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BB25 - Episode 20 - The HoH Wall & Nominations


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Previously on Big Brother, Cameron took a shot at the powerful trio of Izzy, Felicia and Cirie, and Cam mistakenly trusted Jared, telling him that the Survivor legend may not survive. So after Cirie's son won the Veto, Jared had no choice but to keep his mom out of harm's way.

It looked like Cirie would use her influence to keep Izzy, but America saw an opportunity to shake up the game. After America spurred Cameron's awakening, she got some info from Matt, which flipped Cory against Cirie. So the college kid began spilling the tea and rallying the troops. With the house officially flipped, the woodwind player would not win Big Brother.

 The power was back up for grabs as the BB Comicverse sent the HG into battle against a 50' meatball. Who will conquer the wall and become the new HoH? And which HG will be targeted for eviction? Plus, witness the war of words that blew the house apart right before Izzy's departure. All this, right now, on Big Brother!

Day 44. The Wall. The HG are out on a ledge of a wall that tilts forward up to a near 45 degree. They have so far been attacked by a large meatball on a zip line that strikes blows to the abdomen. They have hand holds on either side with which to hang on, and a vent behind them which blasts out white steam. 

Unable to compete as outgoing HoH, Cameron tells us he couldn't have had a more successful week. He wanted to cause chaos and get Izzy out. It was magic. Felicia can't believe she's still there. She survived her second block experience and would love to be in a position to pick noms and have some control.

America is excited to play the Wall comp - she's ready to channel her inner Taylor Hale. She's petite so she should last longer than the guys. Cirie says this HoH is critical after losing Izzy. She tried so hard but everything went haywire just before the vote.

Flashback to 10hrs before eviction. In HoH, Cirie watches Izzy being ignored in the KT on the spy cam. They not even looking at her, she observes. She has a 6th sense and is getting a sketchy vibe from Cory & Matt. She tells Jared in the shower that Izzy's in trouble and asks him to look into it.

Jared says his mom gets paranoid but he has to find out if anything is going on. He figures Matt is the only one who'll be honest with him but he may have to twist the truth to get the truth out of him. Jag is telling him to keep Mamma F, Jared tells Matt in the Humiliverse HNBR, that's what Jag said y'all talked about. Jared says he hates lying to Matt but he has to frame the question right to figure out what's going on.

Jared tells Matt Jag said they were keeping Felicia. Matt looks confused. He tells us this was supposed to be a secret, so why is Jag saying anything? Matt tells Jared he doesn't know for sure, but his gut says it'll flip. He tells us he doesn't want to lie to Jared so he's dropping hints. I think I know for sure Jag is going to vote Felicia, Matt confirms to Jared. Bowie is convinced that's how the majority will vote, so she'll vote that way too.

8 hours before eviction. Jared tells us his mom's suspicions check out so he needs to talk to Cory. Cory and Cirie join Jared and Matt in the Humiliverse HNBR. Matt asks Jared to confirm that Jag told him Matt was voting to keep Felicia. Yeah, Jared says. Why would he say that, asks Matt? We can't count Jag's vote, Cirie says, we can only count your (Matt & Cory's) vote. We have to be on the same page, Cory confirms.

Cory tells us none of this adds up. Jared & Cirie leave the Humiliverse HNBR and Matt whispers, Jag's a F*ing liar! He **** us. Why, asks Cory? He tells us it makes no sense that Jag would tell Jared anything, he was in on this blindside unless he was trying to cover his own ass. 

In the Game Loft, Felicia tells Jared that Matt promised her his vote. Flashback to Matt telling Felicia he thinks she'll be safe. I have the votes, she tells Jared. Then you're staying, he replies. Back in the Humiliverse HNBR, Matt wants to get Jag & Jared together to get to the bottom. We cannot flip back, Cory says, it's too late. Matt agrees. Then get Jag out after Jared, Cory says. 

In the Game Loft, Felicia tells Jared to go back into the Humiliverse HNBR to find out what they (Matt & Cory) are saying. Jared tells us he's confused and someone's lying. Cory leaves to get Jag. Jared says Mamma F just told him that Matt told her she's safe. Yeah, Matt says, me and Cory want to talk to you. I think we have to go this way. 

