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BB25 - Episode 26 - The BB Exorcism Veto


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Previously on Big Brother, it was alliance mania! Matt & Jag solidified a F2, and they soon started working with America & Cory. But they also formed The Fugitives with Cameron. Meanwhile, AmeriCory approached Mecole & Felicia for a side deal. Zombie Cameron won his way back into the game, sending Jared back to the grave.

With momentum on his side, Cam went from dead in the household to Head of Household. Back in the saddle, the Space Cowboy needed a target. He considered Cory, then heard Felicia's pitch, and after telling Mecole she was going to be a pawn, Cameron revealed his target to the house. 

Tonight, will Felicia or Mecole's soul be saved at the Veto competition? And will Cameron's target change to a bombshell backdoor? Find out right now, on Big Brother!

Day 59. After nominations, Cameron tells us Felicia is his #1 target and Meme is the most likely to pull her off the block. He's sure that Felicia will sway the Jury against him, so she has to pack her bags and head back to Georgia.

Cory says he's relieved. Yes, Felicia and Mecole are in an alliance with him and America, but it's not nearly as real as his alliance with Matt, Jag and America. I'm not thrilled my allies are on the block, but I am that my actual allies are not. 

Cameron's problem is he doesn't know how to connect with people, Felicia tells us, you got here because you could win comps, I got here because of who I am, and I'll take that over winning comps all day. 

Cirie says early on, Jared, Izzy and I were labeled as running this game. Now I just want to blend in to the wallpaper; where I feel most comfortable is under the radar. Mecole is dying a bit inside being on the block next to her F2. You can never feel too safe as the pawn.

The camera pans into the Scaryverse BR, and girl in a hospital bed flashes into the mirror. In the WA, Blue, Jag and Mecole are talking when a ghoulish image of a girl appears behind Blue. What the... Jag says. Mecole glances over. I saw that. Blue turns around and there's nothing there. Then it appears again and everyone screams. Blue is laughing hysterically. Jag just keeps saying NO! Mecole's had is covering her mouth. This is the scariest thing that's happened all season, Jag tells us.

In the BB Comicverse BR, Cirie is standing at the door while Felicia puts on her robe, when an image apparates into the mirror. Right there, screams Cirie, pointing. Felicia has a look of terror on her face as she sits on the bed and reaches for her mic pack. I did, she says to Cirie, who runs out of the room screaming it's in the Comic Room! If this has anything to do with the Veto, Felicia tells us, she ain't scared. I'll take these little girls out to put that Veto around my neck! 

In the Scrambleverse BR, AmeriCory are in bed together. America asks how many amendments are there? What, Cory asks? She repeats the question. 27, he replies with a smile. She tells us she loves talking about the US Constitution with Cory, she loves seeing his nerdy side. It's hot and she can't get enough of it. 

What is the 6th one, America asks with a mischievous grin. The right to a speedy trial by your peers, Cory answers. 18 is Prohibition, he adds. I hate that one, she replies seductively. 19 was suffrage for women, congratulations. Cory is on a roll now. 21st was the repeal of Prohibition. That's my favorite one, she says. The 27th lowered the voting age from 21 to 18. 

America lives up to her name, Cory tells us, and nothing gets her going like American history. The founding fathers, I think this is what they wanted. Cory salutes: Reporting for duty. What's the southernmost landlocked country, America asks as Cory roles on top of her? Lesotho, he replies between lip smacking. Do you want to hear about the Constitution? Oh yeah, she moans. The sounds of fireworks go off as the camera pans away.

Felicia meets with Cameron in HoH. She wants to talk strategy with him and asks his plan. He looks at her like she's nuts. His last reign was chaos, he tells us, keeping his cards close. This HoH is different - he's playing straightforward. There's no reason to hold back. What are you asking, he asks her? 

I want to know if you trust me enough to play the game with me, Felicia tells Cameron. No, he answers brusquely. Felicia's mouth is agape. I don't see us working ever down the road, Cameron says bluntly, you are good at talking to people and I don't want you in the Jury house. He does not want me in the Jury House, Felicia reports to us, period. So he wants me out.

