her nomination speech. Erika asks Marcellas if Janelle realize that she is talking to two jury members? Erika is going on about her talk with Kaysar. She asked Kay if he thought they were just going to sit back and let them pick off the floaters. Erika says she likes being on the offence and not defense. Marcellas says its much better and for 2 hours last night we thought we were.

Now they are discussion the fly and they cant believe they burned five hours talking about it and it want a clue.

Erika thinks it was just a decoration. *silence*

Janelle said something about starting a battle you need to finish the wat in her nomination speech. Erika said they did but voting out Kaysar. Erika said she isnt that smart and a bad player but makes good TV

If this new power is anything she just FotH

Feeds come back to the kitchen and Danielle and Howie play fighting. Erika is there too. They have wine.

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(OK I really am off to bed but I heard 1 thing)

Erika & Marcellas in the redrum pouting & talking. Erika said the fly was not a clue today. They dunno why it was in the porta-poddy but it was not a clue for the coup d'etat. They said in BB everything means something, everything except the fly & they laugh.

(Ok nite all, for real :P )

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Janelle says she has her period from all the stress!

Boogie and will in the SR. Saying something about letting her think its a shomance but dont let her think its a ho mance and FOTH!!!!!

Ok, back to the kitchen. Guess we wont find out about the homance!!

Will mentions Arthur and FOTH.... Back and everyone is sitting in the kitchen or D/table and drinking.

They are talking about Georgie. Will told him today at the food competition after George said he would help, that will just make it worse and CG was upset.

FotH again!

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12:10am BBT: Danielle, James, Howie & CG in red room. H and J and playing catch, but I'm not exactly sure with what (something circular that's smaller than a frisbee). D feigns surprise when H says he believes D would have voted out K if it came down to a tie. D tells H that he'll be surprised when he sees her diary rooms.

Jan, Will, Boogie and E outside in hot tub making chit chat.

Back in red room, D asks H if he was worried she would break his word to him. He says no. (BTW, Dani has had a few drinks at this point.) D blowing smoke up H's a** for his performance in the HOH competition (hanging from the web). She says when his name came out first in her speech (after Veto was used) she wasn't trying to scare him. James calls bulls**t.

Jan joins the group in the red room. They are now all talking about the taxes on $500,000.

B, W and E still in HT. Boogie and Will saying to us on the Internet, "We love you, we just pretend that we hate you." They say they pretend they don't care because of the S6ers. Dan joins them. They talk about Veto. Will and B want to make sure M doesnt get it. E says one of them has to pick M to play out of loyalty to him.

D, W, M and E now all calling K a liar. E says G never promised K a vote and K just said that to get W and B to vote for him (such crap) and E saying K lied to her and told her he never made a deal with CT (which he didn't!!). Then E changes her story and says that she asked K if he ever "offered" CT a deal and that's where he lied when he said no (total BS).

Dani thinks bec Jan can't play for veto that Jan also can't pick a ball to pick another player. Dani and E are convinced that there will be only 4 players in the veto comp. E says if Jan gets to pick a ball she'll be pissed.

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This has to be my last post tonight. I hope you guys will cover for me until Jem returns in the morning.

12:20AM BBT: From the HT: Will: "Hey internet, you know Erika's been dating Boogie for six months, how about getting married soon?" He goes on and on about them keeping this secret and that they're getting engaged and have the show rugged to win and that the internet people are so pathetic and how lame we are because the people we voted in are already home. [uhh, Will, we knew them dating before the show started, and engaged, you'll have to prove that when you get out.]

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At 12:20 when Will was talking to the internet people, he was taunting the producers "I bet you didn't know that you let someone in here that has been dating/living together for the last 6 months and are getting married soon - guess you should have done better background checks - and we are totally rigging the game so that we WILL share it." . He then says to the Internet viewers

W - for all you late nighters, bonus, boogie and erica are engaged and have hid it for 38 days. Tomorrow when you are asking yourself ...are they telling the truth...I'm telling you ...I'm telling you the truth. We 3 hang out every friday night. We are always together. We had to fake not knowing Erika that well when we first came into the house. And talked about how awkward it was.

