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BB25 - Episode 17 - Humiliverse Nominations


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Previously on BB, Red & Cameron were the Chillers duo and they thought they were part of a larger Legend 25 alliance, but it was all part of an elaborate ruse. After Cirie learned Cameron was plotting without her, she wanted the Space Cowboy gone. And when her son became HoH, he did his mom's bidding. 

Jared turned Red against his co-Chiller, but after Cameron won the Veto, Cirie and Jared needed a new target, so Jag hit the hot seat. Red alluded to reuniting the Chillers, which put the mountain man in the cross-hairs. At the live vote and eviction, Cameron and Bowie were blindsided, and Red bounced faster than a Tennessee toad on a trampoline. 

Before the HoH comp, JCM delivered some humiliating news. At the end of it, Cameron humiliated his opponents, leaving the house in an awkward, stunned silence. Tonight, Humiliverse Week is underway and the Space Cowboy is in control. Will Cameron cause chaos and shake up the house? Find out right now, on BB!

Day 37. Cameron is beyond pissed. 11 HG are squirming and he hopes every one of them is nervous. I couldn't even tell Red goodbye. I'm going to have to sift through a lot of BS, but the whole house has explaining to do. I'm coming out with guns blazing. Felicia tells us Cameron has us frazzled in our britches. He was blindsided about Red so he's going to be out for blood. The question is, whose throat is he going to cut?

Bowie tells us her group voted against her, so that was rank, rude, weak, spineless. Then Cameron won that bloody HoH, and it couldn't be better because I'm the only one Cameron can trust now. Jag says his heart dropped when Cameron won HoH. He was the target last time and could be targeted again. Jared moans, I just nominated Cameron. Slop and the one person who couldn't win HoH. It doesn't get any worse for him.

In the BB Comicverse BR, Bowie lets the other Bye Bye Bitches know she voted for Red to stay. They know, Felicia tells her. You left me with Cameron, Bowie says. No, Felicia replies. You choose who you want to be with, Cirie tells her, you still have the Bye Bye Bitches if you want it. I don't know if I do, Bowie says, what was that?

Matt comes into the BB Comicverse BR. Bowie tells him she would have just liked to have known. I would have been cool with the decision, she tells him and the other ladies, but it was taken out of my hands and I'm all alone. Cirie says they don't know why she feels that way. Bowie says she's more upset about the dishonesty. Felicia asks if she can be frank. She asks Matt to leave. 

Felicia tells us Bowie needs to stay with them for now, or she will be the next one voted out. Stop crying and put your big girl pants on, Felicia orders Bowie. It's not personal in here, every week someone's walking out the door. Cirie adds that at some point everyone has to withhold information from people. You withheld this (Bye Bye Bitches) from them, she points out, or did you? No, Bowie says defensively. 

Bowie insists to her fellow Bye Bye Bitches that it wasn't Red going home that upset her but not being in on the vote. It's not that we wanted to be dishonest, Cirie explains without explaining, it's no different than you not sharing info with us. Dishonesty flows throughout the house. Bowie sits back like she knows she's being fed a load of BS but has to sit through it. The only way you're paired with Cameron going forward, Felicia threatens, is if you jump over in his face. Why would I, Bowie asks, disgusted, I'm on my own now. 

Felicia points out that Cameron still has to get enough HG to follow what he wants, and right now everyone's still against him. Next week, his ass can't play. Bowie tears up, upset that nobody told her. In the KT, Matt comes up to Jag and says Felicia scares him, she sent him out of the room. Back in the BB Comicverse BR, Izzy tells Bowie that since she voted with him, she can be Cameron's confidant and learn what he's planning. I don't want to be, Bowie whines. You're the only one he'll trust, Felicia says. Mecole joins them. You have to become a major player, Felicia continues, pick his brain and report to the group. Bowie just shakes her head in disbelief.

Bowie tells us they are putting this all on me now, like, come on, I'm not falling for that. I don't trust anyone. I have to be smart about it, though and suck it up. Back in the BB Comicverse BR, Bowie agrees to be the Bye Bye Bitches' mole. In the WA, Jag wonders to Blue, America and Matt who's getting thrown under the bus. Matt thinks Felicia, Cirie, Mecole and Izzy are going to throw them under the bus. Matt tells us Felicia is trying to save her own skin and it's suspicious. Back to square one, Jag tells them. No one planned for this, Jag tells us, no one knows what Cameron is thinking. Hopefully the Seven Deadly Sins can stay intact. What other options do I have? 

Cameron sits down in the BB Comicverse BR with Felicia, Cirie, Mecole and Izzy. Cirie tells us that they have to do serious damage control with Cameron. There's been a lot of stuff going around, Cirie tells Cameron, you had a F2 with Red called The Chillers. Cameron is unable to mask his surprise that she knows. Why would he tell you, Cameron asks? He said he was done with you, Cirie replies, he was putting out all your information, targeting you. He was on a Hate Cameron campaign, I don't know why, she says. They couldn't risk his staying and... The alliance imploding because of your rift, Felicia interjects. 

