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BB25 - Episode 28 - Nominations Down Under


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Previously on BB, Jag & Matt were ride or die with each other, but they had close ties all over the house. Tight with Blue, an alliance with Cory & America, and were also The Fugitives trio with Cameron. 

Meanwhile, HoH Cameron targeted a different duo, with his sights set on Felicia. Cory told Blue that Cameron was a huge threat, and she kitty kitty blurr-ted the info back to Cameron. After Cameron won even more power, he threw out Cory's name to the Minute Man. But Jag shut the idea down, so Cameron instead warned Cory about Blue.

At the Veto meeting, Felicia called out Cory, but it didn't sway Cameron. And after a war of words with America, Felicia's fate seemed sealed until the Minute Men decided to flip the script. And with Cory having similar thoughts, they decided to send the lobbyist back to DC. But Meancole dropped a mean bomb on the way out. 

With the HoH back up for grabs, Bowie Jane went from down under to on top. For weeks, the DJ has been laying low, but what happens when she's in charge? And which HG will she throw on the barbie at noms? Find out right now on Big Brother!

Day 65. The HG celebrate all at least making Jury. Bowie tells us she accidentally won HoH. She tried to throw the tie breaker with a ridiculously low guess and bloody won. But I have to admit I was fired up after Meme's comments on her exit (in which she accused Cory, America and Bowie of being in a secret alliance).

America thought it was a bit rude of her. Bowie adds it was wrong too. She tells us she's in lawyer mode now, gathering information. America tells us she trusts Bowie but they're not getting Felicia to do their dirty work. But Bowie is HoH so I feel great.

Cameron says he didn't have this on his bingo card. He tells us good lord, this is awesome. We've been close since we both got burned when Red went home. I've had her back during my HoHs, so I expect the same from her.

Bowie tells Felicia she didn't appreciate that exit. Felicia quickly responds she never heard of it either. Three times she's survived the block, Felicia tells us, look at me. Now I'm in the Jury and I have to start thinking more strategic on my path to F2.

Alone in the WA, Cory beats the air with his ball cap. He's not doing great, he tells us, he's stressed after having been called out for the second meeting in a row. And he lost a HoH memory comp which should have been his thing. But since he was thrown under the bus with Bowie, maybe he can make it work for him.

Jag tells us they were able to flip the vote from Felicia to Mecole. Cameron wasn't on board for that, but I was able to change his mind. Flash back to Day 64 in HoH with Jag, Bowie, Cory and Cameron. At Cory's prodding, Cameron agrees Felicia is easier to beat in comps but reiterates he doesn't want her in the Jury. Jag says Cameron doesn't like Cory so he isn't listening to him. 

After Cory leaves, Jag decides to change tactics. Voting out Mecole is worse for Cory's game, Jag tells Cameron. Bowie nods in agreement. Felicia will also put him up, Jag continues and a smile starts to appear on Cameron's face. We appease Cory, Cameron realizes. And he thinks it is his own mastermind plan, Jag completes, and he thinks he convinced us. He has to be the smartest person, Cameron says, he's always telling us how smart he is. Now we just say yes sir, Jag says. You're right, Cameron says ironically.

Jag tells us the Meme Flip kept both Cameron and Cory happy with me though my real allegiance is with Minute Man Matt. 

In the BB Comicverse BR, Cirie & Felicia wonder what Bowie will do. Felicia isn't confident. Why didn't she just write 10,000? You could have just written 4900 and won, Cirie notes. Felicia has a look of stupefying realization. Felicia winning HoH, Cirie tells us, would have been all right. But now Bowie Jane? Our relationship hasn't recovered from the Red vote. She's going to try to be fake nice to avoid sitting in the chair.

In the WA, Jag, Matt, America, Cory and Bowie perform a happy dance. It's awesome people underestimate her, she tells us, she's been leaning into her DJ side and hiding her lawyer brain. People want to work with me: Cameron, Matt & Jag, and Cory & America. 

Jag says he and Matt are in a tough spot, allied with a lot of others in the house but he only wants what to do what's best for the Minute Men. He doesn't think Bowie would back-stab them before, and he has a shot to beat her in the final comps. Plus, he has a great shot sitting next to her in F2. 

Flashback to Cory proposing a F3 with America and Bowie. America tells us after Cory, Bowie is her #2 ally. She's honest, straightforward and trustworthy. 

