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BB25 - Episode 22 - Live Double Eviction


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In just moments, we'll shock the HG with the news of tonight's live double eviction. But will the two evictees games be dead for good? Welcome to Double Eviction night in the Scaryverse and Big Brother! 

It's Double Eviction Night, baby, so we don't have a lot of time. Cameron is the House's target, Cirie and Jared are in trouble, and everyone is gunning for HoH. Tonight, will Cameron finally be evicted from the BB House? And who will follow, as a terrifying Double Eviction kicks off Scary Week. A whole week of game play in one night of fright. 

Plus, a scary ending that will send shivers down the spines of all who survive. It happens right now, live, on Big Brother! 

Good evening, I'm JCM. Welcome to Double Eviction Night. In just moments, we'll take the HG by surprise as we launch Scary Week, beginning with a Double Eviction that ends with a terrifying twist for all the HG. What does that mean? You'll find out soon. But first, as the HG pass the halfway point in the season, they plot their next big move, unaware that a Double Eviction is looming. 

Day 48. Jag tells us the Veto Meeting couldn't have gone any better. When Jared won HoH, we were scared one of us (Jag, Cory, Matt, America) was going to go home. But I took down Cory and Jared put up Cameron, which is great because we all want him out of the house. 

I know I'm public enemy #1, Cameron tells us, I just need the house to see how powerful a combo America and Cory are. You can face two mental people working together, or work with a guy who has a proven track record. America says if she's still up on the block, at least it's next to Cameron. He creates chaos and nobody knows where his head is at, and he's won a lot of comps, so he's a big threat to send home. This is the beset person I could be next to, America whispers to Jag in the Scrambleverse BR. 

In the BY, Cirie tells Mecole she wants to win HoH real bad. Mecole tells us her trust with Cirie is broken, but she can still be good for her game. The bigger fish to fry are Jag & Blue and Cory, Matt & America, who are growing in power. 

Om the Humilverse HNBR, Matt asks how Blue is doing. She's overwhelmed because if she wins HoH, she's gonna have to target someone. Matt says we'll definitely want her to target Jared. I can't do that, Blue protests. Even though her game relationship with Jared has changed, Blue tells us, she's not stupid. She's not targeting him because he's still an ally. Matt says at some point, Jared's going to take a shot at him and Jag. I don't think you two are his targets, Blue deflects. It's Cory. <BLEEP> says Matt. 

Not targeting Jared is going to look shady to the rest of the group, Matt tells us, and a problem for all of us. We'll have to see what happens Thursday, Blue says. What could be really scary, Matt prompts, is a Double Eviction. Holy <Bleep>, Blue laughs. 

In the gym, Jag, Cory and Bowie are on the exercise bikes. Cory is moving his shoulders to an imaginary beat. Put your shoulders into it, Jag encourages. The Scaryverse Orb begins to glow and the HG hear the tell-tale warning that a transmission is coming. The red Scaryverse message bottle hits the LR with a scream as the HG rush in to find out what is happening. 

Blue takes a look at the message and is confused. She tries to read what is there but there are letters missing from the message. Felicia wants to see the message herself as the HG all gather around for a look. "This is a transmission fr m the Scary-Ve  e B Zo   re omi  ft t e  o     io ne  il ha   t  ir    e res     ed. BROKEN TRANSMISSION"

Felicia has no idea what that means and walks away. Cory is studying the message intently. Cameron, his hair straightened, doesn't bother to take a look. Oh how the turntables have turntabled, Cam tells us nonsensically, last time a transmission came down like this, I was HoH and my target never even touched the door handle. Just the fact there is a transmission means I have hope. 

America had hoped for a straightforward week, she tells us, but of course not. We've been trying to get rid of Cameron since Week 2. Will this save him and screwing me over? Good job, Scaryverse, I'm scared! 

We have a lot to do and no time to waste, JCM says, Let's head to the LR and let the HG in on tonight's Double Eviction. JCM welcomes all the HG to Scary Week, a week full of horrifying competitions and terrifying twists. And nothing is more frightening than a live Double Eviction. There we go, Cameron says, as the HG all react. Before the hour is up, JCM says, 2 of you will be evicted from the BB House, and it all begins right now.

Before the cast their votes to evict, America and Cameron have a chance to sway their fellow housemates' votes. America says she's always dreamed of living in a house with lying, manipulative snakes. She thanks BB and all the HG, especially Jag, for making this dream come true. No, she really loves them and please vote for her to stay so she can keep seeing their beautiful faces, and feet.

