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BB25-Episode 32-Two Vero Competitions

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We pick up on Day 73 after the nomination ceremony and Jag, as the invisible HOH, nominated Felicia and Blue. He isn’t ready to go after Cory and America so he has to win veto and keep noms the same.


Felicia says whoever the Invisible HOH is, sit down. She’s been on the block five times and she is still here. Blue says whoever the weirdo is that’s the invisible HOH won’t come out to play. She’s been nominated next to Felicia and she could be the target. Cirie just wants to lay low because the two people she is working with are on the block.


Jag is denying to Blue that he isn’t the invisible HOH and she says the only person who could got a time that fast is Jag. Jag says he wants Blue to think it’s Cory just in case she stays. Cory wants Blue out do he doesn’t get blood on his hands and Jag has to take the shot against his best friend. Then Cory can go after Matt and Jag.


Felicia says her gut tells her it’s Cory or Jag who is the invisible HOH and she approaches them and asks who the target is. Cory denies being the HOH. Felicia says this wasn’t a big move, so maybe there’s a backdoor plan. Felicia says Cory stayed the same when she questioned him, but Jag wouldn’t make eye contact or say anything.


Cory says Felicia isn’t wrong because if he’d been the invisible HOH would have went after Matt and Jag. Cory and America are talking and playing pool and Cory says next week…America thinks Blue would be great for her game and she needs a backup ally in case Cory goes. 


America tells Blue that Matt and Jag are targeting her. She is telling her to deflect attention to Matt and Jag and off Cory. Blue wants to know why she is telling her and America says it might be hard to beat the boys in competitions going forward. Blue says America and Cory have been coming for her and Matt and Jag have been her boys since day one. The math ain’t mathin’.


There’s a message from the Comicverse. Matt reads a transmission and the cosmic crystal has unleashed another super power into the game. It’s multiplying the number of players in the veto competition from 6 to 8. But that’s not all…it’s also multiplying the number of power of veto’s that can be won to two. They will have back to back veto’s today.


Felicia says she hopes to win one of those. Jag says this is not good because it gives Blue two chances to win one. Matt is talking to Blue and Blue says Matt and Jag will probably win one of them so she needs them to be Team Blue. Blue tells them Cory and America have been trying to recruit her. Matt tells us maybe if he wins he does save Blue because Cory and America are not doing anything to help their game.


Blue is telling Jag about her conversation with America and she says she never believed them. She says they are coming heavy for Matt and Jag specifically. Jag says hearing that is making him reconsider things. He’s been protecting them and they haven’t been doing the same. All he knows is he needs to win a veto so he cam make his own decisions.


It’s time for the first veto competition. They are at the Superhero training academy. Everyone will stand on a small disc and the HG will be spun around and they’ll have to hold on for as long as they can. The last HG standing will win HOH and win a special cash bonus. 


Jag says he needs to win a veto today so he can decide what he wants to do. The HG are all on a disc and they start spinning. Blue doesn’t know who nominated her or who she can trust, but she win veto because she trusts herself. Cory knows who the invisible HOH is and he knows he’s not Jag’s target but because there are two vetoes he needs to try to win one.


America wants to get win so she has options. Jag is holding the rope tight to his chest. Felicia is dizzy and nauseous and as much as she needs this veto, she doesn’t know how long she’ll last. Felicia falls at 3 minutes. She says she needs a mental comp.


Cory says he’s been watching this competition for years, but the robot fist is terrible and two others are shooting goo at them and he hates them for it. Matt only wants himself or Jag to win veto. Matt says the hardest part of this competition is on his back. Bowie Jane says this veto is important for her to win but she gets smacked off by the fist at 7 minutes.


Cirie doesn’t want to win either of the vetoes. Her plan is to lay as low as possible because if she wins she’d have to decide who to take down. Cirie falls at 11 minutes. Cory says it is exhausting just standing up there and he falls at 14 minutes. Cory wants Blue out this week so he needs any of the other three to win.


Matt says the it is getting faster and they are getting slammed into the fist every time around. He takes a hard hit and falls at 16 minutes. Matt is pulling for Jag. Blue says the hardest part is hitting the fist and spinning and second her arms are getting tired. 


America sees Blue and Jag look sturdy and she trusts that Jag won’t put her or Cory up so she falls at 22 minutes. Blue says she cannot let go. She’s fighting for her life. Jag says if Blue wins she could take herself down and he’d have to name a replacement nomination which could expose him. He wants to win so he can decide.


Jag says he hasn’t decided if he wants to target Cory and America or target Blue. But having two vetoes could mess up his plan so he has to win one. Blue says she is exhausted but she needs to win. She says Jag isn’t budging and neither is she. Cory says Jag and Blue are warriors but he needs Jag to win.