During this time Erika and Boogie are cuddling and kissing and laughing at the producers."

Boogie and Will then looked at the cameras and they both said "we really do love you internetters...you guys are the ones that make the show. If it weren't for you we wouldn't be here. We make MUCH more on the outside. We are here for one of us to win (E, W or B ) and to give you a good show. We DO like you, we just play down the internet because of the 6'rs making such a big deal of it."

1:00am - W is in the HOH with Jan and Howie....they are talking and Howie asked Will how the "float herd" knew they were called the float herd. Will defends and says he probably just let it slip ..he said Erica is obviously a floater and is on everyone's side, so she obviously has to go. And he has been calling them floaters from the beginning. Will asks Janie and Howie if CG made a deal not to vote Kaysar out. Janie and howie both agree adamantly that kaysar doesn't lie, so if he said it...it was true. They talk about the convs. with CG and how he wont give up any info. Will said he too has approached CG and CG just says 'you know we aren't allowed to talk about the game'.

They wonder if Dani made the right guess in the DR about the twist.

(a female lamb - ewe....the dna comment from Julie Chen....maybe?..Do Not Assume Ewe are safe in the BB house.......just a thought...whaddu I know :)

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How asks if Dani has approached James w/ a deal...Janie says yes to save her w/ the veto.

Howie: How did the FH know I cal them the FH?

Janelle: What?!

Howie: And James got up and walked away right after.

How related Dani and E saying FH.

Janie thinks CT must have told them. How wonders if James could have told them. Jan says no.

How and Jan are mad at CT now...they think they're leaking info. How says not to tell them anything any more.

Janie thinks they should go confront Boogie right now.

Just before W walks in, Jan says she knows James wasn't the one who leaked the FH name.

W asks if they (FH) know if Jan can't play for POV...he says E and Dani were talking about it...how Janie should be allowed to pick someone to play. They wonder how it will work.

W asks who she will pick to play. W says E and Dani might pick CT...were hinting at it. W says he's telling them that he can't use it if they win because Jan will put a CT up.

How asks Will how FloatHerd knows they're called that. W says he's probably used it front of them. He says he didn't know it was a secret thing.

Howie says they know he calls them that...they pointed it at him.

Will saying he doesn't know why it's a big deal.

Will says he may have said it to them as a joke...says they are making a big deal about it. He says it's common knowledge that there are 3 groups.

Will is trying very hard to deflect this...make it seem like it's no big deal that the name was leaked. He's now changed the subject to how much the FloatHerd sucks - Marci in particular.

Howie says they have to keep Janie in the game as long as possible because she sends people home.

Will says his only problem is w/ James. Jan says not to worry about it. With Dani gone, he'll lose his plan B.

Now talking about the vote last week...Will saying that he would have rather had James go than Kay.

They talk about CG lying about voting for Kay.

Will says James is untrustworthy to Howie and Janelle

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They speculate what the prize that they win would be. Will wonders if they are going to get 1million dollars (the person that wins the thing)

Will says that anytime he tries to discuss things with james, james seems real nervous and fidgety. Will feels that James is as trustworthy as he will be. He will do anything at any cost. He is a worm. james will do anything to win. not in a cool way. in a crappy way. He tells J & H that if Danielle wins HOH they do NOT have James.

They talk about the fact that they haven't had a physical comp. in a while and that they think one will be coming up. Will tells them that Danielle hates them. Erika pretends to like everyone and will support whoever it is most convenient. They know where Chill Town stands (I don't - lol).

Will says that they made an alliance built on familiarity instead of trust (they = janie, howie, kaysar, james)

Will says to J & H - as long as you aren't against Boogie, I wont vote either of you out. If you are up against boogie, all bets off, but as long as you are there against anyone else, I wont vote you out. If you are up against each other, I will let you tell me what to do.

