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BB25-Episode 30-Veto meeting and Live Eviction

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Julie greets us and it’s Day 72 and the veto meeting is near and Cameron is starting to realize The Fugitives have decided to run without him. Cameron has to sway Jag away from the plan he’s pretty sure he set in motion. He says he could remain the shield for Jag and Matt if he stays and America and Cory could come after himself and Blue. 


Cameron says if Jag and Matt follow through with the plan, they are putting blood on Bowie Jane’s hands twice this week. Jag feels for Cameron but he feels like they have to take the shot this week.


It’s time for the veto meeting! Jag has decided to use the veto on….Mama Fe. She gets up excited. Bowie Jane has to name a replacement nominee and she names Cameron. Cameron says he’s heard this song and dance before and says home as he takes his seat.


Jag says as much as he hates the situation, he had to take the shot. And since it’s on Bowie Jane’s HOH, he and Matt can compete in the next HOH with America and Cory at Blue’s necks and Felicia and Cirie waiting to leave. Do they even know what time it is?


Felicia says she’s just glad to be off the block. Bowie Jane says Cameron has been lying and thieving and it’s time for him to go. Cirie says if she’d been on the block a few weeks ago she’d be worried and Bowie Jane thanks her for staying on the block.


Cameron says the HG need to do something or Matt and Jag are going to steamroll the house. Cameron tells Blue she has been set up to hate Cory and she could join him in jury next week. Blue says Cameron is doing what he always does which is stir the pot. He wants her to go after Matt and Jag? Girl, you have the wrong number.


Cameron is talking to Cory and asking what his plan is to beat Matt and Jag. Cory says Cameron needs his vote, America’s, Felicia, and Blue’s votes but he can’t flip the vote and burn that bridge. Cameron does not understand what everyone is thinking and they are giving him nothing. He’ll just have to wait until they join him in the jury house and say I told you so.


Blue and America are whispering and Matt comes in. Matt says in the real world people don’t whisper around him because it’s offensive. But in the Big Brother house that’s half the game. He says he can read lips one on one but once they turn their head he loses track of the conversation.


Jag goes to talk to Matt and he tells him he hates the whispering and he’s getting emotional. Jag goes to comfort Matt and says he’s doing a good job, especially in a house of whispers. He says he doesn’t have to deal with that outside and he is so thankful for Jag. 


Matt is talking to Felicia about how hard it has been to deal with whispering. Felicia says he has become a voice for a whole community and he has done such a great job. She knows everyone he knows is proud of him and he open a window of opportunity for other deaf people.


Cameron wants to meet Kevin Costner, he’s seen everything in his portfolio. Cory says who the hell is Kevin Costner? Cameron is talking to Felicia about Kevin Costner. Felicia tells us Kevin Costner is not watching and if Cameron is trying to make a movie with him, he’s crazy. But if Kevin Costner is watching, if he wants to make a Bodyguard 2…


Jag says it is all about The Minutemen but he doesn’t want to tell Cory anything about his plans. Cory wants Blue off his backside for a week and he’s been relying on Matt and Jag to mediate between him and Blue. He realizes it benefits them to keep Blue against Cory and he needs to find a way to tilt the odds in his favor.


Cameron is talking to Cirie and he is telling her he would like another shot in the future. Cirie asks for advice and he says Cory may be the brainiac, but Jag is way more methodical. Cameron says if his game is over he can help Cirie. Cameron is telling Cirie Jag is keeping the others against each other.


Cameron says he is going to use his time to help Cirie set something up with America, Cory, and Blue and she says Blue is so against Cory she might not turn around. Cirie says everything Cameron says make sense and it sounds familiar.


Cirie is talking to Blue and she says she has to look at everything but not personally. Blue says when Cameron spews BS it doesn’t sound true, but when you hear it from Cirie, it hits different. She says Jag and Matt want Cory out but when it comes to it, will they get the blood on their hands. 


Jag says he wants to go to the final five with Matt, Bowie Jane, Cirie, and Felicia. So if they can get the numbers right they can compete against who they want in competitions. Jag and Matt are talking to Cirie about the final five plan.


Cirie wants the house to see Matt and Jag are running the house, but they see her as an ally. So why not just play along? Jag says he and Matt might have to take things into their own hands and take out Camerica and Blue themselves. 


Cory is talking to Cirie to try and get her on his side. He says everyone is terrified to say anything about Matt and Jag. Cirie says those two pairs can go after each other while she sneaks her way to the end, like she always does. Cory says this next HOH is massive and he needs every soldier on the field for the battle with Matt and Jag.


It’s time to talk to the nominees! Cirie does her shoutouts to her family. She thanks the HG for 72 extraordinary days in the house and she won’t forget any of them. Cameron does his shoutouts. He says to his roommates and says if they keep him, he’ll be loyal to all of them, never vote to evict them, and throw all the competitions. He’d like to stay on the ride with them. And last but not least….Cory, thank you.


It’s time to vote!

Matt sadly chooses to evict Cameron.

Blue casts her vote to evict Cameron once and for all.

Felicia votes to evict Cameron.

Jag votes to evict Cam.

America votes to evict Cameron.

Cory votes to evict Cameron.

By a unanimous vote of 6-0, Cameron has been evicted from the Big Brother house!


Cameron hugs everyone, grabs his bag, and heads out the door to join Julie. Julie asks Cameron what happened after winning HOH last week? Cameron says there’s a lot of space and time in that house and sometimes you can say the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person.


Julie asks what Cameron said and he talks about voicing that he thought Bowie Jane was working with Cory and America. He feels most betrayed by himself. Julie talks about his alliances and why he couldn’t find loyalty? He says commitment. He feels like he was the target and he talked too much and that’s why he was left out.


Julie asks what Cameron would do differently, he says he’d change a lot of things, but he’d take Cirie’s advice and not tell someone what he thinks about someone else. He can’t wait until she tells him to go back in. He is the first member of the jury.


BB Comic-week is about to hit the house and drop super powers all week long. Julie talks to the HG and says the 8 left have survived Scrambleverse, Humiliverse, and Scaryverse, but there’s one verse they haven’t faced until now. Something crash landed in the HOH room…they should check it out.


The HG scramble upstairs and head inside where there’s a large crystal on the table and Jag says is it kryptonite. They realize it’s Comic week.

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