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BB25 - Episode 23 - The Zombie Resurrection Rumble


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Previously on Big Brother, Blue was caught between her showmance and her allies. With Cameron on the chopping block, the house was united in sending him home. But a confusing message from the Scaryverse gave Cam some new hope. JCM had a terrifying announcement for the HG, and Cameron became the first sacrifice of the night. 

With the Dead of Household, I mean, Head of Household on the line, Gory Cory scared up the win, and he quickly went for the kill. At a frightful Veto, Monster Matt murdered the competition, and he had some eerie news for the nominees, making Jared a dead man walking. But JCM had some hair-raising news for the night's evictees. 

Tonight, Jared and Cameron return from the grave as BB Zombies. How will the house react to this spine tingling twist? Plus, witness all the crazy drama you didn't see during the death-defying double! All this, right now, on Big Brother!

Day 51. Boom Double Eviction, says Blue, Boom on the block, Boom Jared goes home. I didn't think this game could get any crazier. Cirie thanks Cory for keeping her safe. We'll talk, he promises. She tells us she didn't expect Jared to leave right now - all the icks she was feeling have been confirmed. None of these people are my friends and I don't have to pretend no more.

America gives Cory a Good Job hug. Cory tells us tonight was wild. Cameron was voted out unanimously but it really heated up after I won HoH. I wanted to target Jared. We had a massive blowup, I voted out his closest ally (Izzy), and everyone knows I'm gunning for him. In the Scrambleverse BR during the DE live show, Jared congratulates him and tells him to to do what he's got to do, he knows Cory will make the right decision. I got you, Cory tells him, we'll see what happens.

Cory tells us Blue would use the Veto to save Jared, so she seems like the perfect pawn. In the WA, Cory asks Blue if she'd use the Veto on Jared? Blue is shaking nervously. I'm going to put you up next to him, Cory tells her, if Jared wins or comes of, she's (Cirie) leaving. If it's you and Jared, he's leaving. I don't want to put you in that position, he tells her as she fights back tears, but I cannot have Jared staying this week, and I cannot have you win Veto and take him off. 

Blue tells us she knows Jared is a target, but I didn't think he'd leave this early. But first and foremost, I need to make sure I'm not on the block. To save my own game, I have to convince Cory I would not use the Veto to save Jared. She crosses her fingers. If you put up Jared & Cirie, she promises, I won't put him down. Do you promise, Cory asks? I promise. I trust you, they tell each other, neither meaning it. We're doing it, Cory says, us 5. 

In the Scrambleverse BR, Cory tells America and Matt he's putting up Jared and he's putting up Blue next to him. She gives him a kiss on the lips. Matt goes in for the lips too but is just joking and settles for a hug. I'm sorry, Blue, Cory tells us, he just can't take the chance Blue might save Jared. She has to sit next to him. 

In the WA, Blue tells Jared that Cory's putting up him and Cirie. I know, Jared accepts. She tells him she can't use the Veto to save him but he has a good chance to beat Cirie to win Veto. You can't, he asks? Otherwise it would be her and him on the block. You can't lie to him, Jared asks? Oh, well, yeah, she reflects. He gives her a side-eye. I'm super flustered, Blue tells us, I don't know what I'm saying. I promised Cory not to use the Veto but Jared's right, if I'm off the block and win, I'm going to use the Veto. But I hope it doesn't come to that.

After Cory's nominations, it's time for the Veto draw. Jared gets HG Choice and selects Matt. He tells us he didn't want his mom to have to fight for him and have the weight of his game on her shoulders. He thinks he can trust Matt. After Matt wins the Veto comp, he tells us he's thrilled to win his first Veto. Jared expects him to use it but he doesn't know. 

He and Cory head to the BB Comicverse BR to talk. Use it, Matt asks? No, Cory says, drawing his hand across his neck to emphasize the point. He starts to say Matt could use it on Blue, but then decides Matt should just not use it. Matt agrees. Blue comes in to talk to Matt who tells her "they" don't want him to use it. He doesn't want you to use it, she asks? Yeah, Matt confirms. Use it on me, she pleads. If I do, Matt explains, he's (Cory) got to get more blood on his hands. I promise, it's not for you. I can't let Jared go yet, she begs, let's get Cirie. 

