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Saturday, September 16, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:13AM BBT

Jag, Blue and Jared talk in the HoHR about OTEV. Jag thinks it's too early for OTEV because it's always a massive build, "that shit's gonna take time." Jared asks how OTEV works. Jag describes it as similar to musical chairs on a waterfall.


12:25AM BBT

Matt whispered to Cory and America in Scrambleverse. Cory thinks if Cameron wins veto, Jag will go up, "There's no one else. It wouldn't be you or Bowie." Matt says no one would vote out Bowie. Cory says America would win against Jag. They speculate that veto picks will be early in the day.


12:26AM BBT

Back in the HoHR, Blue, Jag and Jared a laughing about how hard it has been to get Cameron out of the house.

Jared: Imagine Cam wins the Battle Back


Jag: At this point, I would rather Hisam win. We been trying to get Dude out for three weeks.

Jared: (laughing) He will literally just walk right up to HoH...There is no way a man in a onesie could look that evil, bro. He was smiling so hard.

Jared laughs over Cameron's snarky comments and snapbacks, "That bro is witty."


[There is no argument that Cameron, seemingly, has nine lives in the BB House. I'll confess that it will be another fun week if Cam gets pulled to play and wins veto today. BB conspiracy theorists would claim it's evidence of a rigged game.  -MamaLong]


12:31AM BBT

BB: America, please go to the Diary Room downstairs

Once America leaves, Cory tells Matt in the bathroom area that he is just trying to keep America okay

Matt says he knows Blue and Poo are still up watching the cameras, and that he is on the same page to get Cameron out.

Cory: If I am still up there with America, I don't know what I'm going to do. "I'm definitely gonna try. " (to stay) I'm not going to cross certain lines. Me and America talked about that, too. (campaigning). If Jag is up there, that sucks, too. There are three outcomes that could happen: Me and America stay up, Cameron and one of us two or Jag and one of us two. I'm a worst case scenario guy. I always worry about the worst case scenario.

Matt: The worst case scenario is someone wins veto and you two stay on the block.

Cory asks if there is anyone that would leave noms the same. Matt assures that everyone wants Cameron out. 

Jag joins Matt and Cory to discuss the scenarios.

Cory: The Cameron winning scenarios are really messy. (to Jag) I think you survive against me, but maybe not America. He doesn't give a fuck about America.

They discuss that putting Jag up leaves Jag and Blue pissed.

Jag: That is a scenario where I could see myself up there, but I think we see Bowie up there. If I'm on the block, may ass is (gone)

Cory: The reality is, Jared wants me out more than you.

Jag: If you get Houseguest Choice, you choice is...

Cory: I think every person that could get Houseguest Choice picks you (Jag)

Jag: If you get it, pick me. If Jared gets it, he should pick me.

Cory: Here's why I know it's a backdoor on Cameron. Cameron is spiraling. He is basically begging both of us to pick him.

Matt and Jag ask if America would pick him. Cory says no, "America won't do that"

They go through the votes.

Matt: You only need four.


1:04AM BBT

The Comicverse is dark with Cirie snoring. Bowie Jane is still and silent. Red's bed has shoes on the floor at the foot of the bed, as if he is still there, and I thought I heard oinking.   Nope, just Cirie snoring.


1:07AM BBT

Back in the bathroom area, America has returned and the four of them laugh about their goodbye messages for Jag about his messy gameplay and screwing up plans when he was on the block. 


1:38AM BBT

Bathroom discussion is centering around Cirie now.

Jag: In that Have-Not Room, she made it a point that For Real For Real was fake, so if she comes to you and is like, oh, it's real, in that room she said it was fake. Her game is simple: don't win anything

matt: You know what's interesting? Pressure Cooker. Who were the first four out. Boom, boom, boom, boom.

America doesn't think Cirie has intentionally thrown anything. She doesn't think Izzy threw it. Jag says it was just a convenient order. Matt says they knew it would last a long time and didn't want to waste time in there.

America: They literally had an alliance with everyone in that room.

America: They played us

Matt: Played us

America: We can play back. It's gonna be Cam this week.

Matt: Don't pick him. You're not gonna pick him, are you?  (for HG Choice)

America: No. There's 8 names.