You're my dog, Matt tells Jared, I trust you and Cirie, but there's been words that the Seven Deadly Sings has been a fake alliance and there's another alliance called For Real For Real with 7 people in it. Who's For Real For Real, asks Jared, pretending to not know. Matt is confused. You, Cirie, Felicia, Meme, Cory, America and Izzy, he names. This is getting crazy, Jared says, going to get Cory back.

Jared tells us he's most concerned with Cory. He also tags Bowie to join them. Cameron has replaced Felicia in the Game Loft, watching the parade of HG heading into the Humiliverse HNBR with a smirk on his face. No more back and forth, Jared says, aggressively. No sparing any feelings. Cory says he'll be straightforward. 

Cory tells Jared that for at least a week, it has felt like he, his closest ally, has been lying to him. Do you want me here, asks Bowie, confused. This whole voting out Izzy idea, Cory says, I don't know what Jag is playing at. Jared doesn't care about Jag or Cameron, everything they say is a lie. And now you're saying I'm lying to you? 

Have you been open with everyone in the room about what's been going in the game, Cory demands of Jared? Very, Jared quickly replies. Did you tell him (Matt) about For Real For Real? What's For Real For Real, Jared asks incredulously. This is why I brought Bowie here! Cory names the seven members of For Real For Real. Is that a fake alliance, Jared asks? So that's fake and Seven Deadly Sins is real, Cory asks? 

Jared tells Matt, to be clear, I don't consider any of that to be real. Cory tells Jared he did not lead him to believe that alliance was fake. Jared stands up. This is why I'm pissed. He sits back down and repeats himself. You (Cory) are saying I've been a part of something you've had more meetings of than I've had. One meeting. Come on, Cory exclaims. You just admitted it, Jared insists. I didn't admit shit, Cory retorts.

You're lying, Jared tells Cory in front of Matt and Bowie, and looking very bad. Did you think Seven Deadly Sins was a fake alliance, Cory asks Matt? I thought it was real, Matt replies. Me too, Jared says. Then you lied to me, Cory insists. I've been very straightforward with you guys, Jared says, you (Cory) called me a liar but you just exposed yourself. Cory tells Jared that people have been telling him that Jared's been lying to him for weeks. I get that, Jared interrupts. 

Jared knows that in a war of words between us, Cory tells us, he's screwed, so instead he's screaming over me. This is probably confusing to you at home, so welcome to Cory's strategy. Jared is lying about Seven Deadly Sings being a real alliance despite him targeting Jag, about For Real For Real not being a real alliance, everything Jared says opens a whole new can of lies and I have to expose it to everyone. 

You tell me one thing, Cory tells Jared, and 7 telling me something else. That's the truth of it, Cory exclaims, raising his voice. Everyone comes to me with their Jared stories and you come in here for some kind of show to say Cory's lying and you're telling the truth because you're talking loudly and not letting him say anything! It's bullsh*t!

Cory doesn't pause to let Jared say anything as Bowie and Matt just watch. We've been comparing notes, Cory continues, I thought you were my boy and I hear you never were. What am I supposed to think! Jared says he brought his tone down and asks Cory to stop yelling. You've been yelling for 45m, Cory claims. I've brought my tone down, Jared says, but continue. What are you hearing? 

Cory offers to go get Jag. Go ahead, Jared says. Jared is just trying to steamroll over every point I make, Cory tells us, it's time to find out who's telling the truth. Jag is in the WA shower. Cory asks him to come up to the Humiliverse HNBR. This is getting out of hand, Cory tells us, accusations are flying, I have to call in my witness, Jag, to get to the truth.

Jag heads up to the Humiliverse HNBR and in the Scrambleverse BR, Cirie realizes everyone is upstairs. Felicia tells her Matt, Jared, Bowie and Cory. Cirie goes up to find out what is going on. In his pig suit, Cameron has moved to the LR couch to keep track of things. Everything is hitting the fan, he tells us, everyone going up and down the stairs, I'm the Grand Marshall of the Chaos Parade. This is a lot of fun.

What is the point of all this, Mamma C asks, entering the Humiliverse HNBR where everyone seems to be talking at once. Jared wants to clear the air, Cory says, blaming Jared. Because you're telling me I've been lying, Jared replies, taking the bait. Cory tells Jag that Jared said he warned him about the vote. That's what started this, Cory explains to Cirie.

