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Saturday, September 9, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in and talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  

Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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7:00AM BBT

The HGs are up early today


8:05AM BBT

In Comicverse, Felicia is ribbing on Bowie Jane being so stupid to play the way she is, jumping back to Cameron.

Felicia: I can't wait to watch next week, whether I am at home or still here. This is one week he is in power, and you are gonna play like that?

Izzy: Yeah

Felicia: I want to send her home and Cam home. I want the pleasure of sending her home, and Cam home. Um Um MMM

Izzy: Yeah

*The feeds move to RCHS for the veto picks.





8:29AM BBT

The feeds have returned post nomination picks.


Playing for the Power of Veto today: Cameron, Felicia, Izzy, Jag, Matt and Jared with Cory hosting


In the SR...

Matt: What a stacked Comp!

Jared: Yeah

Jared to Matt: What do we do if we win?

Matt: Keep it the same, I guess. We don't use it and they might get mad, but if we do, someone else goes up.

Jared: yeah....cause It gonna be Cirie..... it's gonna be Cirie. It's not gonna be MeMe

Matt: Yeah.....Good comp, though

Jared: Yeah

Matt: All the guys.....

Jared: We will keep them the same

Jared:  Yeah, we keep them the same. The good thing is, if we do win, he will have to tell us what his plan is

Matt: Yeah

Jared: If this mother fucker wins today, bro. I'm gonna be sick. I'm gonna be sick. This mother fucker keeps winning.

Matt: Yeah


8:37AM BBT

Jared walks in the Comicverse...

Felicia: All guys....Cameron, Matt, Jared, Jag...Cameron and then me and Izzy

Jared tells Felicia he is gonna get it

Jared: Let's go (says it five times) I got you! I can't wait! I just hope it's something right up my ally.


8:40AM BBT

In the loft, Cory tells Izzy, "You, Jag, Matt and Jared...that's pretty good."

Izzy is mumbling..."he is fast"

Cory: No, Jag is the right pick. I don't feel slighted, Izzy. There was one person I  didn't want to get picked....MeMe because I feel she is one that would take her off. 


Cameron pulled Matt's chip

Izzy got House Guest Choice and selected Jag

Felicia pulled Jared's chip




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8:49AM BBT

Bowie Jane has joined the Comicverse Room

Cirie: I think I'm going to Stinkometer....I been holding it.

She leaves for the bathroom


8:50AM BBT

She enters the bathroom and asks if anyone is in there

America: No

Matt (in the shower): You gotta announce yourself

Cirie picks up the bullhorn: Attention everyone. I have to go, and it's not a number one

America laughs: That is making the show

Cirie: Oh noooo

Matt is making sounds of exasperation from the shower, "I hate this so much" (cold showers)

America: I know!


8:57AM BBT

Cameron asks Cory what he feels (for the comp)

Cory: I am thinking spelling

Cameron: Really?

Cory: What do you think? I think most people will leave it the same. What would you do? That's my curiosity.

Cameron: Cool! Cool Beans

Cory: Whatever it is, I'm down...just curious

Cameron: Let's just have fun, shall we?

Cory: Regardless, I got you

Cameron: I know...Spelling! I hadn't even thought of that one. A classic.

Cory: You get like 20 minutes, and that's enough time to get what you need

Cameron: R, S, T, L, N, E


[Alrighty, y'all. I'll be out most of the day but will come back to dish if no one else shows up. I'm betting @Goldylucks drops in. Enjoy your Saturday! -MamaLong]

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2:32PM BBT

It's a long competition today! We are now on hour 4. It is currently 95 degrees in Studio City, so if this is a physical competition outdoors, we are going to see some hot, tired Houseguests once they finish.

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3:28PM BBT

We now have WBRB Gold Swirlies on the feeds


3:32PM BBT

The feeds have returned. No sign of that gold medal yet.

The players are complaining of heat and being dizzy from the spinning.


3:36PM BBT

In Scaryverse, Blue asks Jared, "Are you gonna let Felicia know or let her down easy?"


3:37PM BBT

In the bathroom, Izzy is in great spirits.

Matt comes in saying he has a bad headache.


3:40PM BBT

In Scaryverse, Jared is not in good spirits. There is a lot of mumbling and no sign of the veto necklace, but I am getting the feeling that Jared won this PoV.

Matt walks in, and Blue congratulates him on his prize win.

Matt: I should have taken the $5,000.....maybe I get to eat real food.


