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BB25 - Episode 11 - HoH & Nominations


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Written by SometimesITech...


Previously on Big Brother, In the Beginning, there were two alliances: the handful was on one side of the house and the professors on the other.   After Cameron was on the Block twice against fellow handful members (flashback to Felicia nominating Jag and Cameron to the Block) he became less loyal to them and went Ride or Die with Red instead. 


With the Professors back-dooring one of their own, the house was united on giving the doctor a terminal prognosis. Yet the trio of Izzy, Cirie, and Felicia considered flipping the script. But with alliances crumbling, getting votes seemed too daunting a task. So at the live eviction, by a vote of 11-0, Hisam was evicted from the Big Brother house. The doctor was out. Then the scary-verse unleashed a familiar face. 


Kaysar said, "18 years ago, I endured a grueling competition that lasted nearly 14 hours. The Pressure Cooker. and now it's your turn."
 with the head of household on the line the house gets were thrown into the legendary pressure cooker. who will survive this epic competition and rise to power? and which house guest will end up on the block? find out now on Big Brother.
It's day 23 in the Big Brother house. All houseguests except Felicia are in a windowless room facing the center holding buttons that are evenly spaced. Julie Chen Mooves makes an announcement, "Don't be afraid of the dark, house guests. Good night, everyone." The competition room goes dark.
In Cory's confessional he says, "The pressure cooker was first played when I was three years old and for every head of household since I've been waiting to watch it again and now I'm in the pressure cooker, the most iconic competition in Big Brother history. All that matters is how much you want to win that head of household. It's incredible to be a part of. I'm so excited."
In Izzy's confessional, she says, "Hisam is finally out of the house. the game has absolutely reset. The Professors Alliance is done. this HoH is going to be crucial and I really really want to win it."
Back in the living room, Felicia is watching a muted live stream of the competition. she says, " I knew it I knew it was going to be an overnighter. come on you guys. we can do this we can do this." In her confessional, she says, "We took a big swing and we did not miss. we literally got the biggest target out of the house. Hisam made some really good Arguments for keeping him in the house but we realize that for all of us, the best move was to vote to evict. I'm outgoing HoH and I don't get to play in the competition this week so now I have to rely on other people so I can be sitting up all night watching. I can see but I can't hear. Mr. B, can you pump up the volume?"
In the pressure cooker, the lights are out and all house guests are facing the middle of the room which has a circular piece of furniture with a black tablecloth draped over top going all the way down to the floor. above each house guest head is a single light that hangs from the ceiling. The house guests wish each other luck. America says, "This is iconic, just so you know" 
In America's confessional, she says, "As soon as I saw Kaysar on the screen, I knew what competition this was. this is Iconic this is the pressure cooker. whoever holds their button down the longest will win HoH. we can't sit our Neil but we can squat if we want to plus we're in the scary verse the lights are out so we literally cannot see a thing. in season 6 this competition lasted for 14 hours the longest competition and Big Brother history. and I'm a Superfan so I'm prepared to last even longer."
In Cameron's confessional, he says, "I've got to have this HoH. I've got to win this one for Stevie Ray. This is going to be a birthday present Also almost as important I need to make sure me and Red are safe to me and Red made a final two pact. We know we're taking each other as far as we can possibly go."
In Cirie's confessional, she says, "This game changes day by day, hour by hour over the last couple of days, Izzy, myself, and Felicia have gone to work to ensure that all of our ducks are in a row. When I say all my ducks I mean all my alliances because there are so many. In all of my alliances, there are Izzy and Felicia. My main alliance is For Real For Real: Izzy, Felicia, Mecole, Jared, Cory, Cirie, and America. Then I have my seven deadly sins Alliance which most of my For Real people are in that: Felicia, Cirie, Izzy, Matt, Jag, Blue, and Jared. So I'm eh, somewhat OK with that alliance. I also have Legend 25 which includes Cirie, Felicia, Izzy, Matt, Red, Bowie, Meme, and Cameron.