Cory tells Jag that he heard Jag went to Jared last night and said he, Matt & Cory were voting out Izzy. Did I say that, Jag calmly asks Jared? No, Jared confirms. Jared just said you did, Cory says, confused. You misunderstood, Jared tries to explain. No, Cory exclaims, upset. Flash back to Jared telling Matt Jag is saying they are keeping Mamma Felicia, that's what Jag says y'all talked about. 

To be clear, Jag says definitively, I never said that. In the DR, Jag says Jared is a liar, this never happened and I have to defend my honor. I don't like Jared hurting my reputation. Matt confirms to the room that Jared did say that Jag came to him and said the they were voting to keep Felicia. 

In the DR, Jared says... Nothing. Now that this is out there, I might as well explain why I said what I said. The reason why I said that, Jared tells Cory, is I don't trust you. I'm flabbergasted, Cirie tells us, I just wanted him to see what's going on, not start a war! Jared tries to explain he angled the question at them to try to get an honest answer. 

Jared wasn't lying, Cory explains to us, mockingly, he was angling his statement, like someone would position their point. He's grasping at straws because he was caught in a lie. Cory tells him this wasn't abstract, this was straight forward. No, Jared insists. Cory says it's happening again where I'm being pinned against Jag, Matt and America. I'm not trying to pin you against anyone, Jared says desperately. 

I don't think anyone here has been totally honest with everyone in the game, Cirie declares, trying to calm things down, there have been so many alliances brought up, a Bitches alliance, For Real For Real, there was a suggestion for an all-girls alliance, including America, that never went anywhere. It was fake, Jag asks? Just not something anyone wanted to be in, she replies, I didn't want to be in 75 alliances. 

Cory tells Cirie he respects her in and out of the game, but when she says she doesn't want to be part of 4-5 alliances, I believe you. But you are, and Izzy is, and Felicia is, and Jared is. You have to admit your benefiting from that, at least until now. Anyone who wins HoH feels they are in an alliance with Cirie, Izzy, Jared and Felicia. Cirie has no response.

Cory tells us Cirie is trying to play all of these alliances because she's in all of them. If people start to see Izzy, Cirie and Felicia are at the center of all of everything, they'll be the next targets. Cory tells Cirie that he and Jared have very different interpretations of how things went. This convo was just for the people I want to work with, Jared tries to explain, who I trusted, who told me things I've never exposed. 

Jared is not trustworthy, Cory declares to us, I'm frustrated I ever believed him. Cory asks Jared what was the intention of telling them about Jag? To find out what you were keeping from me and admitted to right now, Jared says. Are you happy with how that played out, Cory asks with a chuckle, because you threw Jag under the bus. 

In the DR, Cirie plants her face in her palm. No pun intended, but I'm on an island now, surrounded by a bunch of sharks. This is a critical HoH for Jared after the Have Not debacle (the meeting in the Humiliverse HNBR). Final Six, Bowie pipes up, quickly explaining that was a joke. Nobody was laughing.

Back to The Wall where the HoH comp is still going on. Get off my wall, BB19's Josh Martinez demands, as wall tilts down. It tilts back and Cory tells us after all that went down, he has to win HoH. Jared cannot be HoH. Jared tells us he's determined not to let Cory or America win or he and his momma are out the door. Matt doesn't know where he stands and is scared of Jared. America is rooting for anyone but Jared. Jag says Jared cannot win. Blue wants to win to start thinking about her own game.

The wall tilts forward and Cirie tells us she can feel herself shaking. She lets go with a time of 9 minutes and 2 seconds. It's up to Jared now, she tells us, maybe Blue, who looks like a statue up on that wall. 

Anybody like pink sauce, Josh asks? The HG are hit by a frontal assault of pink paint, which sticks to the clothes and drips down the wall, into the handholds and onto the ledge. OMG, says Cirie from the losers' stools. The HG are blasted with steam from behind. Get off my wall, you big meatball, Josh calls out.

Who wants meatballs? The balls are back, sliding down the zip line, pausing to get a good swing on, before proceeding to slam into the HG. Matt and Jared try to crouch and take the balls into the chest instead of the gut. That's spicy, Cameron jokes. Come on, Meatball, Felicia exclaims. Her meatball has more side-to-side motion, largely hitting to her left or right while the others take it square on. Hit me again, I can handle you, Felicia brags in the DR. 

