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Monday, September 4, 2023 - Big Brother 25 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is Pacific Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here) until Sunday, November 5, when Daylight Saving Time ends. 

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.

To better help you identify the HGs, Fuskie made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB25-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Have-Not Room (HNR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet [toilet] (WC)
Lounge Area Across from the HoH room.  (Loft)
Theme bedroom [Upside down] (UBR )
Theme bedroom [it's a fun comic book style] (CBR)

Theme bedroom [it's scary theme] (SBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in and talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:05AM BBT

Cory tells America in the backyard hammock, "I did a bad job with Jared today."

America: What happened?

Cory: He was talking at me and lecturing me and I said, bro, it feels like you are lecturing me. 

America: That was it?

Cory: That was it. Basically, the entire day was campaigning for Jag, but it's never gonna happen...I just gave up. The only person I could get was Izzy, but she is not going out on a limb....and she shouldn't.


12:09AM BBT

In the bathroom, Matt is telling Jag and Izzy about his sister breaking it off with her boyfriend, and he wonders if she is staying with his parents, but his parents were actually house hunting when he left for BB. "I just have no idea how they're doing and where they are at right now."



12:12AM BBT

In the Scrambleverse, Izzy tells Felicia that she thinks their plan is a good idea (getting out Jag) because they have to protect Jared, and this will show favor with Cameron finishing the job he tried to do when Cam was HoH.

Felicia agrees, "I think Jag because so many want to keep him. That is dangerous."



Felicia continues: "I see Red because we put both of them up and now we bring both of them down (that it looks weird).


Felicia mentions that their behavior will determine which one of them goes home, "If anyone act a fool, they go."

Izzy: We already knew that Camron Red and Jag were the three that we had to deal with. On Thursday, one of them will go and that is, ultimately, positive....I've been proud of every vote we've done.

Felicia: The back and forth is good because you have to think of (inaudible)

Izzy: I think we are smart and aware. I think we work well together.


12:16AM BBT

They discuss Blue...

Felicia: I know Jared will be mad at me...

Izzy: Blue just stumbles into things backasswards. We've been putting in the work.

Felicia: I think her conversation with Jared is what made her do that

Izzy suggests Felicia swap beds with Red


12:27AM BBT

The lights are now off in Scrambleverse. In the backyard, Matt, America and Cory are discussing Game of Thrones. Matt says Jon Snow deserved a better ending.


12:39AM BBT

Cory heads inside.

America and Matt discuss how it seems like Reilly has been gone a long time.

America: Hisam, too. And there was no eviction last week.

Talk turns to this week's eviction. Matt says they should keep Jag because they will keep going for him.

America: It seems like Jag is going home.....that's so stupid, but we can't do anything about it. It sucks because Jag was a number for us.

Matt: He is. I know Jag's game sucks...his social game because nobody trusts him. It's dumb.

America: So dumb....this is what was supposed to happen last week. Whoever used the power, wasted it.

Matt: Wasted!


12:43AM BBT

Cory returns with some food and announces that the lights are all off. America is glad that no one will be mad about her not keeping them up, "It's crazy. We can't be going to bed at 11."


12:44AM BBT

Cory says Felicia has made her bed her home.

America: She has her clothes hung up and her little pharmacy

Matt: And her underwear is hung up. I feel like she has so much stuff all over the place.

They say she will never relocate her bed.



12:45AM BBT

Talk turns to Jared and how hard it was to keep a straight face during the filming of the nomination ceremony because of all the faces he makes.

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1:18AM BBT

Cory gets up from the hammock and says he is going to bed. 

America: Do you want this blanket?

Cory: No...I feel like that was a fake question

America: Yeah, because you have taken so much from me already...take your bowl

Cory: I thought you do that stuff

America: What because I'm a woman

Cory: Because you did it before...we are creatures of habit...and yes


America to Matt: I talked to Blue today and she told me that you heard from Bowie that Jag was going up. How did Bowie know?

Matt: I think it was Felicia

America: Felicia! They really want Jag to go.

Matt: He is not letting people know they can trust him, and that's gonna ruin your game. We can only do so much to help him out. We can't do it all for him.

America says she really thought she was going to win veto. "I thought with Jared winning HoH this week, we were all safe."

Matt: Plot twist, Cameron wins veto...If I won HoH this next week, Cameron would never see it coming.


1:29AM BBT

America climbs in bed with Cory in Scrambleverse. They are whispering but it's hard to hear over Felicia's snoring.