Cameron stands and gives shout outs. To the HG, he loves all you guys, it's been one heck of a ride. Please let him stay on this train. It's time for the live voting. Matt chooses to evict Cameron. Bowie votes to evict Cameron. Cirie votes to evict Cameron and his hair. Mecole casts her vote to evict Cameron. Pray for me, she adds to her hubby. Jag votes to evict Cameron. 

It's official. With 5 votes to evict, Cameron will be evicted. But let's see how the other votes fall. Cory votes to evict Cameron. Felicia votes to evict Cameron. Blue happily votes to evict Cameron. All of the votes are in. Let's give the news to the HG. By a vote of 8-0, Cameron, you are evicted from the Big Brother house. Cameron has a faux look of surprise. No way, he says, receiving hugs from all the other HG. He grabs his bag and walks out the front door. 

JCM asks how he's feeling. Shocked, he says sarcastically. JCM laughs and asks about the unanimous vote. He expected it and is happy they all banded together to take down the big, mean Cameron. Was this everything you hoped it would be? Everything I couldn't have even dreamed of. Back against the wall since Week 1, the levee was bound to break. An unforgettable, incredible experience. 

JCM has news for Cameron. You may feel like your game is dead, she teases, but it's actually undead. Because you are now a Big Brother Zombie. Cameron isn't sure what to make of that news. I can't wait, he replies. You'll have to wait, she shares. 

Coming up, Double Eviction Night is only just getting started. Before the hour is up, the HoH comp plays out, followed by nominations, the Veto competition and the second eviction of the night. Plus, what does it mean to be a BB Zombie? Stay with us.

Welcome back to BB. It's now time to crown a new HoH. This HoH will have to immediately nominate 2 HG for eviction. Let's head to the BY to get things started. The HG are standing in a cemetery next to a spooky woods. There are two alters that say RIP. Behind them are freshly filled graves with headstones. The HG are lined up to the left, and Mecole stands at one of the alters. As outgoing HoH, Jared is not able to play.

The Power is up for grabs, JCM says. To kick off Scary Week, they will be playing Scaryverse Matchmaker, which is why this comp is called Soul Mates. Two at a time, you will face off at the podium and shown the dating profile of a soul looking for their perfect match, and 3 possible soul suitors. Based on the likes and dislikes, you must choose which soul suitor is the best match. 

The first HG to ring in with the correct answer stays in the game and heads to the back of the line. The other HG is eliminated. The next HG in line will step up to the podium and may choose any remaining HG in line to challenge. They will then face off with a new set of souls looking for love. This will continue until only one HG remains, becoming the new HoH. 

Mecole was selected by random draw to go first, and selects Bowie to face off against. The first dating profile is 27 years dead and likes include Darkness, Cats and magnets. She dislikes viking horns, crypto bros and France. The first dating profile says "Even the afterlife can't split me from Mr. Whiskers". The second offers a quote in French. The third says my typical Sunday is coffee, TV and haunting. Mecole rings in with A and is correct. Bowie is eliminated and Mecole returns to the back of the line.

Blue chooses to face off against Felicia. The soul is 48yrs dead and likes candles, souls that died after her and souls saving souls. Her dislikes are birds, old books and souls wrapped up in themselves. Suitor A is a 300yr dead mummy who likes worms eating his corpse. B is 44yrs dead and is a parent to 2 birds smarter than your child. C is a 14yrs dead man who likes to save the living and the undead from being alone for eternity. Blue guesses C and is correct. Felicia is eliminated.

Jag is next and faces off against Cirie. Their dating profile is 187yrs dead who likes creepy music, souls who are handy and newly dead souls. Dislikes are long goodbyes, party souls and couch potatoes. Suitor A is 300yrs dead and looks pretty good for her age. Frightchael may be 3 days dead but can fix a thing or two. Booselle is 204yrs dead but is the afterlife of the party. Cirie answers B and is correct. Jag is eliminated.

Matt faces off against Cirie, who has to rush back to the podium. Dr. Waitherman is 38yrs dead and likes performers, felines and string. He dislikes sappy souls, bow-ties and dummies. Suitor A's kitty cat co-stars had 9 lives to his one. Suiter B's music has been called sappy and heartwrenching. SUiter C might be a dummy but dresses sharper than a knife. Matt rings in with C but the best match was A. Matt is eliminated.