Blue tells us she can't believe Matt won't save her. First, it would keep her safe. Second, it could give Jared a chance to not go home this week. They'll kill me, Matt worries to her, I'm sorry. If I do, then I'm a target next week. I know this is hard. You knew this could happen if someone else won HoH. I'm sorry. She tells him it's OK. I'm so sorry, he apologizes again as they hug. 

Jared is next in the BB Comicverse BR. Cory doesn't want me using it on her, Matt tells him. Bro, Jared says, I picked you. I know, Matt says, breathless. I locked in with you and Cirie, Jared pleads. It sucks, Matt says, but he didn't say "sucks". I picked you because I thought I could trust you. You can, Matt assures him, you're my boy. 

I'm completely lying to his face, Matt tells us of Jared, I don't want to but I have to keep everything the same, stick to the plan and not use it. Blue and Jared retreat to the WA. Can't trust nobody, Jared tells her. He promises he won't go against her. You're full on the target this week, Blue confirms to him. Wait, Jared processes, you knew this already? Yes, she admits. Damn, Blue, he says, disappointed. Blue says she was trying to convince them to go after Cirie this whole time. Why couldn't you tell me, he asks? 

How did you know, Jared asks Blue? Cory told her, she explains. He's going to keep them the same, he asks of Matt? Absolutely going to keep them the same, she says with resignation, Matt told her. She didn't think it would happen so soon. It sucks to be the target of this DE, he tells us, but also that Blue could have told me sooner. I wish you would have told me earlier, he says wistfully, it is what it is. Jared is upset she didn't tell him sooner, Blue tells us, but to be real, I was thinking of me, myself and I first, and how did Jared not think he'd be Cory's target? Babes, I wasn't the one in the HNBR arguing your heart out with Cory. I was trying to rock with you heavy, Jared says, laying out a guilt trip, all you had to do was let me know. 

After the Veto ceremony, Cirie looks confused. So we vote again, she mutters? Jared counts his votes in the DR. He thinks he has Mecole & Felicia. He just needs to turn Bowie for 4 votes to stay. In the WA, he tells Bowie he has 3 votes, and it's a big ask, but could she be his 4th? She needs to think on it. He promises the moon, or at least to work with her. She promises to go check on something. He gathers Mecole, Felicia and Cirie in the WA and asks them for their vote, assuring them that Bowie will be the flip vote. 

Felicia tells us that Jared threw her under the bus with the Izzy vote, and it's time for her to roll that bus over him this week. Karma, she says without remorse, is a hot mess. In the Scrambleverse BR, Bowie tells America that Jared just told her it would be 3 all. Jag comes in and she tells him as well. We're evicting Jared, he assures her. I'm going to stick with Matt, Jag, Cory and America, Bowie tells us, I'm done being played around. Let's play shirts and say what bloody team we're on. 

Back in the WA, Bowie tells Cirie and Felicia that the vote won't be as close as Jared thinks. Cirie counts the votes, with her, Felicia, Mecole and Bowie voting for Jared. Bowie says they don't think so. We're right here, Cirie points out. Mecole joins them and Cirie explains they are telling Bowie everyone's voting Jared. Mecole confirms. It's not close, Bowie says. Hello, stupids, Cirie says in the DR, we are the 4-vote majority right here. It's clear that all three of them are lying to me and already planned to vote out Jared. So give me a little credit. Just say you aren't voting for Jared.

JCM calls the HG to the LR for the eviction vote. My head is spinning, Cirie tells us after Jared is evicted, Jared is gone, right behind Izzy. I already feel so alone. I'm hanging off the side of the island with sharks nipping at my feet. I have no idea what this means for me. 

After the Double Eviction, Cory is in the LR explaining his comp strategy to a disinterested Blue, Cirie, Bowie and Felicia when the Scaryverse orb begins throbbing. Cirie rushes over to retrieve the message that arrives. Matt rushes downstairs, still wearing his Veto. Cirie reads the message at first silently, and starts laughing. Whoa, she cries out. It was the card of a lifetime, she tells us, and she took her good ol' sweet time watching the other HG's anticipation. Any stress I felt with the vote, gone. 

Resend, Cirie reads the Scaryverse note to the other HG, previous transmission. This is a transmission from the Scaryverse. BB Zombies are coming after the Double Eviction. One will have their game resurrected. End Transmission. Felicia can't believe it. Cirie has a gleeful grin. Cory looks stunned. America looks dazed and confused. What is this madness, Cory asks in the DR? Whomever comes back will not be good news for him. The doorbell rings and the HG realize they BB Zombies are not just competing to return to the game, but reentering the house!