[For any following this showmance, on Sunday afternoon they were discussing where they should sleep. America kept suggesting Scrambleverse because if he could fit on the bed with Jag then the two of them would fit easily. Cory was concerned about sleeping in Scrambleverse next to Felicia. America said "Why, we are not doing anything."  America told Cory that nothing was going to happen between them other than kissing, "I have boundaries, too" and that not even in the jury house would she cross that line, "I know I play and flirt, but nothing other than kissing."  -ML]


1:45AM BBT

The BB25 house is dark with cameras on sleepers in Comicverse and Scrambleverse.

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8:26 BBT- Felicia is up and getting ready for the day.  No other houseguests appear to be awake yet.

8:28 BBT:  Felicia makes her way to the upside down bedroom.  A couple houseguests change position in their beds while she’s in there.  She drops something on her way out.


8:29 BBT:  After adjusting her mic in the living room area she makes her way to the kitchen where she fills her water bottle with ice.  She then makes her way to the table, opens her makeup bag, and starts applying her makeup using one of the window mirrors behind the table.  

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8:35 BBT:  Felicia starts her makeup routine by doing her eyebrows.  First eyebrow pencil, then powder.

8:38 BBT:  Next up, face powder.  

8:38 BBT:  Step 3, eyeliner.

8:39 BBT: Step 4- liquid foundation maybe?  Step 5- lipgloss. Step 6- Packing it up!  Felicia is set for the day!

8:41-  “Okay Mr. B, everyone’s up…I’m up…so it’s time for me to get a cup of tea before all of the chaos begins.  You know we don’t know how to make a decision and stick with it.”  She wishes everyone a happy Labor Day.  She asks BB for more seasoning pepper for the meat “I need more seasoning pepper for the meat!  Thank you”

8:43 BBT- Felicia prepares her tea in the kitchen.  She starts up the microwave, puts the dishes away on the drying rack from the night before, and adjusts her mic again.  She patiently waits.


8:46 BBT-  BEEP!  Tea is warmed up.

8:47 BBT- She stirs the honey in her tea, takes a couple slurpy sips, and decides it needs to be warmed up more.  While her tea continues warming she grabs her items (looks like a cup and Bible).  She asks Mr. B for one more box of cake mix and frosting so they can make a cake for Red’s birthday tomorrow.  She said three boxes of cake mix would be ideal, but she would settle for two.  “Thank you…and SMOOCHES!”

8:49 BBT- Felicia settles on a spot in the sun outside.  She says to herself, “I should go sit in the hammock.  I never sit in the hammock.”  She decides against it and sits where she is at, using a beanbag to prop up her feet (probably a good idea with the hot tea).  She opens a piece of paper from inside of her Bible and reads it.  She places the paper back inside of a zippered case that she puts back in her Bible, and closes her eyes.

8:56 BBT- Felicia forgot her glasses.  She looks at the plane flying overhead and then stands up and goes inside.  Felicia makes her way to the upside down bedroom, searches through her drawer, and grabs her glasses.  Cory turns his head in bed.


8:59 BBT- Felicia makes her way back outside, sits back down on her chair facing the sun, opens her Bible, and begins to read.  (FYI-Quick weather check…it’s 69 deg and 72% humidity).  

9:05 BBT:  WBRB (probably wake up time)

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9:24 BBT:  Feeds are back.  

9:26 BBT:  Matt is eating breakfast outside while talking to Felicia.  Cameron joins them.  In the bathroom, Cirie is brushing her teeth while talking to Jag, Izzy, America, and Red (Red is in the shower).  They are talking about who was snoring last night.


9:28 BBT:  Felicia is talking to Matt and Cameron.  “Another day in the house of BB25”, she says.  Big Brother asks them to lower the awnings outside.  Cameron and Matt begin lowering the awnings.  BB says, “Thank you”.  Felicia laughs and says, “You are too funny Mr. B!”



9:30 BBT:  Cirie, Izzy, and Bowie are now in the comic room.  Bowie Jane is putting on her makeup.  BB asks her to put on her microphone.  

9:34 BBT:  Izzy and Cirie are in the pantry hugging about something.  It seems like they are happy about game play and how things are panning out for them.


9:39 BBT: Bowie Jane is asked to change her battery.  BB then asks her to make sure her battery is plugged in.  Bowie is now asked to change her microphone in the storage room.  She wants to finish her makeup first.  Cirie is going to go get some ice water.  She is only going to drink ice water today since her eyes are puffy.


