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BB25-Episode 36-Double Eviction!!


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Julie greets us and it’s Day 86 and it’s double eviction night. We pick up on day 83 after the veto meeting and Jag decided not to use the veto and Blue is his target. Blue understands Jag doesn’t want blood on his hands and America is still the target.


America says she’s being told she’s a pawn but if she survives the week the American revolution is coming. Cirie would rather Blue stay because she would be the best competitor to go after Jag. If she can’t get the votes for Blue to stay, then she wants a tie so Jag has to evict Blue. 


Felicia doesn’t want to go against Jag and maybe she should be working her own Plan B. Felicia says her original plan is to go with Cirie, but she needs another plan. Felicia is telling Jag Matt is trying to take Jag out and that she is loyal. Jag says Matt is supposed to be his ride or die in the game.


We see a clips from Cirie telling Matt that Jag is seen as a bigger competitor and her telling Felicia that Matt says Jag has to go some time. Cirie says Matt wants to wait until final four but Cirie wants to get on that train immediately. Matt says he wants Cirie to know there is a path to final two and his odds of beating Cirie in final two are better than him beating Jag.


Julie informs the HG that it is double eviction night and two of them will be joining Cameron and Cory in the jury house. America asks how many of them have personally victimized by Jag? She says he must be stopped and she will not rest until they are free from Jag’s evil wrath. 


Blue does her shoutouts. She says it has been an honor and she hopes she made her parents proud. Kitty Kitty purr. It’s time for the voting to begin! 

Matt sadly chooses to evict Blue.

Bowie Jane votes to evict Blue.

Cirie sadly votes to evict Blue.

Felicia sadly votes to evict Blue.

Blue has been evicted by a vote of 4-0. Blue gives hugs to everyone and joins Julie.


Julie asks Blue what happened and Blue says she was surprised and a player this good has to be a target eventually. She thinks Jag knew she was coming after him. Blue says after Cory the Jag would have to be next because he is an incredible player. 


Blue feels most betrayed by Jag and Matt. Final thoughts? How do you like Blue’s outfit?!? Julie sends her to jury and double eviction night will roll on next.


It’s time for the HOH competition! There will be 7 rounds. They’ll be shown three movie posters from 3 BB movies and they’ll be asked a question about what they just saw. The HG with the most points after 7 rounds will be HOH.


Question 1-Which poster featured a veto medallion? Bowie Jane answers C and everyone else answers B and they are all wrong.


Question 2-Which poster featured someone without a hat on? Felicia answers an and everyone else answers b. The correct answer is B.Matt, Cirie, America, and Bowie Jane all get 1 point.


Question 3-Which poster featured the caption “Now in 3D”? Cirie answers C, Felicia A answers an and everyone else answers B. The correct answer is C. Cirie has 2 points. Matt, America, and Bowie Jane has 1 point, and Felicia has 0 points.


Question 4-Which poster featured the movie title at the top of the poster? Felicia answers B, Cirie and Bowie Jane answer C, America and Matt answer A. Correct answer is C. Cirie has 3 points, Bowie Jane has 2 points, Matt and America have 1 point. Felicia has 0 points.


Question 5-Which poster featured an image of the inside of the Big Brother house? Cirie answers A, Bowie Jane and America answer C, and Matt and Felicia answer Bl The correct answer is b. Cirie has 3 points, Bowie Jane and Matt have 2 points, America and Felicia have 1 point.


Question 6-Which movie poster featured the caption “A Big Brother Production”? Cirie answers C, Matt and Bowie Jane answer A, and Felicia and America answer C. The correct answer is A. Cirie, Matt, and Bowie Jane have 3 points, and America and Felicia have 1 point.


Question 7-Which movie poster featured exactly 3 people? Cirie answers B and everyone else answers A. The correct answer is A. Matt and Bowie Jane have 4 points, Cirie has 3 points, America and Felicia have 1 point. There is a tie between Matt and Bowie Jane.


Tiebreaker-In seconds, how long did the Superhero training academy part 1 veto competition last? Matt says 10000 and Bowie Jane answers 5400. The correct answer is 7900. Bowie Jane wins HOH! 


It’s time for nominations! Bowie Jane says this is terrifying but she nominates Felicia and America. 


It’s time for the veto competition! They have to run and retrieve their candy from a box and deposit 4 candies into their straw and the first to do it will win veto. The HG start and Matt connects. Cirie’s bounces out. Matt has his second candy. Bowie Jane just misses hers. Matt has his third candy and America gets her first. Matt drops the fourth and wins the veto!


America is begging Matt to use veto on her because she can’t do this again and so Cirie will go up. America says Bowie Jane has a deal with Cirie. Felicia asks if she is safe and a Matt says yes. Jag hugs him and then Bowie Jane comes in. Cirie congratulates Matt.


It’s time for the veto meeting! Matt has decided to keep noms the same. America goes to talk to Cirie and Felicia goes to talk to Bowie Jane. Either America or Felicia will join Blue I’m heading to the jury house with Cameron and Cory.


It’s time for the live vote and eviction! America wants to stay and keep playing. Felicia is trusting and believing and hoping she continues to stay.


It’s time for the live vote!

Cirie votes to evict America. 

Jag votes to evict America. 

Matt sadly chooses to evict America.

By a vote of 3-0, America has been evicted from the Big Brother house. America is emotional and hugs everyone. She grabs her bag and heads out to join Julie.


Julie asks if America if she thought she had a chance after she lost veto and she says no. She knew she didn’t stand a chance because Matt and Jag want a final four with Cirie and Felicia. America says everyone is just letting Matt and Jag slide through. 


Julie asks if America seeing Cory at jury softens the blow and she says yes. She’s excited to continue where her and Cory left off. Final thoughts? America says she’s sorry she didn’t win anything. The competitions are so much harder than they look. 

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