Blue: That one looked like a lot of fun

Matt: It was a lot of fun, but I have a bad headache now from the spinning

Jag agrees.

Blue: Y'all were SPINNING

Matt: What a comeback for Jared. Well, I started off well....six rounds

Jag: Yeah, we played all the rounds.

It sounds like they got rewards and punishments, and Josh Duhamel was there because they keep bringing him up. He was probably there to promote the Summer Camp show I've seen ads for.


All right. I'm out of here. -ML

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3:46pm BBT  Scary BR

Talk about the Veto competition and there being prizes including cash and a trip

Blue:  She doesn't push herself

Matt:  She was getting killed out there

BB: Jared, don't obstruct your microphone

Matt:  I have a headache now from all the spinning.  The last one was fast.

Blue: yeah, Ya'll were spinnin!

Matt:  we played 6 rounds.

Blue:  I wanted to play in that one.  That one looked really fun.  I don't really get dizzy.

Matt:  I wonder if I'm going to eat shit - like when I stepped on, trying to control the weight of the body.

Blue:  Good Job. Ya'll did good.

Matt:  Maybe I will get publicity with Josh.

Blue:  How do you say his last name?

Matt: Duhamel

Blue:  Yeah, Josh Duhamel.



3:52pm BBT  WA

Cirie:  I'm wondering why you all got these headaches.

America:  It's tough not eating.
MeMe:  And it was hot, and 3 hours.

Cirie:  I didn't think it lasted that long.

General talk about clothing, shoes and sizes. Everyone waiting for showers.


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4:09  pm BBT Scary BR

Cam:  Let me know if you want to keep dropping grenades or if you want to be safe

Jared:  Yeah, I got you.

Cam leaves.



More review of the competition and prizes


Blue:  I get spring.  I know why all ya'll are so happy.

BB: no napping, houseguests

MeMe:  My thing about spring is spring isn't the way is supposed to be.


4:15pm BBT  LR couches

HG talking about someone getting a costume

Izzy:  Did you hang up your stuff that you wore?

Cam:  I'm gonna have to wash it cuz it's nasty.


Scary BR

Jag:  The f***ing Veto!

Jared:  It felt good to beat him.  

Jag:  You won the Veto, so I guess... what are you gonna do?  Are you gonna have conversations?

Jared:  His plan is to back door Cirie.

Jag:  If he's telling you to use it, that might be the best move.

Jared:  I've got to pick his brain.  He plans to backdoor Cirie.  I don't know who to keep between mama Cirie and Mama Felicia.

Jag:  Does he want MeMe & Cirie, or Izzy & Felicia on the block.

Jared:  He didn't specify.  I think the only person he could be talking about is Cirie or you.  I don't think he would talk about Cory dropping the ball.

Jag:  I would have taken it from her.  I think Matt was talking to you about that.

Jared:  I don't know what Matt would have done.

More discussion on who to keep, who to nominate

4:43pm BBT  KT

Izzy telling a story about someone she knew with a rare stomach cancer 

BB: Cirie please fix your microphone

Cirie:  It as really low.

Izzy:  I like the ginger chews A LOT.

Cirie:  They are chewy.



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I’m here for the next hour and a half, so if anyone wants a break, I can write!

5:38 BBT:  Izzy and Jag are talking in the bathroom.  She’s telling Jag that her and her mom looked exactly the same when they were little.  

Jag:  Are you a lot like your mother?


izzy:  I think I’m a bit of both, but I also need my quiet, alone, thinking time. I’m an extroverted introvert.


Izzy continues on and talks about how she was so close to her dad when she was a kid.  Her dad was a professor and was at home for the first two years of her life.


5:41 BBT:  Matt and Jared are in the scary room.  Jared says he has a headache and then Matt asks if he is going to keep the noms the same.  He says he is, but he’s not really to sure yet.  Matt says he’s going to move around.  Jared says he’s going to think about it for a bit and then he will come grab him.  Matt leaves the room. 

5:43 BBT:  Cameras flip back to Jag and Izzy.  Jag is talking about how his grandma was at home all of the time when he was a kid.  He says she loved her grandchildren and she only spoke in her native tongue at home.  However, he said that when she told him to stop wrestling with his brother they pleaded her not to tell their mom.  She would be like, “Nah…I won’t tell her.”  

5:45 BBT:  Matt walked into the bathroom.  It sounds like he announced to BB that he would be using it.

5:46 BBT:  Matt exits the bathroom.  BB gives him a 1.  I guess he didn’t have to take a #2.