Cory chooses Cirie for a third time in a row. Soulyssa is 100yrs dead and likes traveling, vegetarians and sports. Dislikes are clowns, shallow graves and keys. Gorya (A) is only there to clown around. The only way to Cryan's (B) heart is meat and football. Graven is a pilot who's ready to take you around the earth. Cirie answers B, but the answer is C. She is eliminated. 

Ameria picks Blue to face off against. Grousamantha likes music, selfies and cooking, while disliking jewelry, comedy and ghost-hunting shows. Fearderick makes beats that blow your mind. Eeric has ice (diamonds) on his neck colder than his blood. Shivernica says the only bones she has are funny bones. America guesses C. The correct Suitor is A and America is eliminated. 

We are back to Mecole who can choose from Cory or Blue. She chooses Cory. Haunthony is 35yrs dead, likes souls dead for less time, mindless walks on the beach and scaring children. He dislikes the woods, pets and the living. Unalivia (A), 20 yrs dead, bathes a lot because her pet skunk smells worse than death. Gremlinda (B), 28yrs dead, died on the beach and is never leaving. Spooklyn is 38yrs young and loves scaring children into the woods. Cory answers B and is correct, eliminating Mecole.

It comes down to Cory and Blue. Writhchel is 15yrs dead and likes souls with a desk job, balloons and someone with meat on their bones. Her dislikes include bald souls, weightlifters and souls dead longer than her. Suitor A is 6yrs dead and pumped about love and pumping iron. Suitor B is 45yrs dead and is hairless - and skinless - all over. Suitor C is 7 years old, works at a computer, and bites. Cory quickly answers C. Blue delivers a fish-inducing expletive. Cory is correct and wins Head of Household!

Blue gives Cory a hug before America runs into his arms. Matt and Jag give him a quick handshake as JCM tells all the HG to quickly head inside. Cory has a very important decision to make, she tells them. Up next, JCM tells us, Cory must nominate two HG for eviction. Who will be put up on the block and who will be the second HG evicted tonight? Stay with us.

Cory pulls Blue into the WA and says he's putting up her and Jared. If Jared wins (Veto), he's putting Cirie up and she's leaving. If Veto isn't used, Jared's leaving. I don't want to put you in the position (of voting for/against him). Is that OK, he asks? I can't have Jared staying this week, he says as Blue processes the info, and I can't risk you winning the Veto and taking him off. Blue offers a counter proposal, if he puts up Jared and Cirie, she won't use the Veto. Do you promise? I promise. I trust you, Cory says. 

Cory returns to the KT and asks how this works. They tell him to go to a room and they'll see him one-by-one. Cory and Jag jog to the Scrambleverse BR. Jared & Cirie or Jared & Blue, Cory asks him. Blue, Jag says. Cory says he'll call it a group decision. Ask other people and follow what they say, Jag says. Jared is next and tells Cory to do what he has to do. Cory presents Bowie with the options of Blue or Cirie against Jared. Commercial.

Welcome back to BB. Moments ago, Cory became the new HoH. It is now his responsibility to put two HG onto the chopping block. Let's head to the LR for the live nom ceremony. They are all in the LR. Cory says JCM is cutting out. Production gets the audio fixed and Cory says this is not a shot he wants to take but one he absolutely needs to take. Cory nominates Jared and Blue. One of you MAY be the next HG evicted, JCM says, but you still have one last chance to save yourself in the live Veto comp.

Up next, who will win the PoV and will it be used to save one of the two noms? Stay with us.

Welcome back to a special Double Eviction episode of Big Brother. Already, Cameron was evicted from the BB House. Then, Cory became the new HoH and put Jared & Blue up for eviction. Now, the HoH, two noms, along with Matt, Jag and Mecole, who were just chosen by random draw, will face off in the PoV comp. At stake, the ability to change the noms or keep them in place. Let's head to the BY to get things started.

The BY is now in black & white. There's a ramp with a cylinder across the middle leading up to a pit of black and white balls. Behind the pit are pictures of a Monster, a Vampiress and a Werewolf. The HG stand in front of a podium with 3 slots that have the same pictures that are against the back wall. 

HG, JCM says, it is now time for the PoV comp. This scary comp is called Monster Kill. Players will race over the obstacle and up the ramp to their pit of terror, where they will search for torches to kill the Monster, the Vampiress, and the Werewolf. The torch that kills the Monster is triangular. The stake that kills the Vampiress is square, and the silver bullet that kills the werewolf is round. Each item must be brought back one at a time, stabbing the creatures of the night on your board. 