9:41 BBT:  WBRB

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10:00 BBT:  Bowie asks BB for fresh fruit instead of chips and unhealthy snacks.  She wants something healthy and is going to ask in the diary room. Jag is making breakfast, Meme is running, and Blue just came down from upstairs.


10:06 BBT:  Cameron comes in for a second cup of coffee and then heads outside.  Cameras cut to Cory and America in the hammock laying underneath a hot pink blanket.  Meanwhile, Cirie, Cameron, Bowie, and Matt are sitting on the patio furniture.  Felicia yells, “Happy Labor Day, America!”


10:12 BBT:  WBRB

10:13 BBT:  America is telling Cory how much she loves speech and debate.  Cory wants to know what her passion is…what’s she loves more than anything else.  He jokes that it’s drinking.  Jared walks over complimenting the color blanket. It suits them.  Chat goes back to America’s favorite hobby.  She said she likes going to the movies and cooking.  

10:16 BBT:  Cory talks about how he will go out to the movies with his friends.  He said he likes to goto a restaurant before the movies, nothing expensive, and then get to the movies a little late.  He also does cooking nights where him and his friends meet at the supermarket and then go home and figure out what to cook.  America loves that.  Cory also likes to play basketball.  America talks about going bowling for a friend’s birthday and having a long wait.  She brags how good she is at bowling and says she uses a 5 pound ball.  Corey says that she probably doesn’t do a 5…that’s a kid ball.  Corey says he does an 8. (Wow, that’s still pretty light ha ha).

10:21 BBT:  Cory’s favorite place to drink is at home.  He says he is an alone drinker.  America says when she drinks wine she goes Uber Eat crazy.  

10:23 BBT:  On the patio furniture Izzy, Felicia, Matt, and Cameron are still sitting there.  Felicia thinks they will do the veto right around lunchtime.  Felicia says, “Another day, another dollar.”  She then says that she needs to do something with her feet…they look hideous.  Izzy said she thinks she is going to have someone paint her nails hot pink.  Talk goes on about how to hold the flute.  Izzy talks about different modifications that flutes have for individuals who have lost fingers or have cerebral palsy so that they can still play.  

10:26 BBT: WBRB

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10:28 BBT:  Jared is called to the diary room downstairs.  Cameras go back to Cory and America on the hammock.  They are talking about tailgating.  

10:30 BBT:  Jag and Blue have joined Felicia, Cameron, and Izzy on the patio furniture.  Bowie Jane walks out to join the conversation.  Felicia is talking about how BB25 has some crazy characters on this season.


10:32 BBT:  Cory says he thinks Bowie and Cameron HAVE to be in their 40s.  He then talks about how after his breakup, he went to school for 3 years.  America says she broke up and went on national TV.  

10:36 BBT:  Camera cuts back to the patio furniture with Blue, Izzy, Felicia, Jag, and Bowie.  They are talking about teeth and Blue is talking about how she had a butterfly design on her teeth.  She also had a yellow gem, but she picked it off because it made her tooth look yellow.  “It’s the new trend this year”, she says.  Blue says she wants to do more.  When she first got them done she had little crystals on a lot of her teeth, but didn’t like it because it looked like braces.  Felicia is afraid that it could give her tooth cancer 10 years down the road.


10:39 BBT:  In the kitchen Izzy and Jared are talking.  Cirie is coming down from upstairs saying that she needed to use the bathroom.  They are talking about how America has to go out of the house after Jag.  Izzy says Jag and Cameron have to go first….then they deal with America and Red.  Blue walks in and talk stops.  Izzy says that they got like 12 wakey wakey’s.

10:43 BBT:  Izzy and Cirie are in the comic room.  She is worried that if Cameron wins that any combination of her, Izzy, or Jared will be on the block.  


(I’m out for now!  I’ll be back later!)


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10:54 AM BBT Felicia and Jag are talking on the patio. Felicia tells him that Cameron declared to her that he isn't leaving the house. He did his part and won the veto. He blames Jag for the split in his relationship with Red. Jag says that he doesn't give a da*n what he has to say. Dude is doing way too much. 


Felicia Jag.jpg


10:59 AM BBT Jared and Cameron are talking in the HoH. Jared tells him that Red is implying he and Cameron initially had a pact to use the veto on each other. Cameron says that isn't true and that he would have told Red talking that way is not good game play. 