5:47 BBT:  Jag is talking more about northern India and that the main thing that they do is farm there.  His grandparents on his moms side live in Bajaj (?) and have their own farms.  He says the cities are busy and crowded a lot.  There is a lot of bartering that goes on.


5:50 BBT:  Cirie walks in and asks Bowie if she wants slop.  IT IS SO GOOD!  Felicia says that it is soooo good.  It tastes like rice and gravy.  It’s the best one that they have ever had in the house.

5:51 BBT:  Bowie says she doesn’t even want to finish the slop because she doesn’t want it to be gone.  She wants to save every bit of it.  Felicia yells to Izzy, “This is slamming, Izzy!”  She tastes the slop.  “Ohhhh, damn!!”


5:53 BBT: Jared has brought his bowl of slop to the scary room and is laying under his blue blanket.  Izzy walks in and tells Blue that the slop is so good.  Bowie is heard in the living room saying that she is going to make this slop at home.  It is so gourmet!  Felicia can be heard, “Damn, that was good.”  Bowie says that it’s world class.  It tastes like risotto.


5:55 BBT:  Felicia says, “This shit is on like popcorn.  She done made us risotto with slop!  master chef, master chef!  Red would grub on this.” 

5:57 BBT:  Bowie wonders what time they are going to do these outfits (punishment, maybe?)


5:58 BBT:  WBRB


6:03 BBT:  Cameras flip to Matt and Jared in the scary room.  Matt asks what he’s thinking.  Jared shares that if he uses it then Cameron is going to put up Cirie.  Jared says that Cameron is going to explain to him what his plan is.  Matt says he thinks he’s good.  Jared responds, “You’re good, bro.”  He said he will let Matt know if he hears anything.  Jared says that after veto Cameron asked him if he wanted to drop some more balls.  Jared says that Cameron said that he dropped some balls on the house with the veto and asked Jared if he wanted to drop more balls after the veto ceremony.  Jared says he is going to confirm with Cameron.  



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7:57PM BBT

Jared is talking with Cameron in HoHR. He is playing Cameron by letting him believe that he wants Izzy out. Jared knows that Cam will likely suggest he use the veto then Cirie goes up in place of Felicia, but Jared will not fall for that. Jared is ready and has a lot of talking to do to convince Cameron that he has to keep noms the same so Izzy would go. Of course, Felicia would be the evictee. Here we go...

Jared: How are you feeling, bro?

Cameron says he is feeling so great.

Jared: Exceptional?

Cameron: I'm like, nobody could have written a better script!

They discuss the veto competition. Jared says he wanted to make sure they maintained control. "I still got to remember what the fuck I'm here for."

Jared: What the fuck you thinking, bro?

Cameron: Well, do you want to keep chill or do you want to continue this mayhem and blow this fucking shit apart?

Jared says now he has to know what Cameron is thinking, "You're like, you want to jump off this bridge or you want a parachute to jump off this bridge."

Cameron: I'm not fucking with you

Jared: Do we backdoor who we both knew..

Cameron interrupts: Wrong word...I'l say it. It's a bombshell

Jared: Jag?

Cameron: That would be a wasted week. What do you want to do?

Jared: I need one of these mother fuckers out of the house

Cameron says there will be mayhem whether the veto is used or not. He wants to drop a grenade.

Jared: So you want to get rid of Izzy?

Cameron: We all we got. That's all we have. What do YOU want to do? We gotta move forward together.

Jared: I know! We fucked! This is my top three prospects right now that I need out of this fucking house, in order. Jag, Izzy and as much as it pains me to say, I need Felicia out, bro. She is the one. Those three. Izzy, just cause she is fucking annoying, bro. I'm sick of that shit. Jag threatens my game. Mama Felicia last because she annoys me just as much... but I don't fear her. You don't even have to give me your three, but these are my three. These three threaten my game moving forward.

Cameron: You just tell me you want to ride and I'll tell you my shit...the plan is that you convince everybody in this house that nominations will stay the same

Jared: Uhhhh

Cameron: Which is something you could do. 

Cam tells Jared he has to remain calm and even believe it himself that he will keep them the same. "Everybody has to believe it."

Jared: Everybody thinks I am taking Felicia down.

Cam: But here is the beautiful part. Flipping the script. Pulling the pin and dropping it in the hole. BADUSH! I am trusting you...you are gonna make sure you tell...so everybody thinks you are keeping the nominations the same.



Cam says that Felicia will lose her mind and drop all the dirt on Izzy, "Let her."