Dressed in zombie rags, Jared and Cameron burst into the BB House. Cirie tries to contain her joy, while everyone else tries to contain their horror. My heart just dropped, America tells us, after an easy Double Eviction where everything goes my way, it is never easy. The Scaryverse orb begins throbbing again. Wow, Cirie says, sitting down. 

Bowie grabs the message and reads: This is a transmission from the Scaryverse. In a BB first, this week, there will be no HoH, no Nomination Ceremony, no Veto Competition, and no Veto Meeting. Instead, Cameron and Jared, BB Zombies, will live in the house and battle against each other. Next Thursday, one will win their way back into the game, while the other's game will be dead and buried for forever. You will all learn more about the Zombie Battle very soon. End Transmission.

The HG are shocked, surprised, worried and relieved, all at the same time. Matt is very subdued, while the other HG pretend to be excited. I'm going to <expletive> murder this game, bro, Jared says. He tells us coming back into the house after a 6-1 eviction, it's good to see the faces as if they have just seen a monster. It's a slim chance, but the fact that I'm back for now is super exciting. Now it's time to play some Big Brother. Keep the tab running, Cameron jokes to Jared, who puts his arms out to walk like a zombie.

In the DR, Cameron relaxes with his hands behind his head. Everyone thought they took me down 8-0, he says, not so fast. I'm not dead yet. I'm a zombie, and this is going to be a battle. This is a setback, Cory admits to us, he fought so hard, and to see them crawl back in, it's disheartening to be sure. My mission will be to send them right back out. Matt tells us this is a shocker. He just pulled a big move to send Jared out, I just hope he can respect it. 

Jared prances through the house. Why do you look so happy, he gloats. We're just shocked, Felicia says. Blue tells us she's happy he's back in the house, but I know I have a lot of explaining to do. I didn't tell him as soon as I found out he was the target, and girl, he did not like that. 

In the Scaryverse BR, Jared tells Blue she did him filthy wrong. Cirie and Felicia enter. You too, Mamma (F), he adds, you did me real wrong. Now here's what I want to say, Felicia counters, stepping forward. I don't want to conversations, he says. I don't want no conversations after you guys played my ass last week. Cirie keeps her mouth shut. Both you guys <expletive> me last week. Felicia tells us she found out last week that neither Jared nor Cirie were fighting for her to stay against Izzy. They lost her trust, so why is he now acting mad? What would you have done? Jared dismissively walks out of the room, leaving Cirie to face Felicia alone.

Felicia is mad at Cirie who says hold on. Wait a minute. Felicia isn't doing either. He voted against me, and now I'm the bad one for voting against him? Tell me you didn't work hard to get them to change that vote and send my ass home? When it's my turn to speak, Cirie replies, I'll speak. The group decided, Cirie starts as Jared returns to the room... No, Felicia interrupts, ain't no group. Cirie stands up, irate, and threatens to get the group together. It happened right here in this room, she says. They wanted to keep me and you guys started battling, Felicia counters, not backing down, because you were mad at Matt, Cory and everyone else for flipping the vote. You wanted to send my ass home!

Mecole enters the Scaryverse BR. Help me understand why it was OK for you to vote against me, Felicia continues, on fire... Everybody was voting against you, Cirie claims, raising her voice. Everybody was voting against him tonight, Felicia counters, pointing to Jared who is keeping quiet. What did I do to you to make you want to send my ass home? I have a whole list of stuff, Cirie claims. Mecole looks uncomfortable watching this. Every day you said you were fighting for me, Felicia says. What does that mean, Jared asks? What DOES that mean, she asks back, you were willing to let them vote me out. Let them? Cirie asks, like we let them vote for Jared?

Outside the Scaryverse BR, the argument has drawn an audience as Cory, America and Jared gather in the Scrambleverse BR. Could you let them vote him out tonight, Cirie asks Felicia, pointing at Jared, if you couldn't switch them, how do you expect us to have switched them to save you? You looked me in the face, Jared accuses Felicia. I feel betrayed by Felicia, Jared tells us, because I thought I had her vote but she hasn't been honest all game. 