Jared Cameron.jpg


11:00 AM BBT the feeds switch to RCHS. This likely indicates that they are about to have the POV ceremony. 

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12:39 PM BBT Half the feeds return. Blue, Jag and Jared are talking in the HoH. Jared is telling them that they have to go crazy because Cameron knows that if he doesn't win, he is going home. Blue exits. Jag says that they have a long way to go yet, but only 3 more evictions that they have to protect the squad. 


Jag Jared HoH.jpg


12:43 PM BBT Jared tells Jag that they have to make sure that they don't rub each other the wrong way. The way to keep each together is not to do anything to make ourselves a target within our group. Jared said the meeting between them (7 Deadly Sins) was really important yesterday. Jag said that him agreeing to be on the block gives him the chance to prove himself to the group. Jared says that it goes both ways. Us keeping you proves it to you as well. Cameron used the veto on himself. Jag is the replacement nom. 

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12:50 PM BBT The feeds switch to Cory, Blue and Red in the KT. Cory is making butter noodles, which he calls the Cory Classic. Blue is making teriyaki salmon. Izzy is trying to get in to talk to Jared, but he is in the HoH bathroom. 


12:58 PM BBT Felicia, Cameron, MeMe and Bowie Jane are hanging on the BY patio. Matt goes to the hammock and Cameron joins him and sits on the ground next time. Cameron asks him how Jag is doing. Matt says that Jag didn't know that he was going up. Cameron says that he is not happy about blindsides, but he did this. This is on him. He knows it is over. Matt mentions that Jag said he wanted to talk to him later. Probably trying to campaign for his vote. Cameron says that he won't be talking to him. Not to be mean. There is just nothing to say. 


Cameron Matt.jpg


1:04 PM BBT Izzy and Jared are outside up on the catwalk area. Izzy is clueing him in that Matt might be more aware than they think he is about Jag going hone. He is not acting like he should be acting for someone who's friend is on the block. They start discussing what they think Matt will do if Matt wins HoH. Izzy tells Jared that they need to start dropping seeds that if one of them needs to go up, they need to make sure that they are sitting next to Felicia on the block. Both of them and Cirie would be safe sitting next to Felicia because she is rubbing everybody the wrong way. 


1:17 PM BBT Izzy and Cirie are talking in the WA. Izzy emphasizes that Jared is worried that Matt might team up with Cameron. They need to make sure they talk to Jared about that later. 

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1:21 BBT- Izzy is headed up to the HOH room.  Meanwhile, Blue, Jared, Red, and Jag are in the kitchen.  Not much talk going on, mostly eating.  The mood seems somber.  

1:23 BBT-  Outside Bowie is talking about skiing with Matt, Felicia, and America.  Felicia says she wants to goto Spain.  America has been there more than once.


1:26 BBT-  Cameras flip back to the kitchen.  Cameron is taking about making a pico.  Jared heads back up to the HOH.  Izzy is still there.  Izzy has been looking all over for the clicker, but can’t seem to find it.  They are both now looking.  She said that she didn’t look in the bathroom.  That would be weird.  

1:29:  The search continues for the TV clicker in the HOH room.  The only spot that they can see on the TV is the kitchen.  Jared goes and asks people outside of the room if they have seen the clicker.  Nobody knows where it is.  Jared checks his pockets.  Not there.  Blue has now joined in the search for the clicker.  She finds it instantly.  The clicker was under the bench in front of his bed. 

1:33 BBT-  Jared and Izzy talk about how they get rid of Jag, keep Red.  Red and Matt are cool, but Jared’s not worried about them.  Matt isn’t going to be willing to strike.  Izzy isn’t worried about them being a duo.  She thinks that if he teams up with Red that it will be good for them.  Jared thinks Matt will feel slighted by them and then join Cameron.  Jared talks about wanting to get America out so bad.  He thinks that Matt is in the perfect position to salvage any relationship. Izzy shifts the conversation to Cory.  She says Cory has been opening up to her as a person more and more.  Jared says he doesn’t trust him.  He can’t bridge that gap because Cory wants to keep people in the house that threaten them. 

1:38 BBT:  They say Cameron has to go, then America.  Cory needs to stay at least for lower jury.