He tells Jared not to act but just say he's not using it. "We got to let her lose her mind for 48 hours. Step 2, you DO take Felicia down."

Jared: FUCK

Cameron: I'll let that sink in....hear me out

Jared: You take Felicia down. She is so grateful her adopted son has saved her. She is going to lose her mind. For 48 hours. Let her. That's step one. Step two: you take Felicia down. Step three: I put Cirie on the block.

Jared: Ooh! That makes sense  (Jared does a great job acting here)

Cam argues that Cirie next to Izzy "makes her start playing the fucking game."

Cameron: Izzy goes out and Cirie is on a fucking island. The survivor. How poetic!

Jared begins arguing that Jag needs to go before Cirie or Izzy. He says he can't trust Cory, either, because all kinds of information is making it back to him. He hints to Cam that Cory is talking about personal shit (his brother being on Survivor) that could mess up his game. He brings up America now knowing things that Cory should have kept to himself.

Cam: They are not a problem for me, neither one of them.




[Jared is pushing too hard. I'm shocked that Cam is not picking up on how invested Jared is with Cirie and Izzy. -MamaLong]


Cam: If Felicia sits beside Izzy, Felicia goes home. She (he means Izzy) has to leave immediately. I can't have her in jury, tainting the jury.

Jared: Bro, I truly think Izzy got the votes versus Cirie. Izzy is the fucking secretary to that group because Cirie can't make the same relationships as Izzy.

Cam: I don't think we see it the same way. I truly want to agree with you, but the number of people that have come up here wanting Felicia gone is astronomical (which is, in Cam's eyes, a reason to keep her)

Jared says people are willing to jump ship as soon as their person is on the block. "If CIrie was on the block, it would be the same fucking thing."

Jared: Bro, this is MY temperature check and this is where you gotta to hear me out.  I truly think if we put Cirie on the block next to Izzy, Cirie fucking goes home.

Cameron: I need her to go home.  

Jared argues that the way Cam feels about Felicia is the way he feels about Cirie (absolutely no danger to their games)

*This goes on and on for a long time




Cameron: I want to get a big target out. We have to get Izzy out but we need a shield in this house. Izzy has to go this week. I don't want her in jury. I don't want her here at all, but no one doesn't want Cirie here. I want her on the map. This move will put her on the playing field.....nobody wants to make this move.

Jared: I disagree....Izzy doesn't stand a fucking chance 

Cameron: Sorry! We check temperature.

Cameron tells Jared Cirie is not even on the playing field. Jared argues that Bowie is not on the field at all.

Jared: If Izzy stays in this fucking house, bro, I am going to lose my shit. I'm going to lose my shit.

Cameron: I have a good feeling...more than a good feeling. I have, basically, got a bunch of blank checks right now.

Jared argues that Cory and America talk about Izzy but never say a word about Cirie, "It's an easy vote, bro. Why the fuck would they keep her (Izzy)?"

Cameron tells him that Felicia will be so happy when her "son" saves her.


8:35PM BBT

Cameron seems to concede somewhat and says they could take down Felicia and put up Jag, then let the house decide.

Jared argues they will win Jag over by not putting him up. Jared continues pushing for the noms to stay they same, and Cam seems to believe that Izzy going home is not the best option but "I will do what you want."


Cam: I tell you what. Here's our move. We don't drop any more grenades. Here's what happens. You know nothing leaves this room.

Jared: You know. Nothing.

Cam tells Jared he already knew exactly what he was going to do when he won HoH. "I knew when Jag came up here I was going to offer him a fucking deal." He tells Jared about his deal with Jag.


The verbal dribble continues.

8:47PM BBT

Cameron: You know what I want, but leave them the same.

Jared says Felicia is going to curse him out all week.

Cameron: Let her!

[She won't...she will be gone...but Cameron doesn't know that, and that is what makes Jared the best player in this game right now. He is manipulating Cameron with mad skills. It will be intriguing to see if he is able to keep Cameron under wraps after Felicia is evicted. Will he play dumb or sneak to him in the middle of the night before eviction to act scared things might not be going their way (which is really just Cameron's way)? Stay tuned!  -MamaLong]


8:57PM BBT

Jared teases Cameron that he has some news that will make him "blow his fucking mind." Cam says he doesn't wan't to know unless Jared really wants to tell him. Jared responds that if he gets Cory on the block next, he will tell him and he will lose his mind thinking now everything makes sense. When Jared leaves, Cameron ponders for a bit..."I N T E R E S T I N G !"