Matt: Has there ever been three houseguest choice picked

America says she doesn't think so

Jag: The way things have been lining up, I don't want to get our hopes up. I beat him three times: Artifact Stack, Cockadoodle Zoom and Buddy Ball. 

America: We'll see after the picks, but I gotta get pumped. Being on the block? It's exciting. I was said all day because it's me and Cory. Worst case scenario. They will wake us up early. I got to go to bed, goodnight.

Bowie Jane comes in for the loo


2:08AM BBT

Matt: Izzy was fucking us over hard.

Jag: Felicia is targeting us

Jag tells Matt that Cory said, if he has to vote one of the out, "vote one of us out, but don't fucking go back to them. Don't make this season about them playing us."

Matt: Yeah

Jag says Blue is close to Jared, but she will be down to do that (commit to targeting the other side) "You, me, America or Blue will have to win and then we backdoor his ass" (Jared)

Matt: Backdoor Poo...I would put up someone who would save Poo. Where does MeMe vote?

Jag: MeMe is on the block in this case. There's ten people next week. Next week there's only 7 votes. You need 4 to evict.  If Jared and MeMe are on the block, me, Cory, America and Bowie are the votes to evict.

Matt says he is scared Bowie wouldn't follow through.

Jag: Bowie will.


2:20AM BBT

Matt and Jag finally go to bed and the house grows dark with sleeping HGs.


[Summary: America's confidence has been shaken. She is worried either she or Cory will be evicted next. Cory is trying to keep America feeling okay (Cory's confidence is distasteful. He seriously never thought he would ever see the block) The goal today is for anyone other than Cameron to win veto and backdoor Cameron. The only person they don't want playing is Cam, so won't it be intriguing if his chip is pulled? Stay tuned! -MamaLong]

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7:30 AM BBT the feeds go from sleeping HGs to WBRB. [Feels a bit early to wake them up for the day, but expect the unexpected ~ Goldylucks]


7:52 AM BBT The feeds return to a meeting in the HoH between Jared, Blue, Cirie, Felicia, Matt and Jag. Jared is saying that he is good with everyone in this room. Blue adds that in the spirit of clearing the air, she says that she was upset that people were talking about the 7 Deadly Sins and no one told her, and that there were other alliances that she was not a part of. Blue mentions that she heard Felicia created For Real, For Real which Felicia disagrees with. Cirie speaks up for Felicia  indicating that it was not Felicia that created that alliance.


Jared HoH Meeting.jpg


7:56 AM BBT Jared tells the others that he knows they are going to be part of other groups. It can lead to paranoia. It important that everyone in that room just knows that they are not targeting each other. No one has to come up constantly report on anything that they are saying or hearing. Felicia says that if anyone has any questions, to ask her directly because she is very straight forward. Cirie says that she wants the same courtesy. Before thinking of leaving the alliance, talk to them. 


7:59 AM BBT Jared says that what he needs from everyone is to know that they are going to communicate better and let each other know when they start hearing things about each other. They decide to commit to each other once again, this time naming their alliance of 6 "This Is A Thing That Is Not A Thing". 

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Thing Not a Thing.jpg


8:07 AM BBT The "This Thing Is Not A Thing" alliance members are trying to figure out how to get out of the HoH room without the others noticing they were all up there together. Meanwhile we can hear Bowie downstairs "this is very dodgy".


8:10 AM BBT Bowie and Cirie are talking in the CBR. Cirie tells her that the 7 Deadly Sins was over but that they won't target each other and they won't target us (Cirie and Bowie). Cirie also tells her that the Legends are also over. Bowie "I would have thought that all of them were over." Cirie "well, we wanted to make it official." Cirie tells her that she thinks that they are good. 


8:13 AM BBT Cirie tells Bowie that no one is saying her name at all. They are saying everyone else's name, but not hers. 


8:15 AM BBT Jared is down in the KT talking to Cameron. Jared tells him that he doesn't trust anyone and isn't f***ing with anyone in this house. Everyone is saying that he is saying things that never said. Even Cory. He hasn't talked to Cory in 2 weeks, but Cory had a whole lot to say about what he has supposedly been saying in the last 2 weeks. Cameron told him it was probably because Jared has now won 3 comps. That makes Jared as dangerous as he is. 