The HG brace as the wall begins tilting again. I would love to win HoH so I could show I'm not the weakling you think I am, Felicia tells us. But she falls at 18 minutes, 51 seconds. Get off my wall, Felicia, Josh says as she rolls off the padding. You might think this is easy, she tells us, but this is no joke. 

The wall tilts forward and the pink paint is dripping off it and the remaining HG. America tells us her biceps hurt, she's shaking, everything hurts. She falls at 21 minutes 38 seconds. She had been looking forward to this comp and really thought she'd have done better. She's depending on Cory now.

The meatballs are back. I'd rather starve on the island, Cirie whispers to Felicia on the Group W bench. Felicia laughs. The wall tilts again and Mecole grimaces then drops at 27 minutes and 58 seconds. Meatballs flying everywhere, Josh cackles. It was mine to lose, she tells us, I was focused so it was disappointing to be 4th off the wall.

It's down to Matt, Bowie, Jag, Cory, Blue and Jared. Cory knows it all rests on him now. The problem is, he's dying up there and can't hold on much longer. He lets go after 28 minutes, 49 seconds. He hopes Jag, Matt or Bowie will keep him safe. Even Blue could be possible. Just not Jared. 

Anyone like Pesto? The remaining 5 HG are blasted with green "pesto" paint. Bowie looks around to see how the others are doing. Jag's breathing is labored. Blue looks disgusted. Matt is braced against the pain. Jared spits liquid out of his mouth. Hold on, Jared, Cirie implores in the DR, you have the muffin hands! 

Dripping green, the wall tilts forward and the meatballs slowly start working their way towards the HG. Matt takes his without emotion. Jag's face says, come on, really? Blue doesn't react at all. Jag says every time the wall tilts, he feels like he's going to fall - his legs are cramping, his arms on fire, he's only holding on with his fingers. 

Josh taunts the HG from behind with blasts of steam, shocking Cirie and Felicia on the bench. Matt leans over far but it is Jag that drops off at 35 minutes and 3 seconds. Hold on tight, Josh warns, get ready for the marinara sauce! The HG are blasted with red paint. Jared looks labored. Blue looks like stone. My mouth's not open now, Bowie jokes. 

Matt says it's not the sauces that bother him, his forearms are cramping up big time. The HG cheer them to hold on but he can't and Matt face plants into the mat below at 37 minutes and 51 seconds. It's down to Bowie, Blue and Jared. Cory says Bowie is from Australia so she spends most of her time hanging upside down anyways. She's got to beat Jared! In his head, Matt was cheering her on as well: Don't be a baby like me, you got this! Cameron is also hoping Bowie stays in the zone.

The 3 HG are hit again by meatballs. Jared and Bowie take them head-on, but Blue's seem to be hitting to the side. They take a few seconds to try to wipe the slick paint/water off the handholds. On the sidelines, Cirie closes her eyes. She's praying for Jared to hold on, she tells us with tears in her eyes, hold on. 

This is starting to get really slippery, Jared tells us, and harder to hold on. My arms and shoulders are on fire,  but they can break off before I fall off. The wall begins to tilt. Bowie doesn't trust anyone in the house, everyone's lying through their teeth, so I'm staying as long as I can. The HG are hit with pink paint again. Jared is shaking. Blue has lost her concrete composure. The fingers slipping, Blue says, moral is getting low, and I'm just hoping the wall goes back up.

On the right end of the wall, Bowie strains to see how Jared and Blue are doing on the far left end, a wild, determined smile on her face. Blue looks tired and Jared appears to be struggling. The wall tilts down, intent on displacing its interlopers. Blue lets out an expletive. The HG are hit by the red "marinara" sauce again. Hang on, implores Felicia! 

Blue gives out at 43 minutes and 10 seconds. Bowie watches with a satisfactory grin, then after a glance at Jared, lets go herself to seconds later to give Jared the victory. He can't believe it. Yes, Cirie screams as the other HG give a pro-forma congratulatory clap. Cirie runs to Jared, yelling Let's go, baby! Jared falls over trying to run over to her, answering Let's Go!

Cirie can't contain her glee at Jared's win, while Cory and America look on in disbelief. Cameron gamely congratulates him and hands him the HoH key. Look who won HoH again, Jared boasts in the DR, I got you, Mom, and Izzy, this was for you. Y'all thought this was going to be easy? You're shaking in your boots now. Now, everyone pays. 

