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BB25 - Episode 21 - The Power of Veto


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Previously on Big Brother, Jared hinted of a big secret to his showmance, leading Blue to suspect the truth. With Cameron putting Cirie's close allies on the block, and then Jared saving his mom from a backdoor, Cirie was ready to say Bye to Felicia. But America wanted the Flutist to fly, so Cory rallied the numbers to flip the vote.

Cirie suspected something was up and sent her son to sniff things out, which ignited a war of words. At the live vote and eviction, Izzy left in a tizzy. With the HoH up for grabs, the HG couldn't hang, leaving power in the palm of Jared's hands. The exterminator wanted to be rid of his personal pest, so he put a showmance on the block, with the target aimed at his true adversary.

Tonight, who will win the Power of Veto, and will the plan to get Cameron on the block succeed? Find out, right now, on Big Brother!

Day 45 after nominations. Jared nominated Cory & America but that's not who he's coming after - Cameron is his number # target for targeting his mom. Cameron says at least I didn't see my face during a nom ceremony. But my gut says I'm getting backdoored. Cory is nominated next to America by his former F2. Not surprising after our massive blowup where I exposed his game. These things happen. One of us has to come off the block so we can both survive.

It sucks to be nom next to Cory, America says, but a small part of me lives for this, it's iconic to be put up next to my showmance and survive. I think it's a little romantic. America crawls into bed with Cory and tells him it's hot being on the block with him. 

In HoH, America sits down to talk with Jared. Everything's blown up, she asks him, where do you stand? It's no secret, Jared tells her, he's going after Cameron. No if, Ands or Buts. If he doesn't get picked and wins Veto, he's out. America tells us she doesn't know if she can trust Jared. She tells Jared she's stressed it might be her and Cory on Thursday. Cameron is his only target this week, Jared assures her.

Jared doesn't care who knows his target is Cameron. He tells Bowie, Mecole, Blue, Felicia, Matt, Jag, and Cory. Cory tells Jared he's someone who is always open to new possibilities and no bridge is totally burnt. Our bridge is more burnt than most, he admits, but if he's around next week, it's not nearly as black & white as Jared may think it is. Cory tells us he wants Jared to know next week, if he's in power, he's safe. I'm lying, of course, I'd backdoor him. But it's important he knows he's safe.

Jared tells us he let the whole house (except Cameron) know Cameron's my target, so if anyone wins Veto, I can backdoor him. As for Cory & America, I want them to know they are just pawns in my plan, but if Cameron actually pulls off a Veto win this week, Cory & America's days are numbered, and that's fine with me.

In the WA, Cory tells Cameron that if he or America come off, he thinks Cameron will be in trouble. If you are picked and win, he suggested to Cameron, you take one of us off. Cory tells us he doesn't want Cameron playing for Veto but if he does and wins, he needs to take me or America off. Cameron says if either gets HG Choice and chooses him, then they have a good shot. The odds for one of you coming down and someone else being evicted are higher with me competing. I need to play in the Veto, Cameron tells us, but I will do everything to benefit me. If not using the Veto benefits me, I won't. 

Jag tells us Jared & Blue are in a showmance but he's been lying about being in another alliance besides the one with me and Blue, Seven Deadly Sins. In the Scaryverse BR, Jared tells Blue that Cory told him about Jared being in another alliance, For Real For Real. I was blindsided, Blue tells us, her face wet with tears. How could Jared be in another alliance without me? This game is so hard! Jag warns Blue that she's going to get hurt being so close to Jared. 

In HoH, Blue is in bed as Jared completes his ADLs. What's the word, he asks? She tells him she heard he had another alliance. By who? People. Don't play this game, Jared warns. I trust you the most, Blue assures him. Jared says Cory told him that they had an alliance, For Real For Real. I swear, I didn't even remember. Jared tells us he never considered For Real For Real to be real, and he cares about Blue more than most in that alliance anyway. It's not a thing, he assures her, never been and never will.