Even when you told me you were not going to keep your F2 with Cirie, he tells her... When was that, Cirie demands! I was not going to do what no more, Felicia asks? I never said that to you, she claims, when was it that I did that? Cirie shakes her head in disgust at Felicia. You don't know when that was, Felicia says pointedly, you weren't there. I have no reason to lie about that, Jared says. I want to see the tape, she counters. BB flashes back to Day 27 when Cirie tells Jared in the BY she has a F2 with Cirie, but part of her would prefer to have a F2 with him. I did not say I would not do a F2 with her, Felicia insists. Yeah, you did, Cirie says. Jared says she told him she'd rather do a F2 with him instead. I went and told Cirie right away. Cirie says Jared told her not to say anything. I don't say anything to anybody. 

Mecole has been silently watching this fight. All the people she genuinely trusted, who she's worked with, are fighting right now. What is happening? It puts a target on all our backs. Outside the Scaryverse BR, Cameron gives Jag a smile. Back inside, Felicia insists she's told them everything she's said. Everything, she says, slamming her arms into the air. I don't trust anybody in this damn house, she says. Felicia is like the pot calling the kettle black, Cirie tells us, she tried to have a F2 with Jared when we were supposed to have a F2, and you told him about our F2. Get off your high horse and come down here and see the hypocrisy. So what is your plan if you stay, Felicia asks Jared. My plan is to keep myself in this house and then fight for my life. Because you're only going to fool me one time. 

In the WA, Cameron walks in on a subdued Blue, Jag and Matt. Great job, he tells them, helluva game so far, he's proud of them. They aren't excited by his support. You ready for this week, Matt finally says? Yeah, Cameron replies. He tells us this week is about who he wants to work with and who he can't work with. I have work to do with Matt & Jag. Jared is starting fires. My strategy is to be calm, cool and collected. 

In the BB Comicverse BR, Matt tells Cirie he's trying to play the game the most honest and loyal he can, but it's hard because everyone is playing different games. He felt so guilty keeping that Veto, he tells her. I love Cirie, he tells us, I trust her and am working closely with her, and I still want to honor that. I need to let her know my intentions this week were to protect her. You were never the target, Matt explains to her. I trusted you, I really trusted you, she says with disappointment. My goal was to get Jared out, not you, he says. If I had used that Veto, you would have been gone and I didn't want that. 

I have a soft spot for Matt, Cirie tells us, and if he's a serpent, I need to hang up my game shoes because I'm blind. But that's what I always do, there's always someone I should probably get rid of, she says, laughing, and I never do because I've walked this person down to the win. Matt Quietly explains to her that he trusts her more than Jared, so that's why he let Jared go.

In the WA, Matt finds Cory and Jared. We did our job, Cory says. We did, Matt agrees. Cory hopes Cameron wins resurrection because he has no ability to work with anyone. Jared will buddy back up with Cirie. Cory tells us he needs Jared to go home again, because he knows where he stands with him. He and Cameron have had a complicated but decent relationship, and thinks he can work with him if he comes back into the game. 

America joins Jag, Matt and Cory in the WA. I need Cameron to come back over Jared, Cory says, because Jared backdoored Cameron and I'm the one who got rid of Jared. And you too, Matt. America does a quick cheer. She tells us she feels closer to Cam than Jared - talking to him is like talking to a wall. We all got rid of Jared, Cory repeats to the others, Jared got rid of Cam.

In the Humiliverse HNBR, Blue finally sits down with Jared. How do you think I did you filthy, she asks? You told me you knew, he replies. I knew what, though, she asks? You withheld information, he accuses her, you were clearly in on it the whole time, that I was a clear target for Cory. Cory and America were targeting you, she tells him, we've all known this. Jared tells us he has questions because Blue didn't tell him he was Cory's target. You don't believe me, she asks him? You never said nothing, he counters, you laid in that bed with me every single night and said nothing. Your only goal was to protect yourself. All you had to do was let me know.

I'm sorry, Blue tells Jared. It's too late for that, he retorts. I was trying to do what was best for us, Blue explains. I understand why he's mad, she tells us, but he's done that to me too. I'm honestly uneasy about where we stand and I just want to move forward with my game. Where do we go from here, Blue asks Jared? When I personally needed you to be with me, he says, you wasn't. And that hurts. 