Jared Cameron.jpg


8:20 AM BBT Jared continues to vent to Cameron that he is taking the blame for a lot of things that he hasn't done. It just keeps going. People keep talking about it over and over again. Cameron tells him that his offer stands and that if Jared wants to sweeten the deal, he is open to counter offers. He will be a guaranteed vote in jury. 


8:23 AM BBT apparently the conversation between Cameron and Jared in the KT began with Cameron accusing Jared of telling others to not pick him to play in the veto. After Jared denies it and discusses how everyone keeps lying about him, he goes upstairs to share this information with Felicia. He isn't able to say much before BB calls him to the DR. 

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8:28 AM BBT Cory and Cameron go up to talk in the loft. Cory says that last week he made it on the line and the consequences of that this are he and America on the block. Cory "As long as you keep your mouth shut. It's cool, it's good." Cory says that he wants the 3 of them (him, Cameron and America) to keep going but he doesn't think that he or America will survive being on the block unless he is on the block with him. [It sounds like Cory is hinting to Cameron why he can't pick him to play in the veto ~ Goldylucks] Cameron says that has his vote. Cory and Cameron understand that they are both playing a game and that they have all made decisions along the way. Cameron knows that he is probably not making it to jury and he sees his own demise. "We still made it here. We still made a splash." Cory says that he is not down with the backdoor Cameron plan and if the 3 of them are all there next week, he will fight for that HoH to protect Cameron. 


8:41 AM BBT Cirie and Bowie are in the CBR discussing Izzy's eviction. Matt had given Cirie the heads up that Izzy was going to be the one evicted. He had promised her that if he knew for sure, he would tell her. The feeds switch to RCHS. They HGs are likely picking veto players. 

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9:13 AM BBT In the CBR, Felicia, Cirie and Bowie are talking. Felicia tells Bowie that you have got to beat his a$$ because it is going to be crazy next week if he wins. Felicia says that she had wished they had pulled her name. Cirie says that she has never been picked to play veto. They are glad that Matt gets to host. (It appears that Bowie and Cameron are both picked to play in the veto and that Matt is hosting)


9:17 AM BBT Matt and Jag are talking in the WA. Matt says that he really wanted to play. It would have been perfect if he had been picked with Jag being picked. (Possibly the 6th veto player is Jag?)


9:23 AM BBT Felicia, Cirie, and Bowie Jane are talking in the CBR. They have been discussing other iconic POV competitions and when they expect they will be played. Felicia thinks Zingbot will be in 2 weeks.


9:25 AM BBT America and Jag are talking in the WA. America says that they have the votes, so it might be okay if she doesn't go all out. But, she's got this. Matt walks in and says that he psyched to host. He gets to experience it all with them. 


9:28 AM BBT Jag asks Amanda and Matt if they think it might be the black box veto comp. The one that is in the dark with scary sounds and stuff. Matt says he would be fine in that environment because he wouldn't hear all that stuff. 


9:30 AM BBT In the CBR, Felicia tells Cirie and Bowie Jane that the others are going to go hard for the veto because their BB lives depend on it. Jag isn't going to leave anything to chance. Amanda's face dropped when Cameron was picked. They have to win it or they are going home. 


9:37 AM BBT America is in the WA putting on makeup. Matt is showering. Jag is just hanging out there. Felicia walks in. Jag says that he hopes that they get costumes. Felicia says that they woke them up so early, they are definitely getting costumes. Jag asks if the think the comp will be in the BY or the....cameras switch. 


9:41 AM BBT Bowie Jane, America, Cory, Matt and Blue are all hanging out in the WA. They don't think the veto will be too physical since last week's veto was a physical comp. Cory says that they are overdue for a puzzle type comp. Bowie Jane just wants to know if it is going to be physical. America is singing to herself quiietly "I am the baddest in the club. Show them b**ches up." 

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9:45 AM BBT Cory and America are talking in the SR. Cory tells her that he would rather Cameron win than Jared. He may use the veto to take one of them down and has promised that whichever one of them remains up there has his vote. They hype each other up to win but feel that they are in a good place, regardless. Cory "Everything bad that could happen, happened, and I feel good about it." 