What else are you being told, Jared asks Blue. She shrugs her shoulders. Don't do that to me, he says, it makes me feel I can't trust you. That's fine, she responds. It's fine I can't trust you? That doesn't sit well with me. How did he (Cory) know about our alliance, Blue asks Jared. You tell me, he retorts. Don't you think that's something important to tell the rest of the alliance? No, it wasn't important. It would have been nice to know, Blue reasons. It wasn't a big deal, Jared deflects. We're supposed to be a group, Blue reminds him. He tells her to calm down, and she doesn't take it well. You're raising your voice. I'm talking regularly, she counters.

Sobbing in DR, Blue says Jared's response was so ass. Are we OK, she asks him, back in HoH? No, he says, that really rubbed me the wrong way. I was just asking you questions, Blue says. I want to believe him, Blue tells us, if I know a secret of his that is detrimental to his game, why would he lie to me? I could blow up his game right now. 

Mecole meets with Felicia in the SR. After all the madness before the live eviction, she tells us, I realized I need a strong connection with someone I trust, and that's Miss Felicia. My plan was always to keep you, Mecole tells Mama F, but Cory told me that Jared & Cirie had always planned to vote for Izzy. Um, replies Felicia, her head in her hand. Jared was going to take me off the block with that Veto, she tells Mecole, and he didn't. Cirie was so worried about being backdoored, she convinced Jared not to take me off. I think she has a F2 with Jared. Mecole agrees.

OK, Felicia says in DR, so I just found out my besties ain't my besties. I thought they were my closest allies but they didn't have my back. Felicia tells Mecole she thinks Cirie would leave her if it furthers her game. Meme, you're my girl. Yep, Mecole replies. No bull. Nope. You are the one I want to sit in that chair with in the F2. Absolutely, Mecole confirms. Felicia tells us Cirie and Jared crossed the line with her. They hug out their new F2. Meme is now my F2, Felicia tells us, and we will stay loyal to each other. 100%, Mecole tells Felicia, I would be honored.

In HoH, Blue meets with Matt and Jag to form a new alliance. Jag says they should decide where their loyalties are together. Jag tells us they have realized there's the Cory/America side of the house and the Jared/Cirie side of the house, and they have to pick a side. Blue says her conversation with Pooh (Jared) was **cked. Jag says Matt can attest that Jared lied. Matt nods. I have to be careful with Jared if we rock with Cory & America, Blue notes. Regardless, she's going to cut back on info given to Pooh. She tells us she's prioritizing the game over their relationship. No boy will come between me and $750k. But I'll use him until it's time to chop him off. Blue tells Matt and Jag that Jared is out of the picture, she only trusts them.

In the WA, Jag sits down with Matt. They trust each other first, and then Blue. Jag thinks they should trust Cory & America. Jag explains to us that Jared, Mama C and Felicia were all in an alliance, and they didn't tell us about it. They are not good alliance members, so why would we make the same mistake? Matt tells Jag he could go both ways. Jag replies he can't trust Jared. Once they win (HoH), they can backdoor him. Matt tells us working with America & Cory sounds good, but he's also close with Cirie. But however they go, he's riding and dying with Jag. This week, we just make sure Cameron goes home, then next week, clock is ticking for Jared.

In the Scrambleverse BR, Jag approaches Cory & America in bed. Isn't it awesome being on the block, he jokes as they come out from under the covers. I get it, America laughs. Jag leans in and whispers, whomever gets HG Choice, choose me. You first, or Matt if you're already picked, Cory confirms. Everything has to align perfectly, America says. If he (Cameron) is going home this week, Jag tells them, and we survive next week, guess who can't play. After all the shenanigans on Thursday, Cory explains to us, I feel I only feel I can work with America, Matt and Jag going forward as long as we survive the Jared HoH. Cameron has to get backdoored.

It's time to pick players for the Veto comp. Cameron is praying his name is pulled. Jared picks Bowie. He hopes Cameron doesn't escape his backdoor plan again. Cory picks HG Choice and selects Jag. Cameron has to be backdoored, Cory tells us, for us to survive so he cannot be picked to play. Dang, Cameron tells us, now my only shot is in America's hands. America wants to pick anyone but Cameron. Cirie prays for anyone but Cameron. America picks Cameron. Of course, Jared laments, Cameron on the chip.