You think I would manipulate the Jury to not vote for you, Felicia asks Cameron? Basically, he says. I'm actually offended. Cameron apologizes without emotion, but that's how I feel. Why Meme, Felicia asks? She's the only one with a shot of saving you, Cameron coldly replies. 

There's a bigger target, Felicia suggests. Cory is saying she approached him about a F4 with him, America and Mecole. Cory has been running his mouth, she tells us, saying I approached him when in reality he was the one who approached me. Flashback to Day 57. In the game loft, Blue tells Mecole that Mama Fee proposed a F4 to Cory/America. That's a mess, Mecole says without confirming. 

The next day in the Scrambleverse BR, Felicia tells Mecole she hopes he puts up Cory. He was running around telling people you asked him about a F4, Mecole tells Felicia. Cory's full of <expletive>, Felicia says. Cory initiates a lot of he said/she said convos, Felicia tells us, playing the innocent young 21yr old kid that he is. Hopefully telling Cameron about this will have him sniffing down Cory's tail and not mine. That person is a powerful player, she tells Cameron.

Cameron tells us he understands how dangerous a player Cory is, but Felicia is his #1 target. It doesn't matter how you compete in competitions, Cameron lectures her, it matters how you compete in conversations. And you are a competitor. Conversating is what I do, Felicia confirms with pride. You are the threat, he repeats to her. She had better get busy, she tells him, because she'll be seeing him next week.

In HoH, Cameron tells Blue and Matt that Felicia's conversation with him was nuts. Blue agrees that Felicia is a big threat. Her persuasion is a threat, Matt adds. Blue tells us she wishes Cameron was targeting Cory, who is a threat to her game, but she can't go against Cameron. Matt hopes his name gets drawn for Veto. 

It's time to pick players for the Veto comp. Cameron picks HG Choice and chooses the Ice Pick, Matty Ice. Mecole also gets HG Choice and picks Blue, hoping she will want to align with her. Blue hopes to take Mecole down and get Cameron to nominate Cory. Felicia knows she can beat America and Cirie, and she chooses America. Jag is hosting.

Jag calls the HG to the LR for the Veto comp. Last night they were visited by 2 possessed girls and it is time to find out why. This Veto comp is sponsored by this weekend's release of the movie, The Exorcist: Believer. They are treated to a showing of the trailer. Bowie says it looks terrifying. 

Jag reads you are about to come face-to-face with these demonic children in the Veto comp. And to keep the scares coming, the winner of this competition will select 3 HG to join them for a private screening. Cirie loves The Exorcist, one of her favorite movies. She wasn't picked to play in the competition but hopefully she'll get picked to see the movie.

The competition will be played individually, Jag continues, so say your prayers until BB calls you to compete. 

The scene changes to outside a normal looking residential home, with yellow siding, grass, a sidewalk and a red door. The 6 on the house number, 1673, is hanging upside down. Blue is first and says BB has its own set of rituals for a BB Exorcism. HG must search the dark house for four items identified by clues scratched into the walls. They must put each item onto a plate on either side of the two girls tied to chairs in the Living Room, put your hands on the heads of the girls and say, "The Power of BB compels you!" The player who competes the BB Exorcism in the least amount of time wins Veto.

Are you ready to play BB Exorcism? Blue enters the competition house wearing a dim infrared penlight on her forehead. It is otherwise pitch black, except for lightning outside, or demonic girls appearing in the windows. There's a scream and Blue screams back. There's nothing in the first room, so she proceeds through the door to the next room.

Blue enters a bathroom with running water in the shower. She finds the word "Hair" between the two mirrors and searches for hair, finding it on the backside of the blood-filled bathtub. In the next room, the Library, she finds the word "Candle". Books fall out of the bookshelf and she screams again. Searching by hand, she finds the candle and puts it in her pouch. She doesn't like this but she's having fun, she sings.

Blue doesn't see a second door in the Library, then realizes the fireplace is a tunnel out. The other side a muddy basement with bones and a skull. Blue hits her head on a beam and screams again. She pushes open a grate on the other side and it splashes into Sewer water. Steam pipes blast hot air at her. Then she sees "Wind Chime". She feels along the wall and finds a wind chime hanging on the wall.

