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BB25-Episode 42-Finale!!!


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Julie greets us on Day 100 and either Bowie Jane, Matt, or Jag will win the final part of the HOH competition. We pick up on Part 1 of the HOH competition. Jag says he won a lot of competitions and this is the most important one. He is the first Sikh HG and he is doing this for his family and community.


Bowie Jane says she’s getting slammed and dipped and covered in hair and this is disgusting. Matt doesn’t want to be dragged to the F2 he wants to decide who goes to the end. Bowie Jane has a F2 with Jag and if she can win this HOH she’ll have won the most HOH comps this season and maybe she can still some votes from Jag.


Jag says the cold rain is the worst part of the HOH. Bowie Jane is struggling and she is so cold but she needs to hang on. Matt says he is freezing and they are told to move from the disc to the bubble and it’s about to get a lot harder. Bowie Jane doesn’t know how much longer she can hold on. She falls at 1 hour and 24 minutes.


Jag is glad someone fell because he wants this competition over but he wants to win. Matt says this is super exciting that he and Jag are fighting it out. Jag doesn’t want Matt getting suspicious and he looks solid so they decide to do rock paper scissors. 


Matt and Jag both do paper first. They go again and Matt has rock and Jag has scissors. Jag drops at 2 hours and 56 minutes. Jag says he is happy for Matt but this puts more pressure on him for round 2. Bowie Jane was hoping she or Jag would win because they have a F2 but it looks like they’ll have to face each other.


Dr. Will is back to host the jury round table. Felicia joins America, Cory, Cam, Cirie, and Blue and says Jag made a $750k mistake. She tells them Bowie Jane won HOH and Jag won veto. 


The jury discuss why Bowie Jane was never nominated. America says she’s a floater and that’s a strategy. Cirie says she was never a threat because she never had an opinion. Cam says her going along to evict Cameron was a big move and he says she’s smarter than they give her credit for. Felicia says she didn’t make decisions and followed instructions.


The jury discusses how much control he had. Cory says Jag had a rough start but then had an easier path late game. Dr. Will says Jag won 7 vetoes which is the most. Cirie says Cam was a competitor but had a terrible social game, why is Jag different. Cory says Jag wasn’t flawless though.


The jury agree Matt had a better social game. Blue says Matt was good at telling him what he wanted to hear. She thinks Matt played a more manipulative game without making them feel bad. Cirie says Matt came into a game where hearing conversations matter. America’s says his worst move was not owning any of his moves.


It’s time for Part 2 of the final HOH competition. The winner will face off against Matt in part 3. On go, the HG will zip line from one platform to the other. They need to transfer 2 competition titles at a time and put them in the correct order in chronological order. The fastest time wins. 


Jag wants to win and control his own fate. Jag says he’s been preparing for this all season except for which universe each comp came from. So he’s  doing this on the fly. Jag is moving pretty quickly and he feels great about Scaryverse and Humiliverse and rings in and is incorrect. 


Jag is struggling to find the right combination and he is worried he is fumbling the bag. Jag says this is melting his brain and he starts working it out and finally gets it correct. He says this stings because they are close to the end and he feels like he choked.


Bowie Jane says she’s been underestimated and she wants to prove she can win. Bowie Jane also says she studied all season but she didn’t study which universe the competitions were from. She looks to be taking her time and she finally has them all up and buzzes in and she has a lot of the answers wrong.


Bowie Jane says she’s so lost and has no idea what could be wrong. We see Jag says he won 9 comps and he fumbled the bag and Bowie Jane is probably smoking the competition. Bowie Jane says she’s been down here so long Big Brother 26 probably started. She finally works things out and buzzes in. She says if Jag was as bad as her she has a chance.


Matt reveals the times for the competition. Jag is frustrated with himself and it was his worst performance and he has to live with this being his fault. Bowie Jane says Jag is looking nervous and maybe he messed up as much as she did. Jag won Part 2 with a time of 1:02:56 and Bowie Jane finished with 1:36:02. 


Jag did not expect this win because he did terrible. He says now he has to face off against Matt and he will have a huge decision to make. Matt is excited because he has an agreement with Jag. But he wants to win so he’s not dragged to the end, he gets the choice. Bowie Jane hopes Jag wins because they have a F2.


It’s time for the final round of the HOH competition! Jag and Matt are ready. They’ll hear 3 statements from each juror and they have to choose which one is false. They’ll have 6 videos and whoever has the most points wins.