The Legend 25 is just a fake Alliance to play Red and Cameron and Bowie because I don't trust them as far as I can throw any of them. Oh lord, I don't know. I need a Rolodex or something, some cards, Cliff Notes, or something. I can't keep it all up with all this nonsense. When it comes down to it, I'm not depending on anybody else to save me. I want to save myself and Jared. And Izzy. And Felicia. 
Back in the Pressure Cooker, Izzy jumps and yelps. She immediately says, "It's OK. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. I'm sorry it was maybe just reply sorry it was maybe just a fly that hit my hand. Sorry." The houseguests begin to hear creaking. Red and Cameron say it was their knees. Izzy sings, "In the pressure cooker with the chicken." 
In Jag's confessional, he is still dressed like a chicken, he says, "This HoH competition is Do or Die. last week I was on the Block and by winning the power of veto I painted a larger Target on my back so I need to win this to protect myself and my alliance members in the seven deadly sins.
In Cameron's confessional, he says, "I've I've got a lot at stake in this one I've been sitting on the Block for two straight weeks I got to keep chillers safe on top of that I got to show Legend 25 that I'm here to fight for them."
Back in the Pressure Cooker, the houseguests begin to wonder when Big Brother will start to mess with them.  
In Cory's confessional he says, " I'm staying in the pressure cooker long enough to show the For Real Alliance that I'm for real. I am willing to fight for them and I'm willing to go to bat any day.  
Cirie says, "This is not my type of competition, however, I set myself up so that I'm covered front, back, and all sides. The only thing that could mess this up is if Cameron or Red wins HoH. 
Back in the pressure cooker, 1 hour has elapsed. Jared hits the light above his head, in the dark room, causing the other houseguests to panic. He says he saw something hanging from the roof and he swatted at it and immediately apologized. They talk about what Felicia could be doing back in the house and they theorize she changed into her pajamas and is having a good time. We flash to the Living Room and see Felicia wearing her pajamas sitting on one of the chairs watching them. She moves to the couches, curls up with blankets, and eats some snacks.  
In Felicia's confessional, she says, "So we're feeling pretty good going into this HoH competition because of all of our alliances. but the worst-case scenario would be if Cameron or Red won this thing. Because even though they are telling us we're safe, you just never know. I have put Cameron on the Block as a pawn so I don't think it's best for my game right now." In the living room, Felicia is lying on the couch under some blankets and says, "You guys are going to be here all night." Back in her confessional, she says, "I'm just praying that someone shows up shortly so they can sit on the couch and watch TV with me." 
Back in the Pressure Cooker, Cameron offers to share an interesting story. Jag tells him no one can stop him anyway. The houseguests laugh.  
In Izzy's confessional, she says, "Cameron and Red are absolutely fighting for this HoH. I mean I'm in this fake alliance with them but I'm  super hoping they drop soon so the rest of us can just relax and have a good time inside this pressure cooker."
In the Pressure Cooker, Cameron tells his story, "Pressure cooker you know I was not feeding the horses you know I was out feeding the horses riding the horses I was fixing the fences..." and he is interrupted by Jared saying, "I'm so sorry I hear something." The houseguests on one side claim to hear a noise and turn to look towards the wall in the darkness.
In Jared's confessional, he says, "Going into this HoH I really need to win. I really want to show the rest of the house guests I'm actually a competitor here. if I wasn't to win the HoH I would be super excited for anyone in my close Alliance to Win It."
Back in the Pressure Cooker, America asks Cameron to start his story over from the beginning. Cameron continues, "So I looked up for the first time..." and a buzzer goes off! hour and 17 minutes into the competition and the first houseguest has been eliminated. Jared released some pressure from the button and the light above him illuminated. He heads to the wall to pick up envelope number 1.  
In Cirie's confessional, she has her hand on her head and says, "Daammmmn. I thought for sure Jared would be in this to the end and I know that you're capable of doing this so I'm a little disappointed that Jared is the first one out."
The lights are on in the competition room as Jared opens envelope number 1. It says, "New Friends" 

Kaysar appears on the screen in the competition room and says, "Way back in season 6 I made a deal to keep myself safe in the pressure cooker but unfortunately for me, I was living in a house full of snakes. You should be more worried about these snakes." The screen clicks off and the black tablecloth in the middle of the room is pulled towards the ceiling revealing a bunch of snakes enclosed in glass."
In Jag's confessional, he says, "I hate snakes. terrified of them I'm terrified of them I'm stuck in this room right Next to is den of snakes. it's a nightmare."