Cory America SR.jpg


9:54 AM BBT Cirie and Blue are talking in the loft. Cory has America. Blue has Jared. Cirie has Bowie Jane. They have their person. They need to keep trying to branch out and develop relationships outside that. Cirie says that she has tried to talk to America and Cory, but it feels weird. And in their group, she feels like a 3rd or 6th wheel. 


Cirie Blue Loft.jpg


9:57 AM BBT Cirie says that her relationship with Felicia is different now. Felicia doesn't understand why Cirie would pick Izzy over her. How can she pick Felicia over Izzy. My girls is gone. She said she was going to watch all the feeds when she got home. Justice for Izzy.


9:58 AM BBT Cameron and America are talking in the WA. Cameron says that he needs to come clean with her. He did tell Jared that he knew that America and Cory were told not to pick him in the veto. Jared denied that he ever told them that. Cameron said that he specifically told Jared that it was NOT America that told him that. He didn't say it was Cory but didn't say it wasn't Cory that told him either. He wouldn't endanger them like that. 


10:01 AM BBT Cameron tells America that if the veto is between the 2 of them, do not let fear stop her from letting him win it because of what the others may think. Cameron "If you don't throw it to me, and I win, they are going to think you threw it to me anyway. If I pull you down, there is a good chance the 3 of us will stay and Jag goes home." He goes on to say not to let fear stop her from letting him win in. This is BB. It is time to play the da*n game.


America Cameron WA.jpg


10:05 AM BBT Cameron continues to urge America that she needs to let him veto if they can. The only way that all 3 of them come out intact is if he pulls one of them down. Then Jared will go hard for Jag. If she or Cory comes down and he goes up, then she and Cory will stay but they will also have no else but themselves. 


10:10 AM BBT Matt and Blue are in the HN room. She tells Matt that the Cory Jared situation has her really uncomfortable. Her relationship with Pooh could hurt her in the long run. She definitely feels on the outs with Cirie and Felicia. Matt doesn't know if he is (Jared) is going to take a shot at him and Jag first, or the Mamas first. 


Blue Matt HN.jpg

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10:14AM BBT

In the HoHR, Cirie suggests to Jared that he put her up as the replacement nom if Cameron wins veto, "Put me up! Put me up and let me go! Because everybody is associating you with me. This would be the best thing for your game. For your game, it would clear you. Nobody is expecting it. This would be the best thing for your game. Think about it! I think it would almost wipe your slate clean, especially with Cameron. I love you! I know it is just game. I won't have a problem with it. I promise. This would be in the case of Cameron winning and taking down America. I want you to be positioned better. I think it would win you a lot of favor in the house. We can talk about it later. I would be okay with it."

Jared: I can't do that

Cirie: I want you to have a better chance!

Jared: I can't do it. 

Cirie: Why not? I'm asking you!

Jared: I'd rather just go home than do that.

Cirie: This is for one of us to get further. If you do this, you got so much of a better chance. Just think about it. I love you.

Jared: I love you, too.



VS--StreamBigBrotherLiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-93591’56” (1).jpg


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10:13 AM BBT In the WA, America tells Cameron that she is glad that he got picked to play. Cameron "Everyone sh*t your pants". They hug.


Cameron America WA Hug.jpg


10:15 AM BBT The feeds switch to Jared and Cirie in the HoH. Cirie tells Jared that if Cameron wins and takes America down, that the best thing for his game would be to put her up on the block. She says that everyone knows that he is tied to her. One way to dispel that rumor is for him to put her on the block. She may go home, but that strengthens the chances that he wins. It will help him immensely and she is okay with it. She cautions him not to make an enemy of Bowie Jane and Jag by using them as the replacement. Cirie knows that if she goes up, she is going home. Jared says he could never do that. Cirie tells him that would be best for his game. You got to think about it. He continues to say that he can't do it. She says that he has to. It if the for the game. Their relationship is impeding him. Without her being connected to him, he has a better chance. With them connected, they will continue to look at him funny. 