Feed switched to red room where Boogie and Erika are in bed together under the covers. (All 4 feeds on them now). (I think) Erika said....." I do love you.".

E - I can't believe you got me into this

B - We thought it was a good idea.

Boogie earlier was really happy about something and he wanted Erika to see his happiness, but Erika said she didn't want to give it away by looking at him. They start whispering and we get......FOTH

Back to them whispering and spooning in the big bed. They are both whispering...relationship banter back and forth. Erika keeps laughing and telling him to "stop that" and Boogie tells her he has to ask her a game question. He wanted to know why she went into the DR and guessed the same guess right after Danielle.

Boogie off to the bathroom....Feeds switch to HOH with Will, Janie, and Howie.

W - it's weird how Kaysar's eviction wasn't as dramatic as when the others left and said it was like Kaysar fizzled out.

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They are quite far apart.

Erika: Boogie, I miss you.

Boogie: I know, why do we have to sleep on this 10 foot bed.

Marc comes in for a sec and B asks who that random black guy was?

Erika laughs and tells him to move over so she won't get evicted this week.

Boogie moves, but a later says "Are we keeping up this charade?"

Erika: What charade?

Boogie: That we aren't madly in love.

Erika laughs.

During this time there are several kissing noises...I think B is kissing her hand. He tried to give her a kiss ("one quick kiss before he comes back"), but E says no.

Erika kisses B's hand...now they are holding hands. She kisses his hand again.

Boogie: I love your nose.

Boogie wonders why they can't have this room to themselves?

E jokes that it's because this isn't their apartment, they're on the TV show, he begged her to go on. Boogie kisses her.

Erica tells him that everything they're doing right now is gonna be on TV. B says, no. E laughs.

Boogie loudly kisses her hand. Erika tells him to stop because it's too loud.

Boogie says he sees a man w/ a flashlight. Erika sits up, says where?...says that scares heer. Boogie scoots up close and says, "don't worry, I'm here for you."

(ed. very serious)

Lots of moving around...Erika giggles.

Boogie moves closer, goes all the way under the covers. I can hear kissing noises...a little heavy breathing....lots of movement under the covers.

After a couple minutes, Erica tells him he has to go back to his side. Boogie moves. Jokes, "Can you stay on your side of the bed, please. I really feel like you're taking advantage of me."

Boogie tells her to get rest for POV.

Boogie : I can't take this!

Boogie playing wuth her hair,very snugly.

Can someone take over..bedtime!!

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1:31am - Will asks Janelle why she was acting so formal around him lately. Janie says she hasn't been. She says that she feels bad for putting up Erika. Will says that if he won HOH it would be hard for him to nominate someone and kill their dreams and he doesn't want to be in that position. Clearly, I have to now.

Jan - so are you gonna win one now?

W - either this one or the next Boogie or I will win. We get this down to the final 5 - split the money. And then get to sequester and try to get people to vote in their favor.

Will doesn't think James' ego would let him do the split plan.

janie asks how they can be sure it would happen. Will says that they have a verbal agreement binding in the state of california and that they will write something up later. will says that he's a loyal honorable person and Boogie made him loads of money from season 2 on...and that same thing could be done with them. Investing.

Will eventually says goodnight and says he is going off to bed.

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Erika and Boogie are moving around talking, making jokes. Erika comments that they are sleeping in a huge bed. Boogie says ...yeah, cause we voted everyone out...they all laugh.

Will comes to the door and asks if he can come in. They both say yes.

B - what are we doin

w - we are making great tv

B - we are starting a showmance

Will leaves

Boogie talks about Will's romance at home. Boogie comment that Will is a good catch for a girl. Erika says that it's good. Boogie thinks that Will worries too much about Erin. Erika says that is good.

Will says he's gonna leave cause it looks like "they are about to hook up". He says that Erika has to find a way to mend fences with Janelle. Will says that Janelle seems to be alone, Howie gets her hyped up, but he's an idiot. Boogie agrees that Howie is a Vanilla Gorilla. Will leaves

E - if we dont win this, we're idiots

B - yeah for sure. where the fuck is the competition. i dont think CG is dumb as we think

E - I gotta think.