In Cirie's confessional, she says, " I don't like snakes in human form in whatever their species form is. No. I'm not happy about it at all."
Back in the living room, Felicia says, "Come on, thank you. I didn't need to be in that."
The lights in the competition room turn back off. Cold air jets begin spraying on the houseguests and the lights turn back on. Cirie starts fidgeting and accidentally releases her button. She isn't even aware - other houseguests see her light has become illuminated. In her confessional she says, "The only thing that may have happened, I pulled my shirt over my fingers, I don't know what happened. I didn't even know I was out. I could've stood there for at least another two hours it wasn't that hard." She heads over to pick up envelope 2. Her card reads, "Sixer." 
Kaysar appears on the screen and says, "Congratulations there's a cool six-pack over there for you to enjoy while you wait to exit the pressure cooker."
Jared immediately says he'll take one. In Cirie's confessional, she says, "Whomp whomp. congratulations you won a six-pack of beer. Great. I'm not a real drinker and if I'm  it's cute little cocktails with fruit flavors."  
In America's confessional, she says, "I'm standing there in the pressure cooker and there's nothing to do but think and I just can't seem to get this certain someone off my mind."  

Flash to America and Cory on the hammock. Cory says, "Straight up though, thank god you're in the house."

America tells the confessional, "Cory's growing on me. We flirt. well, I flirt, he doesn't know how to flirt" Back to Cory and America on the hammock, Cory says, "All I care about is someone who I can be turned off around. That sounded weird. Let me run that back." America tells the confessional that he'll learn and it's a process.  

Cory continues that he's happy he found someone he can be comfortable around who can also be comfortable around him. "Not anxious or stressed out," America tells him they aren't going to do anything inappropriate. We're two adults." Cory agrees and America continues, "If you want to do something you can do something. You don't want to do something..." Cory says this is when he has to start connecting the clues. America said to be direct. America asks him what he wants and he says nothing, well something. They both laugh. America tells him she forgot they were in the Big Brother house for a second and it felt like they were on their first date. 
In Cory's confessional, he says, "Coming into this house I expected to be the nerdy guy the Dork memorizing all the things around the house but am I becoming America's sweetheart?"  

Flashback to the hammock America tells Cory she remembers one of the first things he told her was, "Thank you for being normal." America's response was she was in love.  

Back to America's confessional, she says, "I trust Cory more than anyone else in this house. so I'm really rooting for us in this competition." 
Back to the dark Pressure Cooker competition room. The houseguests are all cold and being assaulted with cold blasts of air. Izzy blows into her hand to warm up. The other houseguests begin to wonder and question the sound. 
In Izzy's confessional, she says, "This HoHIs very important to keep the power in our hands but it's cold and the dark is disorienting. I'm trying to do everything to stay awake and stay warm and stay focused in this game." 


Back in the competition, we can see Izzy moving around and dancing to try to stay warm. She inadvertently lifts her hand off the button and is out after three hours and 55 minutes. In her confessional, she says, "My hand slips and yeah I let go of the button."
Felicia is on the couch in the house watching from the TV and says, "That's half of our alliance gone already."
Izzy opens envelope three which says, "Concert." Kaysar appears on the screen and says, "The first three may now leave the pressure cooker."

In Cirie's confessional she says, " Jared, Izzy, and myself are the first three out. However, this ends red and Cameron cannot win HoH."
Back in the competition room, Kaysar appears on the screen again and says, "As for everyone else nothing makes the time pass in the pressure cooker like a little music enjoy." Heavy metal music plays and strobe lights flash. 
In Cameron's confessional, he says it was his first time hearing the same and, "I was quite enthused. The song has merit." 


In The Pressure Cooker, we see him tell Red that a particular part of the song is his favorite part. In the confessional he says, "It's just the eighth time in a row that made me begin to dislike it."
In Bowie Jane's confessional she says, "I just kept going and going and going"
The three eliminated houseguests return to the house. Felicia greets with, "What happened?!"
In Jared's confessional, he throws his head back and exhales dramatically. Still looking at the ceiling, he says, "Nope." He lifts his head and says, "I don't want to talk about it, bro."
Cirie is holding Izzy on the couch who is fighting back tears and says, "I just slipped. I could have done it."
In Izzy's confessional she says, "I'm feeling pretty much like a loser. I really want to be someone that can win for us so we feel some safety. We might have had the power for the last couple weeks but we are very much underdogs I think." 