But I'm not stupid, Bowie tells us, I know exactly what they are doing. They think I'll go with the flow and play their game. But if I do have to make a big decision, don't worry, I will. It's time to take the challenge to play my own game. 

In the Scaryverse BR, Blue tells Cirie she misses Jared. Other than him, she tells Cirie, she was the only one she felt comfortable with. She tells us she lost the person she trusted most in Jared but is now getting closer to Cirie. She has no loose lips, is trustworthy and gives her information. Blue tells Cirie she would put up Cory 100%. Cirie just smiles and says OK.

Cirie tells us she has learned she has to find people she can trust. Blue is sharing the most with her, so she's putting her trust into Blue. 

Cory is in the shower talking to America in the WA. Why is everyone saying they're targeting Matt & Jag, he wonders. America doesn't know where Mecole's list came from. We don't have much flexibility, Cory tells her, we need to lock down Bowie without making Matt & Jag suspicious. Blue is a lost cause, he says, Cam is close to a lost cause.

Cory tells us that Cameron told him some really revealing info about Blue last week. But then I heard Matt's side of the story. Flashback to the Humiliverse HNBR, Matt tells Cory that Cameron told him Blue is targeting him because wants Cory to target Blue instead of him. That's why he was trying to help me, Cory realizes, so I wouldn't be suspicious. 

He's always feeding everyone, Matt says of Cameron, setting them up. He's not as good a liar as he thinks he is, Cory adds, he's the one person who can beat us in comps. Everything, Matt agrees. If we can backdoor him, I would, Cory states as Matt smiles. Mission accomplished.

Cameron acts like he has my best interests in mind, Cory tells us, but he's just trying to set me up for Blue to take me out. If I think there's a chance Cameron will put me up, he's got to go. 

In the Scaryverse BR, America & Cory talk to Jag about convincing Bowie to put up Blue & Cam. That'll be a hard sell, Jag thinks. We have to tell her (Bowie) everything Cam's been pulling, Cory reasons. She knows we're the team that doesn't include Cam, America adds, she trusts us. If Cam wins HoH, Cory continues, Blue, Felicia and Cirie will be safe. 

Cameron and Blue are actively targeting me, Cory tells us, and I need Bowie to nom both of them and make sure one goes home. Get a strong person out is good for all of us. 

Matt walks into the Scaryverse BR and Cory tells him that if Cam wins HoH next week, he's going to put up Cory & America or Matt & Jag. He won't put up Bowie. Blue or Cam needs to go. The only way to guarantee one of them goes, Cory tells Matt, Jag and America, is to put both up. America thinks Bowie would be willing to do that. 

America tells us even though Cameron kept them safe last week, he's still a huge threat and they need to take a swing. Bowie is more likely to nom Cameron & Blue if Matt, Jag, Cory & I are all on board with the plan, so we want to make sure they see what we see.  America tells Matt, Cory & Jag that Bowie's biggest concern is not being targeted next week. 

Matt tells us that Cory & America want to put Cameron & Blue up because they are threats to their game. But that's a horrible idea because whomever survives will come after us. 

Who should we target, Jag asks Cory. He wants Cam gone this week. Exactly, Jag agrees.

Sorry Cory & America, Jag tells us, I'm not doing your bidding, I'm working for the Minute Men. 

Cameron walks into the Scaryverse BR to find Jag, Matt, Cory and America. We're just talking about noms, Cory explains without prompting. Are one of you secretly HoH, Cameron asks wryly?

In the Scaryverse BR, Jag gives a demonstration for how to wrap up a Sikh turban for Matt, Bowie and Cameron. It's actually a big rectangle, he tells Cameron, who is helping him stretch it out. It's a light weight fabric, Jag tells us, and he ties his turban every day but some of the HG haven't seen it so he's giving a tutorial. Cameron thinks it's cool. Bowie tells us it is really intricate and an interesting process. And he's color coordinated. 

Matt asks if he's ever had to redo his turban. No one ever tells him, Jag answers, but sometimes he doesn't like how it turns out and redoes it himself. He shows how you stretch the cloth and roll it into a loop that you can then place on your head, with the tail end in a position to draw the middle closed over the head. Matt tells us Jag always looks fly with his different colored turbans. He's magazine-ready. 

In the BB Comicverse BR, Blue asks Cirie and Felicia if they've talked to Bowie. No. She doesn't know what to do, Felicia says, she didn't plan to win. Blue will try to convince her to put up Cory & America. Blue tells us that she's still on the Cory train ever since he blindsided her Jared. She may not have the power but that doesn't mean she doesn't have any power. Maybe Bowie will feel there is house pressure to put them up. 