Cirie tells Cameron she didn't want Red to be able to spread more negative stuff about him. She tells us that Cameron is so controlled, she knows he's seething inside, but as an alliance member, she must keep him abreast of threats to his game. That's all I'm doing. Sharing is caring. He acted like he hated you, she concludes, and if he was willing to do this to his right-hand man, then we can't have that. She was shocked someone that close to him, we couldn't sit back. What were you doing, Red, Cameron asks himself out loud. 

So, Cameron asks the remaining Legend 25, we are going Jag & Blue round 2? Yes, Cirie confirms. Cameron apologizes that they had to go through all that. In the DR, Cameron says BS that they went through that and kept it from me. They are protecting themselves. He got played and only Bowie's heart is true. He's going to burn this sucker to the ground. 

The Humiliverse Orb begins glowing and the HG gather in the LR to find out why. All week they will endure different humiliations, starting in the bathroom. They must announce themselves using the WC with a megaphone. Plus, a STINK-O-METER has been installed, and their stink level will be announced to the house. If anyone receives a stink level of 10, the entire house must put on gas masks until the stench has been cleared.

Matt, Bowie and Blue announce their intent to use the WC. Matt scored a 7 on the STINK-O-METER. Bowie only rates a 2. Blue gets a 10 and the whole house has to go into gas mask lock down. It wasn't even a #2, Blue complains. Jag is next to score a 10, generating dangerous levels of stink. The HG try to continue their normal ADLs in their multi-colored gas masks. Felicia says this reminds her of her time in the Air Force.

All the HG are sleeping except Cirie, who announces that she is going to pee. Sure enough, she hits a 10 and the whole house has to get up to put on their gas masks. Evacuate, the STINK-O-METER says, this is not a drill! I smell like strawberries and roses, she jokes with us. The HG put on their gas masks and then climb back into bed. 

The next day, Cameron's interviews begin. In the Humiliverse HNR, Cameron tells Bowie he knew immediately the two votes were him and her. It was embarrassing not being in the loop, she tell shim. He says they've done it twice to your own alliance, nothing they say can be believed. What's the point of having an alliance, she asks him. Legend 25 was a solid alliance, Bowie tells us but now, bye bye, it's rubbish, leaving her and Cameron on the outside. Madness that an alliance would turn on its own members. 

Thank God you won, Bowie tells Cameron. They weren't expecting that, he says, they're not happy. But we've been true to our word, Bowie affirms. But we got played, Cameron admits, but you know we're good. I'm not worried about that after this week, Bowie assures him. He wants to keep her out of the loop so she can plead the 5th. For all you know, he says, I'm sticking with the plan of Jag & Blue. She tells him to be very careful. In the DR, Cameron says Bowie is pure-hearted, but I have to be careful with her. This week will be when it goes down.

In the BY over the pool table, Izzy and Jag get to know each other better. He grew up in a small town to immigrant parents, the first Sikh family in a town without much diversity of people or of thought. There were folks who didn't understand who I was or what I represented, Jag says, who poked fun or ripped his turban off his head, spat at him. He couldn't understand how someone could be that disrespectful. He tells Izzy he's the jokester of his family. She says he's the jokester of the house too. He says in public when he was young, he was really shy. 

His turban is a really important part of his identity, Jag tells us, it's what he holds closest to himself. It's the first thing people see of me. It is a reminder to be a peaceful warrior, to spread laughter, joy, peace and harmony, and to stand up for what is right in all situations. He loves being Punjabi, being Sikh, embracing his culture and religion, but sometimes it comes with bigotry and racism. He tries to not focus on that and be as open as possible. That's the only way we learn.

In the BY, Felicia tells Jared it's hard to trust in the house. She tells us she'd love to be aligned with Jared because he can do the physical comps while she can do the mental comps. They balance each other. So she's going to tell Jared everything she's doing to gain his trust. She tells him she has a F2 with Cirie, but she's thinking she'd rather have a F2 with him. Jared replies he's fine with her and Cirie in the end, but tells us that Mama Felicia rubbed him the wrong way telling him about her F2 with Cirie, and he has to tell his mother. 

In the SR, Jared tells his mother that Felicia just told him that she doesn't know if she can trust Cirie anymore and wants a F2 with her instead. Cirie's jaw drops. What is she doing, Cirie asks us, it's no good that she tells Jared they had a F2. But this is not her first time being a hot mess, just one of many messes. Flash back to the BB Comicverse BR 8 hours before Red's eviction when Felicia asks if Red is saving a cupcake for after he gets home. Bowie tries to joke about it. Red says he might have it for lunch. Felicia escapes out of the BR. Cirie comes in and they all laugh at what Felicia did. OMG, Cirie asks us, why are you saying these things? She's acting crazy and getting everyone confused. Matt tells Cirie about Felicia kicking her out of the BR earlier. That's her, Cirie replies, that's not us. Cirie says the entire house is on slop and she doesn't need to clean up another mess. 