Cirie wakes Jared up in HoH. If Cameron wins and takes America down, she tells him, put me up. You won't have to dirty your hands and let me go. It might gain favor for you in the house. It would repair you and Cameron. If Cameron wins Veto and stays in the house, Cirie tells us, Jared can't play for the next HoH, so maybe they should repair that relationship by giving Cameron what he wants. I'm OK with it, Cirie promises Jared. I can't do that, Jared replies behind his sunglasses. It might be best for your game, his mom pleads. In the DR, Jared shakes his head. I hear her and understand what she's doing, but there are no circumstances I would put my mom on the block. I'd rather go home, Jared tells her. Please think about it, she asks.

I will always be willing to lay my life on the line for Jared, Cirie tells us, in real life or in the BB House. However, this ploy would only be if Cameron won the Veto and stayed another week, and right now, the focus is on Cameron not winning Veto. I just want you to be positioned better, Cirie tells Jared, think about it. I love you. I love you, Jared says back. 

It's time for the Veto comp. The BY has been turned into a Foot Ball gridiron, with over-sized footballs and a variety of large feet planted along both sidelines. The end-zones have been replaced with Stench Zones. On one end is a tall plastic cylinder. The Veto players are dressed in football uniforms, including shoulder pads. America tells us since she's been playing footsie with Cory, she's more into feet now.

Foot Ball season is kicking off in the Scrambleverse, and the Veto players have been drafted. To be the MVP and win the PoV, players will have to retrieve a small football from the receptacle at the 50 yrd line and spike it in the Stench Zone faster than the competition. The feet on the field will start spraying sweat all over. You must collect the sweat in your helmet and pour it into the receptacle . When the receptacle is full of sweat, the football will float up to the top. Once the receptacle is brimming with funky fluid, grab the football, run it into the Stench Zone, and spike it to stop the clock. The player with the fastest time wins the Golden Power of Veto! And here's a player tip - if you can figure out the sequence, you may be able to fill your receptacle faster. Who's ready to play Sweaty Scrimmage?

America is up first. The different feet spray different amounts of sweat in different directions at different angles. In sports broadcast style, the Scrambleverse displays her stats: 1 showmance. America tries to chase down the sweat streams, frequently getting blasted in the face with water and slipping on the wet field. When her helmet is full, she pours the water into the receptacle. She tries to follow the feet, then notices some feet shoot out sweat at an easier angle to collect. She feels this is still Humiliverse week. She fills up her receptacle, grabs the mini-football and slides over the goal line into the Stench Zone.

Cory is up next and deadpans that he's got a lot of experience playing football. Back in high school, he was the star quarterback, he says, shaking his head no, so he's feeling good. The whistle blows and we see Cory has 0 HoH wins and 3 weeks as a HN. He gets blasted in the face as he tries to figure out the foot sweat's sequence. He decides instead to just pick one foot and wait for the sweat to come to him. He's still gunning for it, but a physical football comp is not up his ally. He says that how you transfer the sweat to the container is just as important as how you gather it. He fills the receptacle, grabs his football and slides feet first into the Stench Zone. Not perfect, he says, but I hope it's enough. You couldn't have done soccor, he asks BB?

Bowie is the next, with 0 HoH or Veto wins. She wants to show she's a strong competitor. Instead, she shows how to slip and slide. Her helmet flies away, losing any sweat she'd collected. This won't look good on TV, she says. Jag is next (1 Veto win, 1 Chicken Suit), determined to help Cory & America and ensure Cameron gets backdoored. Everything is slippery, and he falls frequently. He focuses on the feet that shoot vertically to make it easier to catch the water, and pour the sweat into the container as clean as possible. He eats it at the 30 yard line. He gets his football and crosses the goal line.

Jared has 2 HoH wins and one Mom in the House. He runs down the field and immediately lands on his back after slipping. He's giving it 1000% to keep Cameron from coming after him and his mom. Speed is going to help, so he's moving between the feet as fast as possible. He ducks to avoid cross streams of sweat. Before his container is full, he's able to reach in with his fingers and pry the football out, racing to the Stench Zone, sliding the last 10 yards. 