Back in the living room, Felicia says, "You guys, don't beat yourself up. Don't beat yourself up we still have other people out there."  
Back in the Pressure Cooker, 5 hours and two minutes have elapsed. The lights turn off. The houseguests agree that it's hardest when the lights go out.  

In Jag's confessional he says, "This room is very very cold. it's extremely dark and you can't see a thing which doesn't help when you're feeling sleepy. any minor slip-up could cost me the game."
In the Pressure Cooker, 8 hours and 35 minutes in, Bowie Jane is squatting down stretching her back when the button is released. She retrieves envelope four which says, "Pressure cooker." Kaysar appears on the screen holding a small pressure cooker and says, "For lasting this long in the pressure cooker competition you have won a state-of-the-art pressure cooker for your home kitchen. obig congrats." The houseguests laugh and say "Really?"
In Matt's confessional, he says, "To be honest I didn't have any intentions of winning this week's HoH and putting a Target on my back so Bowie drops out and this is a perfect time for me to drop out especially when the lights turn off. No one's going to know what my mistake is so I can just say I twitched or whatever." Matt lets go of his button. Matt retrieves envelope 5 which says, "Callback" Kaysar appears on the screen and says, " I'm  personally excited for you to experience one of my favorite things about the original pressure cooker "the Flies." Flies are released from compartments on the walls into the room.
In Mecole's confessional, she says, "Instantly I'm on edge because I do not like bugs. I have enough pressure right now holding onto this button trying to stay warm I do not have time to be swatting flies right now."
Back in the Big Brother house, Felicia tells the eliminated houseguests, "I'm getting ready to get in my damn bed it's 5:00 in the morning." 
In Red's confessional, he says, "I feel like it's got to be early morning but I'm not sure exactly what time. feeling a little bit sleepy feeling aware of Standing On My Feet. doing my best to stay alert and stay warm. but at this point in the game, it's getting pretty tough. Red is squatting on the floor but loses his balance and his knee touches the floor. At 10 hours and 8 minutes, Red is eliminated. In his confessional, he says, "So when I get eliminated it's heartbreaking all I can think is I know my boy cameras got me. he's looking pretty solid.

Hopefully, Cam can pull out a win."


Red opens envelope 6 that says, "Paramount+" Kaysar appears on the screen and says, " I think you've been missing watching TV. When you get home you'll be able to catch up on all your favorite shows with a brand new state-of-the-art home theater and a year-long subscription to Paramount +plus with Showtime." The remaining houseguests cheer. Kaysar continues, "Now that three more of you are out of the competition you may leave the pressure cooker." 
In Cameron's confessional, he says, " Yeah I got To outlive two people, Jag and Blue. they're the two most lethal players stacked up against Legend 25 right now. if we can roll on through them this week and get at least one of them out of the way we've got a little bit of smoother sailing ahead of us."
Bowie, Matt, and Red re-enter the Big Brother house. 
10 hours and 11 minutes have elapsed in the Pressure Cooker. America holds her hand up to the air coming in and asks, "It's heat, right?" Cameron says, "No." America responds, "My fingers are also numb," Cameron tells her, "Quite cold, indeed," Cory tells America her thumb will have to be amputated by the end of this competition. America says, "So be it."
At 10 hours and 26 minutes, the lights turn back off. 