Cory comes out of the DR and calls all the HG to the LR. With the BB Zombies in the nom chairs, Cory reads about the battle for the resurrection of one of them. They have the chance to rise to the occasion and put their fate in their own hands. The winner of the Resurrection Rumble will have the opportunity to decide live on Thursday whether they will compete in a do-or-die competition to resurrect their own game or force the other Zombie to compete. But you have to win the Resurrection Rumble to gain this monstrous advantage. So let's all head to the graveyard.

The BY graveyard from the Double Eviction HoH comp is still there, haunted by moaning CGI ghosts. There are two freshly dug graves in the foggy cemetery. The other HG head up to the balcony to watch. The super-fan in me is going nuts, Cameron tells us, because I can come back into the game and really turn it up. I have to bring my game back from the dead. Jared reads the directions. Welcome to the Ghastly Graveyard, where your journey from being undead to resurrected begins. The Zombie battle will be played in 3 rounds over the next 24 hours. 

On the bell, Jared reads to Cameron, go to your grave and dig up (lift the lid) of your coffin. Remove the bag inside and untie the knots, then remove the eye balls and skulls (white rubber balls with pictures on them) from the bag and place them in your bin. You must then carry them one at a time across your terror teeter and place them in the shovel at the other end. If you or any of your skulls or eye balls hit the ground, you must reset them all and start over. This creepy competition will be played in rounds, with a specific amount of time given for each round. If you are on the terrifying teeter totter when the clock strikes zero, you must finish your current trip. When the next round begins, you will continue where you left off and the same rules apply.

The first BB Zombie with all 30 objects in the Gravedigger's Shovel will win the power to put their fate into their own hands. The first round of the game will last for 10m. Have a grave time. Who's ready to play Resurrection Rumble? The church bell sounds and both Zombies leap for their graves, digging up their coffins and untying their bags of skulls and eye balls, printed on varying sized rubber balls. Jared tells us he sees nothing but dead people, a full graveyard of people he doesn't trust. He feels he was done dirty but having the opportunity to choose his own fate would be awesome. 

Jared is the first across his teeter totter, and the shovel blade on the other end bounces wildly as he stomps across in his boots. He places his first ball while Cameron is still dumping his balls from the coffin bags into his bin. Cameron says this game is like hockey, with 3 rounds and pauses in between. He has to make the most of the next 10 minutes. Cameron places his first ball, a small one, onto his shovel blade while Jared steps on this teeter totter to begin carrying his second ball. 

Jared tells us he's flat-footed and not good at balance. He tilts the totter but his first ball does not roll out. He notices the skull balls are heaver than the eye balls, so his strategy is to build a barrier of skull balls to stop the smaller balls from rolling out. America notices his strategy and asks Cory if that's better. He's not sure. Cory tells us he's sure Cameron can complete the Do-or-die competition if he gets the chance. Cameron needs people to work with and Cory wants to be one of those people.

Cameron says in his real life, he's not so great at balancing, but he's going to go slow and steady. Smooth is fast. While Jared is walking straight forward across his teeter totter, Cameron is side-stepping through the middle to cause as little motion as possible. He's starting with the smaller balls because he thinks they'll hold the larger balls in. After 3 larger skull balls, Jared drops in a smaller eye ball. Cameron has 4 eye balls. Jared carefully rolls in his 5th ball.

Cirie hopes Jared wins his way back into the house, he was meant to be in the house, she needs him in the house. The HG gallery is silent, Matt nervously chewing on a dental floss pick. Jared has 4 skulls and two eye balls to Cameron's six eye balls. With time running out in the first round, Jared places his 7th ball onto his shovel. Cameron just wants to match him before the clock expires. The clock rings midnight as both Zombies step off their teeter totters, tied with 7 objects. They have the opportunity to "fix" mistakes between rounds. Cameron promises to stay in the zone. 

It's dawn and the HG have gotten some sleep. You're not dreaming, Cameron jokes with Jag in the Scaryverse BR. Jag tells him he noticed that Cameron tends to watch his rubber balls to see if they are going to fall out of the shovel blade. He says those two or three seconds are wasted, he should keep moving. Jag tells us he never thought he'd ever be rooting for Cameron to win a competition, but he can't have Jared stay, so he's showing Cameron he's rooting for him. Hopefully that will keep him out of his line of sight if he stays in the game. Cameron tells us he has to use his time wisely between rounds and fortify his strategy. He thanks Jag for the advice. 