B - ok...no pressure.

B says that when the lamb was in the livingroom that howie said.."man, why dont you just get a condom and bang it"

E - bullshit, he did not



E- He's disgusting. I want him out of here

Boogie is kissing Erika's hand and E says...is this the romantic date you were talking about?

B - this is the only time I can get your atttention

E - you getting mine? or me getting yours?

whispering...can't make it out...talking about who's playing who in the game

Erika is talking about the HOH mess up and how mad she is about it. She said that she talked to dr.? in the DR and "she" made her feel better about it by telling her the situation sucked. Boogie said that 'she" made him feel better too.

E says that if she had won the hoh...she would have put up janelle and howie.

They agree that they should fall asleep for the veto tomorrow..Boogie checks if the coast is clear and then kisses Erika

E - why do you always fight with me

B - it's all fun and games. Could we agree now that any stupid shit that happens here we can erase and start over. Like not let the game affect their relationship.

E - you're such a brat

Marcellas comes into the room to go to bed. He says he just got finished (1:59am) cleaning up after a bunch of white folks. (lol)

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1:50am BBT: E and M trying to figure out who's playing who between Marc and Dani. They're not sure. E says they should keep their distance from both of them from now on.

E says Jan shouldn't have been allowed to compete in the 2nd HOH. She says no one will vote for Jan if she makes it to the end because of it. E "Chicken George is useless." Then back to HOH. E complaining about how unfair it is and how she would have put up Jan and H.

(I can hear a baseball game or something in the background, a camera man must be listening to the radio or something, as in with some kind of headset bc the houseguests can't hear it.)

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1:59am bbt - F1 & 2 - Red room - Boogie, Erika and Marcellas heading off to sleep

F3 & 4 - HOH - Janie and howie talking -Janie's snackin on cookies

H- after the veto, we're working out t omorrow

J - mmhmm

H - everyone is playing everyone in this house?

J - mmhmm

h - you aren't playing me are you?

J - what?!?! god no.....knock it off

looks like things have settled...janie and howie are going over pretty much the same things

Howie laying in the HOH bed....Janie doing before bedtime bathroom routine in bathroom.

Janie says "Oh Boy Howie. let's go to bed"

Janie and Howie discuss if they live feeders watch this late. janie says yes. They dont think we can see them, but then howie mentions that they have the night vision cameras. Janie asked what good it would do to report so late and Howie tells her a lot of stuff happens late.

g-nite :)

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2:10am BBT: Boogie, E and M asleep in red room.

Jan and H are chatting in bed. H says, "You know people are watching us in night vision right now." Jan says, "What?! You really think so?" They say "Hi, live feeders!"

2:18am BBT: Jan tells H that while they were sleeping outside this morning during LD James and Marc had a fight and James made M cry. Jan says that Marc said this game is rigged and the producers wanted Jan to win last year and this year the others from BB6 are just there to protect Jan. James says, 'So, you think we didn't get voted in?' Jan says after they were done M went to cry on E's shoulder. H chuckles and says, "Awesome."

H tells Jan about talking with Dani earlier in red room saying if it was a tie Dani would have voted out K. Jan, "You said that?" H "Yeah." J "What did James say?" H "Nothing." H says no one was upset by it, Dani was just surprised that he thought that and said watch the diary rooms.

2:40am BBT: All is quiet in the BB house. (goodnight everybody)

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10:16 BB time

James up now exercising; Danelle finishing a shower. Marcellas got up for a minute to wash his face. Don't know where he is now.

James came up to Danelle....didn't hear the beginning but

J: Erica lies like a mfer...George lie..

D: we'll talk about it after...

Danelle called to the DR.

Good morning HG Veto in 60 min..

11:10 BB time

Boogie told Will in the storage room that when he was called the the DR (right after Danielle), they really emphasized that the secret would be something that effects the rest of the game.

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