There is a whole in the Sewer wall, and she climbs through and out of a closet into a little girl's the bedroom. A window opens and slams shut, leading to another scream. She finds the word "Pendant" on the wall, under a The Dopest DJ poster. She finds the pendant on a night stand. She has all four items and it's time to perform an exorcism.

Blue finds her way into the Living Room where the two possessed girls shaking violently are seated in chairs in the center of a circle drawn on the floor. There are four plates next to each foot. She puts one item in each plate, places her hand on each girl's head and shouts, "The power of BB compels you!" 

Mecole is next and begins searching the first room, telling the sounds to shut up. Nothing in this house is going to scare her, she tells us. She heads into the Bathroom and looks for the clue etched into the wall. She finds the hair and heads into the Library. She barely reacts to the books falling. She finds the candle, realizes the only door leads back to the Bathroom, then discovers the fireplace. 

Mecole ignores the pounding on the walls as she crawls through the crawl space under the house, emerging into the Sewer. The water tastes like complete ass. She finds the Wind Chime and climbs through the hole in the wall to the bedroom. She ignores everything crashing around her to find the Pendant, and heads to the Living Room, places her items in the plates and utters the magic words to stop the clock.

America is next. She searches the first room thoroughly but finds no clues so she head to the Bathroom. One of the demon girls is saying Tick Tock, Tick Tock. She finds her fist clue and then searches for the hair. She finally finds it and heads to the library, screaming when the books tumble off the shelf. She finds the Candle and crawls through the fireplace, under the house and into the Sewer. It's in her everything, she screams. She searches the walls and eventually finds the wind chime, crawling through the hole in the wall to the Bedroom. She finally finds the Pendant and reaches the Living Room to perform the Exorcism.

Matt wants to win the veto for Cameron and the Fugitives (soft g). He is afraid each door he opens, something will jump out at him. He goes to the Bathroom and searches the bloody bathtub by hand before finding the hair. In the Living Room, he says Hell No, when the books jumped off the shelf. He finds the candle and heads into the muddy crawl space. The little girls are so innocent and cute, he tells us, but they want to kill you. He finds the Wind Chime in the Sewer, where he's in his element (water). In the Bedroom, he finds the pendant. He thought he'd be a courageous big boy, but that didn't last long. He completes the exorcism.

Felicia knows she's the target so everything is riding on the Veto, she's going in guns blazing and asking God for this to be her Veto. She walks into the bathroom with her hands out, feeling for walls. She has good night vision from her military training, she tells us, and finds the hair. She makes her way into the Library and ignores the frights to find the Candle. She opens the door to the next room and sees the clue: Hair. She's looking for more hair. Why is she looking for more hair, she asks us, this makes no sense.

Felicia is looking through the Bathroom for more hair but not finding any. Clearly there's no hair in there, she tells us, leaving the Bathroom, exiting to the next room. Which was the first room. There's nothing on the walls, she tells herself, so she goes through the other door in the room. And ends up back outside. I went out the damn front door, she exclaims!

Cameron is the last to compete. He enter the house on a mission, carrying on a casual conversation with the demonic apparitions as he searches every wall in the first room. He realizes there's nothing written on them. He moves into the Bathroom and finds the hair. In the Library, the books fall and he says, what's up, girl? I'll get to you later. He finds the candle and crawls through the fireplace. He finds the skull and keeps crawling. 

The sewage is worse than blood, Cameron reckons. He finds the Wind Chime and goes through the closet into the Bedroom. He sees a poster that says Wackstreet Boys and laughs. I hear you, he assures the demon as the window opens and slams shut. He grabs the pendant and heads into the Living Room to perform the exorcism. Y'all calm down now, he tells the girls, daddy's home. Chaos, he tells us laughingly, I'm used to that. He just hopes he didn't waste too much time in the first room.

Jag reads out the Top 3 times in the BB Exorcism. Felicia tells us she knows she didn't win, so she's hoping Mecole did so Cameron might put up a bigger target than her. Cameron is confident he'll have all the power this week. 