[My take on this is that Jared will tell Cam about Cory's brother playing on Survivor and hint that his connection to Cirie is dangerous, therefore, Cory must go. Dang! Jared is impressing me with his game.  -ML]





9:26PM BBT

The feeds return to Matt dressed, Elmer Fudd style with red Buffalo Plaid long pajamas and shorts. He loves his jacket, saying he was jealous when Izzy got hers (I guess form Artifact Stack) He is carrying around his cardboard cutout of Josh Duhamel. His hat has a beer straw to guzzle beer like a beer helmet.  Matt also has a Polaroid camera to take pictures. This will last a week. Matt tells Cam in the HoHR, "I walked in and started laughing because I saw this giant cutout."


Cameron wants to tell him his plan but won't tell him anything he doesn't want to know so he can stay clean. Cameron wants to run scenarios by Matt. Matt looks nervous and takes his time responding. He asks who he would vote out if it was Izzy and Felicia.  Matt says that Felicia is easy to take out at any time and Izzy is more dangerous because she can compete.

Cameron asks again, 

"Felicia or Cirie"    Matt responds Felicia

"Jag or Felicia"      Matt, "I would still send Felicia"

"Jag or Izzy"          Matt says "Izzy is scarier"

"Blue or Felicia"    Matt says Felicia

"Felicia or Cirie"    Matt says "I think I would still do Felicia. Felicia's a wildcard"

"Cirie or Izzy"       Matt says Izzy is more dangerous


Cameron: Okay

Matt: That's how I feel

Matt tells Cameron that he ahs been talking with Bowie and wants to move forward by thinking of the numbers and who they can manage "but whatever you want, I will roll"

Cameron: Are you sure?

Matt: Yeah

Cam tells Matt he will never do anything that puts him jeopardy, "The one I want is in the mix there somewhere...Here's what I want. I am not going to tell you plan, but you will be cool with it. I got to keep you clean, because if anyone finds out.....they are going to know how close you are to me. I am not going to do anything without you. Here is what I am going to do. I am begging Jared to keep nominations the same, and that is what you can  tell everyone."

Matt: Okay, so I tell everyone 

Cameron: If they ask....for now, 'Cam says he wants to keep them same.' You can do that.

Matt: I can do that

Cameron: This isn't a me and Jared thing. You'll be on the discussion when it's time. And then Monday afternoon, we'll know what happens. Are you okay with that?

Matt: Yeah. I trust you, too.

Cameron tells him he just doesn't want to give him too much right now because he will be grilled by the other HGs and he wants to keep him safe. It's better to not know.

Matt: It's going to be an interesting week.

[Indeed it will, Matt!  -ML]

Cameron tells Matt that Felicia is twice retired (implying she doesn't need the money but they are young)....soak this place up. She has had her fill. I am not here to give her a handout. And on my European vacation, I am coming to Paris and watch you win. I am with you. We are going to play this game. You're with me. I'm with you. We are together. We are going to fuck this place up.

Matt: Oh, yeah! It's already turning

Cameron: It's already turned. It's over. It's over. They just wanted to use us. They used Jared. They used Red. I am tired of it...I love them but game and personal.

Matt: It's different

Cam: Game, they got to go. In this game, it's me or them and I'm gonna pick me.

Matt: Yeah

Cameron: Straight?

Matt: Oh yeah


9:30PM BBT

In the bathroom area, Jared and Izzy review the plan for him not to use the veto because Cameron could then put up Cirie. He tells Izzy that Cameron wants her out this week, "But I got you, Dog." Izzy says it will be interesting to see if Bowie votes with the house, "Imagine if she, again, is the only one to not vote with the house.

Jared: She'll be out!

Well, she hates Felicia."

Jared tells her that Cameron is pushing that Bowie hates Izzy more.

Izzy: Really? Well, she is acting then 

Jared then reassures Izzy that she will be safe.







9:41PM BBT

The camp horn sounds followed by announcement, "Matt, feels like it is time for a selfie in the kitchen." Matt and the kayaks pose for a picture.

The pictures are posted on a bulletin board in the living room.


[Honestly, watching and listening to Cirie and Felicia thinking through and  moving the kayak through the house is more annoying than funny.  -ML]


9:49PM BBT

Felicia and Cirie say they can hear production in the backyard pouring sand (it's dirt) in something. They know Cameron and Izzy's punishment is coming up soon. They will be dressed as pigs and have to shovel dirt or something.



