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BB25-Episode 33-Veto Meeting and Live eviction

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Julie greets us and it’s Day 79 in the house. But first, we pick up on Day 76 for the veto meeting. Cirie is told to change in her super suit and gauge her popularity by gliding around the house and waving to all her adoring fans. 


Blue kicks off the veto meeting and she has decided to use the power of veto on herself. Duh. The invisible HOH must name a new HG as a replacement nominee. The replacement nominee is…America.


Jag now takes over and he has decided to use the power of veto on Mama Fe and he hugs Felicia. The Invisible HOH will name a second replacement nominee and the nominee is…Cory.


America is crying and the veto meeting is adjourned. Jag says this wasn’t the original plan, but he and Matt started hearing too many things that sounded like a betrayal. Cory says he cannot be that upset at Jag and he has been preparing for the possibility of campaigning against America. He is going to try and stay this week.


America doesn’t want to be there without Cory but she wants to stay. She thought they were good with a jag but she guesses not. She needs to talk to everyone. She needs to talk to Jag and tell him off. Blue says this is poetic justice.


Cory talks to Jag first and he says he was targeting Matt and Jag next week but he hasn’t told anyone but America. Jag says Cory said they he and Matt were big targets. America comes in and says why? What’s going on? She denies targeting Matt and Jag and denies trying to get anyone else to do so.


America says Jag and Matt are the next targets because they are the only other targets. Jag says America can’t be mad at him, she has to be mad at herself for talking too much and changing their plan.


Cirie and Felicia are talking about America will want to target Jag and Matt next week. Cirie says she has been laying low waiting for the war between the duos to erupt. They say they just need to keep ducking so they don’t get hit and go on the block.


Jag and Matt are in the restroom area when America is washing her hands and Jag says let me know when you want to talk. America says literally, F off. America goes to lay down with Cory and she feels responsible. She says Cory is always so careful with his words and she was sloppy and should have known better. 


Cory says it’s frustrating he’s on the block because America’s conversations with Blue. But he’s going to try and survive this vote and win the game. America tells Cory that Jag and Matt are so stupid.


America goes to Blue to talk and America is feeling so hurt and so betrayed. America asks Blue what the goal was and she asks if Jag and Matt are really going to take her to three. Blue says she’s going to play her game the way she wants to and she was fighting for her life to be there. She says America is not on an island and she is open to whatever. America says she just feels really betrayed. 


Cirie has to suit up and test her super self and she has to hide and scare another HG. Cirie hides in the living room and she jumps out as Blue walks through. Cirie is called to suit up and test her aqua ability and stay in the pool for 2 hours.


Cirie gets out of the pool and she is immediately called to test her super speed by doing 100 laps in the backyard. All the walking she wants to do is out the door. She says her being alone without her closest allies, isn’t that punishment enough.


We see Cirie get called another 7 times and she says it’s like every 5 seconds. She gets called to suit up in the middle of the night and save a fellow HG from their nightmare. She goes back to bed and she gets called to do it again and she says she’s the only one in a nightmare here.


Blue is talking to Cory. Cory says he needs 3 votes to stay. He and Blue don’t have common ground, but maybe they have a common target. Blue says she thought America was the invisible HOH. He tells Blue she was the target of Jag and he stays, she knows who he is targeting. Blue says Cory is making some good points.


Cory feels pretty confident he has Blue’s vote. Now he has to pull in Felicia and Cirie. Cory tells them individually that he will be going after Matt and Jag and everyone else would be safe for at least two weeks. Cirie says if they are going to take a shot at Matt and Jag, Cory has a better shot at winning HOH than America.


Blue is talking to Cirie and says down the line Matt and Jag have to go too. Cirie says who is going to beat them. They discuss it not being a bad idea to keep Cory. Cirie is surprised that Blue could be on board and if she can get Felicia on board, this might work.


Cirie and Felicia are talking and Cirie says her and Blue were talking about Jag and Matt will have to go. They discuss if Cory would reconcile with Matt and Jag. They are debating if it’s a good idea to keep Cory or no. She says if they can get Cory to take one of them out before they take him out, that puts her in final five and it might be worth the risk.


It’s time for the live vote and eviction. Julie informs Cirie that her punishment is over. Cory shouts out Stevie and says daddy is coming home. Cory says this is the most incredible experience of his life. But he has to blow up one persons HOH. He says Bowie, just kidding. He says Jag was the invisible HOH and everyone should do with that information what they want.


America does her shoutouts, including to her showmance haters. She says if she stays she’s going after the Aston Moron and the dumb blond. It’s not strategy, it’s personal. She thanks Cory for being who he is. 


It’s time to vote! 

Matt sadly chooses to vote fly guy, Cory.

Bowie Jane votes to evict Cory.

Jag says he put half the house on the block this week so it was interesting.

Cirie votes to evict Cory.

Felicia votes to evict Cory.

Blue casts her vote to evict Cory. Duh.

By a unanimous vote of 5-0, Cory has been evicted from the house.


Julie asks Cory what he made of the move? He says it was the right move and he was very uneasy but he didn’t see the double backdoor coming. Julie says Cory prides himself on being one of the best persuasive speakers in the country and she asks why he couldn’t get votes? He says he was wrong. Cory says the votes weren’t there.


Julie asks about America throwing Matt and Jag under the bus with Blue. Cory says this wasn’t America’s fault and he could have been proactive because he knew about the conversations. Julie asks if the showmance was a downfall? He says no because it’s not different than Jag and Matt.


Jag says Cory is a great friend but he had to make this move earlier than he wanted to. Blue says he wasn’t as smart of a player as he thought. Cirie says Cory is smart but not smart enough to not rub his showmance in everyone’s face. America can’t wait to meet his family.


Cory can’t wait to spend more time with America and she’s amazing. Julie asks how she will do in the house and he says she’s winning! 


Sunday we’ll find out who wins HOH and Tuesday the veto will be up for grabs. And next Thursday there will be a double eviction. 

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