1. The Cameronverse is kind of like the BB25 Universe because here, I still pretty much win everything I do. But with cooler hair. Almost as cool as when a) throughout the season, I received a total of 15 votes on eviction night.  b) I lost the first 4 Veto comps I played in. c) I was the replacement nom both times I was evicted. The false statement is A. Cameron had 14 votes. Both get it right. Both get a point.


2. In the Coryverse, the women line up around the corner for the chance to lock lips with me. They say it's because of my amazing mustache, but I think it's because I was so entertaining to watch in the BB House. Like when I a) Was nominated for eviction twice before winning HoH. b) Was the 9th HoH of the season. c) Received 5 votes to evict the week I was evicted. The fake answer is B. Cory was the 8th HoH. Both get it right and both get a point.

3. Kitty Kitty Purr, boots down in the Blueverse. Your universe is crusty musty dusty, but this universe slays, because everyone's fashion is always on point. And girl, that's the T. It's like the time I a) was the 8th person to fall off the wall in the "Attack of the 50ft Meatball" comp. b) Came in 3rd place in the "Twisted Tasks" comp. c) Was eliminated in the 2nd round of the "Escape The Nether Region" comp. The fake answer is C. Blue was eliminated in the 1st round of the Escpe The Nether Region comp. It's now tied 3-3.

4. Ameriverse is the land of the brave and home of the Me. Each day, I'm celebrated because, well, I'm America! People go crazy whenever they seem me, because if my stars and stripes and incredible accomplishments, like when I a) Sat on the block and survived eviction 3 times. b) Was first to complete the "Puzzling Headlines" comp on Opening Night. c) Came in 3rd place in the "BB Exorcism" comp. The false statement is C. Blue came in 3rd place. Both get it right and get a point.

5. It's all peace and quiet in the Cirieverse. Just what I need after spending 93 days in the crazy BB House. Life is so comfy and cozy here, it's incredible. Almost as incredible as when a) I went head-to-head against Felicia in the "BB Odd Couples" comp. b) I didn't play in the first 10 BB comps. c) My name never appeared as a top 3 score in a Veto comp. The falase statement is B. Cirie didn't play in the first 9 Veto comps. They both get a 5th point.

The last video. 6. In the Feliciaverse, my favorite ingredients are always available. I can fill my pockets with ALL my favorite foods. Every destination I paddle to is delicious, just like when I a) Scored a 53 in the "Snot A Winner" comp. b) Sat on the block 6 times on eviction night. c) Played in every HoH and Veto comp  that Cameron won. The false statement is C. Felicia did not play in "Revenge of the Pressure Cooker" which Cameron won.  Both guess wrong and neither gets a point.

With a 5-5 tie, we go to a tie breaker. The answer will be in minutes. The person closest to the correct number without going over will be the Final HoH. If you both go over, the guess closest to the correct number wins.

How many minutes was the "When Universes Collide" HoH Part I comp from the official start to when Jag hit the water, making Matt the winner?

Matt guesses 140. Jag guesses 163. The correct answer is 176 minutes. Jag wins Part III of the Final HoH and choose who sits next to him in the F2.


Jag stands and says he got close with Bowie Jane and she made 2 promises to him, that she would take him to F2 if she win and if she was in jury she’d vote for him. Matt saved him early in the game and it would be wrong to turn his back on him. He says he hopes if he takes Matt and loses 6-1 he hopes the vote is from Bowie Jane. He votes to evict Bowie Jane. She says no problem and gives hugs.


Julie asks Bowie Jane if Jag mad the right decision. Bowie Jane says she is proud of him. She says they had a discussion about Jag doing what was best for him and Matt is a great person and she’s proud of Jag. Bowie Jane will now move to the jury!


It’s time for jury questions! Cirie’s question is for Matt and she says the jury perceived Jag as the leader and Matt was the follower. Matt says his biggest move Path of Power and they did everything together. There was no leader.


Cory’s question is for Jag and says it was clear they were working together and what were the dynamics and did he carry Matt to F2. Jag says Matt did save him but he has paved the path and he was the leader the whole time. He made sure of that.


Felicia asks Matt if he ever really considered evicting Jag. He says he was never going to do that and he told people what they wanted to hear and he was loyal to Jag and he never put him up.


America says Jag took ownership of evictions but prior he did not and the jury thinks that is cowardly. How does he defend that? He says he never knew for sure what would happen so he was protecting his game but owning up to after the eviction happened the way he wanted it to.


Cameron asks Matt for a specific example of a time he strategically lied to advance his game. Matt says he always told people what they wanted to hear. He talks about lying about evicting Jag. He says he’d get information and use it when he needed to.