VS--StreamBigBrotherLiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-84206’33” (1).jpg


VS--StreamBigBrotherLiveFeeds-WatchonParamount-84206’33” (2).jpg



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9:52PM BBT

Matt debriefs Jared on his conversation with Cameron.

Jared: Bro, don't trust Jag. Don't trust Jag, bro. I know that's your boy, but don't trust Jag.

Matt: Why?

Jared: Jag made a deal. He knew he wasn't going on the block.

Matt: Jag told you?

Jared: Cameron did. Jag made a deal that next week he won't put Cameron up. Dude, he made a deal. He knew he wasn't going on the block. He knew he wasn't nominated. He knew it.

Matt: His acting! Wow. That ruins our trust.

Jared: You and your power? I have never spoken of it. Jared tells him that Meme approached him earlier and asked if he used the power on Jag. Jared said, "Jag used it on Jag." He says Cameron said, "Cameron Said he will put Jag up, but I don't believe it. I would use it and he would put up Cirie. He came up to me and asked, 'You good?' and I said 'The only way we're good is if you Cam)  tell me you (Matt) said we're voting out Izzy'

Matt: You want me to say Izzy?

Jared: No!....you say Felicia every time. He didn't ask you about Cirie and Izzy?

Matt: He did.....I can't remember....there were so many...I think I said Cirie.

Jared: You said you would keep Izzy?

Matt: I think...I can't remember...I might have said Cirie.

jared: Be sure, if you talk to him, again...... 

Jag walks in and breaks up the conversation.



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11:21PM BBT

The feeds return to Izzy and Cameron participating in their Buddy Camp punishment. They are dressed in pink pig onesies that Izzy says are polar fleece and scooping dirt with a camp cup (one cup at a time) from a trough on one side of the yard to the other in 2,000 total trips.  Izzy says her tail is dragging her down. Mecole says when they are done, BB will fill the trough with water and make them roll around in it. Everyone compliments Cameron and Izzy on their outfits.

Izzy: After we get clean, I am visiting America's nail salon

America says at this rate it's gonna be 12 hours.

Cirie: Izzer! Let's go!

The Houseguests cheer them on.

Izzy begins running.

Cirie: Izzy is having too much fun. She is so stupid.

Izzy: Living the dream

Cameron: It's a tough life out here in these BB Straits. I'm telling y'all!

They discuss how BB likes to torture them.

Mecole: Let's just make this interesting.

America: Release the flies

Izzy: How many do we need to do in an hour Cory?

Cory: 2,000 divided by 12? A big number.....like 160?

Izzy: 160? That's it!......Let's go.

Cameron: This is fun!

Izzy: Troughtastic!

Jag: Hey Izzy, 166 per hour

Izzy: Okay

America: This is messy!

Mecole: This is a mad house!  








Cameron throws dirt at Izzy

Izzy: Did you just throw that at me?

Cameron: No

Izzy: Did you just throw dirt at me? Did he throw dirt on me?

Jag: Check your back!

Jared: a shit stain

Izzy: Are you fucking serious right now? Did you just throw that at me?  Okay....Okay

Cameron: I wanna get dirty

Izzy: I was making this fun, Cameron

Cameron: Me too! It's fun to get dirty.

Awkward silence

Cameron: It's weird that no one is talking!

Izzy: Maybe because you threw dirt on my back! 

[If she only knew!  -ML]

Jared: I'm fixin' to go to bed

Izzy: Y'all can got to be

Bowie: Oh no! We're n to going to bed!

Cameron: They aren't missing this for nothing.

Jag: This is what we signed up for!

*WBRB Gold Swirlies


11:32PM BBT

The Houseguests begin saying good night to the pigs. The pigs will be at this all night!


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7:01am BBT BY

Cameron and Izzy are nearly finished moving dirt.

Cam: 66, the year Bobby Bushay's daddy left [Water Boy movie]

Cam: 68, Bobby Kennedy

(70) Cam shrugs : we're out of the 60's

Both quiet for a whole, trudging back and forth

Izzy: 90, when I was born.

Feeds start going in and out of WBRB and we don't get to see their final push to 2,000 cups of dirt moved.

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11:39PM BBT

Jag, Mecole, Bowie and America begin discussing if they will be allowed to sleep or if they have to keep going.

America: They started at 11PM

Jag: Hey, do you guys know...

*The feeds cut to WBRB Gold Swirlies and did not return until around 12:10AM Sunday morning

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