In Mecole's confessional she says, "We are down to the final six. it's myself, Cameron, Blue, Jag, America, and Cory. I'm hurting but I'm going to see this through. I'm going to be the next HoH."
In the Pressure cooker, 11 hours and 10 minutes have passed. The houseguests try to guess how much time has passed and what time it is currently. Blue thinks it might be 3AM. Other houseguests think seven hours have passed. Cory goes to fix his hat and lifts his hand off the button, eliminated at 12 hours and 17 minutes.
In his confessional, he says, " I let go of my button and I'm relieved I was never going to win this. the whole idea is I want to get as far as I possibly could. I was trying to hold on for one more person to drop." He opens envelope seven which says, "Have Not" Kaysar appears and says, "Well it looks like you're a have not you must choose two house guests to join you. but instead of slop, we're going old school. you can eat PB&J's all week long."
Blue is squatting down stretching her back and she inadvertently lets go of her button. She's eliminated at 12 hours and 44 minutes. In the living room, Jared sees and says, "Oh, Blue!"
In Blue's confessional, she says, "Well this isn't cute. I didn't even know my hand came off the buzzer. I'm out but Jag is still in the game and I know he can win this he just needs to wake up." (She makes a face slapping motion) "Jag! Wake up!" She opens envelope 8 that says "Money." Kaysar appears on the screen and says, "Cha-ching! Big Brother is giving you $1,000 for lasting this long in the pressure cooker. Don't spend it all in one place." In the confessional, Blue admits, " I would much rather have HoH this week but I'll wipe away my tears with the dollar bills."
In his confessional, Jag says, "It's impossible to tell how much time has passed. I literally can't tell if it's two hours or 12. I don't even know if it's day out or night out. All I know is that I'm so tired and trying so hard to stay awake." Jag fell asleep while standing and released his button at 12 hours and 50 minutes. Envelope 9 says, "Perfume." Kaysar appears and says, "Can you smell that? it's not roses but it is the sweet smell of the pressure cooker's new fragrance. It's called "Le Sewage" It's French for "sewage." Chef's kiss. A smell is piped in and the remaining houseguests immediately say, "Oh no!" while coughing and gagging. 
In Mecole's confessional she says, "We are down to the final three. I looked over at America who was quivering. I hear a lot of deep breaths from her. I know she's breaking down. Cameron is having a lot more movement than he had in the beginning. I know he's hurting bad right now. I think I have a real shot at this and all I need to do is hang on." Mecole shakes and waves her hand around. The eliminated houseguests are watching from the living room saying she needs to ignore the bug and stay still. A bug seems to land on Mecole and she starts swatting her jacket and releases the button. She is eliminated at 13 hours and 30 minutes. In the living room, Cirie, Izzy, and Felicia watch and are all upset that Mecole has been eliminated.   
In Mecole's confessional, she says, "I am devastated right now I did not come this far to come in second or third place I really wanted to win this." Envelope 10 (the last envelope on the wall) says, "Dinner Party" Kaysar appears and says, ". You want a dinner party for you and three house guests of your choosing. bon appetit."

Mecole and America are both excited for her. America guesses the dinner party will be fancy. Mecole says she's going to keep her envelope. Mecole leaves the room to go to the bathroom, leaving America and Cameron alone in the Pressure Cooker. Cameron says, "I know you want this bad. I'm here to tell you that if I have this week you stay clean. you would get really really dirty. and I'm  willing to do that."
In the living room, Felicia, Cirie, and Izzy are watching them on the screen (still without sound) and are panicking about them being left alone. Felicia says, "Look, America is a fan, right? when Kaysar took the deal and let go, he went home. I know she doesn't think she's going home but she's not going to risk that." Back in the Pressure Cooker, Cameron continues to tell America, " I think you are playing a pretty solid game right now that's kept you from having to do those things." America asks what he's going to do. He says, "What do you think I'm going to do? You are 100%, 200% safe. and I'm not just..."


America cuts him off and clarifies, "I'm not a replacement?" Cameron responds, "1000% this thing is going to get real dirty real fast. You're a smart cookie and you know that you're going to go a lot further." America tells him she knows. Cameron says, "This is an easy strike for me. I'm swinging on the 3-0 pitch. It's going out of the ballpark." America says, "Can Corey not go up either?" Cameron says, "Absolutely not."  
In her confessional, America says, "As Cameron starts talking to me it's nothing that I haven't thought about myself. I'm still sort of in the middle. I feel like I'm in a good position in the house right now I feel like it's too early to start picking sides so Cameron's making a lot of sense."

Cameron tells her he is not letting go of this thing. Mecole returns to the Pressure Cooker. America switches hands and releases the button. She is eliminated after 13 hours and 49 minutes.  