Cirie Jared HoH.jpg

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10:29 AM BBT America and Blue are talking in the SBR. America tells her that Cam is trying to get into her head. Blue assures her that if Jared wins, he is 100% using it because his only goal is to get rid of Cameron. Even though Jared and Cory are into it right now, he hates Cameron. And even if  noms remain the same, America has Blue's vote. America tells her that if Cameron wins, she has a good chance of getting him to use it and maybe Jag doesn't go up. Blue says that she suspects that he would put up Bowie Jane, not Jag. 


America Blue SBR.jpg

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10:41 AM BBT Blue and America continue to talk in the SBR. Blue tells her that Jared is not likely to put up Jag. Cirie wouldn't want that either. She is not in a good spot right now. She just lost Izzy. She does not feel like she is in the place to make any big moves right now by getting rid of Jag. 


10:45 AM BBT Bowie Jane, Matt and Jared are in the loft. Even if Cameron wins, it is not the end of the world. He will still have to win HoH. The whole house is out to get rid of him. He made himself the face of TV. 


10:48  AM BBT Jared really wants to win the veto. It is such a coincidence that out of everyone to pick his name, it was America. Jared thought that it was going to be end up him picking his name out of the bag. Bowie Jane jokes that when she got picked, she thought for sure there must have been 7 Bowie Janes in the bag, because she is never picked for anything. 


10:52 AM BBT Blue and Jag are talking in the SBR. She assures him that her personal relationship with Jared remains unchanged. However, her game relationship with Pooh has changed, obviously. She has not told him about Family Reunion. He does not know that she is working with America. As far as Jared is concerned, her gaming relationship with America is dead and they are just friends in the house. "He can't know that I am working with her or that will blow my sh*t up. 


Blue Jag SBR.jpg


11:04 AM BBT Jag and Blue continue to talk in the SBR. Jag tells her that regardless who wins the next HoH, Cameron is still a really big target. Jag doesn't think that anyone is off the Cam train. If he wins the veto today, that will be 3 weeks in a row that the whole house has been trying to get him out of the house. The longer he is here, the more he falls off everyone's radar and people may stop looking at him. And he is such a strong competitor. 

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11:14 AM BBT Jag and Cory are talking in the SBR. Jag suspects the veto may be the counting fold or stay comp. Jag wants to talk about strategies to force Cam to be one on one by them taking turns staying and folding so that Cam would have to win every round in order to win the veto. Cory throws a monkey wrench in Jag's plan by saying that he would be much more comfortable with Cameron winning over Jared. He tells Jag that Jared has every reason to target him right now. He does not trust that Jared will stick with the plan to BD Cameron. 


11:19 AM BBT Cory draws attention to the flaws in Jag's stay/fold game plan. Cory says that he will not agree to drop out before Jared does. He truly believes that Cameron is more likely to use the veto than trusting Jared to use it. 


11:22 AM BBT In the SBR, Cory tells Jag that if Jared's plan really is to BD Cameron, then he shouldn't care if America or Cory win the veto. That would make it easier for him to justify putting up Cameron. Jag goes up to the HoH to talk to Jared and Blue about the plan to target Cam in the veto comp if it is stay/fold. Jared says that he will easily go out first because he would totally be terrible at guessing the quantity of items. Jared asks Jag what he thinks Cam would do if he won the veto. Jag thinks that Cam would probably use it but he isn't sure.  


11:29 AM BBT Jared and Blue and laying in bed in the HoH. He tells her that if Cameron wins the veto and takes America down, he may ask Matt to go up. No one wants Matt to go home. That means they can get Cory the a** out of here. Blue tells him that is really smart. 


11:33 AM BBT all feeds switch to the RCHS. It is veto time. [And just in time. I am starving.~Goldylucks]

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3:54PM BBT

The feeds return tot he PoV players wearing football jerseys with pads. They competed individually and had to catch things. There was a giant foam football.

Cameron: Once you got the little football, you had to sprint to the stage. And as long as one part of your body touched the end zone, the clock stopped

Cory: I slid straight off

Jared: I was spread eagle like this

Cameron: It was super fun

Bowie: Yeah, it was a lot of fun


All of the HGs are laughing. The players are talking non-stop and over each other. They clearly had a blast.


Felicia: America, how did you do?

America: I thought I did okay. I didn't fall once...I got hit in the face.


Jag won the Power of Veto!




VS--StreamBigBrotherLiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-93935’35” (1).jpg

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