So I just had the fight of the century with Jared, Cory says dejectedly, and then he won HoH. Worst Case Scenario. Felicia and Cirie follows Jared into the house, yelling Let's Go again. Mamma F gives Jared a big hug. Of course another Jared HoH, Jag moans, he's nominated me once already, threw me under the bus, and I don't know where I stand. 

Alone in the Scaryverse BR, Jared lifts his mother up off the group, saying she loves him so much. I got you, bro, he replies. She tells us this is the only possible outcome for Jared's and my life in this game. They are going to learn to not mess with Jared's mama, she gloats, and they don't even know.

Still in his pig costume, Cameron sits alone. Oh crap, he muses, it's going to be an uphill battle this week but hopefully Cory, Jag and Matt will have more of Jared's focus. In the Scrambleverse BR, America asks Cory what happened. I didn't do anything unreasonable, he says, but I'm going to be a target and I hope you aren't too. She looks disappointed. It's all on me, Cory says, accepting full responsibility, he was screaming at me and I defended myself. She lets him take her into his arms.

Cory tells us Jared is not his ally and is probably going to target him. He just hopes if he's still on the block Thursday, it's not next to America. He tells her they are coming after him 100% but not her. I don't want you to go, she says, deflatedly. I don't either, he promises. 

BB announces Humiliweek is over, which means Matt and Cameron's punishments are over. Say farewell to Josh! Matt deadpans spending time with Josh was a dream come true - they shaved, showered and slopped together, but but it's time for Josh to go. It'll be healthy for me to get some space away from him. Matt leans the Josh Duhamel cut-out against the counter while Mecole looks at the collection of selfies he had to take. The cut-out tips over and crashes onto the back of Mecole's head. Felicia cracks up laughing.

In Jared's HoH room, Cirie gives him another hug. I told you, he says dutifully, I got you. I'm so proud, she coos. Then it's time for business. Jared says he's going to nom Cory and America, but he wants Cameron gone. He just got out Izzy, Jared tells us, and is targeting me and my momma. I'm considering backdooring him. 100%, he tells Cirie, Cameron needs to go home. That's all I care about, Cirie replies. In the DR, Cirie says she doesn't want it to be obvious Jared is targeting Cameron, but we need to get justice for Izzy. 

Cameron meets with Jared in HoH and says nobody expected him to win, so great job. Jared comes right out and says he thinks Cameron did him dirty. He was trying to work with him and got burnt. Cameron says he wanted to work with Jared too. I'm done trusting people, Jared continues, the only one I trust is Blue. Then we can talk, Cameron suggests. 

I wanted to calmly apologize, Cameron tells us, hoping he recognized it was time to change up his game and talk opportunity. He tells Jared that if he avoids the block this week and Jared resists the urge to backdoor him, he promises to protect both him and Blue. But at this moment, as the father of a little girl and a man who has served this country, if I don't touch the block this week, I'll do everything for you next week. Everything.

Jared tells us he has a lot of options this week, but Cameron was going after his mom, so he has to make a decision that is right for both of them. He's over the past, Jared tells Cameron, he's focused on rebuilding. Cameron says he can make that happen. I respect you enough to let you know I'll consider it, Jared replies. 

Nominations Today. Jared calls the HG in from the Scaryverse BR. Cory smiles as Jared comes down the stairs with the nom box. Cameron looks nervous. Jag and America have their poker faces on. Jared turns the first key to reveal Cory's picture on the Memory Wall. He turns the second key to reveal America's picture. 

Cory, Jared explains, if you want to villanize someone you used to be close to, and you want to air your dirty laundry in front of others, they may be taking notes about what you say but they're taking notes about you too, and realizing if you could to that to someone, you can do that to them too. Cory gives off a smirk. Nothing personal, America, I wish you the best.

Jared tells us that he nominated Cory and America but his sights are set on Cameron. America is sad and angry but she's hopeful they can win Veto. Cory didn't like Jared's speech and found it condescending. He's lying about everything. I know I can figure this out, protect myself, try to protect America, and I'll be here next week. 

Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save Cory or America from the chopping block? Find out Wednesday at 8pm ET on Big Brother!

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