In her confessional, America says, "I make the deal with Cameron and I decide to let go of my button. I try to make it seem as convincing as possible to Meme."
In the living room, the houseguests react to Cameron winning. Izzy pulls the blanket over her head, which is noticed by Red. In her confessional, she says, " Cameron winning is truly worst case scenario for me. we just, we are not cool. we are not friends. so I'm really bummed about it."
In the Pressure Cooker, Kaysar appears on the screen and says, "Congratulations Cameron on conquering the Pressure Cooker and becoming the new head of household." Cameron points at the screen and says, "Kaysar just said my name!"
In Cameron's confessional he holds up his HoH key and says, "God Damn Baby! Space Cowboy taking it to the top floor what you know about that? I'm first off excited for a safe week. I don't have to sit on the Block and do somebody else's Dirty Work and I'm just so excited to finally see my Stevie Ray. She just had her birthday so this is hopefully a good birthday present for her."
In America's confessional, she says, " Cameron wins HoH and I have mixed feelings about this. we did strike up a deal for him to keep me and Corey safe for the week so I'm just going to have to Trust that he follows through with this and I don't get Kaysared.
When Cameron, America, and Mecole re-enter the house they are greeted by the houseguests and Felicia shouts, "Congratulations Cameron, you're the new Head of Household!" She places the key around his neck and hugs him. In his confessional, he says, "I am honored To have pulled out a win and got this bad boy (holds up HoH key) from the pressure cooker. now it's time to put some people up on the Block. I used to be in the handful with Jag and Blue. now I've got red and Legend 25. Jag and blue are two very dangerous Loose Ends. He was always a threat."
Blue shares that she won $1000 and in her confessional says, "Even though I won $1,000 which is amazing Cameron winning HoH is terrible for my game. I'm  in danger this week." 
Izzy congratulates Cameron as he gets the HoH key stuck in his hair. Izzy untangles it from his hair. In her confessional she says, "Cameron winning is truly worst case scenario for me. yeah, we've got this fake 8-person Alliance but me and my real people are targeting them and we want them out of this house. but I want him to trust me."
After the houseguests have dispersed, Red approaches Cameron alone in the kitchen. He whispers, "Izzy did not seem happy." Flashback to Izzy lying on the couch four minutes after Cameron won saying, "Your boy did it. Your boy did it." Then getting up to put her blanket away while looking unenthusiastic. Back in the kitchen, Cameron shrugs. In Red's confessional, he says, "I think Izzy was not happy that he was going to be the person in power this week. it absolutely is a concern that her reaction was so evident. I think she is definitely one of them people that doesn't have our best interest in mind." 
Cory and America are talking in the Game room. Cory tells America That was the coolest thing ever. You're a beast." America tells Cory, " I was freaking out." Cory asks America if she could have beat him. America says, "Yes." Cory says, "You could have gone forever?" America agrees she could have gone on longer. Cory asks what the deal was and then says, "Was it just keep me safe?" America says, "You and me." Cory tells her he really appreciates it. In America's confessional, she says, "I don't regret taking the deal keeping me and Corey safe for the week but I hope it doesn't come back to bite me." Cory tells her she did the right thing.
Jag is in the Scary Bedroom with Jared and Blue. Jared says, " I don't know bro, it's like anyway I try to cut it it seems like I truly don't know what I can possibly say. I'm open to ideas I just don't know."

In his confessional, Jag says, "Things are not going as planned at all. the alliances I've been a part of those have sort of imploded. I survived last week and now I just have to figure out how to survive this week as well." Back in the bedroom, Jag says, "We'll just figure it out I guess."
Jag and Cameron are in the HoH room chatting. Jag says, "I know things have to happen If I pledge if I pledge my loyalty that's not something that I take lightly." Cameron responds, "The thing is I would never do anything Shifty or dumb or lie to you or be Shady." In his confessional Cameron says, " Jag is the ultimate Target for Legend 25. I don't think there was any reason to sugarcoat it, beat around the bush, or any of that nonsense." Back in the HoH room, Cameron tells Jag, "If I don't make the move right now it'll ostracize both sides of the house." Jag asks if Cameron knows who he'll be next to. Cameron says, "Yeah, and I think you know too. I can't stress enough that this is absolutely nothing but the game that's forcing this move." In Jag's confessional, he says, "It seems like his mind is already made up, and there's not really any wiggle room for me to not be put on the Block. Cameron, you're clearly targeting me so I don't know if there's going any much wiggle room for me to be able to work with you in the future." Back in the HoH room, Cameron tells Jag, "This is a hard hard-ass game and someone was bound to get really ruined this week." Jag agrees.
In the HoH room, Blue and Cameron are chatting. Blue begins by saying, "Congratulations. You deserve it ." Cameron says, "I don't know how else to be because I'm not that guy and I will not be the dude that's just like 'oohhhhh' So this move to me is just a Level Playing Field. you two guys go up and fight it out whatever happens happens. It's never too early for interesting outcomes I'm not trying to make a cryptic or riddled literally so many things that can be done."


