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I just finished the recap of last night's epi and had a couple of observations. First, Cory was guilty of many of the things he accused Jared of, so he'd make a great politician as well as lawyer. I also think he overplayed his hand and put the target on his back. Yes, Jared lied in a twisted logic attempt to get the truth out of Matt (who couldn't tell a lie to save his life anyway). But Cory was deceiving Jared first by not being honest with the plan to flip the vote. He knew knew he couldn't tell Jared, so all his pretense of offense was disingenuous. Both did it to themselves.


Second, nobody questioned why Cirie was so over-exuberant about Jared winning HoH. This wasn't just about an alliance member winning safety for them. If they hadn't been so exhausted, they might have recognized it as something more.


Third, Cam proved he really had no idea what's going on even as he pat himself on the back for creating chaos when he promised to keep Jared & Blue safe. It was the same mistake he made when admitting he wanted to BD Cirie. But while Cory was smart enough to see the connection between Jared & Cirie, Cameron remains woefully ignorant. The one week deal he offered Jared was again short-sighted. I was surprised he didn't offer himself as a shield, promise to throw Veto to him, or play up how the rest of the house reacted to to his HoH win & his need for former enemies turned friends.

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