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Thursday Eviction: Who will Go?



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  1. 1. Who will be the second Evicted

    • Diane
    • Nakomis
    • Other (if veto used)

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First of all, Kaysar made an "OKAAAAAAAAAY" move. It wasnt great but not bad either. However James and Janelle have totally messed up the SOV alliance. I freaking hate Nakomis. My Prediction is Erika will not use the veto. And Diane will be voted out.

PLEASE keep Diane, shes hot too. and Nakomis is a tattoed covered goth (or whatever u call her type) and shes ugly.

God i hope Janelle does not back stab kaysar. Because then she will backstab james ot howie.

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this tough one to call

nakomis has the brains to win hoh Q & A type comps

diane is the more determine of the two when she is piss

so i go out on a limb and say diane but this a tough one to call

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i wish they would make up their minds....i personally would like to see the veto used and mike or will be put up... i just really dont like those two!!

Janelle and James are drilling Kaysar to get rid of Booger.

I hope he takes her advice. If not I know it will drive Janie to win HOH.

I can's stand sadisitics pricks (Will) the only people I hate more are their toadies (Booger). Those two remind me of the bullies in a "A Christmas Story". I hope Janelle pulls a little Ralphie and kicks Will's ass.

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