The first HG to kill all three creatures, retrieve the Veto symbol and ring in back at their station will win the PoV. On your mark. The HG all turn and brace for the comp. Get set. Go! Jared is the first to race into his ball pit. Mecole is the last. The dive into the black and white balls looking for a torch, a stake and a silver bullet. Jag is frantically tossing balls out of his bin. Jared finds his first item, followed by Mecole and Matt.

Matt, Jared, and Mecole all have torches for the Monster. Blue is the first to place her Stake into the Vampiress slot. Jared tries to place his Torch into the Vampiress slot. Cory has found his Stake and Silver Bullet. He places them at the edge of his bin and keeps searching for his Torch. Mecole places her Stake into the Vampiress slot. Matt places his Stake into the Vampiress slot. Jared continues to have trouble with his Torch and leaves it at the station.

Jag finally has his first item and races back. Cory is frantically trying to find his third item. Jag places the Stake in the Vampiress slot. Matt is back with his Silver Bullet in the Werewolf slot. Jag has his Silver Bullet and places it in the Monster slot. Jared has his Silver Bullet in the Werewolf slot. Matt has his Torch and slams it into the Monster slot. With his long legs, Matt leaps over the cylindrical barrier, racing back for the Veto.

Jag has his Silver Bullet. All his slots are full and he races for the Veto. Blue has her Torch. Cory is still lost looking for his third ite, having put none into their slots. Jared is still looking for his Torch. Mecole has only killed her Vampiress. 

Matt finds the Veto and races back to his station, slamming it against the button. His button lights up and the other five turn red. Matt has won the Power of Veto! He holds it up in the air in victory. Congratulations, Matt, JCM says officially, you have won the PoV! You have just a few minutes to decide if you're going to use it.

Matt is gasping for air as he takes his congratulations from the other players. Jared gives him a hand slap, the realization that his game may be ending on his face as he gives Matt a bear hug. Matt has a rug burn from the ramp. Cirie gives Matt a half-hug, her disappointment masked by her frozen face. Will the noms change, JCM asks, and who will be the second HG to be evicted tonight? Stay with us. 

Cory calls to Matt. I couldn't let Jag get that over me, he says. Jag pushes him over to Cory, who has the PoV to put around his neck. Oh yeah, Matt remembers. He smiles and laughs. Still panting, he heads inside behind his fellow HG. Jag sends him to the Scrambleverse BR and tells the other HG to form a line. Cory is first. Matt passes right through to the BB Comicverse BR. Commercial.

Welcome back to Big Brother. Matt has just won the PoV but will he use it to save one of the two noms? Let's return to the LR to find out. HG, it is time to begin the Veto meeting. Please gather in the LR. Matt can be heard telling someone if he uses it, they're (presumably Cirie, who is not yet in the LR) going up. 

Matt faces JCM on the LR screen to read her lips. Please face your housemates, she says, and give us your decision. Jared has Blue's hand in his. Nervously rubbing his hands, Matt says this is my decision for most of my people, I decided to keep the noms the same. Since the Veto was not used, JCM declares, nominations remain intact. The second live vote and eviction will be in a couple minutes.

Up next, Jared or Blue, who will be the next HG to leave the BB House? The second live vote and eviction is next. Stay with us. Jared gives Matt a hug, then goes over to his mother and Felicia. Matt gives Cory a hug. Cirie, still struggling to hide any maternal emotion, gives Blue a comforting hug. 

Welcome back to Big Brother. It's been a crazy night in the BB House. Earlier this evening, Cameron was evicted by a vote of 8-0. Now, either Jared or Blue will follow in his footsteps. And then, the real horror begins. Let's return to the LR for the second live vote and eviction. HG, everyone to the LR. In the WA, Bowie tells Cirie she's voting Jared. Blue and Jared have already taken their seats in the nom chairs, wearing a look of nervous expectation. 

Cory is sitting in the LR with his head in his hands as JCM orders the HG back to the LR again. America is sitting next to him. Jag and Mecole are on the opposite couch. Felicia and Bowie run back to the LR and take their seats. Matt is coming, they tell JCM, as he and Cirie make their way to their seats. Jared, Blue, in just a few moments your fellow housemates will vote to evict live, but you have a final chance to sway their votes.