In third place, with a time of 9:15 is... Blue.

In second place, with at time of 8:33 is... Mecole.

In first place and the winner of the Golden PoV, with a time of 7:59 is... Cameron!

That's 2 veto wins, Cameron brags in the DR, plus this little guy, he says, pulling out the HoH key. Mission accomplished, he says. Mecole is pissed - she is devastated she couldn't pull out the win. Felicia is screaming inside, not again! He's not going to take him off the block but it's not over until it's over.

On the BY Hammock, Blue tells Cory she had so much fun. She says Cameron is so focused. Cory is concerned about Cameron winning everything. Blue nods in agreement. Cory thinks he'll be nominated by Blue if she wins HoH, so he's dropping hints about targeting Cameron. It sounds better than I want to target you, Blue, which is the truth. Blue tells us Cory shouldn't be talking about Cameron when he's the HoH and has the Veto. This is the excuse I can bring Cameron to use the Veto and target Cory. 

In HoH, Blue tells Cameron Cory is going after him next week. Use the Veto and put Cory up, she casually drops. He just needs to be knocked down a peg. He's very comfortable and cocky, Cameron agrees. If I have imminent danger, Cameron tells us, military training says take it out. He tells Blue to keep it to herself.

Cameron gathers the HG in the Living Room to name which 3 HG will join him for the advanced screening of The Exorcist: Believer. He selects Jag, Matt and Blue. These are the three he wants to work with, he tells us. Now it's time to freak the BB out. It's been 60 days since he's seen a movie, Matt says. Blue tells us how scared they were. She screams throughout the movie. Jag has his arm around Matt's shoulders. Cameron watches unfazed. It was incredible, he tells us, a play on the classic revved up to 10. Now which demons will I exorcise out of this house? The power of Cameron compels you!

Cameron, Matt and Jag are in HoH. Cameron points to Cory on the spy screen and says he's playing the entire game from the seat of his pants. He tells them Blue told him Cory is coming after him. He does not want Felicia in the Jury, he tells them, but he'd take the gamble to get Cory out now. He tells them that they'll let her believe she's leaving, then he'll save her and put up Cory next to Mecole. Cory will go home.

Jag gasps at the boldness of Cameron's plan. Matt's face remains passive. We will get out the smartest, sharpest player in the house, Cameron continues, and the Fugitives will roll over everyone else. Matt tell us it would be great if Cameron backdoored Cory. Me and Jag don't want to take the shot because we're working with him. If Cameron does it, it puts a target on him, not us. This is our move, Cameron concludes.

Jag tells Cameron and Matt he doesn't fully agree. There is a shot we need to take at Cory, he explains, but his gut says it's too early. Jag tells us he doesn't want him and Matt to have to make a decision which alliance to keep and which to break. Either way reveals our cards. Cameron tells us he's getting weird vibes from Jag and he may be working with Cory. Maybe he should get rid of Cory now to force Jag to work with him. But he holds all the power, so if he deems someone is a bigger threat, he gets to attack it. I can do whatever I want, he says to an empty HoH room.

It's time for the Veto Meeting. He calls the HG in from the BY and gives the two noms the opportunity to make their plea. Mecole tells him she respects whatever decision he makes. 

Felicia says all she knows how to do is be honest, and sometimes people don't like to hear the truth. I've watched you this whole game, she says, pointing to Cory, you tried to through me and Meme under the bus, saying we approached him about a F4. No we didn't. Cory just smiles. He approached us, she continues. It's OK if I go home Thursday, but I played a brutally honest Felicia game and that is all that matters to me. 

The house is stunned at Felicia's plea. I have two great options in front of me, Cameron tells us, and after that display, Felicia is almost sure to go home. Then again, she probably just put Cory on everyone's radar. Basically, I can end one of their games right here, right now. All I have to do is decide.

Who will Cameron target, Cory or Felicia? And what explosive fireworks will follow? Plus, who will be evicted and who will become the new HoH? Find out, live, Thursday at 9pm ET on Big Brother!

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