Blue responds, "If you're feeling so iffy, about some people about some people are you trying to appeal to them?" Cameron tells her, "It's early on. So early on in this game majority still kind of holds until it comes down to the veto stuff and then you can make some serious interesting moves." 
In her confessional, Blue says, "You want to listen to the majority of the house says? I thought you were better than that I thought you were the ones that were trying to make the moves and now suddenly you want to follow the majority of the house. girl please."
Continuing their conversation in the HoH room, Cameron and Blue both stand up and Cameron tells her, "Go play." Blue high-fives Cameron and says, "Wish me luck."
Red and Cameron chat in the HoH room. Cameron tells Red, "Keep it short So we can go be with everybody else. Jag and Blue and I told them straight out Here's what it is go play go fight." Red says, What if one of them wins? What's your plan?" Cameron says, "That's something that we'll all come together as a group and figure out."


In Red's confessional, he says, "Being one of the last in my group to find out about Hisam was not a good feeling. out of the decision really breeds mistrust amongst our group. now because of the mistrust Izzy's response to Cam winning is a little bit suspect. It definitely has me thinking." Back to Red and Cameron in the HoH room Red says, " Izzy?" Cameron responds, " guarded. Fake *** but guarded." Red says, "We are her least favorite people in the house and I can see that. we just don't click for whatever reason. I don't know. and when it comes down to it, Legend 25 having to be dissembled going to be necessary right now she would be my push to go. Right now she has the least amount of our best interest."


Cameron says, " I think people never take us past any of the people she's already aligned with. We are on the bottom of her trust list and at the top of her hit list." Red agrees. In Cameron's confessional he says, "We can stick with the status quo and I can put my trust in Legend 25 or I can blow this up right now. it's going to happen eventually anyway. Izzy, I see you."
Cameron walks to the comic bedroom and says, "Hey you'll, it's time for the nomination ceremony."
All houseguests sit around the table as Cameron carries the box to the front. "This is the nomination ceremony. it is my responsibility as head of household to nominate two house guests for eviction. in my nomination block are the keys for the house guests that I'm nominating for eviction. I will turn two keys to lock in my nomination and their faces will appear on the memory wall. the first house guest I've nominated is (key turns and Jag's face appears on the wall)


The next house guest is (key turns and Blue's face appears on the wall) I've nominated you Jag and you Blue. I love you both very much. you're both tremendous and multifaceted competitors which is why I've given you the opportunity to play in the veto. and I look forward to playing this game that we all love very much. thank you. this nominations ceremony is adjourned.
Jag says, " I see my face up here on the memory wall. at this point, there is a fire within me and I'm ready to fight. I'm just excited to play The veto to give it my all and pull myself off the block. there's really just no other option here."
Blue says, " I'm pissed off. I'm for sure pissed off. I hope I win veto and I hope I get off the block and then I hope that I win HoH so that I could be the one that kicks your ass back home. Bye. (she waves and blows kisses)"
 It was pretty basic
Izzy says, " I'm his reason wasn't even a reason for nominating them. I don't even think it was grammatically correct. all bar, no bite. ultimately I'm not that nervous for myself this week. so maybe I should applaud Cameron's HoH week."
Cameron says, " I made nominations. I did my part. they pose an interesting threat to Legend 25 but he is on my personal radar. she's scared. I seen her eyes. maybe I go ahead and put Izzy up there and see where it falls. who knows. the options are Limitless"
Who will win back the power of veto, and will it be used to save either Blue or Jag from eviction? find out Wednesday night at 8:00, 7:00 Central on "Big Brother!"

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