Matt says Blue and Jag are badasses but he is cheering for Jag. Felicia tells them they are amazing. We are at 1 hour and 32 minutes and Blue is questioning why Jag won’t drop for her but she also says he could be fighting to not be a replacement nominee.


Jag says he has to hold on because he knows what’s on the line. He’s getting pummeled and slime but he is hanging on. Both Blue and Jag are talking about how much pain they are in. Blue falls at 2 hours 6 minutes and 33 seconds. Jag has won the first POV! Plus he wins a chance at a cash bonus. Jag says this is his most important win so far. 


Blue says winning the second veto is even more important. Jag will be lifted on a bar and he’ll fly around the academy. The HG will guess how long Jag’s flight time will be. The closest without going over will win the second POV. But the two furthest away from the actual time will receive punishments.


Cory says he feels safer since Jag won but he needs to make sure Blue can’t take herself down and he’s keeping in mind Jag just finished an endurance comp. Cirie guesses a ridiculous time because she doesn’t want to win veto.


Jag gets $500 for every 15 seconds he flies. Bowie Jane guessed 5 minutes. Jag is going to do what he can to earn as much money as he can but he is so exhausted. Jag falls at 110 seconds and has earned $3500. 


Time to reveal the HG guesses. She guessed 482 seconds. Felicia guessed 600. Matt guesses 150. America guessed 75 seconds. Cirie guessed 600. Blue guessed 105 and she is in the lead. Cory guessed 135 seconds. Blue is the closest and has won the second POV!


Blue says her second win of the summer! Felicia chooses a crystal for a punishment and she gets a 24 hour solitary confinement. Cirie was the second furthest and she must change into a super suit in a phone booth any time she is asked. 


Jag says his nominations have to change since Blue won the veto and Cory and America should be pretty scared right now. You don’t need powers of precognition to know where this week is about to go.


Matt says he knew Jag wouldn’t last 5 minutes. They talk about Blue being a badass. They discuss if they should go after Cory and America. Jag has to decide if he wants to put Cory and America both up or if he just wants to put one up in Blue’s place. Plus, he has to decide how to handle Blue since he’s been lying all week.


Felicia is called to the Comic room for her solitary confinement and she says she’d really like to come off the block. She is alone in the room and says she can do anything for 24 hours. She wishes she were in the backyard but she can pace in the room. She says this punishment isn’t as good as she thought. She’s too chatty and this might take her down. She has a toilet in a tent and she says it does feel like imprisonment. 


Cirie is called to the DR she has a green and orange unitard as her superhero costume. She is called to suit up and she has to roll from one side of the yard to other and back to test durability. Cirie says this is going to be the longest week for her. 


Cirie is called to suit up again and test balance by standing on one leg in the living room for 30 minutes. She’s then called to suit up and test water resistance by standing under the outdoor shower. 


Then Cirie is called to suit up and test her X-ray vision by guessing what is under the lead cover on the tray. She guesses fiber gummies and she’s wrong, the HG put different stuff there but she keeps guessing fiber gummies. She wishes she could test for super speed and be done with this punishment.


Cory says Jag should be backdooring him but Jag is tied to him because h knows Jag is the invisible HOH. Matt is all for Jag taking a big swing. He says America and Cory are way too comfortable. He says America and Cory would love to take a shot at them, but they are going to take the shot first. 


Felicia says there really is nothing to do. She cleans the window ledges, the dresser tops, and wiped the mattresses and sheets with the lint roller. She says she gets her energy from people and she is ready to get out of there. Felicia’s punishment is now over and she rejoins everyone else and hugs them.


Cirie says why couldn’t she have have had the solitary confinement. Jag talks to Felicia and asks how she is and she says ok. Jag says the moment Cory and America are on the block so he’d rather have those conversations now. He tells Felicia he’s going to use the veto on Felicia and tells her the plan. He tells Cirie also and then Bowie Jane.


Jag says everyone is excited about the plan and the conversations are going better than expected. But one will be tricky. He needs to tell Blue he was the invisible HOH and he needs to drive home the point that Cory and America poisoned him against her. He says they are snakes. He apologizes to Blue and she says it’s ok.


Jag tells Blue that he is putting Cory and America up and she hugs him. Blue says she pulls herself down and Cory goes up? That’s better than a Christmas present. Blue is sure America and Cory were behind this mess and this is sweet poetic justice. 


Cory says Blue will pull herself down and Jag should put him up. But he doesn’t think he will. He thinks Jag will stick to the plan and send Felicia home. Jag says it will be a double backdoor blindside. Find out Thursday if Jag will go through with the plan. And find out who will be headed to the jury house.

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