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1:40 BBT-  Outside Felicia, America, and Meme are sitting on the patio furniture.  Felicia is talking about what the smartest move would be.  America says she doesn’t think Cameron would ever put Red up.  Felicia wonders what Cameron would do next week if he won HOH.  America thinks that he would put up her and Izzy.  She said he was ranting to Cory last night about her and how he invested so much time in her.  Felicia says he is crazy.  America says she stopped playing 20 questions in the bathroom with him once.  She goes on by saying that Cameron is not a fan of her and doesn’t want her to run all over Cory.  Felicia wonders why he sees it that way.  America says she thinks Cameron sees Cory as a child. Cory told them that he can take care of himself.


1:45 BBT- Bowie Jane joins the group.  She got a second protein shake.  Felicia asks if Red is still cooking the salmon.  He is.  America says the potato salad was so good yesterday.  She loves anything with Mayo.  Pasta salad…potato salad…she’s a fan.

1:49 BBT- Cirie and Matt are talking in the comic room.  Cirie says they just need to work on keeping Jag here.  (I can’t tell if they are keeping the house calm by saying Jag isn’t going or if they are planning to evict him)

1:51 BBT- Meme is up in the HOH room talking to Jared and Izzy.  Jared is telling them both that Cameron told him that he wouldn’t put up Red if he won HOH. Izzy said that in the event that Red wins HOH next week, that Red would backdoor Cameron.

1:57 BBT:  Meme and Izzy are talking about how they like the HOH room this year.  It’s classy.  Meme is asking where Izzy’s heart is at.  She’s leaning toward Jag, but she’s not 100%.  Meme said that she doesn’t care either way…they both have to go.  “Either way a win is a win.”  Meme said she feels if you put Jag up, give him another week to stay, there is no reason why he can’t win HOH next week.  Izzy says what sucks is that Cameron should have gone home this week.  That was the issue.  Meme says that she thinks that they need to remember who they are dealing with and what the extent of that is.  A military veteran that has had an immense amount of training.  “Going to give him a little pebble and hopes that he picks it up is a waste of time”, says Meme

2:01 BBT-  The camera zooms into the HOH TV which is fixated on the kitchen.  They say that Red is sick about everything.  He has been in the kitchen all day, maybe 72 hours.  They say that they think Bowie and America lie about everything.  

2:05 BBT- WBRB

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2:09 BBT:  Feeds are back.  Blue comes into the HOH.  Izzy asks if it’s awkward down there.  Blue says she was talking to Cameron…she was talking to Red….they are not talking to each other.  The three of them talk about how Cameron is selfish.  Does he cook anything??  Does he clean anything?? 

2:11 BBT:  Blue leaves the HOH room.  Izzy keeps watching the tv screen in the HOH room with Meme.  

2:12 BBT:  Blue comes upstairs carrying something.  Izzy asks how it’s going downstairs.  Cameron is talking about food, Red is just cooking food.  Jared is there.  They talk about how Bowie is in a world of her own and how she can’t read a room.  

2:14 BBT:  In the comic room Matt and Cirie are still talking.  Izzy walks into the room.  She says that Red hasn’t spoken in an hour and that Cameron is trying to make weird small talk.  She thinks Red is furious with Cameron.  

2:27 BBT:  Cirie asks if Izzy can see the red hair in the middle of her head.  Cirie can see in the mirror that she has a brown puff.  She says she has brown hair and dyes it black.  Izzy asks how Matt feels.  He feels good.  He got some sun so it’s a good day.  He says that as long as they stick to the plan, they are good.  They just need to be prepared for next week.  

2:20 BBT:  Outside Jag, Felicia, Blue, America, and Cory are on the patio furniture talking.  Jag asks if anyone has ever played tetherball.  They have.  He wishes they had a tetherball set here.  Felicia says she loved the merry-go-round.  America says she can’t do anything that spins.  Blllaaahhh.  They talk about rollercoasters and the zipper.  Felicia likes when you go up the long steep hill on a rollercoaster.  Cory likes when you spin around and get stuck to a wall.  They also talk about the ride that drops.  General talk about rides, likes, and dislikes.


2:22 BBT:  Red walks outside.  He says nothing to anyone, grabs a drink to throw away, fills up a cup of something from the mini-fridge, takes a big sip, and fills his cup up again.  Whatever was in the jug that he was pouring from is now empty.  He starts doing his laundry, not engaging in any conversation.

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2:25 BBT- Jared and Bowie are now in the comic room with Cirie and Matt.  Izzy walks back in.  They are talking about Fiber gunmies and wonder why Izzy smells like peanut butter.  

2:26 BBT-  Red walks in and has a seat in the corner chair.

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