The HG are sleeping when a noise wakes up Cory and the other HG in the Scrambleverse BR. Felicia is apparently singing in her sleep, but it sounds more like whaling. He says he's used to a lot of weird noises at night in the college dorm, but this is the weirdest. The next morning, Blue meets with Cameron and asks who he's nominating? He says her. She would be upset if he told her what was going on. She turns on the waterworks to change his mind. Why, she whines? I don't feel good with people in the house, I wouldn't stay with anyone in the house, why do I have to be a pawn when others have been rude and dishonest to him. Cameron says this is the game. He tells us only he sees his big picture, he holds the paintbrush. 

Jag is next in HoH. Wearing sunglasses to hide his face, Cameron comes right out and says he really wants him on the block  next to Blue. But he agrees it wouldn't benefit them. Does he have Jag's 100% promise of safety next week? Jag will hold to that promise. Jag tells us he doesn't trust Cameron but he does trust he will do what is best for his game, so there's a glimmer of hope and his lips are sealed. Cameron says he knows the power won't last the game, so he's reinventing, reassessing, drawing new battle plans and lighting fires.

In the BY, Matt and Jag are setting up a "date" using their mic packs to text each other. They arrange the location and time via text, then send selfies so they can recognize each other. Matt speaks out loud as he writes his "text", sitting next to Jag, who then reads the "text" he's received. America is laughing, watching them. We get so bored, Matt tells us, we do crazy things to keep occupied. Jag says Matt his is boy since Day 1. America says Jag & Matt are a super cute showmance. She and Cory aren't at that level yet, unfortunately. What are you wearing, Jag texts, XOXO SEND. During dinner, Matt texts back, or after? You guys have done this before, America jokes.

Matt meets with Cameron in HoH. Jag & Blue, Cameron tells Matt. The entire house Everyone is kissing the ring, Cameron tells us, and he's giving some information. The entire house thinks it's Jag & Blue. We see him telling America, Felicia, Mecole, Izzy, Cory and Cirie. It's a Week 4 Redo, he tells them. He tells us sorry, that's not exactly the truth. Blue is upset he was so direct. Felicia tells Izzy he can't afford to do anything else. Cameron tells Jared to just trust the process. They want shock and awe, Cameron tells us, I can play that game. This will cause an earthquake in the house so strap in and we'll go over this waterfall together.

It is time for nominations. Cameron gathers the HG to the Dining Table and begins the formal script. Before he can turn the keys, however, the Humiliverse interrupts and directs him to go to the SR for a surprise. There are pies on a trolley. Oh sweet lord, he says, wheeling out the cart. The HG see him with the pies and moan, oh no! Cameron reads the card that instructs him to put a pie in the face of the nine HG who are safe. The two HG who do not get a pie in the face are the nominees. Izzy discreetly removes her glasses and puts them in her hoodie pocket. 

The first HG Cameron makes safe is... He looks at America and says no. He tells Cory he kind of likes him. Bowie opens her mouth as he passes by. He turns and gently presses the pie into her face. Lemon Meringue. Jared is next with a chocolate pie. Blue licks off some whipped creme. He hopes Cirie likes raspberries as he presses her pie in her face. We're just going to go ahead and do this, Cameron tells Mecole. She pulls her hair back as he comes in for the kill. Cory is next with a cherry pie. Thanks, buddy, he thumbs up. Matt opens his mouth to take in his pie after Cameron kindly removes his ballcap from the pie zone. 

Expecting a pie, Felicia takes out her fake tooth and puts it on the table. Cameron tells Izzy key lime is not her thing. He walks around the table, saying he has to add the suspense. He plugs Jag with the pie and it is all over his beard. Blue, Izzy and Felicia realize it is not going to be Jag & Blue nominated. Felicia puts her tooth back in her mouth. Blue takes her hat and false eyelashes off before Cameron smashes the next safety pie in her face, leaving America, Izzy and Felicia as the only unpied HG. 

The final HG he makes safe is America. Felicia and Izzy are nominated. Cameron tells Felicia and Izzy that they have had a comfortable ride, were closely aligned with 2 males (Hisam & Red) and betrayed them both. Twice may be a coincidence, and he doesn't plan to stick around for it to be a pattern. 

Izzy tells us she is honestly worried for herself, furious he got a whole show of it and enjoyed it. He set off fireworks in her and will beat him. Felicia is pissed, great game play because he told everyone his noms would be Jag & Blue. Then he turns around and puts them up. She has to give it to him. But she's not going out that easy. Shame on him for thinking he's got her. This is devastating that Izzy is nom, Cirie says, Cameron's pleasure in toying with them, he better win every time. Cameron promises to take the trio down. Cirie is the President, Felicia is the Vice President, and Izzy is the Secretary of Defense. You don't start at the top; you chip away until there's nothing left. They got nowhere to go. I've been a good boy, waiting to turn it loose. Give 'em hell!

Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save either Felicia or Izzy? Plus, Josh Duhamel surprises the HG. All this Wednesday night at 8pm ET on a special 2 hour episode of Big Brother!

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