Blue asks Jag if he remembers being voted out unanimously but Matt saved his game. Why does he deserve to win over the person who saved him. Jag says he adapted his game and came up with a BB master plan for himself and made sure his targets went home and he was in a better position in the game.


Bowie Jane asks Jag how his game for the better when he joined the Mafia with her and Matt. Jag says they had to make a lot of big moves together and that changed the entire course of the game.


It’s time for the final 2 pleas. They each get a chance to make a final plea on why they deserve to win Big Brother!


Matt says he is the first deaf person and he had no model to go off of. He had to play a social game and physical game. He was on nominated once by the guy he saved week 4. He couldn’t hear half the conversations so he lived in he have not room for the conversations. He says double elimination and won vetoes. He performed in a high pressure situation and he knew his social game was good so he did not need to win HOH’s. He was a good team player and they each played their own game.


Jag says he’s standing where he is because he willed it to be that way. He signed their eviction notice and he convinced Bowie Jane to get Cameron on the block.he single handedly sent Cory and Blue home and he convinced Matt they needed to send Cirie home because she was closer to Matt. He deserves to win and he earned the victory. He is covered in their blood and is the most masterful player in the house and he deserves to be the first Sikh winner.


It’s time to vote! Cameron says what a road and he is voting for the guy he told he’d vote for. Cory is voting for who he thinks he could beat in a fight. Blue says team brunette or blonde, in her speech she said it best. America says this is her cockadoodle vote to the slimiest snake of them all.


Cirie says Cory told them best that she is loyal to a fault and she is casting her vote for who was most loyal to her. Felicia congratulates both and neither one of them was loyal to her but she’s voting for the person who got people to be friends and trust them even when they were deceitful. Bowie Jane says she loves them both so much and she’s going to keep to her word.


Kirsten, Reilly, Hisam, Red, Izzy, Jared, and Mecole. Julie asks Mecole what surprised her the most and she said Cameron was sort of the hero of the season when she thought he was the villain. Cameron is flattered. He wanted to have fun and out it all out there.


The thing that surprised Hisam is that Mecole was a political consultant and he would have worked with her sooner. Julie says Mecole wasn’t the only one hiding her true profession and she turns to Bowie Jane who says she’s an attorney. Felicia says Cameron guessed that.


Felicia says they know Bowie Jane isn’t 35 and she’s curious how old she is. Jane says she is actually 45. Julie says Cameron is convinced that Felicia has a famous relative and Julie asks if she is related to Denzel Washington and she is not. 


Julie says Denzel may not have been related to anyone in the house but two people who played were related. Matt looks stunned and Julie wants to know who he thinks is related and he says Cory and America. Matt says he didn’t think that throng and he is stumped. Julie turns to Jared and someone says Felicia and Jared? Jared says he was playing with his mom and Cirie raises her hand. Matt and Jag are stunned. Cory says he voted out Jared and thought he could work with Cirie after that. 


They look at the first HG who were evicted reactions to finding out Cirie and Jared were related. Julie says Izzy figured out the secret and she knew when they were on stage before entering the house. Julie asks how she knew and Izzy says she is a survivor fan and followed Cirie. Julie says Jared didn’t do a good job of keeping their secret and Jared says he told Blue. Cirie says she’ll have a talk with Jared after. They have a lot of talking to do.


Julie lets Reilly say hi to Matt and she has been rooting for him and is so proud of him and everything he has overcome. Julie thanks everyone and we’ll be back to see the jury votes. 


It’s time to find out the winner of Big Brother 25! 

Bowie Jane voted for Jag.

Felicia voted for Matt.

Cirie voted for Matt.

America voted for Jag.

Blue voted for Jag. 

Cory voted for Jag.

Jag has won BB25!


Jag and Matt come out and hug and celebrate with everyone. Julie says we’ll find out who America voted as their favorite houseguest.


Julie reveals Cameron also voted for Jag so he won 5-2. The top 3 vote getters for americas favorite houseguest was Cirie, Matt, and Cameron. And America’s Favorite Houseguest is….Cameron! He thanks America and says he’s speechless and he’s emotional.


Julie tells Matt he goes him with $75k and a girlfriend. Jag is going home with $750k and he’s on top of the world and he hopes he made his family proud. Julie thanks all the HG.


Julie says something is going on in the Big Brother house and Frankie Grande is in a laundry basket with Danielle and Brittney. They find the time laser and Frankie is going to “fix” everything. They are closing down the BB universes and we Christmas jingles. We see the memory wall with 9 numbers and we see Christmas PJ’s on Danielle, Frankie, and Brittney. Legendary BB players will play Reindeer games. And one of the BB25 HG will be invited to compete.

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