Cameron is the last to compete. His back is against the wall because he's possibly being backdoored. He's the only one he can trust. Go Omaha! He's chasing down the sweat jets and pouring his helmet through the ear hole into the receptacle as fast as possible. He has a big slip and slams on his rear. Leveled at the line of scrimmage, he jokes. He tries to figure out the pattern and gets into a rhythm. He grabs his football and goes sliding head-first across the goal line and slams into the goal post. He left it all on the field, he says.

Dressed like a referee, Matt reveals the Top 3 times from the Power of Veto. Cirie says her stomach is in knots hoping Cameron didn't win. In 3rd place, with a time of 6:00 is... Jared! Cameron says he hopes he didn't get 2nd place because he's sure that mean he'll be first. Second place, with a time of 5:22 is... Cameron! The HG politely applaud, but are secretly celebrating. The winner of the Golden Power of Veto, with a time of 4:43 is... Jag! Let's Go, Jag cheers, as Blue, Cory and America cheer. This is surreal, he tells us, the only hard part is to decide who to take down and who to leave up next to Cameron. 

I was 6:01, Cory claims to America. Thank God, Cory says. America says this is amazing. Nothing against America, Cory says, but Jag should use the Veto on me. As much as I like Cory, America says, Jag should use it on me. I chose him for HG Choice, Cory reminds us. If it wasn't for Cory's blowup with Jared, America reminds us, she wouldn't be on the block. Either way, Cory reasons, the plan to backdoor Cameron should be a go. This isn't my worst case scenario, Cameron says, but hopefully Jag will listen and maybe I can convince him and Jared to keep me off the block.

In HoH, Cameron tells Jared, Blue, Jag and Matt he understands he's public enemy #1. I feel like the plan is to use the Veto and put me on the block, and when I leave, he says pointing to Jag, you're it. And then you're it, he continues, pointing to Jared. And then you, he says to Matt. I'm good for you if I stay, Cameron says, I will be your hired gunslinger. Matt says it does look like they're taking out comp winners. I'll burn up every comp you need me to, Cameron promises, the smartest dude in the house is itting on the block. It would make sense to just get him out now. 

Jared tells us that he doesn't need Cameron's protection. Cory isn't as dangerous to his game as Cameron is. Cameron admits to us he's a dangerous target, but keeping him would be a better for all of their games. I hold true to my deals, Cameron tells Jared, Blue, Jag and Matt. 

It's time for the Veto Ceremony. Jag calls the HG in from the BY. America is smiling and fist bumps with Cory in the nom chairs and hold hands. With faint hope, Cameron looks on. Jag he has decided to use the Power of Veto on Cory. Jared gives a little smile as Jag puts the veto chain around Cory's neck. America smiles, anticipating what comes next. Cameron just nods, expectingly. Jared stands up and says it's just game and outside the game he looks forward to hanging with all of them. Cameron, you are my replacement nom. 

Cirie hides her smile as Cameron takes his seat in the nom chair next to America. Jag tells us he used the Veto on Cory because America has a better chance of surviving the eviction vote. But this week should be very straightforward. America says she's still on the block but they've been trying to get Cameron out all summer, so unless something crazy happens, he's the one leaving. Cameron says Jared should have taken him up on his offer. He could have been his shield and battle axe, and once he's gone, he moves to the top of the list. My game is a frog's fart from being over, he says, but my back has been against the wall the entire game and wiggled out of some pretty tight spots, so that's what I'm going to do now. 

Cory says he took a massive risk last week and it backfired. He was nominated next to his showmance, didn't win the PoV, but thanks to Jag, I'm off the block. And thank you, Jared, for taking the shot at Cameron. The only way I can repay you, he considers, is to target you next week, Bro.

Who will be evicted, Cameron or America? Plus, a second HG will walk out the door because a surprise Double Eviction launche Scary Week, a terrifyingly twisted week of Big Brother like you've never seen before. All this, tomorrow night at 8pm ET, live, on Big Brother!

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