The bell rings and it's time for Round 2 of the Resurrection Rumble. Jared tells us he needs to slow down but being tied at the start of Round 2 tells him he has a chance of winning. Cameron tells us he wants to end this thing (get all 30 balls into his shovel) before they even get to Round 3. From the gallery, Cory announces that Round 2 will also be 10m. The bell tolls and the two zombies get to work. Cameron continues loading his eye balls onto the shuttle. He decides to try grabbing the remaining balls from his bin without stepping off the teeter totter to save time and reduce the chance of bouncing his balls out of his shovel. 

Jared steps across the midsection of his teeter totter and a scream courses through the graveyard. A skull has bounced out of his shovel. Jared dumps his balls, Cory announces. Cirie purses her lips. Jared has to reset and start over. Cameron, meanwhile, has 10 eye balls in his shovel. Cameron has 11 eye balls as Jared bounces back with 2 eye balls. He grabs an eye ball out of the bin but a skull ball also bounces out and the screamer is back. He has to reset and start over again. Slow down, Cirie calls out.

Cameron tells us he's not paying attention to Jared, as he places his 12th eye ball onto his shovel, but he can hear Cirie gasping every time Jared makes a mistake, though. Stomping heavily, Jared places his first ball for the 3rd time. There is 7:07 remaining in the round. Cameron gently steps back from the midpoint of his teeter totter and one of the eye balls rolls out. Damn, he says as the haunting scream rings out for him. Jared is bringing across his 2nd ball in his 3rd attempt. It looks like he's borrowing Cameron's strategy of starting with eye balls first instead of skulls. 

Both Jared and Cameron lose a ball at the same time and have to reset. You're both even, Cirie remarks with quiet satisfaction. Cameron tells us he was half way home but he's staying focused. Jared has a half trip lead on Cameron but he loses an eye ball and has to rest, giving Cameron a slight lead. Cirie says Jared resetting over and over is making her panic; Cameron is just slow and steady. Jared is almost running and it can't be done that way. Jared sees Cameron with 5 balls and tells us he's got to be more careful but move faster. He returns to his original strategy of starting with a skull ball.

America can't afford to have Jared come back into the game. Mecole thinks she would be safe if Jared returns. Cameron has 11 eye balls, while Jared has four skulls and a pair of eye balls. The timer runs out, the bell tolls, and both Zombies must complete their current trips. At the end of Round 2, Cameron has 13 balls, Jared has 9. Jared tells us he has to pick up the pace in Round 3. Cameron says he's 17 balls away from victory. Not too many get a chance to come back into the game. Not only have we not seen the last of him, we're going to see a lot more of him. Daddy is determined and driven to win this comp. 

Cirie finds Jared sleeping in the BB Comicverse BR between the final 2 rounds. Did you eat anything, she asks, motherly? Not yet. But you should, she prods. She whispers he has to slow down, even if his balls come out. Slow and steady. When he rushes, the thing bounces, she says, acting out the bouncing on the bed. Jared tells us he has learned from the first two rounds to go slow to minimize mistakes. Just keep calm, Cirie tells Jared, even if you reset. Breath in and slow. You're doing good, though, she says, way better.

In the WA, Cameron is sitting on the floor with a foam tube in his lap. Jag and Bowie are on the bench across from him. Felicia and Cory are talking in the SR when the Scaryverse voice informs the HG it is time for Round 3. Cory reminds the BB Zombies of the stakes and then the bell tolls and their off. Both lead off with their smaller eye balls, Jared a few steps ahead of Cameron, who tells us he's had his back against the wall since week 1, but he's never been more determined or driven than now. He needs this advantage to resurrect his game.

Jared drops his 10th ball, while Cameron delivers his 14th. Jared tells us that there are no more chances after this, so he's got to give it all he's got. He's adapted to Cameron's strategy of not leaving this teeter totter to grab balls out of his bin. Bowie watches with eyes wide open. Matt chews nervously on his dental floss pick. Cirie really needs Jared to win this. She can't have Jared leave her in the BB House with these people. She needs him not just for Jared's game but hers as well. She's calling all prayers for Jared to pull through.

Cameron looks at his shovel and orders his skulls and eye balls to stay. He has 15 eye balls. Jared has 5 skulls and 6 eye balls. Who will win the Resurrection Rumble, Cameron or Jared? And which BB Zombie will ultimately earn his way back into the game? Find out live, Thursday night at 9pm ET on Big Brother! 

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