Felicia says tell Bowie that putting them on the block will show Mecole's comments weren't true. Felicia tells us between hers and Mecole's speeches, the whole house is on red alert for Cory & America. They are strategic masterminds and Bowie needs to realize that. Play a smart game, Bowie Jane. Bowie walks into the BB Comicverse BR and says they just had pizza. Blue immediately forgets noms and rushes out.

Cirie tells us that pitching Bowie to not nominate them won't go over well, so she's going to let Jag impact Bowie's decision. Her best course is to convince Matt & Jag to go after Cory & America, and hopefully they'll convince her. Bowie leaves the BR and Cirie tells Felicia that Mecole's eviction was the third time the house did what Cory wanted. Why are they doing his dirty work?

Matt & Jag join Cirie and Felicia in the BB Comicverse BR, trying to convince them to push Bowie to nominate Cory & America. The stove is turned on Cory & America, but now that they're cooking, we need to turn the flame all the way up. Cirie tells Matt & Jag that Bowie would listen to them. Matt & Jag are non-committal.


Cirie tells us she really wants to trust Matt but he's burned her, kept her in the dark over the plan to evict Jared. But she really needs him to persuade Bowie to put up Cory & America and not her. Cirie & Felicia are hoping they pitch Cory & America to Bowie Jane this week, Jag explains to us, but he's not on board with that. We are both strong duos and Cory is a shield to keep attention off the Minute Men.

In the Humiliverse BR, Matt asks Cameron who they should push for Bowie. Cameron says we have to eventually choose a side. If they take out Cory, Blue will be with us and we're sitting good. How many times do I have to say it, he needs to go home. Matt laughs. 

Cameron tells us there may be an opportunity this week to pull the trigger on Cory. It would make me feel a whole lot better. He's in a lot of pockets and I have to get him out of as many ears as possible. I have to start with Matt to get traction. Why are we allowing him to be here, Cameron states demonstratively, he's a problem. He's a national champion in speech debate, Matt reveals. I'm hard on the kid's got to go, Cameron pushes.

Matt tells us Cory & America want us to pitch Cameron & Blue. Felicia, Cirie, Blue and Cameron want us to pitch Cory & America. Jag is my only ally and we need to figure this all out. 

Somber music signals an emotional segment. Cameron, Jag, Matt and Bowie join Felicia on the BY couches. What made you decide to go into the Air Force, Jag asks Felicia. Felicia describes a really bad relationship and had to get away. She realized after she met him that when he got drunk, he was a fool. He tried to throw a pot of hot grease on her and her aunt. That's when your eyebrow goes up and says this is a problem.

Felicia remembers when he broke her tooth. She had told her mother she slipped and hit her head on her waterbed rather than admit he punched her in the face. This was before domestic violence became a big issue. Nobody believed I had enlisted. Best decision I ever made, she declares. 

Cameron has been silent throughout this exposition. Felicia and I have been at odds, but our military backgrounds give us a deep-rooted understanding because of what we've endured. I completely respect her for sharing her military origin story and for who she is. 

Felicia tells us she never wanted to go into the military, but she felt she had no other out. She needed to learn how to defend herself. If anyone is in a domestic violence situation, they need to know it's OK to let someone know and to get help. Get help however you can. Back in 1982, the military was that help. 

In the Humiliverse HNBR, Jag & Matt discuss their best move. Matt says Cory & America are sus about Cam. Jag says they need to keep them around until they don't need them. Cory has no power without them. If they get Bowie to put up Cam & Blue as Cory & America want, the best outcome is Cam leaves and Blue comes back to them begging. 

Matt tells us Cameron is the biggest threat in the house and me & Jag don't want to waste the opportunity. This could set us up for the end game. If Cam wins (HoH), Matt tells Jag, he'll either take a shot at Cory & America or us. Jag tells us even though they are in the Fugitives with Cameron, they can't trust him completely. He didn't want to do what Cory & America wanted, but Cam leaving is ideal. They decide to go talk to Bowie.

In HoH, Matt tells Bowie that people will want her to put up Cirie & Felicia or Blue & Cameron. Bowie tells us she trusts Jag & Matt most, but she doesn't want to be manipulated into making someone else's move. She tells Jag & Matt she's willing to take a chance this week. Jag asks who their best outcome is leaving. The people on the other side, Bowie replies vaguely, pushing Felicia and Cirie away in the air, don't you think? Jag & Matt are silent. 