Jared says it's been a wonderful time, he loves them all. He doesn't have a big speech ready, he clearly wasn't expecting this. The camera focus on Cirie, whose pride is hidden behind an expressionless gaze. I hope the relationships made with the people I knew I could trust and told I wanted to move foward with sticks, Jared continues, I don't want to pressure anyone to do anything drastic, I love you guys regardless. This is just a game, like I always say. If I'm in your plans, just know I'll fight for you until the end of my life here. 

Blue stands up and says exactly what he said, but a little bet cuter, a little bit better, I have more outfits to debut, I still have way more game to show and food to make. Thank you, JCM says, it's now time for the live voting to begin.

Matt sadly evicts his boy, Jared. Bowie votes to evict Jared. Cirie just shakes her head. I can't, she says, deflated, I have to vote to evict Blue. Felicia votes to evict Jared. Mecole sadly votes to evict Jared. It's official, with 4 votes to evict, Jared will be leaving the BB House tonight. But let's see how the other votes fall.

America votes to evict Jared. Jag sadly votes to evict Jared. All the vote are in. Let's give the news to the HG. HG, JCM says, just a reminder the evicted HG has only a few moments to say goodbye and walk out the door. By a vote of 6-1, Jared, you are evicted from the BB House. 

Jared gives his mother a knowing glance. He hugs Matt and says it's all right. Good job, buddy, he tells Cory. Blue looks on, sad. I love you, Jag tells him. Cirie gives him a long hug and extra pat on the back, but doesn't say anything. Blue receives a meaningful, silent hug. Jared takes off his mic pack and almost grabs America's bag before being reminded that's not his. Cirie promises to pack for him. They all applaud as he walks out the door, hands held high.

In the house, Mecole notes they have to pick another HoH. Blue sadly watches Jared's memory wall picture go grey. Jag gives Cirie a long hug. That was raw, she whispers. We'll talk later, he tells her. Cirie gets hugs from the other HG. Blue gets a long embrace, but no words are exchanged. They think after this it's Jury.

Outside the BB House, JCM tells Jared that normally she'd ask him questions but that's not going to happen. Jared's eyes go wide open. Here's why. Cameron, will you come on out, please? Cameron returns to the stage. I told you you were next, he says to a nodding Jared. I told you they had you lined up the whole time, Cameron says. Yep, Jared admits. 

As I mentioned earlier, JCM says, tonight kicks off Scary Week, and nothing could be more horrifying to your former housemates than the two of you returning to the house... Jared is out of the chair and ready to go, slapping Cameron's hand.  As, JCM continues, Zombies. Let's go, Jared shouts. Cameron just laughs. 

For the next week, JCM tells Jared & Cameron, asking Jared to sit down. I know you're pumped, she laughs. For the next week, JCM tells them, you will be living in the house and one of you will be resurrecting your game. You'll find out more about that later tonight when you do return to the house. For now, I wish both of you the best of luck.

Get ready for the house to come undone, JCM tells us gleefully, because this week, there will be no HoH, no noms and no Veto comp. Scary Week will be a week like no other in the history of Big Brother. 

The only thing scarier than what's happening inside the house is our schedule for Big Brother. Pay attention. Tune in Sunday at 10pm ET as Cameron and Jared reenter the house and learn how one Zombie will be resurrected and returned to the game. Then, this week, there will be no Wednesday episode (90m premiers of Survivor and The Amazing Race - join us in Morty's TV Fan Forums & Chat live!). Then on Thursday at 9pm, either Cameron or Jared's game will be resurrected live, getting a second chance at the $750k grand prize.

For now, let's eavesdrop on the HG. From outside the BB House with Jared and Cameron, I'm JCM. Love one another. 

Back in the house, Cirie attempts to explain her vote to save Jared, telling Bowie she always gives that one vote if she knows how it's going. She just wanted her to know but they're OK. The rest of the HG are pacing nervously in the house, anticipating further instructions for the HOH comp that isn't coming. Now we got HoH, Bowie asks Cory? Hearing that, Cirie just grimaces. They'll do it tonight, she asks Blue? She sits down incredulously. HoH, she asks, exhausted, my god! 

The Scaryverse message the HG received read: "This is a transmission fr m the Scary-Ve  e B Zo   re omi  ft t e  o     io ne  il ha   t  ir    e res     ed. BROKEN TRANSMISSION." Thank you to pamella in the Morty's TV Fan Forums & Chat who solved the riddle. The full transmission reads "This is a transmission fr m the Scary-Verse BB Zombies are coming after the live show. In a competition, someone will have their game resurrected. BROKEN TRANSMISSION."

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