Jag counters to Bowie that having Felicia & Cirie in the game is better for them. Felicia's annoying, Matt says, but she's not a threat. Bowie tells us she's not sure Felicia's not a threat. She almost won HoH a second time and shouldn't be dismissed. Felicia wants Cam, Cory & America out, Matt explains to Bowie, not them. Everyone being pissed at Cory & America protects all of us, he says, drawing a circle around the three of them.

Because the whole house is anti-Cory, Jag tells Bowie & Matt, it's better to keep him. There's no reason to get rid of Felicia & Cirie. At every argument, Bowie just nods her head in agreement. It's Blue & Cam that we should be talking about, Jag concludes, they can win comps. I'm not putting up Cam, Bowie says flat out, he can win for us. Clearly Cameron is a target for Matt & Jag, Bowie tells us, but he's never come at me, so I feel we can keep him for a few more weeks. He would protect me. 

Bowie tells us she has to use the power to her advantage so she's going to see what tea she can get the other HG to spill. Cirie meets with Bowie in HoH promising to not pressure her. She's never been against her. Cory says 48hrs ago, there were 5 people I trusted and now there's 4. He'd go Blue & Cameron, they're very close. Bowie says she noticed that.

America tells Bowie that Cam & Blue are a dangerous duo.  Cameron is trying to pull us apart, America tells Bowie. Bowie replies that her goal is to stay as many weeks as possible, so she's thinking about who does and doesn't like her. It's not to early to make a move against duos, America tells Bowie. Bowie tells us if there's an ultimate duo in here, it's her and Cory. They even have a name together, Comerica. Putting up Blue & Cameron is a move that serves them, not me. 

Blue tells Bowie that Cory sees Bowie as expendable, as a number to his game. Both Felicia & Mecole called him out, so Cory & America would be the least amount of blood on her hands. Bowie suggests maybe Felicia & Cirie would be safer, given their history. Blue thinks putting Cirie up will ruffle feathers. 

Felicia asks Bowie who she feels safest with? Everyone's playing the game, Bowie deflects, I'm just trying to figure out who's telling the truth. Think about where you land in everyone else's line up, Felicia says, motheringly, Cory's made everyone feel they're safe with him. He works through other people to get done what he wants done without ever getting his hands dirty. How far will you let him go?

Cameron tells Bowie he'll do whatever she wants but he'd like to see Cirie & Felicia out of the house, but his one target would be Cory. They have the votes - the two of them and Matt & Jag. If we want to send Cory home, we don't need anyone's permission.

Bowie tells us she's seeing completely different sides of people, they are spilling exactly where they are in the house and who they want out. She's filing the information and playing the game, not letting the game play her.

Nominations Today. Bowie calls the HG to the Dining Table. She turns the first key and Felicia's face appears on the Memory Wall. She turns the second key and Cirie's face appears on the memory wall. Cory & America are stone faced but breathing an internal sigh of relief.

Bowie says she there just aren't many people left at this point in the game, and when in doubt, BLAME CORY! she blurts. I'm only joking, as if she was being taken seriously. She picks up the key box and heads towards the stairs to HoH. You're going the wrong way, Matt tells her as the other HG laugh.

Bowie sets the key box down on the table and closes noms a second time for Take 2, heading towards the SR to return the key box. 

Bowie tells us that she nominated Felicia & Cirie because they blindsided her during the Red eviction and can't trust them. Everyone loves Cirie and is the bigger threat but is keeping to herself who she wants to go home because everyone is connected to Cirie.

Cirie tells us she's been trying to avoid the block like the plague yet here she is. She's smiling and hugging Bowie Jane but the plan is to survive the block. Depending on what happens with Veto, you may see her powers of persuasion. 

Felicia tells us you can mess with her all she wants but she's got a mustard seed faith that will carry her to the end. She's survived the block 3 times and she'll survive it again, so Bowie may want to look for another target. 

Matt says Bowie doesn't want to go after big threats and get blood on her hands, but we need to convince her she needs to take out Cameron if she wants the three of them to be there at the end. 

Cameron says if he wins Veto, he will use it if Bowie is comfortable with it and will put Cory up.

Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save Felicia or Cirie from eviction? Plus, Zingbot returns with a Scrambleverse Twist. Will anyone be safe from the King of Zing? Find out Tuesday at 8pm ET on Big Brother!

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